Ashley dating sites

Ashley Madison is an adult dating service that was launched in 2001. At that time, dating sites were very similar to each other and catered to a regular audience. There was no place where attached people could go in the search of an affair. Leaving the moral side of affairs aside, they are very popular in our society. Ashley Madison launched in 2002, and it's become a leading married dating service for 'discreet encounters.' More than 65 million men and women have signed up for Ashley Madison, and it has easy-to-use search and communication tools as well as top-of-the-line security and privacy features. Those sites similar to Ashley Madison because they are safe, affordable, and effective. Each platform has recommended itself as a decent dating site and has proven to be very useful. If you are looking for love, understanding, and want to build a future with a like-minded person, use them. These are the best alternative dating sites to Ashley ... Because of its exciting twist to the online dating business, Ashley Madison has gained popularity and has managed to gather users from all over the world, and from all walks of life. In 2015, Ashley Madison was rocked with a scandal that has become widely publicized in the media. The site's database was hacked, and personal details were ... Ashley's best FREE dating site! 100% Free Online Dating for Ashley Singles at Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Ashley looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with. Start meeting singles in Ashley today with our free online personals and free Ashley chat! Ashley Madison uses cookies. We use cookies on this site to help provide you with the best online experience. To accept cookies, continue to use the site as normal. For more information about how we use cookies and guidance on how to manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. Accept and close ... When it comes to finding cheating partners, there is one market leader - a site as notorious as any mainstream online dating site. Our Ashley Madison Review. was set up in 2002, making it the original affairs website. It boasts almost 50m members globally, some achievement for a site that explicitly helps its subscribers carry ... Dating site customers are fickle, ashley martin lovemeknotts dating sites Hard to please and will dump one This requirement to wait — and open-minded. call out hookers cascade-chipita park teen dating Initially, politics and documents on compatibility. Unlike the other dating sites, Ashley Madison adopts the action-based payment system. That means you will need to pay to communicate. You will need to set up the payment to attain specific communication credits in order to initiate a message to other people. After getting the credits, you will be able to exchange the text messages with other ... Being one of the most well-known extra-marital sites, Ashley Madison is the go to choice for attached people wishing to date outside of their main relationship -- they offer a range of privacy options, allowing people to connect with one-another in relative anonymity. Women can use the site for free.

Happy World Knot-Tying Day, everyone! (2020-Sep-18)

2020.09.17 16:05 AshleyStopperKnot Happy World Knot-Tying Day, everyone! (2020-Sep-18)

This year, World Knot-tying Day is on September 18th, marking Clifford Ashley's death. Previously it was on December 18th (his birthdate), but the IGKT are promoting September 18th as 2020's World Knot-Tying Day.

World Knot Tying Day

In 2018, the IGKT-Solent Branch promoted the idea of making the 18th of December World Knot Tying Day to celebrate and remember the author Clifford W. Ashley, who wrote and illustrated The Ashley Book of Knots. The date was selected to coincide with Clifford W. Ashley's birthday (1881). Members were asked to tie your favorite knot and also learn a new knot. Maybe also teach someone how to tie a knot? Even teaching someone to tie their shoelaces were sufficient. When the knots were tied, the tyers were encouraged to post a photo of their knot on their favorite social media site and Hash Tag it: (#WorldKnotTyingDay) In 2020, the International Guild of Knot Tyers shifted the day of the celebration to September 18. This date coincides with the day Clifford W. Ashley passed away (1947).
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2020.09.15 23:45 PDXChameleon Security Protocols

TL;DR Strategies to avoid getting caught having an affair.
I got out of my dead bedroom loveless marriage a long time ago. Doing fairly well in my current situation but thought I'd share some strategies I used to maintain several AP's in my previous marriage. Some of these have been shared in various posts before but I wanted to consolidate things here. Before I proceed, I encourage those considering getting an AP to think long and hard about it first. Have you tried to get your spouse to therapy? Have you clearly talked things out? Have you considered how you'd handle the repercussions of getting caught?
The following tips will apply if you are searching to find a partner, as well as if you already have one.
  1. Obviously set up a separate email account.
  2. Use the "incogneto" mode of your browser when visiting dating sites, and clear your browser cache from time to time.
  3. Do your searching, communicating on a different PC than the one you use at home if possible.
  4. Use a messaging app like kik to communicate with others. Don't use texting on your phone. If you do, delete the texts.
  5. Keep in mind that phone call logs can be generally be viewed on your cell phone account on your provider's website.
  6. Keep in mind that text records can be obtained by subpoena for divorce proceedings. Again, use other apps to message partners.
  7. Be extremely careful about allowing others to know that you see someone on the side. Just don't do it. You never know you they will react and how much of a blabber mouth they are when drunk.
  8. Be very gradual in any changes you make in your physical appearance and personal habits (hair changes, loosing weight, new clothes, dental work, etc.)
  9. When around your SO, be conscious of any changes in how much time you spend on your pc or your phone....changes can signal something is up.... have a game running so you can toggle to solidare or backgammon quickly if needed.
  10. Set up a free google voice # to use for phone calls if necessary. Delete call and text history in case this phone # is discovered.
  11. Pay cash when going through tolls. Don't let your auto-payment device pay because that will be tracked by date, time, and location.... could be subpoenaed in court.
  12. Be super cautious about revealing your real name and clear photo to potential partners online. You don't have to lie.... just be honest that you need to maintain security for obvious reasons. Once a certain level of mutual trust is built after a few messages, then disclose more info.
  13. Avoid single people. They don't have anything to loose if they are careless about security measures and your mate finds out about your relationship. Or, if the relationship ends, some can become vindictive. On the other hand, if you have reason to believe you can trust someone you find who is single, then it will save you a bunch of money in hotels if he/she can host your meetings.
  14. Don't use your credit cards for affair related transactions...condom purchases, meals, hotels.... all can be discovered and questioned in reviewing your credit card statement and/or brought up in court.
  15. Don't keep receipts. Trash them someplace other than the trash at your home.
  16. Guard against stray hairs and/or fragrances that can be discovered in your car or on your clothes.
  17. Have an explanation for any changes in your normal schedule. Why are you 2 hours late getting home every tuesday? Avoid a schedule pattern anyway.
  18. Validate changes in your life.... exercising more.... after your annual physical report that your cholesterol is too high or weight, pre-diabetic, etc.... so you need to start going to the gym. Then make sure you do sometimes go to the gym. Are you clothes sweaty after a workout? Don't go home smelling like pussy or perfume/cologne when you said you were at the gym.
Was working late a cover for your date? Then go back to the office and call home to let hehim know you are on the way home from the office ( a true statement). Use the office phone for the call so it shows that in caller ID.
19) Do you always answer your cell or immediately reply to messages when your SO contacts you? Stop doing that. Train hehim to expect that sometimes you don't reply right away.... left your phone on your desk at work or in the car when you went into the mall... let your battery die. Turned your phone off during a meeting and forgot to turn it back on...... this should be a normal part of your lifestyle.... not a change that will be detected.
20) Join and attend events with people that your SO doesn't know. Use these events for cover for time away.
21) Some affair related expenses require the use of credit cards. Buy visa gift cards and don't use your personal credit card. Note that some sites like Ashley Madison are based outside of the USA and most gift cards purchased in usa grocery stores are only good to be used within the borders of the usa. Don't ask me how I know. Read the fine print on how these sites can accept alternate forms of payment.
22) How do you buy these gift cards without it showing up on your statement? Buy a bunch of other stuff to add up to a large grocery bill and that card is buried among all of the other stuff. Destroy the receipt. Don't use your rewards ID either since that account will keep account of all of your purchases. Also, you could just say it is for a bday or holiday gift for a relative that you would normally send a gift to.
23) Use cash. How to you explain the cash withdrawal? Don't use your bank. In stead, buy stuff at CVS, or Walgreens, or anyplace that lets you make "debit" purchases. Then get cash back. Accumulate that cash over time to pay for what you need. Buy something at home depot or lowes. Make it a debit purchase. Wait a few days and return it. Instead of refunding to the card, just ask for cash. This won't work for a credit purchase.
24) Always have plausible explanation for things. The person your SO's cousin saw you with is a realtor and you had been talking about finding an investment property.
25) Don't explain too much. Overcompensating by having too much to say is a signal of deception.
26) Be ready to let your AP know that you have to take a break for a couple of weeks or more if your SO starts to get suspicious. Then keep doing the stuff you said you were doing....gym, working late, shopping, etc.
27) Don't get a traffic or parking ticket at a time or location outside of your normal patterns.
28) I don't recommend it but if you are going to your AP's home, then carry in a toolbox, or Avon bag or something that can be explained to a nosy neighbor.
29) Turn off the cell phone location tracker on your phone. If your spouse asks why, then share your conspiracy theory concerns about the government tracking everyone or some other bs.
30) You can consider getting a separate credit card for your extra curricular activities. Keep in mind that the statement must not be mailed to your home where the spouse can find it. Also note that if you ever have to pull your credit report then this card will be listed and your spouse may ask about it. Also, how would you make payments to this card without leaving a digital trail of that payment from an account your spouse monitors.
31) You can rent a hotel/motel room for just one night and pay cash. However they may put a hold on your credit card for 24-48 hours. It is risky to do this on your personal card. You can try using a visa gift card.
Edit: 32) Have your dates away from your normal patterns of travel: next town or two away. This reduces the chance that someone you know will see you out with your AP. Better yet...don't go out in public with your AP or at least no PDA's. You don't want your car or your face recognized by anyone in the circle of your friends and family.
If you make it this far, thanks for reading. This list is not comprehensive. Others will surely be able to add some additional info or add detail to things I failed to make clear.
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2020.09.09 21:28 Invin29 Getting myself sorted

Things that have been helping me:
Here is the letter my 7 year old cousin left for me this weekend (my first time meeting her):
"Dear (name), Thank you for: taking me to the playground, playing with me, for painting rocks, going for walks, playing bass for me and keeping me not bored. (hee-hee) :). I liked hanging out with you. I love you."
As Jordan would say, that's SOMETHING.
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2020.09.08 16:14 Aggravating_Trip_221 Am I in the right place?

TLDR: Wife has given permission for me to sleep with other women, how do I do it? Is swinging for me?
Sorry, long post ahead. I'm in an unusual situation, at least for me. I'm married, been together over 7 years, and we both still love each other, but our sex life has completely disappeared. Intimacy is an occasional snuggle and a kiss before we go to sleep.
It's not like we were ever madly at it 3-4 times a week. Probably twice a month is as frequent as it has ever been, but it's non-existent now. We've been to a couples therapist and identified things we can do to improve the situation, and it worked for a bit, but we never really made any massive improvement.
The main underlying issue is that my wife has a long history of sexual trauma. She was sexually abused as a teenager and later went into sex work. As a result she has C-PTSD, which is why she finds it so hard to be intimate. I would prefer sex more frequently, but I accept that once or twice a month is probably as frequent as it will be right now, and I'd rather have that than not have her at all.
She's had therapy on and off for the last 5 years really, with the hope that it might resolve some of the issues and bring us closer, but just recently she's started some intense therapy which is unearthing all the trauma and actually making it harder for us to be intimate. This is expected to go on for some time, it's not a quick fix, it's real hard work.
I'm finding it really hard to cope with the total lack of intimacy. I understand it logically, but that doesn't make it any easier to bear. I feel like I'm not a sexual being. I feel invisible sometimes, just undesirable. It feels pointless working out because there's no-one to appreciate it. I strip completely naked before bedtime, have a quick look in the mirror and maybe flex a bit to admire my progress, and she doesn't bat an eye.
We have pretty good communication about this, and more generally. She understands how I feel, she feels guilty that she married me when she wasn't able to give me what I needed sexually. She is worried that I will leave her, and has said that I could have sex with someone else if it will fill that void. She's said this a couple of times before and I've never really given it much thought because I always thought things would get better, and it's not necessarily just sex that I want, but intimacy with *my* wife.
Recently, this came up again. She confirmed that she's serious. I can have sex with another woman, but she doesn't want to know anything about it.
I don't know how to go about finding someone who would be involved with me in this sort of situation. I don't want my picture on any of the standard dating sites, because I don't want people to think I'm cheating on my wife. I also don't want her to have to explain what's going on. I stumbled across the idea of swinging websites, as it's often people knowingly having sex with other people who are in relationships. It seems more appropriate to my situation.
It seems impossible to get anywhere on the site though. I'm a guy looking for a unicorn, among thousands of other guys looking for the same thing. I'm not 'in the lifestyle', I'm not looking to go to events, I've never done this before so I'm not 'verified'. My wife doesn't want to know anything about what I'm up to, so it's not like I can have women call her to prove that I'm not cheating. I haven't put a picture up yet either, but I'm coming around to the fact that I might just have to to be noticed.
And what's the etiquette? Everyone's posting nudes, listing their fetishes and they're on a site designed for facilitating sex with strangers, but you can't message people about sex first, you have to make a connection? It's such a minefield. How soon is too soon to bring up sexual themes? How long do you have to 'put in the work' getting to know someone, establishing a connection. I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm looking for sex with someone whom I could tolerate post-sex conversation with, who's discrete, and is also only after sex.
Is that possible? If swinging or swinging websites aren't the right place to look, what are the alternatives? Don't say Ashley Madison, I don't want to help anyone else cheat. I'm totally against the ethics of cheating. If swinging is the right place, how do I fit in?
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2020.09.04 10:47 HaulA4Sepl Bri-tish Mat-ure An-al Hu-ge Por-n Dw

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2020.09.01 14:16 dsut22 A background to Wood Green MOB

A background to Wood Green MOB

Wood Green MOB

A background into Wood Green MOB (Money Over Bitches), formerly known as Wood Green PBP (Paper Before Pussy,) Hoodfellas and Mobstarz, Wood Green, North London.

Wood Green (With Sky City Housing Estate behind The Mall Wood Green)

Many drill fans will certainly have heard of the Wood Green MOB group in drill as it's very active in the road scene, the fact that North London is pretty much the hottest place for gang rivalry, and its intense rivalry with certain other North and East End of London areas like South Tottenham, Hornsey and Hoxton, I've seen many other pages with talk about Wood Green MOB like the music they produce and more so about who they beef and the points scored between rival gangs, but for people new to UK Drill (or who do not know some of the history of the Wood Green MOB gang) I trust you will find the background to Wood Green MOB, and its actual precursors intriguing. It took me a while to gather information on a group widely known as other neighbouring London groups. I may do more of these, I could do 6th based in Beckton and maybe Manor Park based in the Manor Park and Cage area.


