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Corona Extra Beer 18 X 330Ml £12 @ Tesco

2020.09.20 17:48 SuperHotUKDeals Corona Extra Beer 18 X 330Ml £12 @ Tesco

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£12 - Tesco
Product Description
Extra Lager Beer
Type: Sunshine lager
ABV: 4.5%
Origin: Mexico City, Mexico
Overall impression: Golden lager, slightly fruity, with a crisp but refreshing bitterness
Born in Mexico and brought up on the beach, Corona is lighter than traditional beers, with a crisp and refreshing taste. The aroma is fruity-honey with a touch of malt and the flavour is crisp and well-balanced between hops and malt, toward the malt side.
Whatever the time of year, Corona is best served ice cold and with a wedge of lime, that both complements and intensifies the flavor, with the refreshing citrus notes. Every sip of Corona, conjures images of golden sands and pale blue skies, transporting you to instant relaxation and disconnection.
Corona’s superior taste profile is due to the fact that our brewers take great care to use only the best ingredients available, made with the finest quality blend of filtered water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.
The unmistakable colour, the one-of-a-kind taste, the unparalleled flavor of relaxation makes it ‘la cerveza mas fina’, made for gathering with friends.
Subtle flavours and low alcohol intensity means Corona can be overpowered. However, it’s fragrant nature and citrus notes, when combined with lime, also make it a great partner for several cuisines: in particular Thai, Chinese and Mexican. The sweetness from the malts is also at the right level to reduce medium heat that can often be found in dishes from these areas.
Home-Run Pairing: Nachos
Corn Nachos will have flavor matches with the corn used as part of the grain bill for Corona. The carbonation will help cut through any rich and fatty toppings such as avocado, sour cream or cheese, whilst the malt sweetness will offset any moderate heat from jalapenos or other varieties of chillis. Finally the lime added to the corona will add a citrus burst to the nachos as well helping further accentuate the flavors on your palate.
Pack size: 5940ML
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onJump to search "B777" redirects here. For the road in Scotland, see B777 road. Boeing 777 Front quarter view of a Cathay Pacific 777 in flight with flaps and landing gear retracted A Boeing 777 operated by Cathay Pacific. The 777 is a low-wing twinjet; the original -200 is the shortest variant. Role Wide-body airliner National origin United States Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes First flight June 12, 1994 Introduction June 7, 1995 with United Airlines Status In production Primary users Emirates United Airlines Air France Cathay Pacific Produced 1993–present Number built 1,641 through August 2020[1][2] and deliveries[3] Program cost US$5 billion[4] Unit cost (US$ million, 2019) -200ER: 306.6, -200LR: 346.9, -300ER: 375.5, 777F: 352.3[5] Developed into Boeing 777X The Boeing 777 is a wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, commonly referred to as the Triple Seven.[6][7] The 777 was designed to bridge the gap between Boeing's 767 and 747, and to replace older DC-10s or L-1011s. Developed in consultation with eight major airlines, with a first meeting in January 1990, the program was launched on October 14, 1990 with a first order from United Airlines. The prototype was rolled out on April 9, 1994, and first flew on June 12, 1994. The 777 first entered commercial service with United Airlines on June 7, 1995. Longer range variants were launched on February 29, 2000 and were first delivered on April 29, 2004.
It is the largest twinjet and has a typical 3-class capacity of 301 to 368 passengers, with a range of 5,240 to 8,555 nautical miles (9,700 to 15,840 km). It is recognizable for its large-diameter turbofan engines, six wheels on each main landing gear, fully circular fuselage cross-section,[8] and a blade-shaped tail cone.[9] It has fly-by-wire controls, a first for Boeing. It initially competed with Airbus A340 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11, both now out of production, and currently competes with the Airbus A330-300 and newer Airbus A350 XWB.
The original 777 with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 545,000–660,000 lb (247–299 t) was produced in two fuselage lengths: the initial -200 was followed by the extended-range 777-200ER in 1997; and the 33.25 ft (10.13 m) longer 777-300 in 1998. Those 777 Classics were powered with 77,200–98,000 lbf (343–436 kN) General Electric GE90, Pratt & Whitney PW4000, or Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines.[10] The longer range 777-300ER with a MTOW of 766,000–775,000 lb (347–352 t) entered service in 2004, the ultra long-range 777-200LR in 2006, and the 777F freighter in 2009. These long haul variants feature 110,000–115,300 lbf (489–513 kN) GE90 engines and extended raked wingtips. In November 2013, Boeing announced the 777X development with the -8 and -9 variants, scheduled to enter service by 2020. The 777X features composite wings with folding wingtips and General Electric GE9X engines.
The 777 has received more orders than any other wide-body airliner; as of August 2019, more than 60 customers had placed orders for 2,049 aircraft of all variants, with 1,609 delivered. The most common and successful variant is the 777-300ER with 844 orders and 810 delivered.[2] As of July 2018, Emirates was the largest operator with 163 aircraft.[11] By March 2018, the 777 had become the most-produced Boeing wide-body jet, surpassing the Boeing 747.[12] As of February 2019, the 777 has been involved in 28 aviation accidents and incidents,[13] including seven hull losses (five in-flight and two in ground incidents) resulting in 541 fatalities along with three hijackings.[14][15]
Contents 1 Development 1.1 Background 1.2 Design effort 1.3 Into production and testing 1.4 Entry into service 1.5 Initial derivatives 1.6 Second generation models 1.7 Production developments and 777X 1.8 Updates and improvements 2 Design 2.1 Fly-by-wire 2.2 Airframe and systems 2.3 Interior 3 Variants 3.1 777-200 3.2 777-200ER 3.3 777-200LR 3.4 777-300 3.5 777-300ER 3.6 777 Freighter 3.7 777-300ER Special Freighter (SF) 3.8 777X 3.9 Government and corporate 4 Operators 4.1 Orders and deliveries 5 Aircraft on display 6 Accidents and incidents 7 Specifications 8 See also 9 References 9.1 Footnotes 9.2 Citations 9.3 Bibliography 10 External links Development Background
The Boeing 777-100 trijet concept In the early 1970s, the Boeing 747, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar became the first generation of wide-body passenger airliners to enter service.[16] In 1978, Boeing unveiled three new models: the twin-engine Boeing 757 to replace its 727, the twin-engine 767 to challenge the Airbus A300, and a trijet 777 concept to compete with the DC-10 and L-1011.[17][18][19] The mid-size 757 and 767 launched to market success, due in part to 1980s' extended-range twin-engine operational performance standards (ETOPS) regulations governing transoceanic twinjet operations.[20] These regulations allowed twin-engine airliners to make ocean crossings at up to three hours' distance from emergency diversionary airports.[21] Under ETOPS rules, airlines began operating the 767 on long-distance overseas routes that did not require the capacity of larger airliners.[20] The trijet 777 was later dropped, following marketing studies that favored the 757 and 767 variants.[22] Boeing was left with a size and range gap in its product line between the 767-300ER and the 747-400.[23]
By the late 1980s, DC-10 and L-1011 models were approaching retirement age, prompting manufacturers to develop replacement designs.[24] McDonnell Douglas was working on the MD-11, a stretched and upgraded successor of the DC-10,[24] while Airbus was developing its A330 and A340 series.[24] In 1986, Boeing unveiled proposals for an enlarged 767, tentatively named 767-X,[25] to target the replacement market for first-generation wide-bodies such as the DC-10,[21] and to complement existing 767 and 747 models in the company lineup.[26] The initial proposal featured a longer fuselage and larger wings than the existing 767,[25] along with winglets.[27] Later plans expanded the fuselage cross-section but retained the existing 767 flight deck, nose, and other elements.[25]
Airline customers were uninterested in the 767-X proposals, and instead wanted an even wider fuselage cross-section, fully flexible interior configurations, short- to intercontinental-range capability, and an operating cost lower than that of any 767 stretch.[21] Airline planners' requirements for larger aircraft had become increasingly specific, adding to the heightened competition among aircraft manufacturers.[24] By 1988, Boeing realized that the only answer was a new clean-sheet design, which became the 777 twin-jet.[28] The company opted for the twin-engine configuration given past design successes, projected engine developments, and reduced-cost benefits.[29] On December 8, 1989, Boeing began issuing offers to airlines for the 777.[25]