Based around the London Borough of Haringey, located on numerous estates throughout Wood Green including Sky City, the Sandlings, Noel Park, Commerce Road and Acacia Road all within the N22 postal district. Some of their territory has expanded to the New Southgate area of N11. 22 is another name for the gang and they have mainly been seen in North London in Wood Green on the Commerce Road. They are a very active gang and have been around for over 40 years dating back to the 1970s where drug dealers from Wood Green would offer people drugs to make money, they are very very closely allies with fellow North London area Edmonton, they are also one of North London’s most well known and active gangs, stemming even well before the days of the Dem Africans and Shankstarz. Wood Green MOB also go by #WG, #Block 2, #22 #LampzWorld, #GSH, #MelloCity, #N22 , #MOB , #GreenGang , #DBlock/DBMG. Wood Green is known as Mob City by many gang members and by locals.

Mob City

The Wood Green area borders Bowes Park (N13 and N22), Hornsey (N8), Palmers Green (N13) and Duckett's Green (N15). Many of their rivals are based in and around these areas, in particular South Tottenham and Hornsey.
Born from the ashes of old-school North London gang called Wood Green Firm or more commonly known as Firm, Wood Green then saw rap groups form more commonly though in the 2000s under the Wood Green MOB label and it quickly became a well known stomping ground for many of North London's well know and rising road rap talents, most notably Smokey (who was one of the originals in the road rap scene) and Brucey. Working under the Wood Green MOB and Wood Green PBP banner through the early 2010s, the gang quickly found a creative style of music on tunes like "F*** a Family," gradually making their presence known into London's road rap scene. As the sounds of London's road rap shifted, so did the duo's: their 2010s song, You Can Get Touched, saw the group delve into U.K.-style road rap/trap, while in the latter 2010's songs like , Looking For Who, helped to establish the Wood Green's presence on the burgeoning drill scene. It was in the 2010's decade that gangs truly made their mark: working with producers from MKThePlug to M1OnTheBeat, Wood Green gradually built a following with their disses to rivals and creative synergy. Marking their songs with the tag #Wood Green, the gang founded their drill collective just as Wood Green MOB, an homage to the ''Mob City'' area, where gang members will have grown up and represent.
A number of past and current generations of gangs have existed in Haringey and other London boroughs that associate with the colour red and blue, some of which in the past had also self-identified themselves as Bloods and Crips. One of the first of these was the short lived Cripset from Dorset Road which claimed affiliation to the Rollin 80's Crips in Los Angeles. The gang was most active throughout the mid 2000's and were rivals to 031 Bloods, now know simply as 031 (O-Tray One) based in the Patmore and Hartington estates. This is seen as a massive influence on London from the famous American rival gangs Bloods and Crips.
Wood Green MOB themselves have never claimed Crips or Bloods like their rivals have and they have always affiliated with the colour green.
There are a number of other gangs in London which have been linked with the colour red. The Ida Bloodstarz from Ida Road and Tottenham have always used the colour red, whilst the former gang EvaStrap (now known as Reed Road) in the borough of Haringey in which they are located had asubset nicknamed 'Reed Road Cripz' and can still be seen using blue bandanas to this day, this is due to the ongoing American influence.
Some of PBP/MOB's rivalries have identified with colours themselves such as Original Farm Boys who used to be known as just Broadwater Farm/Tottenham Mandem, identify with the colour red and also Northumberland Park Killers/NPK who used to be a part of the Tottenham Mandem gang collective, identify with the colour purple .

Current beef and alliances

Wood Green Firm and the current Wood Green MOB gang have had some of the same rivalries between gangs but some of the rivalries were rid of and have now become extinct during the current generation of the Wood Green MOB gang. The current generation of the mass rivalry in Haringey has overtaken the old school rivalry that was between Wood Green and Archway Mandem and Busy Blocks.
Wood Green MOB allies: 3x3/N9 (N9), 900/9Double0/DA (Dem Africans), 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6)), 37/OJB (SW11), Touch Paper Lane/TPL (N15 and N22), Arnos Grove (N11 and N14) and 4BP (NW4).
Wood Green MOB rivalries: 197/K9/Graveyard Family (N2, N3, and N12), N15/Ida Road/Tiverton Road (N15) Northumberland Park Killers/NPK/SinSquad (N17), Original Farm Boys/OFB (N17), Hornsey Grey Gang/8th/V8 (N8), Grahame Park (NW9), Albany Park/Skengfield (EN3), N19/Busy Blocks (N19) and Hoxton (N1).

Early to mid 1990's

During the early 1990’s a gang known as the Firm was active across the north of London, first being and restricted to Tottenham but extending to incorporate nearby parts of Haringey such as Edmonton and Wood Green. By 1996-97 the different districts began to identify with their local area with their younger generations and so the Edmonton Firm and Wood Green Firm were formulated and this type of local district affiliation still happens widespread today. The Wood Green Firm birthed around Gladstone Avenue in Noel Park and on the Sandlings estates, which are main bases of Wood Green MOB today. Many members were educated at St Dorothy’s, St Katherine’s and Broomfield Schools in north London, and later Southgate College. The Sandlings and Sky City estates were the main area of activity from the beginning and later Sandlings was nicknamed ''Shell Town'', largely because the shotgun was once a favoured weapon as was its shells ammunition.
Wood Green and North London as a whole always had much of a multi-generational phases of gangs, which would have had each generation taking on their own identity and name, in comparison to other London Boroughs such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lambeth and Waltham Forest. Sky City Estate and the Sandlings, where the Wood Green MOB gang was formed, had long had music being produced during the time which they descended into gang violence in the 1990's and mid 2000s, previously being called the gang Hoodfellas and City of Gods. In reports of the late 1990s, Wood Green and many areas of North London as a whole was characterized as deprived in income, employment, health and crime.
Wood Green dominated over the nearby Hornsey area which is where Hornsey Mandem developed was created, the two were close in alliance until 2008. Wood Green remained close with other ‘Firm’ areas Edmonton until 2003-04 and Tottenham until 2005, however, these area relationships in north London were later broken down by second and third iteration members and now beef today.


The first generation Wood Green Firm began to call themselves ‘Junior Mafia’ or ‘Junior Mafia Woodz’ in the late 1990’s and going into the millennium. The second generations became known collectively as Wood Green MOB – Money Over Bitches. Within the MOB’s sprawling turf, covering large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side), sets developed that were geographically placed on various estates such as the Avenues (Noel Park), Acacia Road, Bracknell Close and Progress Way, Commerce Road, the Sandlings and Sky City estates.
Following the death of a young Tottenham boy in 1997, perpetrated by the Hackney Mandem, members of the Wood Green Firm were firmly backing the conflict that came to be generalised as ‘Hackney versus Tottenham’. At this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were close allies, Edmonton were also their allies. Although the conflict mainly concerned those from Broadwater Farm and London Fields estates, Wood Green counted Hackney as a rival.
By 1998, a host of gang names begun to exist under the umbrella of Wood Green MOB over the last several years including Shell Town Soldiers, Junior Mafia Woodz, Mobstarz, Hoodfellas, North Bangers, PBP (Paper Before Pussy), City of Gods and Mobcity Young Gunners / GSR. The names loosely denote various age generations of the gang, Wood Green MOB or Mobstarz remains as the collective identity. Wood Green is also known amongst other things as Mobcity. A second, separate gang forms across Wood Green and Tottenham and known as SK or Shadow Kings. They are a predominantly African set and do not have a set turf due to their focus not being banging but trapping. They are associated with the MOB and although not affiliated with TMD, often worked for them.


A long-time defunct set called 1 Nation is formed after breaking away from the wider Shadow Kings


Shadow Kings starts a heavy rivalry with Tottenham. This would be the first ever Wood Green vs Tottenham rivalry. Numerous lives were lost during this rivalry.
By 2001-02, there had been multiple murders, along with countless shootings and drug offences, which saw many of the first generation members imprisoned for long sentences. At this point the second and third generations of Wood Green were known as ‘Junior Mafia’ and as ‘Wood Green MOB’. The equivalent generations of Edmonton went on to become known as the Shankstarz whilst over a dozen Tottenham estates began to adopt their own identity, for example NPK (from Northumberland Park).
Many of the teenagers involved in this generation were known to one another as friends, having attended the same schools and having played football together, and through family ties. Despite this, the areas began to challenge each others reputation and it wasn’t long before this escalated into violence.
In 2002, up to a dozen members of the Wood Green MOB – the Junior Mafia Woodz – were caught by police surveillance following a four-month robbery spree. The gang members, aged 12-19, were said by police to see themselves as untouchable, preying on innocent victims as a pack to steal cash and mobile phones often at knifepoint. Jermaine Campbell (later sentenced for the murder of Andre Linton in 2005), Craig Johnson and Ashley Gowdie, all then 16, were ordered to be detained for three years despite being young offenders because their crimes were deemed so serious.
Up to 1,300 hours of surveillance film showed scenes of robbery taking place. The gang were identifiable by their trademark clothing of t-shirts with Loony tunes characters. Robbery offences were said to have fallen by 33% in Wood Green shopping centre following the convictions. The youths were said to have been led on robbery offences by older members of the gang Shane Reid and Marcus Downie. 2003

The third generation become known as Wood Green MOB + WGM (Wood Green Mandem). Their turf expands to cover large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side).
In 2003, the Shankstarz were involved in the stabbing of two teenagers, one from Wood Green and one from Tottenham. This generation of Wood Green, and NPK from Tottenham, were now rivals with nearby Lower Edmonton (N9).


In 2004, Wood Green MOB were allies with a gang known as the Shadow Kings, a predominantly African gang whose members lived across Wood Green and Tottenham N17 areas. Shadow Kings, who were often present in Wood Green, began conflict with Tiverton from south Tottenham (who at the time had internal issues in Tottenham with Broadwater Farm). During the conflict Wood Green membership was torn between loyalties with Tottenham and the Shadow Kings. Those who sided with the Shadow Kings gained a new enemy in Tottenham. Wood Green-Tottenham beef begins.
The conflict with Edmonton was continued predominantly with NPK rather than Wood Green and resulted in numerous stabbings culminating with a series of convictions following a large outbreak of violent disorder on Hertford Road, Edmonton, in 2007. By this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were no longer allies as a result of torn loyalties developing from disputes that occurred in 2005.


The fallout brought Tottenham back together, ending internal disputes that had not developed into anything too serious, and in 2005 the Wood Green MOB began serious conflict with Tottenham gangs, mainly Broadwater Farm, Ida Bloodstarz and Tiverton.
A growing number of shootings had been occurring between Tottenham and Wood Green in 2005. Furthermore, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old male were gunned down in Tottenham and Wood Green the preceding years in murder cases that both remain unsolved.
Among the incidents in the run-up to the murder of Tottenham male, Andre Linton - an innocent victim of this feud, an 18-year-old was seriously wounded during a knife attack near Broadwater Farm whilst a 17-year-old was also injured in a drive-by shooting, also on the Farm. In the latter incident, local Member of Parliament David Lammy was there to attend to the shot boy. He later criticised police who refused to allow the ambulance to reach the victim after they had sealed the area off whilst carrying out a risk assessment. The victim, Charles Osei-Bonsu, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.
In April 2005, the press picked up on the growing rivalry between MOB and the Farm, calling it an armed turf-war. In the week that preceded the article there had been reports of a drive-by shooting and a gunfight on West Green Road where eight shell cases were discovered. This was followed by another gunfight on Clarendon Road and police were later called to attend North Middlesex Hospital where a young man with gunshot wounds to the leg had presented himself.
In May 2005, 22-year-old Andre Linton was killed by a single bullet after his car was surrounded by members of the Wood Green MOB on Buller Road, Wood Green. Jermaine 'Killa' Campbell, then 19, was later charged with the murder. Andre, who was a pupil at Greig City Academy and formerly of Northumberland Park School, was not a gang member. It is believed the trigger was something as arbitrary as a 'dirty look'. Police were called to six reports of firearms that evening, it followed three seperate shootings that had taken place on Turnpike Lane and Broadwater Farm.
In total, there had been twenty recorded incidents of violent disorder involving guns or knives in the eight weeks prior to the murder. In one attack, an innocent eight-year-old child was injured during a hit-and-run when a car being driven by a gang fleeing the scene mounted the pavement. The tit-for-tat rivalry continued between Broadwater Farm, joined sometimes by other Tottenham gangs including Tiverton and Ida, against the Wood Green MOB. In October 2006, Wood Green MOB's Jerome Vassell, 19, was left fighting for his life after being shot in the head outside a talent show at the West Indian Cultural Centre in Clarendon Road, Hornsey. Vassell , also known as JV or Warlord, was allowed to leave Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, however, he suffered severe brain damage that caused partial paralysis and communication problems. Green City alliance is formed between Wood Green, Edmonton Green, and Bounds Green. All three gangs begin wearing green bandanas.


Those gangsters who were involved in Shadow Kings had now joined Wood Green MOB after many Shadow King members face imprisonment and longer sentences.
At the time of Jerome Vassell’s death, Wood Green had teamed up with once brief enemies from Edmonton who were now known as the Shankstarz. The link became popularised as the Green City alliance (Wood Green to Edmonton Green), with both gangs increasingly associating with the colour green and wearing of green clothing including bandanas. Wood Green were also linked with the Meridian Mandem (Meridian Crew and Bloodline music crew) and Palmers Green, referred to locally as P-Town. This generation of Wood Green also became allies to the London Fields Boys, another gang who the Wood Green olders once shared an extreme hatred of alongside their older Tottenham allies.
In 2008, long-term allies Hornsey and Wood Green began to fall into conflict with one another. A series of incidents contributed to the build up of the rivalry including a stabbing on Commerce Road estate in Wood Green, the victim was associated with Wood Green younger set ‘City of Gods’. A number of tit-for-tat incidents followed with robberies of Wood Green youngers by Hornsey, and attacks carried out by Warlordz and LMD sets.
Wood Green responded with similar violations against the Hornsey Grey Gang and it escalated throughout the rest of 2008. In one incident in September 2008, up to forty rivals fought a pitched battle on Lymington Avenue, Wood Green, during which a 17-year-old boy suffered serious stab wounds and was described as lucky to be alive. He was stabbed in the legs, back and face as the youths fought with sticks and bottles. Some of those involved were caught on CCTV in nearby Gladstone Road although their faces were concealed with bandanas. By the end of 2008 Hornsey Grey Gang had developed an alliance with Wood Green’s rivals from Tottenham including NPK.
Since 2008 a new wave of younger members have made headlines for minor offences typically associated with the early stages of gang evolvement. The Sky City and Sandlings estates continue to be a preferred hangout by aspiring gang members. The Sky City estate, which sits above Wood Green shopping mall, often makes local headlines for gang activity. In an unusual outcome in 2010, Haringey Council blocked plans for a dispersal zone on the estate, largely because the confines of the estate are not a public place (dispersal prevent loitering in public places).
With the relocation of a number of older members to Palmers Green the new younger sets have been left to run amok continuing age old rivalries with nearby gangs. Stabbings incidents have occurred frequently with young members in their early to mid teens. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Wood Green High Road on the day of the Royal Wedding, April 29th, after being chased through the town centre. He was stabbed repeatedly by a group of youths in broad daylight in what police believe was an attempted murder. The following month a teenager was knocked off his bike by a car on Darwin Road, Noel Park, before the occupants got out and stabbed him.


In 2010 Michael Gaynor received an ASBO banning him from Wood Green for five years. The order also prevents him from associating with thirteen other members of the gang; from being in a group of three or more in a public place; from uploading pictures or footage that features green bandanas; and from featuring in any music video of audio material that is uploaded onto the internet and incites violence towards rival gangs.
Despite having had gang affiliations in Wood Green since his early youth G Money (Michael Gaynor) is one of the biggest names on the underground rap/road music scene. He was interviewed for MTV’s the Wrap Up in 2010 where he spoke about his early influences and the release of early Wood Green mixtape ‘Mobstarz Most Hated Vol 1’.
Michael Gaynor was one of two leading figures in the Wood Green MOB to receive recent ASBOs. Fellow member Rowan Lopez was banned from entering Wood Green from 2011 until 2013. It was an extension of an earlier ASBO he was granted in 2009. Like Gaynor, he has been prohibited from posting videos online showing him inciting people to violence and promoting gang activity and identity. Both males had long histories of offending going back to their teens including robbery and weapon offences. Another leading figure of the current olders was arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs and sentenced to two years in 2011.
Another member of the Wood Green MOB, Terrence Abalola also known as Ghost, 18, was sentenced to four years in 2010. It came after a teenager arranged for his 15-year-old cousin to be beaten, robbed and sprayed with tear gas during a house robbery. Abalola led two other teens, all in masks, into the cousins home in Stoke Newington where they attacked the boy. They screamed at him ‘where’s your stuff’, at which point he recognised one of the voice having shared a McDonald’s meal with one of them in Wood Green just two days earlier. The three robbers fled with the boy’s TV, Xbox games console, laptop computer, mobile phone, £300 cash and his mothers iPod Touch.
The younger generational iterations of the gang begin to go by the various sets: Mobstarz City of Gods Hoodfellas North Bangers
Paper Before Pussy
They all collectively rep Wood Green and share in the same allies and and enemies.

2011 - present

After this the gangs in London started to drop the usage of Crips and Bloods into the gang names and began to use gang names that are more modern and still in usage as of the present day and that includes all Haringey based gang.
The current day allies of Wood Green continue to be the Shankstarz from Edmonton, who today are now known as 3x3, P-Town (Palmers Green), Arnos Grove, London Fields Boys formerly who have now cut ties with Wood Green MOB and have no ties to the current faction known as Zero Tolerance and the remaining former members of the now defunct Shadow Kings. There have been some links with Dem Africans (shared link with Shadow Kings) and Young Dem Africans, however the picture is less clear because the latter have historic roots in Tottenham, and Dem Africans have since become #900. Despite this, a senior member of the Wood Green MOB accompanied a handful of Young Dem African members to West Green Road, Tottenham, in September 2009 where they were fired at by a prominent member of the Ida Bloodstarz with a sub machine gun. All fled from the gunfire and escaped without serious injury. Another link, although less relevant owing to distance, is with MPR (Make Paper Regardless) who are from west London (Shepherd's Bush and South Acton). The association with MPR was built by members who were serving custodial sentences in a London prison.
Rappers/Drillers in the drill era from Wood Green MOB like Lampz and Jigga J took a foothold in the drill and gang life scene. Lampz aka Kelvin Odunuyi was a very well known gang member and was deeply hated by his enemies because pressurised Tottenham and Hoxton heavily. In 2018, at the Hollywood Wood Green cinema, a motorcycle that came down from Lordship Lane (the road that leads from Wood Green into the N17 postal district) drove towards the entrance of the cinema and one of the two on the motorcycle fired shots through the window and circled back to deliver a final fatal shot to the head of Odunuyi. Many saw it as a revenge attack for Odunuyi's alleged involvement in the death of Kobi Nelson, a former NPK member who reformed as an anti-crime campaigner, Jigga J was involved and sentenced to life for the death of Nelson.
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2020.08.27 14:30 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - August 27th, 2020

Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - August 27th, 2020
  • First promo for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Queens of Bravo Twitter)
  • "Dorinda Medley Is Leaving "Real Housewives Of New York" And The Show Will Never Be The Same Without Her" (Buzzfeed)
  • Dorinda Medley exits ‘RHONY’: Andy Cohen, ‘Real Housewives’ stars react (Page Six)
  • Rachel Uchitel floated as Dorinda Medley’s replacement on ‘RHONY’ (Page Six Exclusive) "Could Rachel Uchitel replace Dorinda Medley on “The Real Housewives of New York City?” Page Six has learned that the colorful socialite — who shot to fame as one of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses — was “on the shortlist” to join the Bravo show last season, but producers plumped for Leah McSweeney instead. And now that Medley’s been axed after six seasons, we’re told there’s renewed effort to get her on the cast. An insider told us that Uchitel’s keen to land the gig, and listed her qualifications: “She’s linked to New York — growing up here, and [she was] on the cover of the New York Post as ‘New York’s tragic face.’ ” (We published Uchitel’s picture with that headline on Sept. 14, 2001. In the shot, she holds up a missing person flyer for her banker fiancé, James Andrew O’Grady, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Uchitel also appeared on Page 1 of The Post a number of times during the Woods scandal.) Meanwhile, they said that — as Page Six has previously reported — she’s been linked to “Real Housewives” lothario Harry Dubin, who has famously dated cast members Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps, and was married to former cast member Aviva Drescher. Plus, they said, that Uchitel (bonus gossip alert!) dated Paul “PK” Kemsley of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for a year, right before he got together with wife Dorit. A Bravo rep denied that they’re considering her to replace Medley, but appeared to acknowledge that she’s previously been in talks to join the show. When we asked Uchitel if she was joining the show, she wrote to us, “News to me!” and a winking emoji."
  • RHONY alum Bethenny Frankel posts photos as she renovates her $2.3m Hamptons mansion with chic new decor (The Sun UK)
  • D’Andra Simmons says ‘RHOD’ will address Brandi Redmond’s racist video ‘head on’ (Page Six) "The next season of “Real Housewives of Dallas” will address some of the cast’s racist remarks, according to star D’Andra Simmons. Simmons, 50, told Page Six of Redmond’s scandal, “We will address that first thing head on. I think that’s very important for the show. We can’t just sweep it under the rug, especially since it was such a big deal for people and they were very upset about it.” The Hard Night Good Morning CEO implied that some other conversations surrounding race — aside from Redmond’s remarks — will take place on the upcoming season, which is currently in its last weeks of filming. “I can’t really talk about the other cast members, but there’s another reason why we had to do that, as well,” she said. “You’ll have to wait and see [what that is].” Simmons said in regards to Locken’s insensitive remarks from Season 4 about her co-star Kary Brittingham’s Mexican heritage, the cast doesn’t “really talk about that” this season since Locken, 53, is no longer on the show. Conversations about race will not only be a focal point on “RHOD,” but also in “My Brothers’ Crossing,” a film Simmons co-produced with her husband, Jeremy Lock, a former photojournalist." (more in article)
  • NeNe Leakes deletes Instagram over rumors of return to ‘RHOA’ (Page Six) "Nene Leakes has deleted her Instagram account after routinely being asked by fans whether she’ll return for Season 13 of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” There’s been buzz about Leakes’ contract negotiations to return. Sources have said she’s been holding out for a bigger payday, but Bravo might add fresh faces instead."
  • RHOBH Season 10 reunion preview (Garcelle Beauvais Twitter)
  • Another preview for RHOBH reunion - Dorit vs. Sutton (Queens of Bravo Twitter)
  • Photos of the decor at Dorit Kemsley's housewarming party, pictured on the S10 RHOBH finale (
  • Former Real Housewives of Sydney star Krissy Marsh says the drama on the show 'wasn't scripted' and that producers were shocked by how nasty and toxic the cast were (Daily Mail/Back from Reality Podcast) "The Real Housewives of Sydney was infamously dubbed 'too extreme' to air in the US. And in a new interview, cast member Krissy Marsh claims that not only was the drama not scripted, but that producers were blindsided by how nasty the cast turned out to be. Speaking to the Back From Reality podcast, the 48-year-old said: 'I don't think even the producers knew what they were getting.' She added: 'I don't think they realised how crazy and how nasty some of these women were.' The former reality star said that none of the drama was fake, and that producers didn't even need to encourage anybody to drink because the women 'were getting drunk on our own accord'. Krissy said that things got so nasty and vicious at one point that she quit the show during filming to try and protect her family. Krissy revealed that she rallied some of the other cast members together and that they all walked out on a scheduled promotional shoot for the show until producers agreed to remove a potentially defamatory scene from the series. 'They had no option but to basically cut out and write out what had been said that night,' she said. While Krissy declined to reveal what exactly was said, she said it was much worse than the drama that viewers saw on screen and that it was something that could've affected her children. She added that the mystery castmate that said the remark about her family was 'not of sound mind'."
  • Real Housewives' Gizelle Bryant 'disturbed for days' by Candiace and Monique 'brawl' (Daily Star UK exclusive) "Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Gizelle, 49, revealed just how shell-shocked she was about the alleged incident. The mum-of-three told us: "I was completely shocked, I was disturbed for days afterwards. "When we film we have real emotion but we always have found a way for things not to escalate to that level and for it to get there was never something that I thought would happen, so I wasn't happy." She continued: "But it allowed us, on the other side of it, to really have some good discussions about who and what we are as black women in this country, and what we represent. "So if there's any silver lining, it's that we were able to talk about what matters and to kind of hold ourselves up to a level that we're proud of." Re: the men of Potomac getting involved in the franchise, Gizelle laughed: "I think they want to hold a champagne glass [in the opening credits], I think they want to be Housewives! I really don't understand it. And we see more of that this season as well." The beauty joked that she would "co-sign" the decision if producers were to make Michael a featured Housewife in the opening credits, adding: "Michael gets into more trouble than anyone else," Gizelle told us. "Michael gets into all kinds of nonsense. "I don't really know how it was handled between he and Ashley because they have their own personal things, I wasn't there, so I'm curious to see those things just as much as everyone else is." But she teased big things to come, as she cryptically finished: "Michael Darby at our season finale, he stole the show."
  • Former Black Female TV Execs Launch New Production Company For Diverse Storytelling (Forbes) "Lauren Grace Media, a new production company helmed by two veteran reality television executives, has entered the discussion with a clear mission: To tell diverse stories that people of color can relate to. The company is owned and operated by Dorothy Toran, a former producer for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Leslie Farrell, a former vice president of production at NBCUniversal and Bravo Media. “I had been on Jersey Housewives for six or seven years,” says Toran, now president and executive producer of Lauren Grace Media. “Just like everything else, it had been a wonderful experience, but you always get to a point when you are doing something for a really long time and you hit a wall creatively and want to explore what's next. I really wanted to be able to tell stories that I wanted to tell.” But the duo’s professional history has certainly come in handy: Their first project, a 90-minute special titled Race in America: A Movement Not a Moment, aired on Bravo TV, Toran and Farrell’s former company, earlier this month. The special features an in-depth discussion on issues of racism between reality stars including Kandi Burruss and Gizelle Bryant, who weighed in with their personal experiences. “When you think of people who are wealthier than you, famous, or celebrities on television, you think that their life is different,” says Farrell, senior vice president of development and executive producer of Lauren Grace Media. “But what I think that Race in America really showed is, as a Black person in this country, it doesn't matter what echelon you are on. We all share these experiences because racism is systemic.” (more in article)
  • Alleged assassin denies executing Real Housewives of Cheshire star’s brother in doorstep shooting at £1.5m home (The Sun UK)
  • Danielle Staub goes off on Andy Cohen (realhousewivesfranchise Instagram - screenshot)
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2020.08.25 17:06 sauce_murica Green and Gold Part 4 A closer look at United's Finances - Where Has the Money Been Spent?