Design effort A flight deck, from behind the two pilots' seats. A center console lies in between the seats, in front is an instrument panel with several displays, and light enters through the forward windows. The two-crew glass cockpit uses fly-by-wire controls Alan Mulally served as the Boeing 777 program's director of engineering, and then was promoted in September 1992 to lead it as vice-president and general manager.[30][31] The design phase for the new twinjet was different from Boeing's previous commercial jetliners. For the first time, eight major airlines – All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Qantas, and United Airlines – had a role in the development.[32] This was a departure from industry practice, where manufacturers typically designed aircraft with minimal customer input.[33] The eight airlines that contributed to the design process became known within Boeing as the "Working Together" group.[32] At the first group meeting in January 1990, a 23-page questionnaire was distributed to the airlines, asking what each wanted in the design.[21] By March 1990, Boeing and the airlines had decided upon a basic design configuration: a cabin cross-section close to the 747's, capacity up to 325 passengers, flexible interiors, a glass cockpit, fly-by-wire controls, and 10 percent better seat-mile costs than the A330 and MD-11.[21] Boeing selected its Everett factory in Washington, home of 747 production, as the 777's final assembly site.[34]
On October 14, 1990, United Airlines became the 777's launch customer when it placed an order for 34 Pratt & Whitney-powered aircraft valued at US$11 billion with options on an additional 34.[35][36] The development phase coincided with United's replacement program for its aging DC-10s.[37] United required that the new aircraft be capable of flying three different routes: Chicago to Hawaii, Chicago to Europe, and non-stop from Denver, a hot and high airport, to Hawaii.[37] ETOPS certification was also a priority for United,[38] given the overwater portion of United's Hawaii routes.[35] In January 1993, a team of United developers joined other airline teams and Boeing designers at the Everett factory.[39] The 240 design teams, with up to 40 members each, addressed almost 1,500 design issues with individual aircraft components.[40] The fuselage diameter was increased to suit Cathay Pacific, the baseline model grew longer for All Nippon Airways, and British Airways' input led to added built-in testing and interior flexibility,[21] along with higher operating weight options.[41]
The 777 was the first commercial aircraft designed entirely by computer.[26][35][42] Each design drawing was created on a three-dimensional CAD software system known as CATIA, sourced from Dassault Systemes and IBM.[43] This lets engineers assemble a virtual aircraft, in simulation, to check for interference and verify that the thousands of parts fit properly—thus reducing costly rework.[44] Boeing developed its high-performance visualization system, FlyThru, later called IVT (Integrated Visualization Tool) to support large-scale collaborative engineering design reviews, production illustrations, and other uses of the CAD data outside of engineering.[45] Boeing was initially not convinced of CATIA's abilities and built a physical mock-up of the nose section to verify its results. The test was so successful that additional mock-ups were canceled.[46] The 777 "was completed with such precision that it was the first Boeing jet that didn’t need its kinks worked out on an expensive physical mock-up plane", which contrasted sharply with the development of Boeing's next new airliner, the 787.[47]
Into production and testing The production process included substantial international content, an unprecedented level of global subcontracting for a Boeing jetliner,[48] later exceeded by the 787.[49] International contributors included Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries (fuselage panels),[50] Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. (center wing section),[50] Hawker de Havilland (elevators), and Aerospace Technologies of Australia (rudder).[51] An agreement between Boeing and the Japan Aircraft Development Corporation, representing Japanese aerospace contractors, made the latter risk-sharing partners for 20 percent of the entire development program.[48] The initial 777-200 model was launched with propulsion options from three manufacturers, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce,[52] giving the airlines their choice of engines from competing firms.[53] Each manufacturer agreed to develop an engine in the 77,000 lbf (340 kN) and higher thrust class (a measure of jet engine output) for the world's largest twinjet.[52]
Airliner turbofan engine Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Airliner turbofan engine Rolls-Royce Trent 800 Airliner turbofan engine General Electric GE90-94B with its thrust reverser deployed To accommodate production of its new airliner, Boeing doubled the size of the Everett factory at the cost of nearly US$1.5 billion[35] to provide space for two new assembly lines.[37] New production methodologies were developed, including a turn machine that could rotate fuselage subassemblies 180 degrees, giving workers access to upper body sections.[43] Major assembly of the first aircraft began on January 4, 1993.[54] By the start of production, the program had amassed 118 firm orders, with options for 95 more from 10 airlines.[55] Total investment in the program was estimated at over US$4 billion from Boeing, with an additional US$2 billion from suppliers.[56]
Side view of a twin-engine jet in flight, surrounded by white clouds The 777 made its maiden flight on June 12, 1994. On April 9, 1994, the first 777, number WA001, was rolled out in a series of 15 ceremonies held during the day to accommodate the 100,000 invited guests.[57] The first flight took place on June 12, 1994,[58] under the command of chief test pilot John E. Cashman.[59] This marked the start of an 11-month flight test program that was more extensive than testing for any previous Boeing model.[60] Nine aircraft fitted with General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce engines[58] were flight tested at locations ranging from the desert airfield at Edwards Air Force Base in California[61] to frigid conditions in Alaska, mainly Fairbanks International Airport.[62] To satisfy ETOPS requirements, eight 180-minute single-engine test flights were performed.[63] The first aircraft built was used by Boeing's nondestructive testing campaign from 1994 to 1996, and provided data for the -200ER and -300 programs.[64] At the successful conclusion of flight testing, the 777 was awarded simultaneous airworthiness certification by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) on April 19, 1995.[58]
Entry into service
On May 15, 1995, United Airlines received the first Boeing 777-200 and made the first commercial flight on June 7 Boeing delivered the first 777 to United Airlines on May 15, 1995.[65][66] The FAA awarded 180-minute ETOPS clearance ("ETOPS-180") for the Pratt & Whitney PW4084-engined aircraft on May 30, 1995, making it the first airliner to carry an ETOPS-180 rating at its entry into service.[67] The first commercial flight took place on June 7, 1995, from London Heathrow Airport to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.[68] Longer ETOPS clearance of 207 minutes was approved in October 1996.[69]
On November 12, 1995, Boeing delivered the first model with General Electric GE90-77B engines to British Airways,[70] which entered service five days later.[71] Initial service was affected by gearbox bearing wear issues, which caused British Airways to temporarily withdraw its 777 fleet from transatlantic service in 1997,[71] returning to full service later that year.[61] General Electric subsequently announced engine upgrades.[61]
The first Rolls-Royce Trent 877-powered aircraft was delivered to Thai Airways International on March 31, 1996,[70] completing the introduction of the three powerplants initially developed for the airliner.[72] Each engine-aircraft combination had secured ETOPS-180 certification from the point of entry into service.[73] By June 1997, orders for the 777 numbered 323 from 25 airlines, including satisfied launch customers that had ordered additional aircraft.[58] Operations performance data established the consistent capabilities of the twinjet over long-haul transoceanic routes, leading to additional sales.[74] By 1998, the 777 fleet had approached 900,000 flight hours.[75] Boeing states that the 777 fleet has a dispatch reliability (rate of departure from the gate with no more than 15 minutes delay due to technical issues) above 99 percent.[76][77][78][79]
Initial derivatives
Cathay Pacific introduced the stretched -300 variant on May 27, 1998 After the original model, Boeing developed an increased gross weight variant of the 777-200 with greater range and payload capability.[80] Initially named 777-200IGW,[81] the 777-200ER first flew on October 7, 1996,[82] received FAA and JAA certification on January 17, 1997,[83] and entered service with British Airways on February 9, 1997.[83] Offering greater long-haul performance, the variant became the most widely ordered version of the aircraft through the early 2000s.[80] On April 2, 1997, a Malaysia Airlines -200ER named "Super Ranger" broke the great circle "distance without landing" record for an airliner by flying eastward from Boeing Field, Seattle to Kuala Lumpur, a distance of 10,823 nautical miles (20,044 km; 12,455 mi), in 21 hours and 23 minutes.[75]