Manchester United remain a global behemoth. With annual revenues in excess of £627m, [1] United is one of the most valuable clubs on the face of the planet. [1]
As explained in prior G&G installments, in purchasing United, the Glazer family loaded United with heavy debts. [1] The evolution of that debt over time has caused some to question how United are spending their money. For example, by June 2010, those debts had escalated to over £784m. [1] The infamous payment-in-kind loans were quietly repaid in 2010. At that same time, the cash earned from Ronaldo's sale (and the Aon shirt deal) was reportedly used to repay a significant portion of the bonds issued in February 2010. [1] In August 2012, half of the club's IPO proceeds were used for debt reduction, with the other half heading to Glazers. [1]
In total, this led to a bond debt reduction from 509m in June 2010, to 360m as of September 2012 --- resulting in some reputable sources to question whether it was "very possible that debt is virtually eliminated in the next few years." [1]
That has not come to pass. This entry into our Green & Gold Series takes aim at the following question: United remains one of the biggest and most profitable clubs in world football, with some of the largest revenues around. Where has the money gone?
We can do things others can only dream of Are United a Growing Giant or a Shrinking Violet?
In 2018, Ed Woodward famously stated to investors that "[p]laying performance doesn't really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business." [1]
There is some truth to this sentiment. From 2009 - 2019, the club's finances have grown significantly. [1] [2] In 2009, the club's commercial revenue was approximately 66 million. By 2019, that figure had more than quadrupled to 275 million. [1] [2] The club likewise benefited from the Premier League's own boon in popularity. From 2009 to 2019, TV revenues grew from 98 million to 241 million. [1] In total, from 2009 - 2019, matchday revenue decreased from 41% of the revenue base, to 19%. One of the results of this can be seen during COVID. While other clubs scrambled to secure finances, furloughing staff and cutting wages, United has to date been able to survive without such significant cuts. [1]
However, if a deeper look is taken into these figures, combined with the relative growth of similarly-situated clubs, cracks begin to appear in Woodward's "results don't matter" assertion. For example, as illustrated here, the club's on-again off-again relationship with the Champion's League has seen a drastic reduction in gate and TV revenue from the infamous Tuesday/Wednesday night matches:
Looking at it differently, as of 2014, by some conservative estimates the cost of missing out on CL football was approximately the cost of one Marouane Fellaini. [1] [2] By 2019, the figure was estimated by the club at around £65million (which figure excludes any potential reduction in the Adidas sponsorship deal). [1] Simply put, the cost of missing out on the sport's elite competition has grown alongside the expansion of the sport itself.
Comparing United's Growth Relative to That of Our Rivals
As recently as 2016, United's revenue growth continued to outpace rivals. [1] [2] [3] However, as years have gone by, that gap has shrunk. From 2017-2018, Liverpool's revenue growth increased nearly 100m, up to £455m from £364m --- taking them from 5th highest to 3rd highest in the league. [1] City's revenues likewise increased from £473m to £500m (2nd highest in the league). [1]
Thus, while United's revenue increased from £515m in 2016 to £590m in 2018, City's increased from £392m to £500m, and Liverpool's increased from £302m to £455m *within the span of two years. [1] [2] This change is highlighted in the following chart:
Club 2016 Revenue 2018 Revenue Growth % Difference
Manchester United £515m £590m £75m 15%
Manchester City £392m £500m £108m 28%
Liverpool £302m £455m £153m 51%
As for commercial revenue alone (an area United is often touted as being the best), the following chart highlights the relative growth of commercial revenue by comparing United to its biggest European counterparts:
As can be seen, over time United's closest rivals appear to be closing the gap on United's claim as one of, if not the, biggest clubs in world football. With that in mind - let's take a closer look at how United has expanded its global reach since the Glazer takeover in 2005.
A change in the club's branding/commercialization approach
Glazer acquired Manchester United in 2005. At the time of the takeover, "United's income of 171.5 million pounds ($323.8m) for the 2003-04 season kept them top of the list [of richest clubs] for the eighth year in a row." [1] Simply put: Glazer inherited a behemoth at the top of the footballing world.
Upon buying the club, the Glazer contingent reportedly met with staff, and according to a former executive indicated:
“They said, ‘Look, we’ve bought this club because we saw an opportunity.' They never came with, ‘We are fans of the club forever and always will be’. They didn’t claim to be anything other than businessmen and they are very good at what they do.” [1]
The change in tactic upon Glazer arrival allegedly prompted United Chairman Sir Roy Gardner and non-executive directors Ian Much and Jim O'Neill to offer their resignations. [1]
Concerns have been raised since regarding the manner by which the Glazer family extended MUFC's reach / image / branding. Edward Freedman served as managing director of the club's merchandising from 1992-97. [1] During his time at United, he took the club's merchandising operation "from a turnover of £1.2 million in 1992 to £28 million when he left five years later." [1] His work with Tottenham, and then United, was significant enough to merit BBC including him in their documentary titled "The Men That Changed Football." [1]
Asked to speak regarding the Glazers' work with United's continued expansion, Freedman responded:
“They haven’t got a clue what a brand is. It’s a very clever money-making move for them to get those deals. However, I’m sorry to say that, as far as enhancing Manchester United, it doesn’t work.” [1]
Freedman's ire related to the manner in which the club worked to increase the reach of its branding efforts. Freedman's aimed to maintain United's status as a "premium brand" and expand the club's reach by working with select, "high profile" branding partners (a la a Rolex or Porsche). Instead, Freedman's ire was drawn by the club choosing, after he left, to sign onto multiple, "lower-quality" partners. The result of this change in branding strategy can be seen through the years. For example:
Mr. Potato
Tomato Juice
X Men - Apocalypse
Independence Day - Resurgence
Chevrolet's Dab University
Others in the footballing world have taken issue with how the increased commercial efforts impacted the players:
One high-profile agent privately complained that the club was “obsessed with commercialism” and “one big money-making machine”. After arriving back in the early hours following a match at West Ham, some stars were required to drive mini kids’ Chevrolets in a sponsored stunt the next day instead of resting. [1]
As for Freedman's thoughts on United's approach to branding expansion, he stated “I really can’t deal with it. We were offered all that long ago and never would accept any of it. Not for all the money in the world. Then, of course, the people who understood the brand left and people came in who saw only the recompense of taking money. But taking money for things that aren’t compatible with your brand will eventually ruin your brand. That’s what I can see them doing. The whole charisma, the whole glory of Manchester United, seems to have gone.” [1]
Freedman was not alone in this concern. In April 2007, Lee Daley (a reported lifelong United supporter), left Saatchi & Saatchi UK to become United's group commercial director. [1] He resigned four months later, with one source claiming he quickly became disillusioned at becoming "a glorified sponsorship sales manager." [1]
And although United's sponsorship efforts have resulted in some successes, including what was, at the time, one of the most profitable kit sponsorship of all time, [1] those successes have not always been well-received:
On the commercial side, the shirt sponsorship struck with Chevrolet, worth £450 million over seven seasons, was a major success. But the deal will not be renewed past 2021 and the person responsible for the deal at General Motors, Joel Ewanick, was dismissed soon after its announcement in 2012, with a spokesman saying he had “failed to meet the expectations the company has of an employee”. [1] [2]
Although some have lauded the Glazers' "industrialization/branding efforts" at United, and other clubs have since copied the process, others are more critical - claiming that United's continued growth and success has resulted more from the continued growth of the Premier League than from Glazer ingenuity.
“The step-change in television income, which came out of nowhere and could not have possibly been projected in a business plan, helped them massively.” In the UK alone, Premier League rights rose from £1.024 billion to £1.706 billion in 2007 and reached £5.136 billion in 2016. [1]
Other sources insist the Glazers did project such an increase, based upon their prior experience with US sports, including their ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [1]
Not all of the Glazers' initial plans came to fruition. For example, the Glazers reportedly initially planned to increase revenues through higher matchday costs. [1] In 2006 documents, it was outlined that the cost of matchday tickets to attend games at Old Trafford was "undervalued" despite increased pricing, on average, by 12.5% in their first season at the helm. [1] The Glazer plan envisaged a further 36% increase in matchday costs prior to the start of the 2012-13 season. [1] However, that plan was not borne into action, which is one reason matchday revenues have stayed level.
Social Media The Claimed Expansion of the Supporter-Base
Alongside the club's expanding commercial revenues, the club has repeatedly touted its expanding supporter-base to shareholders as a measure of the club's off-field success. In 2013, United claimed to shareholders that it had "659 million" supporters. [1] Stated differently, United claimed that, as of 2010, approximately 1 out of every 10 human beings on the planet supported United.
To reach that figure, United hired Kantar, a market research company, who polled 54,000 adults in 39 countries in the summer of 2011. Most questions were answered online. [1] The figures were then extrapolated to produce a number for each of those countries, with that information then extrapolated to cover the rest of the world, "taking into account such things as the popularity of football in these countries, and whether players born in them had played for Manchester United in the past." Kantar director Richard Brinkman claimed he "would back my figures and argue [they are accurate] to within a 1% margin of error." [1]
The claim drew plenty of detractors. For example, Nick Harris, editor of sports finance website, noted at the time that:
"In five years, purportedly, Manchester United's following has gone from 333 million, or thereabouts, to 659 million. So almost a doubling of people following Manchester United in five years. This is eyebrow-raising stuff!" [1]
Mr. Harris likewise questioned other Kantar claims, such as the suggestion "that more than 30% of South Korea's total population of 49 million were followers of Manchester United." [1] Especially in light of the live viewing figures for United in the country, at the time, registering less than one million people. [1]
By 2019, United reported to investors claiming to have 1.1 billion fans. [1] Stated differently - from 2013 to 2019, United claimed to have gone from "1 in 10" people worldwide supporting United, to "1 in 7."
The survey for the 2019 report was once more completed by Kantar.
We're Man United and We'll Spend What We Want
Alongside being one of the top earning clubs in world football, United are also one of the top spending clubs. As discussed previously, [1] United are not shrinking violets in the transfer market - with one of the highest net spends over the last decade. [1] [2]
Let's take a closer look at where United, under Glazer ownership, has spent those funds.
Player Signings
United last won the Premier League in 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since that time, United have spent over £1.015 billion on player purchases. [1] [2] But let's break that down a bit further. First, let's take a look at what that billion has gotten us:
Year Signed Manager Player Position Cost
2020 Solskjaer Bruno Fernandes Mid £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Harry Maguire CB £78.30m
2019 Solskjaer Aaron Wan Bissaka RB £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Daniel James RW £15.30m
2018 Mourinho Fred CM £53.10m
2018 Mourinho Dalot RB £19.80m
2018 Mourinho Lee Grant GK £1.53m
2017 Mourinho Romelu Lukaku ST £76.23m
2017 Mourinho Nemanja Matic CM £40.23m
2017 Mourinho Victor Lindelof CB £31.50m
2017 Mourinho Alexis Sanchez ST Mkhitaryan
2016 Mourinho Paul Pogba CM £94.50m
2016 Mourinho Henrikh Mkhitaryan RW £37.80m
2016 Mourinho Eric Bailly CB £34.20m
2015 van Gaal Anthony Martial LW/ST £54.00m
2015 van Gaal Morgan Schneiderlin CM £31.50m
2015 van Gaal Memphis Depay LW £30.60m
2015 van Gaal Matteo Darmian RB £16.20m
2015 van Gaal Bastian Schweinsteiger CM £8.10m
2014 van Gaal Angel di Maria LW £67.50m
2014 van Gaal Luke Shaw LB £33.75m
2014 van Gaal Ander Herrera CM £32.40m
2014 van Gaal Marcos Rojo LB/CB £18.00m
2014 van Gaal Daley Blind LB/CB £15.75m
2014 van Gaal Falcao ST £6.84m (loan fee)
2014 van Gaal Vanja Milinkovic-Savic GK £1.58m
2013 Moyes Juan Mata RW/CM £40.26m
2013 Moyes Marouane Fellaini CM £29.16m
All figures in this thread are taken from Transfermarkt.
Prior to that, from 2005-2012, Sir Alex spent a total of £362.8m. Accordingly, from 2005 to date, under Glazer ownership United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions.
Player Sales
Year Player Transfer Fee
2005 Phil Neville £4.77m
2005 Kleberson £2.34m
2006 Ruud van Nistelrooy £13.50m
2006 David Jones £1.35m
2006 Jonathan Sepctor £675,000
2006 David Bellion £450,000
2006 Luke Steele £225,000
2007 Gabriel Heinze £10.8m
2007 Giuseppe Rossi £9m
2007 Alan Smith £8.1m 
2007 Kieran Richardson £7.38m
2007 Tim Howard £3.78m
2007 Phil Bardsley £2.7m
2008 Gerard Pique £4.5m
2008 Chris Eagles £1.35m
2008 Mikael Silvestre £855,000
2009 Cristiano Ronaldo £84.60m
2009 Frazier Campbell £3.69m
2009 Manucho £2.48m
2009 Lee Martin £2.03m
2009 Danny Simpson £779,000
2010 Zoran Tosic £8.55m
2010 Ben Foster £6.3m
2011 John O'Shea £4.05m
2011 Gabriel Obertan £3.06m
2011 Mama Diouf £1.62m
2011 Wes Brown £1.35m
2011 Danny Drinkwater £810,000
2011 Darron Gibson £540,000
2011 Jue Dudgeon £86,000
2012 Dimitar Berbatov £4.50m
2012 Ji-sung Park £2.79m
2012 Ritchie De Laet £1.13m
2014 Danny Welbeck £18.00m
2014 Shinji Kagawa £7.20m
2014 Alexander Buttner £4.95m
2014 Wilfried Zaha £3.42m
2014 Chicharito £2.70m (loan fee)
2014 Bebe £2.70m
2014 Michael Keane £2.30m
2014 Patrice Evra £1.71m
2015 Angel di Maria £56.70m
2015 Chicharito £10.80m
2015 Jonny Evans £7.47m
2015 Robin van Persie £5.85m
2015 Nani £5.40m
2015 Rafael £2.88m
2015 Angelo Henriquez £1.50m
2015 Reece James £1.26m
2016 Morgan Schneiderlin £20.70m
2016 Memphis Depay £14.40m
2016 Paddy McNair £4.73m
2016 Tyler Blackett £1.62m
2016 Will Keane £1.08m
2017 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Sanchez
2017 Adnan Januzaj £7.65m
2017 Andreas Pereira £2.70m (loan fee)
2018 Daley Blind £14.40m
2018 Sam Johnstone £6.62m
2018 Marouane Fellaini £6.48m
2019 Romelu Lukaku £66.60m
2019 Chris Smalling £2.70m (loan fee)
2019 Matteo Darmian £2.23m
2019 Ashley Young £1.53m
In total, United has recovered £488.42m (plus one Alexis Sanchez) from player sales/loans.
Accordingly, under Glazer ownership, Manchester United has a total net spend of £889.38m.

So Where Has the Money Gone?

The Cost of a Takeover & Multiple Re-Financings
The Glazer family acquired United in 2005. United spent more money paying the interest costs associated with the newfound debt than they spent on player acquisitions any year between 2005 - when the club was acquired - and 2013 - when the debt was refinanced. [1] [2] [3]
In 2013, United refinanced their debt. By refinancing, United repaid about half of its outstanding bonds using a new bank loan from Bank of America. [1] By doing so, United reduced the club's interest bill from around £31m per year (pro-forma post the IPO) to around £21m per year. [1]
By the summer of 2015, Manchester United refinanced the club's debt on four separate occasions - the last of which occurred in 2015. [1] In 2015, the club's debt stood at £382m, with total annual interest costs of £20m. [1] The refinancing reduced the cash interest paid.
The amount of interest paid between 2005 and 2015 can be visualized here:
Public float profits Glazers
Some have viewed the public float of the club's stock as evidence of a possible future in which the club is sold. To date, reality has not matched this expectation.
The initial public float raked in £150 million in funds. Per some reports, the initial plan was for the Glazers to pocket the full profits from the float, but the NYSE expressed reservations with that plan. [1]. Ultimately, half of the funds was used to pay off some of the club's takeover debt. [1] The remaining half landed in Glazer pockets. [1] [2]
Despite the funds realized from the float, the target price for the shares was $16-20 per share. The price was ultimately set at $14/share. [1] [2]
Hopes that the float would result in greater transparency were likewise short-lived. "Classed as an 'emerging growth' company, [1] United were exempted from having to reveal all their financial data to the market, [1] a position they reinforced by moving company registry from Old Trafford to the Cayman Islands." [1] [2] And by setting different voting rights for Class A and B shares, and retaining the Class B shares, the Glazers were able to retain a 78% ownership interest in the club - and an iron grip on the club's voting rights. [1]
Glazer Profits
Per the most recent financial reports, annual dividends total approximately £84 million. [1] In January, dividends of £11.3 million went to shareholders. [1] The Glazer family currently owns approximately 78% of the club, meaning they split approximately £8.8 million of that equally. [1]
In addition, the Glazers recovered approximately £75 million from the NYSE listing, together with loans to other companies (between 2005-'12), and further share sales. In total, the Glazers have made more than £200m selling slices of their shareholdings to investors. [1]
Upon refinancing the club's debt in 2010, the paperwork submitted revealed the Glazers had, since 2006, been paid £10m in “management and administration fees” and Kassewitz and each of her five brothers had borrowed £1.66m, £10m in total, from the club. [1] The total paid to the board and executive management in 2018-19 was £10.7m, which the accounts do not break down individually. Woodward is paid by a subsidiary company, Manchester United Football Club Ltd; his salary in 2017-18, the most recently published, was £4.152m. [1]
By comparison, in nine years at Liverpool, FSG has put in a net £100m. [1] Meanwhile, since initially purchasing the club in a £790 million leveraged takeover, the Glazers have "personally received close to £200 million from the club." [1]


In total, by some estimates the Glazers' ownership has cost the club £1.5 billion in interest, debt and other outgoing expenses. [1] By comparison, United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions, and recovered £488.42m from sales/loans, for a net spend of £889.38m. In total, Glazer ownership has cost United £610.6m more than United have spent on player acquisitions from 2005 to date.
Past Green & Gold Installments:
Part One: Who are the Glazers?
Part Two: The Takeover: How did that happen?
Part Three: The Glazer Transfer History - Can Insight be Gleaned regarding our Potential Summer Business?
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2020.08.22 07:57 NissaTheSerene I have had 2 N exes over the last 3 years, both have cheated on me. Fml

Nex 1 told me he was going on a “dating site for palyamoury” to find us “a threesome partner” I did not consent for this. He just started browsing on websites
Ol naive me didn’t really comprehend that the “dating “website “Ashley Madison” is strictly for infidelity — he explained it as a polyamory website.
Before I questioned him further he created this elaborate distraction tactic where he told his mom all about it (also outing me out of the BI closet)
He also was super super obsessive about me apparently cheating on him. At the end of the relationship he kept accusing me of cheating on him. It was also a tactic he used to control me. I talked to my therapist and this is classic narcissist projecting behavior. He was the one cheating so he obsessively blamed me of cheating to make him look innocent and the victim
Nex 2 tried triangulating in our 3 month monogamous relationship. Once I put and end to it he continued to stalk me for at this point now YEARS. A friend of mine looked him up on social media and it shows he’s in a monogamous relationship yet he continues to remain active on dating websites, still sends me creepy messages, and will try to flirt with me on said dating websites (I respond by immediately blocking him)
I’m starting to realize based off of his patterns that he was likely cheating and it checks out since he obviously doesn’t give cheating any second thoughts
So iv been trying not to think about this BUT I just need to feel the emotions of what happened. I’m MAD FuRIOUS. I have so much rage and I don’t know what to do with it...what do I do with these emotions? I’m just so angry but I need a productive way to move foward
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2020.08.16 21:17 notso_divine_goddess I cheated. Pretty much hate myself every single day for it.

The title is exactly the truth. I cheated on my husband. This happened almost 7 years ago but I carry it with me like it happened yesterday. My ex husband and I had been together for just over 8 years, married for 5 of those years. I wouldn’t say we were ever in love. At least, I wasn’t with him. When we got married, I had just found out I was pregnant with our second child. We got a lot of pressure from friends and family to “just get married already”. So we did. Although I wasn’t madly in love with him, I knew he was a good man, a wonderful father and would always be good to our kids. I told myself that crazy, fiery love that you see in movies was overrated and that I would grow to love him in time. I never really did. If anything, I found myself resenting him more and more. But we had a good life. He was a good provider, a hard worker and for the most part, we got along ok. We looked like the idyllic family of 4. But we were growing farther and farther apart over the years. We still did things together as a family and it looked good on the outside. But I had started to veer off into my own world and so did he. The last year of our marriage was miserable. He slept in the guest bedroom and was gone all day at work. I started to notice I dreaded 5 o’clock when I knew he’d be home soon. We fought, a lot. Around this time, I had made a new friend. She was also married with kids. After a few months of friendship she had confided in me she had been cheating on her husband for years. She said it kept her marriage “tolerable” to have these passion filled dalliances on the side. She introduced me to a site called Ashley Madison and I ended up meeting a man (John) who was also in a loveless marriage. I know I should’ve ended my marriage first but I didn’t. I’ll spare you the details but I truly believed at the time John and I were soul mates. I fell so deeply in love with him, like nothing I’d ever experienced before and I allowed myself to be consumed with him. I ended my marriage, broke up my family. John and I were together a year. He moved in with me shortly after my husband left. Then a year later, while my children and I were visiting my parents, he moved out. Stealing a lot of my stuff, draining the bank account and leaving me with a lot of bills that we had racked up over the year. It was incredibly painful. I honestly did not think I was going to survive the heartache.
Then one day I realized- I DESERVED the pain and what he’d done to me. And I STILL DO. Every bad thing that happens to me, I know it’s because of what I did. It’s been 7 years and I still feel just horrible about it. I was thinking of no one but myself at the time. Not my husband and definitely not my children and their well being. A few years back, I sincerely apologized to my ex husband for all I put him through and he has graciously forgiven me. And I am so very happy that he has found someone that will treat him like a king and will never do what I did to him. He wasn’t perfect by any means but he still did not deserve the pain and heartache I caused him. His new wife is amazing to me and my children and I genuinely love her dearly. She is a much better fit for him than I would ever have been and if there is any silver lining to this story, that’s it. We all co-parent very well together and get along great. Our children are well taken care of and seem happy. I have a really good job and am able to provide them with a nice home and the material things they want and need. They are wonderful kids, do well in school, are well liked by their peers and they know they are loved by all of us. We all put away any animosity long ago and put their well being first and foremost.
But I will NEVER forgive myself. I guess I could use the excuse I was so emotionally starved for affection and love but it would just be a rationalization for my actions. I carry the guilt and shame of my actions from all those years ago and still cannot believe I allowed myself to do what I did (I had never cheated on anyone before and never in a million years thought I would).Now, I do not date. I do not get involved with any men in any way even though I am asked out fairly frequently. Every now and then I meet a truly nice man and consider it and then I remember I don’t deserve the love and affection of anyone, let alone a man. Every bad thing that has happened to me in life since then (and there’s been a lot) I welcome because I know this is my karmic retribution. I’m just over 40 now and I know I have a lot of years left to sit with this. I just take it day by day. My friends say I need to forgive myself. Learn from it and let it go. I have learned from it definitely and work every day to be kinder to people and I do anything and everything I can for the people I love. But I just don’t think I will be able forgive myself for this. I’ve never truly shared this in depth with anyone before. Usually when people ask why we divorced, I just say that we grew apart. Never really admitting to what I did and that it was my fault. If you knew me in real life you’d never guess this about me. I have a lot of friends, considered attractive and well put together. I am well liked (I think lol) and normally always the one with a big smile on my face for everyone. It’s ok if you hate me after all this. Trust me, I hate me too.
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2020.08.11 01:29 momo-official [Halsey Standom] The Great Manic Merch Debacle of 2020

A few people on Popheads voiced their desire for this post, so I thought I'd draw it up as best I could. This is a very long post that sources from both Reddit and Twitter, as well as my own experiences. I have tried to include descriptions of all images, screenshots, and e-mails, but some of these have to be seen to be believed.
TL;DR: Due to COVID-19 and poor management decisions, Halsey's team designed and received money for merch that was either never delivered or looked VERY different from what was promised. This debacle is ongoing and, as you can imagine, Halsey stans (including me) have pretty much lost faith that they will ever get their promised merch.
As of posting (August 2020) I had not received any items from the 250-300 dollars worth of merchandise I purchased between December 2019 and January 2020. However, after making this post, two of my three orders shipped. As of August 19th, I am only missing one order.
Let's dive in!

Basic Terminology: What is a Stan?

Eminem's song "Stan" describes a so-called "stalker fan," someone who is obsessed with an artist to the point of shaping their entire life around them. The term gained some prominence on Livejournal gossip blog "Oh No They Didn't" to describe superfans of artists, actors, and celebrities. Currently, a "stan" is anyone who posts exclusively or semi-exclusively about a famous person, group, or band, and a "standom" is a fandom made up of stans.
This post concerns itself with intense Halsey fans, or "Halsey stans."

Who is Halsey?

Halsey (sometimes referred to her fans as h; real name: Ashley Frangiapane) is a 25-year-old indie pop singer from New Jersey. You may know her from such radio hits as "Without Me," "Now or Never," and "Nightmare." She has appeared on SNL three times, most recently to promote her singles "You should be sad" and "Finally//Beautiful Stranger."
During her on-again, off-again relationship with rapper G-Eazy, the two wrote and released the single "Him and I," which went on to great success.
You may also know her as the girl who sung Blink-182 in a mall and who wrote a song about Harry Styles dating Taylor Swift. You see, Halsey was not always the star she is now: in the early 2010's, Ashley was the prototypical Tumblr girl with the username se7enteenblack. Although the blog is gone, many of the posts and old photos have been lovingly archived by fans. Ashley was the embodiment of the tragic, skinny Tumblr girl: If you search "tumblr 2014" or similar, you will likely see very ~aesthetic~ pictures of Ashley with her long blue hair, a cigarette dangling from her lips.
A One Directioner from a middle-class family, Ashley wrote long and involved poetry on her blog about Harry Styles, her bipolar disorder, her sexual relationships with older men with drug addictions, and her own experiences with drugs. She also posted her art online and netted an acceptance at the Rhode Island School of Design.
At seventeen years old, she was hospitalized for several days for suicidal ideation, hence the obsession with the number 17 (it's also tattooed on her knuckles). At 18 or 19, Ashley's family became angry with her for not wanting to attend college. Ashley began couch-surfing in Brooklyn, writing music, posting her adventures on Tumblr, and generally being an artsy, broke vagabond. She derived her stage name from the Halsey Street stop on the L train, where her boyfriend lived. During this time, she began amassing the Tumblr following that would later become her devoted fanbase.
In 2014, Ashley posted the song "Ghost" on Soundcloud, attracting the attention of several labels. She ultimately signed with Astralwerks (more on that later), and the rest was history.

Why Does Halsey's Relationship with Fans Matter?

Because of Halsey's Tumblr roots, she is still deeply connected with her fans to this day. She follows several fans on Twitter, replies to fan questions often, and is known for going on "following sprees," wherein she follows many fans at a given time. Her DMs are permanently open on all of her social media accounts, and she is even in a few fan groupchats on Twitter and Instagram. She is famous for greeting long-time fans by name.
This intense relationship with her fans will set the stage for the subject of this post. But before we get to that, a brief word about Halsey's label, Astralwerks.

About Astralwerks

Astralwerks is a label owned by United Music Group (UMG). UMG, as the name implies, is a music conglomerate that owns multiple labels; their umbrella includes other popular artists, such as Taylor Swift (under Republic Records), Lady Gaga (under Interscope), and Ariana Grande (under Republic Records).
Prior to the Great Manic Merch debacle, UMG was already notorious for its poor merch fulfillment in other fandoms: Ariana Grande's fandom noted that her merch felt cheap and rushed. Similarly, Taylor Swift fans noted a sharp decline in quality between 2017 and 2019, and some never acquired some of their promised merch at all.
That being said, up until 2020, Halsey's merch tended to be decent quality: clear prints, bold colors, fashionable designs on par with a lot of hypebeast labels, and soft fabric. I can attest to the quality of merch made during her second album cycle during 2017-2018.
However, in 2018-2019, all UMG artists, including those signed under Astralwerks, were funneled into the same merch distribution center. You will see me refer to Halsey's merch team and UMG interchangeably, as they are one-and-the-same from 2019 onwards. We begin our story in September 2019.

September 2019: Manic Merch Is Dropped

In September 2019, Halsey hosted a 6-hour long livestream of her painting the new cover for her upcoming third studio album, Manic. (A timelapse of the livestream can be found here.) The video served three purposes:
  1. Reveal the new cover and title of her upcoming album.
  2. Announce the release date: January 17, 2020.
  3. Act as the grand reveal for new merch.
Screenshots of the merch site during pre-orders can be seen here. The new line included a collaboration with Dickies, several tie-dye items, and four exclusive vinyls: a Spotify-exclusive picture disc, a store-exclusive tie-dye splatter disc, an Urban-Outfitters-exclusive coke-bottle-green vinyl, and (most infamously) an online-store-exclusive double glitter vinyl promising "special features."
Many fans speculated that "special features" could mean bonus tracks, demos, remixes, or acoustic covers. Because Halsey is known to include at least three bonus tracks per album that are not included on the "standard" tracklist, was entirely possible that the double-vinyl would include all 16 Manic tracks, whereas the standard vinyl pressing only included 13 tracks. Needless to say, many fans jumped at the chance to pre-order hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

December 2019: The Flash Sale

In December 2019, Halsey announced a 24-hour flash sale on her website: All physical copies of Manic purchased during this window would be personally signed by Halsey herself. This caused another boom in merch sales.
By this point, many fans have easily exceeded the one hundred dollar mark in merchandise purchased. I myself purchased two items during this flash sale: a signed double glitter LP and a Manic crewneck. All items were promised to ship January 17, 2020: the day of album release.