Following the introduction of the -200ER, Boeing turned its attention to a stretched version of the airliner. On October 16, 1997, the 777-300 made its first flight.[82] At 242.4 ft (73.9 m) in length, the -300 became the longest airliner yet produced (until the A340-600), and had a 20 percent greater overall capacity than the standard length model.[84] The -300 was awarded type certification simultaneously from the FAA and JAA on May 4, 1998,[85] and entered service with launch customer Cathay Pacific on May 27, 1998.[82][86]
The first generation of Boeing 777 models, the -200, -200ER, and -300 have since been known collectively as Boeing 777 Classics.[10]
Second generation models
Aircraft engine, forward-facing view with a Boeing engineer in front to demonstrate the engine's size. The engine's large circular intake contains a central hub with a swirl mark, surrounded by multiple curved fan blades. The more powerful GE90 engines of later variants has a 128 in (330 cm) diameter fan up from 123 in (310 cm) in earlier variants, and curved blades instead of straight ones From the program's start, Boeing had considered building ultra-long-range variants.[87] Early plans centered on a 777-100X proposal,[88] a shortened variant of the -200 with reduced weight and increased range,[88] similar to the 747SP.[89] However, the -100X would have carried fewer passengers than the -200 while having similar operating costs, leading to a higher cost per seat.[88][89] By the late 1990s, design plans shifted to longer-range versions of existing models.[88]
In March 1997, the Boeing board approved the 777-200X/300X specifications: 298 passengers in three classes over 8,600 nmi (15,900 km) for the 200X and 6,600 nmi (12,200 km) with 355 passengers in a tri-class layout for the 300X, with design freeze planned in May 1998, 200X certification in August 2000, and introduction in September and in January 2001 for the 300X. The 1.37 m (4 ft 6 in) wider wing was to be strengthened and the fuel capacity enlarged, and it was to be powered by simple derivatives with similar fans. GE was proposing a 454 kN (102,000 lbf) GE90-102B, while P&W offered its 436 kN (98,000 lbf) PW4098 and R-R was proposing a 437 kN (98,000 lbf) Trent 8100.[90] Rolls-Royce was also studying a Trent 8102 over 445 kN (100,000 lbf).[91] Boeing was studying a semi-levered, articulated main gear to help the take-off rotation of the proposed -300X, with its higher 324,600 kg (715,600 lb) MTOW.[92] By January 1999, its MTOW grew to 340,500 kg (750,000 lb), and thrust requirements increased to 110,000–114,000 lbf (490–510 kN).[93]
A more powerful engine in the thrust class of 100,000 lbf (440 kN) was required, leading to talks between Boeing and engine manufacturers. General Electric offered to develop the GE90-115B engine,[53] while Rolls-Royce proposed developing the Trent 8104 engine.[94] In 1999, Boeing announced an agreement with General Electric, beating out rival proposals.[53] Under the deal with General Electric, Boeing agreed to only offer GE90 engines on new 777 versions.[53]
On February 29, 2000, Boeing launched its next-generation twinjet program,[95] initially called 777-X,[87] and began issuing offers to airlines.[80] Development was slowed by an industry downturn during the early 2000s.[82] The first model to emerge from the program, the 777-300ER, was launched with an order for ten aircraft from Air France,[96] along with additional commitments.[80] On February 24, 2003, the -300ER made its first flight, and the FAA and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency, successor to the JAA) certified the model on March 16, 2004.[97] The first delivery to Air France took place on April 29, 2004.[82] The -300ER, which combined the -300's added capacity with the -200ER's range, became the top-selling 777 variant in the late 2000s,[98] benefitting as airlines replaced comparable four-engine models with twinjets for their lower operating costs.[99]
The second long-range model, the 777-200LR, rolled out on February 15, 2005, and completed its first flight on March 8, 2005.[82] The -200LR was certified by both the FAA and EASA on February 2, 2006,[100] and the first delivery to Pakistan International Airlines occurred on February 26, 2006.[101] On November 10, 2005, the first -200LR set a record for the longest non-stop flight of a passenger airliner by flying 11,664 nautical miles (21,602 km) eastward from Hong Kong to London.[102] Lasting 22 hours and 42 minutes, the flight surpassed the -200LR's standard design range and was logged in the Guinness World Records.[103]