January-February 2020: Album Release and More Merch

Manic drops January 17, 2020. Halsey hosts an album release party in L.A., complete with event exclusive merch. Another Halsey merch site, Wallflower, announces several more exciting new items at this time: the return of Without Me merchandise, a Manic-themed candle, an alternative cover of the album (signed by Ashley, *not "*Halsey", and hereby referred to as the Ashley CD), and a rainbow tie-dye sweatsuit. In addition, they later open a 24 hour flash sale for the remaining album release party merch, along with a Manic coloring book full of Halsey's original art.
Here are screenshots of two more orders I made during this time. The first order includes a candle and a "Without Me" t-shirt (originally sold in 2018). The second includes an album release green hoodie and an "Ashley" CD.
You may notice by this point that I haven't once shown pictures of fans wearing their new merch. You may also notice that there are now an awful lot of signed albums Halsey is personally responsible for, including a completely different set of items with a completely different signature (the "Ashley" CD's).
This is where it gets spicy.

Late January-February 2020: Initial Merch Shipment (It's Bad Fam)

Despite promises of merch being shipped out in January, fans didn't see hide or hair of their merchandise until February 2020. And when the first few items rolled out, well...
They were bad. Like, very, very bad. Tie-dye merchandise was blotchy and uneven, fabric was thin, and the printing was uneven and faded to the point of being nearly unreadable. The beanie wasn't even sized to a human head. Several other items were notably missing, including the $70 Dickies and the $50 blanket that were both up for preorder in September 2019.
Fans on Twitter went absolutely apeshit. Halsey herself even replied to a fan groupchat, upset about the quality of her merchandise and promising to fix it. A popular Halsey update account was also contacted by Halsey's team and encouraged fans to reach out regarding problems.
The complaining got so bad that, in February 2020, Halsey's merch team promised to remake the marble crewneck and the tie-dye hoodie and send them to fans:
>As you may have heard, the quality of this merch is not up to par and we'd like to have it produced to our standards before shipping. We will be back in touch with an updated shipping timeline.
However, this "updated shipping timeline" was never sent. Most diabolically, they only opened a window for fans to request remade items. This means that fans who didn't e-mail the team by the end of February 2020 were, the merch team claimed, not eligible for a replacement.
Fans who complained about this window were told they were "too late" to receive the item that they paid for. Some, like me, never received either the original (shitty) item or the remake. Other fans received some, uh...interesting fulfillments of their remade orders.

February 2020: Autopen Agony

The signed copies of albums were taking approximately 900 years. Some items, like the Ashley CD and the double glitter LP, were nowhere to be found. However, around this time, a handful of fans began to receive signed CD's, cassettes, and single-disc vinyls. Halsey herself posted videos on her Instagram showing her sitting on piles of signed album booklets.
It wasn't until multiple fans received their items and began posting pictures to social media that everyone realized that the signatures were not from Halsey at all. Rather, they were autopenned.
Autopenning is exactly what it sounds like: the artist signs one or two items, the signature is scanned into a machine, and the machine stamps the signature onto all other items. Because autopen machines run on ink (like a printer), the final signature often resembles an "authentic" signature, with marker streaking and uneven ink opacity throughout the print.
How did Halsey fans notice the autopen, then? Well, because all of the signatures are identical.
Much wank ensued amongst Halsey stans. Some argued that Halsey, known for her intense relationship with her fans, wouldn't dare use autopen and that she has been using the same signature for years ("Halsey", with the "H" replaced by her lucky number, 17). By now, they concluded, she must have become incredibly consistent. Other fans argued that there was no way Halsey could sign hundreds, if not thousands, of physical copies for each and every fan. Either way, many were disappointed that Halsey may have never touched their "signed" record.
Later copies of Manic shipped to fans appeared to have the expected variation between signatures. It's entirely possible Halsey's team caught wind of the autopen controversy, and Halsey began hand-signing a larger proportion of albums.

March 2020: Double-LP Deception

As COVID-19 began overtaking the United States, fans continued to wait patiently for their double LP with no word from Halsey's team. At this point, the double glitter LP, priced at $50 plus shipping, has been sold out on her site for a month or two. Manic has been out for roughly two months, meaning that it was now two months since the LP was supposed to be delivered.
Then, in March, someone on the Halsey subreddit noticed something odd:
The image of the double LP on the website had been quietly changed.
The double LP was no longer a clear vinyl with rainbow glitter embedded; it now appeared to be a picture of glitter pressed onto a black vinyl. A side-by-side comparison of what the site promised versus the changed product can be seen here. Most damningly, this switch was made with no announcement, e-mail, or fanfare.
As a casual vinyl collector, I want to quickly explain why this change was particularly egregious. A vinyl record is full of ridges and grooves that, when scraped by a needle, produce sound. In this way, the ridges on a vinyl record store "data", much like a CD. The more songs you cram onto one side of a vinyl record, the more you risk depreciating the sound quality; the runtime for each side needs to kept under ~30 minutes to avoid tinny, shitty music quality. Thus, the appeal of a double LP is a richer sound on every song on the album: you can spend more space on each side on sounds such as breathing, instrument noise, and so on.
However, picture discs are notorious for being poorer in quality. Making the double LP a picture disc throws the promise of richer sound out of the window. Plus, the $50 record could up sounding even worse than the $20 standard pressings of Manic.
Fans proceeded to, once again, lose their shit. Many canceled their pre-orders en masse and demanded refunds. Others dug deep into UMG's terms of service and realized they could theoretically sue the company for delivering a different product than the customer originally paid for.
UMG took its sweet time doing damage control for this one. In late March, fans who purchased the double LP received a long e-mail from UMG, stating:
>We sold the deluxe edition of Manic with confidence that we would be able to create a double disc glitter vinyl. We had seen them produced before and figured it must be possible. However, we went around to dozens of plants and factories and ran into a ton of issues creating them. From glitter diminishing the quality of sound in the vinyl, to the look, etc.>>After extensive troubleshooting we created something for you that we believe stands up to the product you originally ordered.
The new vinyl, said UMG, will have a lenticular (holographic) cover that changes when the user turns it back and forth. The metallic glitter picture on the vinyl records will be shiny. The new fulfillment date was no longer January 17, 2020, but June 19, 2020. To sweeten the deal, these double LPs will never be pressed again, making the lenticular cover and glitter picture discs limited edition items.
Many fans were still not impressed and point out that Paramore has already successfully produced glitter vinyls. Others saw an opportunity to make back their $50 and pre-listed their picture discs on resell site Depop with starting bids of $200. (I wish I had screenshots for you!)

April 2020: Rainbow Sweatsuits

Meanwhile, fans waiting on their tie-dye rainbow sweatsuits and the signed "Ashley" CD are beginning to get restless. Wallflower released statements that the "Ashley" CD's, Manic candles and Manic coloring book were delayed, while the rainbow sweatsuits were about to be sent out:
>The Tie Dye Hoodie and Sweatpants are VERY CLOSE to being finished and look amazing, we expect to begin shipping them on April 6th and have them all shipped by April 10th.
When the sweatsuits finally arrived in mid-April, they looked like someone threw a couple drops of colored dye on the fabric by accident. A side-by-side comparison of what was promised versus what was delivered can be found here.
By this point, God had left us. It was UMG all the way down.

Interlude: Missing Merch, Vinyl Quality, and a Silent Team

Are you dizzy from all of these merch issues yet?
Besides Halsey's initial statement that the original merch items looked "wrong," Halsey's management team was completely silent while all this was going on. UMG continued to send generic, pre-written e-mails to anyone who asked about their merch.
The following merch items originally sold in September 2019 are nowhere to be found as of August 2020:
The following merch items originally sold in January 2020 are also nowhere to be found as of August 2020:
Some fans receiving vinyl records during the spring noted that not only do their vinyl records skip, they look just as sloppy as the rest of the merchandise (the linked Reddit post includes a side-by-side comparison).
Other fans receiving their signed items are, well, not receiving signed items-- that is, CD's and vinyls are arriving blank. As shown by the linked post in the previous sentence, some are even being told it is impossible to receive signed items at this point.

The Refund Caveat

Recently,Billboard introduced a measure against including album-merch bundles in charting calculations. Many artists, including Halsey during her Manic album cycle, will include digital (or, after filling out an online form, physical) copies of their albums in the cost of pre-order merchandise. This means that a single fan buying, say, four items of merchandise will have simultaneously bought four copies of an album. Likewise, album-ticket bundles will come with one copy of the album per ticket sold; a family of four attending a concert would automatically buy four copies of the album along with their seats.
The bundling cheat, up until mid 2020, could be used to artificially inflate album sales, rocketing albums to the No. 1 spots on the Billboard Hot 100. Notably, merchandise did NOT have to be delivered for the bundled album sale to "count." Billboard was specifically seeking to discourage or eliminate this predatory model.
Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that all merch items in my screenshots were bundled with a digital copy of Manic. This means that, when fans asked for refunds, they were refunded the cost of their original merch item minus the cost of the digital album.
Because that digital album, whether or not they actually downloaded it, counted in Manic's charting numbers.
Also, because we live in hell.
A friend of mine joked that she'll be using Manic CD's as coasters at this point.

May 2020: Where's The Goddamn Candle, Ashley?

By May 2020, fans were beginning to become restless at the absence of the Manic candle. Back in April, Wallflower had promised the candle by May 1st. By May 16, the candle was nowhere to be found. A customer e-mail from Wallflower during this time read:
>We apologize for the delay, unfortunately the coronavirus has caused extreme production delays on the coloring book, signed CD, and candle.
At this point, pleading tweets to Halsey and her team were commonplace. Many of Halsey's posts were flooded with replies begging for unfulfilled merchandise or, at the very least, a statement. Despite this rush of complaints, UMG and Wallflower continued to send generic, pre-typed replies, and Halsey and her team said nothing.
Finally, in early June, Wallflower sent an update e-mail. Regarding the Ashley CD's:
>First off, we apologize for the delay. We realize we have given multiple estimated delivery times that have all proven to be wrong. Wallflower does not manufacture the CD’s and we obviously do not sign them. We wait for the CD’s to arrive at our warehouse and then ship them out to everyone that ordered. We (Wallflower) have answered over 20,000 email inquiries [emphasis mine] in regards to the CD over the last 3 months. We will continue answering your emails and will be extremely excited to ship the CD’s out when we receive them.
Regarding the candles:
>We received word from the candle manufacturing company that they have re-opened after being shutdown from Covid and the candles are back in production. We hope to have a firm delivery date in the next week or two.
And regarding the Manic coloring book:
>We do not have an update on the coloring books at this time. The last update we were given was that Halsey was finishing illustrating the final pages. Any update we receive from Halsey we will pass along.
In summary, according to Wallflower, all responsibility rested on COVID-19 and Halsey herself.
As expected, these promised updates never arrived. As of August 2020, only one of the three above merchandise items (the candle) has started shipping.

June 2020: UMG is Finally Fired and Consequences are Had

In July 2020, Halsey announced a new compilation of her poetry, titled I Would Leave Me if I Could. Her fans, battered and bruised from a spring of false promises, joked on Twitter that the book would be yet another merch item that they would never receive.
Then Halsey's manager, Anthony Li, dropped a bomb on Twitter, six-and-a-half months after the initial release of Manic:
>these are coming from amazon & barnes and noble via a prestigious publishing company, not the terrible Capitol/UMusic merch company who we has been fired upon sending final vinyls and we will never work with ever again.
Anthony clarified that fans would receive their merchandise as promised, but that, going forward, the distribution center owned by UMG will not be used for Halsey merchandise.
Thus, the Great Manic Merch Debacle came to an end: not with a bang, and not with a whimper, but with a nonchalant tweet from Halsey's manager after close to seven months of radio silence.

Post-Script: Slow Roll

Remember the double glitter LP? It exists, and it looks just like the altered image UMG posted to the site. Unsigned copies were received by fans in early July 2020. Signed copies have still not been sent out.
As of late July 2020, Manic candles are making their way to fans. They are, as expected, of the same spotty quality as the rest of the Manic merchandise; however, they are mostly well-received by fans due to their quirky variability and pleasant scent.
After I replied to Anthony's tweet, I received a strange DM from someone who turned out to be on Halsey's management team. Because I had been waiting months for merchandise that never came, they sent me a staff-only sweatsuit that is not sold on the website.
To this day, this sweatsuit is the only piece of Manic merchandise I own, besides a standard Manic vinyl that I bought from a different store while I wait for my double glitter LP.
And I still haven't gotten my goddamn candle.
EDIT: Lads, a little more than one week after I made this post, on August 10th 2020, two of my three orders shipped. The candle is now safely in my possession as of August 19th 2020. Will update when the double LP and crewneck arrive later today.
submitted by momo-official to HobbyDrama [link] [comments]

2020.08.08 00:21 hillyc88 AITA? Should I just wear the shirt?

So admittedly, I struggle making deep, long lasting friendships. I know why, and I have come a long way in my oddities and faults over the years. I have ADHD, anxiety and depression. These are not excuses, but because of these issues and past trauma, I can be flakey, non-committal, overly committed (read : smothering) and insecure/needy. Rejection sensitive dysphoria is real and it has wreaked havoc on my ability to bond with women. But I digress..
I’ve made a really good friend over the last eight months and she means a lot to me. Trying to keep this short and sweet, my friend and I have bonded deeply in this short time. Our husbands were good friends and co-workers and that is how we met. My friend has another friend, we will call her Ashley (fake obvs) who I met around the same time as I met my friend. Together we make a group of seven people, which are three couples and a single girl who is Ashley’s “best friend.” Ashley is fun, outgoing, we have a lot in common. When she met my husband and I, she and her husband instantly LOVED US and thought we were all gonna be SO CLOSE. It was super overwhelming for me.. But even if my ability to bond with other humans was not severely damaged, over the eight months I’ve been developing this sincere friendship, Ashley has shown herself to be one giant red flag. She has not done anything directly to me that I can complain about. But I have witnessed first hand - not gossip - Ashley treat my friend horribly. They have been friends for over 15 years, but only a few of those years have they been “close,” as my friend says Ashley has held her at a distance.
Examples of this poor treatment of my friend (and others) include, the night I met Ashley, the very first night, the person she is “best friends” with was not present, and Ashley and her other friend were on a “friend break.” Ashley didn’t know me from Adam, but didn’t hesitate to fill me in on the huge fight they had and all the dirty details that she felt dignified the break. She has continued to show a history of speaking ill about others when they are not present.
My dear friend opened her home for Ashley to have an anniversary party in for like 40 people this past January. Ashley’s friend and her sister helped my friend decorate and organize everything. My friend was in the middle of moving to a new house but she had the best set up for this sort of party. So they had the anniversary party, we all went and had a good time, and the next day they were supposed to go back to the house, help clean up and help my friend and her family finish moving to their new house. The kind of thing you do even if you didn’t just have a party in your friend’s house. No one from the party showed up to help take down the decorations, clean, or help move. My husband and I and some other co workers did help. Ashley of course was no where to be found and credits her sister and “best friend” for the entire event.
We are all pretty avid campers and regay go camping together and share sites or get conjoining sites. A few months ago both Ashley and my friend needed to replace some of their gear. My friend had picked out a new tent that would meet both of their needs and sent Ashley the link. Ashley bought that tent. Cool. My friend went on to say she was ordering the same tent and Ashley threw a bitch fit about them having the same tent, and that Ashley had already bought all new camping gear too coordinate with her new tent so she can’t just exchange it for a different one. Even though my friend picked this tent because it was an instant set up so her husband wouldn’t have to fuck with tent poles as he has back issues, she found a completely different tent and ordered it to avoid the wrath of Ashley.
There have been other issues of Ashley having to be the head planner of group events, Ashley having to set dates, locations for things, Ashley deciding how much each person should pitch in for a group dinner we would throw rather than splitting it evenly, so many little things that no one seemed to notice until I showed up. It seems everyone in Ashley’s life will do pretty much anything to keep her happy and this triggers me so severely. My friend has come to me to vent and ask advice about Ashley and I have ranged from honest, understanding, to downright assholish because I just don’t understand why she is still friends with someone who behaves this way. But I’ve had to make peace with it because my friend is important to me. I’m still not going to be best friends with Ashley. But I’m trying to live and let live. I truly don’t hate her. I don’t mind getting drunk and doing the electric slide at a campground with her. But I need, and have, boundaries. Ashley has through that my lack of complete ass kissing on her behalf has meant that I hated her and in an attempt to give her some of my personal history and why I am so guarded about friendships and relationships, she interrupted me to tell me about her 18 year struggle to have more children. So. That didn’t really get us anywhere.
Saturday is Ashley’s birthday party, and not only is there a dress code (everyone has to wear a certain color) her “best friend” made shirts for the group of 7 to wear that say “birthday squad” and are the appropriate color. I told my friend I didn’t want to wear the shirt. I told her I think the dress code for a 38 year old woman’s back yard bbq slip and slide bday party is silly and honestly I’m only going because I love my friend. Not because of Ashley. I’m going because if I didnt go there would be a problem. I am also going because my husband is a party animal and loves any excuse to bust out his dance moves and war stories. So I tag along. My friend replied that if I am not going to the party “to celebrate Ashley’s birthday,” I shouldn’t go. She said I should be true to myself. She said the shirts were just a birthday request. I feel like I am being true to myself. I have reasons to go, I was invited. I just don’t want to wear a matching shirt? I want to go and be comfortable in my own skin, or at least as comfortable as I get in my own skin.
Again, I don’t hate her. None of this is supposed to be an “Ashley is the devil!” thing. You do you girl, you know? But that doesn’t mean I have to run along the tracks out of breath to catch up with and jump on the Ashley train. But ladies.. what do you think. Should I just wear the shirt?
submitted by hillyc88 to AskWomenOver30 [link] [comments]

2020.08.05 22:12 6Augdacket Asaengineer Engineering Student Do Po-rn Reddit Time

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2020.07.31 18:59 thecambridgegeek Audio Drama/Fiction/RPG Debuts - July 2020

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new audio drama series that came out in July, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. See below. Anyone want to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it? (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released, or a previously non-fiction feed started producing fiction.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
Previous months are available here:
And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:
And I do a weekly podcast collecting a few trailers here:

7/1: A Girl's Fiction (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: Hi guys! And welcome to A Girl's Fiction. This is a podcast where I'll be writing stories exclusively for this podcast and will be sharing them with you. I hope that you're able to relate with some of these stories. If not, I hope that you can find some enjoyment in these stories.
RSS Feed:

7/1: Citadel Goes Viral (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Hi! This is Citadel Arts Group, a Leith based theatre company dedicated to giving a voice to older people. When the Covid virus hit the country, all our projects had to go on hold. That was when we turned to Zoom and we gave our playwrights group the challenge of creating short audio scripts for Citadel to record using the new technology - well, new to us anyway!

7/1: Piano Teeth (Fiction - Anthology)
Synopsis: A podcast from Piano Teeth. The voice inside your head. Expect darkly-comic, surreal and strange adventures all from the comfort of your own mind.
RSS Feed:

7/1: Shadow of Arcanum (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: It has been 20 years since Vecna was defeated and Exandria has only gotten darker and crueller. Five companions set out on an adventure that will change their lives forever and will make them question everything they thought they knew. Shadow of Arcanum is a full POC lgbtq+ Actual play Drama.
RSS Feed:

7/1: The Eternity Archives (RPG - Anthology)
Synopsis: A biweekly actual play TTRPG podcast. Join us as we venture A between realms to protect the fabric of reality by exploring everything the tabletop world has to offer!
RSS Feed:

7/1: The Mistress Files (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: There's no such thing as true evil in this world. Evil is only defined by which side of the line one stands. Follow the tales of The Mistress, one of the most feared criminal masterminds the world has ever known, and ask yourself: Which side are you on?
RSS Feed:

7/2: The One Stars (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: The One Stars is a Comedy Fiction Podcast. Join our host Negative Nancy and her only friend Chatbot as they fly through space aboard the decrepit Space Windu. The One Stars features 'One Star Reviews from All Across the Multiverse. All reviews in The One Stars are fictional except when otherwise noted.
RSS Feed:

7/3: Cape Lock (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: KINH's investigative reporter Christina Glass looks into a town that only exists in peoples minds.
RSS Feed:

7/3: Please Tell Me What To Do (Fiction - Interactive)
Synopsis: Speed-written audio drama. I release Friday, you vote what to do next over the weekend, we do it all over again. It's like goosebumps if the kids grew up but the author did not.

7/3: Ritual (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: Three short plays from Dirty Protest Theatre in partnership with National Theatre Wales and Sherman Theatre in association with BBC Cymru Wales and BBC Arts.
RSS Feed:

7/3: Scared By Scott (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: Do you like listening to scary or spooky stories? Then sit back and listen to short horror stories presented to you with minimal music and sound effects for that campfire story feel. Try not to get scared…
RSS Feed:

7/3: The Pulp Cast (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: The Pulp Cast is a fictional audio drama presentation in nostalgic anthology style. 21st Century stories with old school panache. Depressed detectives, dangerous dames, far-out journeys to outer space, and deep into the human mind. Enjoy original teleplays and new adaptations of forgotten gems from the under-appreciated underbelly of the Golden Age, reshaped and brought to life by the Pulp Cast's creators who are joined by an endearing and enthusiastic cast of guest voice actors. Grab your flashlight and pull the sheets up high, as we leap full speed ahead into the past!
RSS Feed:

7/4: Apocalypse Songs (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Red Scare Theatre Company presents a five part audio drama experience. A supernatural thriller about music journalist Amy Louise Chen (Cassandra Tse) whose investigation into an obscure 1960s musician leads her down an unexpected path.
RSS Feed:

7/4: Daring Adventures (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Follow along with this intrepid crew as they set out on Daring Adventures.
RSS Feed:

7/4: Figuring Out Will: A Radio Play (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: In a world full of emotional pitfalls, one geeky teen will join forces with his two best friends to face his insecurities and escape the friend zone by realizing it never even existed in the first place. Comedy. Drama. Doritos. Get ready to figure out Will. “Figuring Out Will” is a coming-of-age story set in a video store written by Alec Kerr that made its debut at the NYSummerfest Theater Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan August 2018.

7/4: Green Door Theatre Company (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Just imagine: it's Halloween night, winds are whistling through the crooked trees, darkness falls - and you begin to listen to the spookiest radio play ever recorded by Green Door Theatre!

7/4: Surely You Quest (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Avast and Ahoy! Prepare yourselves for high seas adventures and shenanigans as 3 heroes find out what awaits them in the mysterious oceanic world of the Chroma Archipelago. Jenny (Played by Hayley Rose), Lenny (Played by Mike Patten), and Pidge (Played by Blue Lennox), embark into the world of DM, Ryan Mitchum's, creation. What awaits will be incredible, daring, or at the very least hilarious.
RSS Feed:

7/4: Tales of the Resistance (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: The San Francisco Mime Troupe present four two-part original political comedy audio plays, broadcast bi-weekly, each written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and newcomers, and each in a different style. Each episode will be about 25 minutes long, and presented as podcasts and as radio shows on stations across the country.

7/4: This American Wasteland (Dramatised - Post-apocalypse)
Synopsis: This American Wasteland is an audio drama that follows an aftermath. Archived accounts narrate this story of a post-apocalyptic America.
RSS Feed:

7/4: Welcome to the Revolution…Go Pats (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: A comedy audio-play about the American Revolution.
RSS Feed:

7/5: Lost and Broken Things (Fiction - Horror)
Synopsis: Lost and Broken Things is a podcast featuring tales of original short fiction, generally exploring topics of a dark and disturbing nature.
RSS Feed:

7/6: Dungeon Dive Bar (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Join seven friends as they delve deep into the ancient and mysterious Emerald Spire!
RSS Feed:

7/6: Once Upon A Time In Trieste (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: A 19th Century princess and a 20th Century revolutionary are trapped in a fairy tale castle, both struggling to come to terms with momentous events they have helped to shape. Over a night of prayer, cards and violence, they confront each other – and their own inner demons. By morning, only one of them is left.

7/6: Room Infinity (Dramatised - Thriller)
Synopsis: Mark Infinity, a survivor of an accident that had just occurred a year ago. Although Mark was released from the hospital in a fair good state, he had one major problem! His memory of that event that put him there where mysteriously gone. With only sparks coming back through a multitude of headaches, unknown people who somehow know who he is and especially the people in the black suits who are called “The Marked Ones”.
RSS Feed:

7/6: The Drunken Geek (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: The Drunken Geek is your chance to listen in on some nerds playing roleplaying games, starting with Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Fortunately, as they're all pub quiz hosts, they're pretty funny nerds.
RSS Feed:

7/7: Beyond the Dark (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Atmospheric sci-fi stories. Each episode is a new world to explore. You might find yourself in the heart of a cyberpunk metropolis, a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or a strange alien world. Every story has its own professional cast, an original score and accompanying sound effects for a truly immersive experience.
RSS Feed:

7/7: Craiglockhart (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: WW1 - 1917. When DAVID ALLISTER, a facially disfigured war hero, writes a biting condemnation of the war, he is placed in the care of DR ETHAN DRURY at Craiglockhart mental hospital until he agrees to publish a retraction. While there, he meets ARTHUR BRIDGELAND, a shell-shocked soldier obsessed with returning to battle after having been labeled a coward. David delights in tormenting Arthur until he meets and falls in love with Arthur’s suffragette sister, LUCY. Steam Punk meets James Whale by way of MASTERPIECE THEATRE.
RSS Feed:

7/7: Eternal Future Productions (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: Welcome to Eternal Future Productions! We strive to create good-quality audio productions that will reach listeners of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a brand that is wholesome and uplifting, we hope to creatively inspire, encourage and challenge in ways that not only exceed general entertainment, but reminds us of our purpose.
RSS Feed:

7/7: Ship of Fools (RPG - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Join 4 friends on a D&D adventure through the magical seas of the Lunluma Ocean, seeking fame, fortune, and French fries. Hijinks? Guaranteed. Good decisions? Not so much.
RSS Feed:

7/8: Would You Rather… (Dramatised - Interactive)
Synopsis: Would you rather... the conversation starter where the participants can never really win. Decisions made when nothing is at stake - our answers are perhaps crowd pleasing rather than truthful. But what if these hypotheticals actually happened? What if your or your loved one's lives depended on it? The Would You Rather... podcast is based on making choices and the repercussions which follow.
RSS Feed:

7/10: Arsen (Dramatised - Fantasy)
Synopsis: Arsen Audio Drama follows a young woman named Aurelie who, after the death of her parents embarks on a quest to learn the truth her family and her identity in the magical world of LaFresia.
RSS Feed:

7/10: Eastmouth (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Pirate radio for a coastal town that is bathed in mystery. Shh, don't talk to the town council.
RSS Feed:

7/10: Harpy Productions (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Based on a short horror story by Edwin Crowe (first published as a creepypasta) "My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts" tells the story of Sean, a blind boy living alone with his father near the edges of reality- where the dead slip back to the world of the living. This strange coming of age story deals with themes of abuse, disability, and he power of friendship to those above them both.

7/10: Like Panties for Dishrags (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Created entirely in lockdown, Like Panties for Dishrags is an audio comedy for adults written by BBC Talent award-winner Jon Blake, also shortlisted for a Writers Guild Award, the Children’s Book Award and the Laugh Out Loud awards. Be transported for 73 minutes to the notorious Tresedd estate where hapless tutor Dominic Kingdom Duff (played by Everyman Theatre’s Peter Harding-Roberts) wades hopelessly out of his depth to bring creative writing to the locals...with surprising results.
RSS Feed:

7/10: The Visit (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: This programme has been made entirely in Lockdown, over zoom, and in total isolation. We hope you enjoy it! Ashley and Annie met at uni. Now it’s reading week, and Ashley has travelled to Annie’s family home; a world of Waitrose, Boris the Yorkshire Terrier, and 4 cars on the driveway. But, the O’Niell family are just like any other and love a night sitting around the telly with a cup of tea, or a glass of Chablis for Mum, Julia. In this seven episode series we follow the O’Neil family through a week of madness, cultural shocks, and maybe get a little too absorbed by the telly...
RSS Feed:

7/10: We Never Left (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: A gothic audio drama about a college graduate who returns to her small town and confronts the mysterious curse that resides in it.
RSS Feed:

7/12: Seen and Not Heard (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: What happens when you lose something you thought you'd always have? What happens when the thing you lose is one of your senses? Bet Kline is deaf. That wasn't the case a year ago. Now that her life has been upended, she has to figure out how to carve out a new path for herself and navigate her way down it. Easier said than done.
RSS Feed:

7/12: To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: An original sci-fi audio drama. It was supposed to be a way to get away from problems on earth and earn some real cash, but on their return from a distant asteroid, the mining crew awakes to alarms and difficult decisions.
RSS Feed:
7/13: Dirty Diana (Dramatised - Erotica)
Synopsis: As an escape from her carefully curated life and dying marriage, Diana secretly runs an erotic website where women reveal their intimate sexual fantasies.
RSS Feed:
7/13: Gates (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: A secret war is being fought in the shadows after three people were infected by a four hundred an eighty million year old race of super beings and one of the original inhabitants of Earth.The infection has spread further and now in our time it will hit the fan. Dillon and Paul, along with Evil Bill can change into anything and slip inside the very shadows cast on the ground their enemies stand on, but only when Evil Bill wills it because they are now his puppets to command.This action packed Sci-Fi follows Evil Bill, his son Paul and Dillon Briggs as they fight Sensei Shisuki and look to uncoverthe mystery of their changes!
RSS Feed:
7/13: Lost Terminal (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: A sci-fi podcast searching for a response to "Hello world".
RSS Feed:

7/13: Para.docx (Dramatised - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD’s filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave.
RSS Feed:

7/13: Wire Canaries (Dramatised - Crime/Mystery)
Synopsis: Wire Canaries are live, it's 11am on the 8th September 2070... A monthly amateur podcast in which two underground radio presenters, one frantic researcher, and one ex-cop struggle to uncover what's been hidden behind the dead-end investigations of eight missing people in the isolated city of Malingate.
RSS Feed:
7/14: Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom (RPG - Fanfiction)
Synopsis: A new ship. A new crew. A new era!Endeavour: Through the Maelstrom is a Star Trek Adventures actual play set in the 25th century, decades after Star Trek: Picard. Join us as we build transwarp conduits into uncharted space.
RSS Feed:
7/14: The Great Chameleon War (Fiction - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Welcome to the Nesting Zone: a surreal rim of jungle around Mt. Tahoma prowled by transdimensional reptiles. The Amanuensis catalogues his expedition up the volcano slope and records stories of explorers caught in the evolving dreamscape. Paleo-mythic lizard pyromancy. Blood whisper secrets. Carnivorous astronauts. Cursed poem hallucinations. Staying sane is not an option.
RSS Feed:
7/14: WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, & Glory (Dramatised - Sport)
Synopsis: The official podcast for WG3 - Wrestling: Grit, Guts, and Glory! Every week we will break down all the action on Monday Night Substance, livestream Pay-per-views, conduct interviews with your favorite wrestlers, and dish out all the 100% unfiltered and uncensored dirt in the world of your favorite fictional wrestling world. Hardcore wrestling fiction for hardcore wrestling fans!
RSS Feed:

7/15: ConSensual (Dramatised - Romance)
Synopsis: Romance for riot grrrls. Join us for season one, Ten Week Turnabout, a contemporary romance story featuring a strong heroine in New York City and her small town turnabout date from the life she thought she left behind.
RSS Feed:

7/15: Fast Times at D&D High (RPG - Urban fantasy)
Synopsis: Fast Times at D&D High is a new Actual Play podcast set in a magical homebrew world from the mind of Dungeon Master Persephone!
RSS Feed:
7/16: Dying Breeds (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: Dying Breeds is a mockumentary series about clinging onto the old ways. Your host and roving reporter, Gervaise Sareen, searches out the people and professions of yesteryear to see if their days are numbered, or whether there's life in the old dogs yet.
RSS Feed:
7/16: The Long Short Road (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: A quick tale of one woman's interactions with charity.
7/16: The Vertical Path (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: When Earth catches a glimpse of a war raging on a distant world, human civilization begins to develop a conflict of its own.
7/17: CALLISTO (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: "I know that there is something down there beneath the surface of this moon. It’s been there billions of years, entirely alone, waiting, until we arrived - and it knows that we are here." When five astronauts are sent to one of Jupiter's moons to research its sustainability for a potential colony, they discover a mysterious signal coming from below the surface, a signal which raises the suspicion that they may not be as alone as they thought.
RSS Feed:

7/17: The Jeane Dixon Effect (Dramatised - Historical)
Synopsis: Jeane Dixon, America’s first “celebrity psychic,” comes to life in Joseph Rodota’s play, THE JEANE DIXON EFFECT. The former Southern California housewife predicted everything from presidential assassinations to Hollywood marriages, captivating television talk show hosts and dominating supermarket tabloids. Was she a genuine psychic? Or simply delusional? And did her cat really have ESP? Starring Valerie Leonard as Jeane Dixon.
RSS Feed:

7/17: This Mortal Coil (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: When a Hamlet-inspired murder ruins her dress rehearsal, Elissa’s delighted. The detective’s an old actor pal and she’d forgotten her lines anyway. Lured in by the promise of Jammie Dodgers, Elissa pursues a dastardly killer with a penchant for Shakespeare. A comedy audio murder mystery by award-winning writer James Beagon.
RSS Feed:
7/17: Voices from the Unknown (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Write. Record. Listen. A self-publishing audio platform for new writing. Writing submissions can be sent to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). The first show is Lockdown Quiz, perhaps unsurprisingly about a quiz during lockdown.
7/18: Red Dirt DnD (RPG - Western)
Synopsis: Red Dirt DnD mashes together fantasy with the Wild West. The actual play Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast takes place in the fictional country of Rutoya as four adventurers map the Ka’alban Frontier for the Dwarven train barons. Elves and Orcs collide with saloons and sheriffs in this show featuring local Oklahoma actors and D&D veterans.
RSS Feed:
7/18: White Heron Theatre (Dramatised - Anthology)
Synopsis: In the theatre we have a tradition. Whenever the stage goes dark between performances, we always like to leave a single light burning in the house until the curtain can rise again. We call it - a “ghost light.” And until we can all meet once more at White Heron, we’re pleased to offer you something we like to call our Ghost Light Series. Original Radio Drama created especially for you, our Nantucket audience. Nantucket's White Heron Theatre Company presents White Heron Radio Theatre. Our first series, The Ghost Light Series, is adapted by Mark Shanahan from Blue Baillett's book Nantucket Ghosts, 44 True Accounts. Performed by White Heron's award-winning actors. Original music, sound design and audio production by John Gromada. Produced by White Heron Theatre Company.
RSS Feed:

7/19: Echo Chamber Audio Plays (Dramatised - Slice of life)
Synopsis: Passionate about new-writing, we develop scripts through virtual table reads, and we make audio plays. We are interested in telling stories we dont often hear, by people we want to hear more from. All are welcome here. We want to evolve into a community of people that make and take the form forward - a true audio collective.
RSS Feed:

7/19: Parallel Lies (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: In which a space pirate and an AI have a really long conversation... In the distant future (and in space), Deryn wakes up in a doorless room, with only a disembodied AI voice to keep her company. Bored (and slowly losing her mind), Deryn tells Tobias her story. But not everything is as it seems.
RSS Feed:
7/19: Rise of the Shattered Sun (Dramatised - Science fiction)
Synopsis: Rise of the Shattered Sun is an Audio Drama set 800 years in the future. After a global conflict, an unlikely source wrested peace from the jaws of chaos. The Sol system has changed, and humanity is not just for humans.
RSS Feed:
7/20: Low Tide (Dramatised - Comedy)
Synopsis: In our world, Low Tide is a scripted comedy podcast. But in fictional Conch County, Low Tide is a popular news and culture radio program that airs on Conch Public Radio. If you're a fan of NPR, Parks and Recreation, or Welcome To Night Vale, tune in to Low Tide. We have tote bags.
RSS Feed:
7/20: The Case Files of Donovan Thane (Dramatised - Horror)
Synopsis: Vampire Detective Donovan Thane takes on any case. Even those of the macabre and other worldly.
RSS Feed:

7/20: The Landscape of a Heart (Fiction - Thriller)
Synopsis: Returning home from war, recovering from what should have been fatal injuries, Matt Blair has spent months in isolation in his childhood bedroom. He has been welcomed and celebrated as a war hero by his family. As summer wanes, Matt decides it's time for him to put it all behind him and move on. In a seemingly manic episode and to his family's surprise, he embarks on a vacation alone. But the world would soon crumble around him making the tragedy he was trying to move on from, just the beginning.

A rescue operation through the desolate wasteland that was once the midwest of the United States and the fateful connection to the destruction is too much to be only a coincidence.
Matt begins his true journey. A journey that will exceed the boundaries of his own life and sanity, his pain and the human collective unconscious ensues. The true Landscape of a Human Heart is revealed.
RSS Feed:
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2020.07.31 00:43 Geebo5582 New to the affair life. Need help!

Im new to this. Im from Utah and this type of topic never gets talked about or shared. What does ap stand for? What other lingo do I need to know? My wife and I have jobs that keep us apart for months at a time. Where is the best place to find someone for an affair? Where have some of you had luck finding them? Is there any free adult dating apps to find someone? I have heard of Ashley maddison and adult friend finder and fling. I know you pay for those sites, which is fine, but what sites or apps have any of you had the best luck on?
Thanks for any advice.
submitted by Geebo5582 to adultery [link] [comments]

2020.07.29 19:00 claysapher109 The Immortal Archaeologist

[WP] You are an archeologist and have a reputation for knowing exactly where to dig to find valuable artifacts. One day, your colleagues find out your secret - you're immortal and you just want your stuff back.
Honestly, immortality isn't all its cracked up to be. Every so often, everyone around you dies, and you have no choice but to either disappear or fake your own death and start over somewhere else. My psyche is riddled with the emotional scars of leaving people behind.
I guess if you think about it, its not really immortality at all, but moreover a string of disjointed "lives." Sure, I retain my overall inner self as I move from identity to identity, but everything else must change, and it's hard not to go along with the changes.
I was born in England during the Elizabethan era. After several consecutive lives after which I discarded anything and everything I had, I grew depressed entering the 1900s. I spent the following 90 years in the wilderness of the American West.
Being outside really clears your head.
I had an epiphany of sorts: maybe I could use my immortality to help humanity. After all, I knew a lot about the history of the world, and much of what historians reported was either inaccurate or incomplete. Finally, in 2007, I adopted the prototypical name "Stan Simmons" and began working full-time as an on-site archaeologist. I had no recent degrees to speak of, so I did my first work on my own. After ten years and a few landmark discoveries, more like recoveries for me, I attracted international attention. Then, I was able to build my team. Three years later?
"How could you keep this from us, Stan?" asked Kerry. "You're... immortal?"
"Wait," said Lana, "immortality is real?"
"This is pretty cool," added Ashley from her corner desk. She munched on potato chips, eagerly awaiting the play out of the situation.
"This is absurd!" I exclaimed. "How could you make such a claim?"
Kerry produced three objects: a pair of glasses from a dig site in Southern France, dated 1738, an arrowhead from New Mexico, dated 1948, and a stone with a hand imprint from a region of England, dated 1614.
"You knew a lot about these," Kerry began. "As I was studying them, I found some similarities."
I started to sweat. In the corner, Ashley chomped excitedly.
"There is trace fingerprinting on each of these artifacts," explained Kerry. "Either they were all used by your ancestors or they were all used by you." He examined my reaction. "I'm going to guess that it's the latter."
"Alright, fine!" I screamed. "I am immortal. Those are all mine."
It felt good to say it out loud!
"Hell NO!" Ashley shouted, almost tipping her chair over. "That is too cool!"
"Please keep this between us," I pleaded. "Perhaps I can offer you each one answer to a historical question you may have."
"Is the Bible real?" Lana asked, jumping at the opportunity.
"I am afraid I was born after Jesus," I replied. "I cannot verify the accuracy of the account itself; however, I can say that the Christian churches today are far far different than the Christian churches in the 1600s even though many of them claim that God is "the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow." I shook my head. "Couple that with recent scientific findings, and I have trouble respecting the validity of the Bible."
"Cool," said Lana.
Kerry thought for a moment. "Is there really a money pit on Oak Island?"
I grinned. "There was a money pit on Oak Island," I said. "But I recovered everything in the 1700s. Frankly, it still supports me today."
My colleagues collectively gasped. I looked to Ashley, who couldn't seem to contain herself.
"I'm good for now," she said. "This whole thing is enough for me. When I think of a good question, I'll tell you."
"Alright," I accepted. "So are we good? Will you all keep my secret?"
Kerry shrugged. "Only if I can see your money pit treasure."
"I"m good," said Lana. Ashley smiled in concurrence.
"Excellent!" I exclaimed.
Honestly, I was relieved, and I knew that it could possibly open up my work. I beamed widely at my friends as the wheels spun in my head.
"I actually have many things I would like to unearth, but on my own I have not been clever enough to think of good enough explanations for my sudden discoveries. Perhaps four heads will be better than one!"
Now, I couldn't contain myself!
My companions each joined my grin and looked back and forth between each other.
"What did you have in mind?" Kerry asked.
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2020.07.27 12:47 27JJulbarium Carbon Da-ting We-bsite

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  1. Is your Man/Woman CHEATING ONLINE?..Find out using this
  2. Ashley Madison Dating Site: Ashley Madison Commercial
  3. Ashley Madison Private Key - YouTube
  4. We went undercover on Ashley Madison and learned A LOT ...
  6. 26 Cheaters (Ashley Madison) - YouTube
  7. Online Dating Scam: Date Verification Part 1 - YouTube
  8. How to FIND OUT if your partner is on DATING SITES ...

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