The production freighter model, the 777F, rolled out on May 23, 2008.[104] The maiden flight of the 777F, which used the structural design and engine specifications of the -200LR[105] along with fuel tanks derived from the -300ER, occurred on July 14, 2008.[106] FAA and EASA type certification for the freighter was received on February 6, 2009,[107] and the first delivery to launch customer Air France took place on February 19, 2009.[108][109]
Production developments and 777X
The improved and updated Boeing 777-9X was rolled out on March 13, 2019 See also: Boeing 777X Initially second to the 747 as Boeing's most profitable jetliner,[110] the 777 became the company's most lucrative model in the 2000s.[111] Program sales accounted for an estimated US$400 million of Boeing's pretax earnings in 2000, US$50 million more than the 747.[110] By 2004, the airliner accounted for the bulk of wide-body revenues for the Boeing Commercial Airplanes division.[112] In 2007, orders for second-generation 777 models approached 350 aircraft,[113] and in November of that year, Boeing announced that all production slots were sold out to 2012.[99] The program backlog of 356 orders was valued at US$95 billion at list prices in 2008.[114]
In 2010, Boeing announced plans to increase production from 5 aircraft per month to 7 aircraft per month by mid-2011, and 8.3 per month by early 2013.[115] Complete assembly of each 777-300ER requires 49 days.[116] The smaller Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first stage of a replacement aircraft initiative called the Boeing Yellowstone Project,[117] entered service in 2011. Reportedly, the 777 could eventually be replaced by a new aircraft family, Yellowstone 3, which would draw upon technologies from the 787.[113] In November 2011, assembly began on the 1,000th 777, a -300ER model for Emirates,[116] which was rolled out in March 2012.[118]
By the late 2000s, the 777 was facing increased potential competition from Airbus' planned A350 XWB and internally from proposed 787 variants,[113] both airliners that offer fuel efficiency improvements. As a consequence, the 777-300ER received an engine and aerodynamics improvement package for reduced drag and weight.[119] In 2010, the variant further received a 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) maximum zero-fuel weight increase, equivalent to a higher payload of 20–25 passengers; its GE90-115B1 engines received a 1–2.5 percent thrust enhancement for increased takeoff weights at higher-altitude airports.[119] More changes were targeted for late 2012, including possible extension of the wingspan,[119] along with other major changes, including a composite wing, new powerplant, and different fuselage lengths.[119][120][121] Emirates was reportedly working closely with Boeing on the project, in conjunction with being a potential launch customer for new 777 versions.[122] Among customers for the aircraft during this period, China Airlines ordered ten 777-300ER aircraft to replace 747-400s on long-haul transpacific routes (with the first of those aircraft entering service in 2015), noting that the 777-300ER's per seat cost is about 20% lower than the 747's costs (varying due to fuel prices).[123]
In November 2013, with orders and commitments totaling 259 aircraft from Lufthansa, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad Airways, Boeing formally launched the 777X program, the third generation of the 777 (not to be confused with the 777-X variants, which were the second generation of the aircraft), with two models: the 777-8 and 777-9.[124] The 777-9 was to be a further stretched variant with a capacity of over 400 passengers and a range of over 15,200 km (8,200 nmi), whereas the 777-8 was slated to seat approximately 350 passengers and have a range of over 17,200 km (9,300 nmi).[124] Both models were to be equipped with new generation GE9X engines and feature new composite wings with folding wingtips. The first member of the 777X family, the 777-9, was set to enter service by 2020. By the mid-2010s, the 777 had become prevalent on the longest flights internationally and had become the most widely used airliner for transpacific routes, with variants of the type operating over half of all scheduled flights and with the majority of transpacific carriers.[125][126]
By April 2014, with cumulative sales surpassing those of the 747, the 777 became the best-selling wide-body airliner; at existing production rates, the aircraft was on track to become the most-delivered wide-body airliner by mid-2016.[127] By February 2015, the backlog of undelivered 777s totaled 278 aircraft, representing just under three years of current production at 8.3 aircraft per month,[128] causing Boeing to ponder the 2018-2020 time frame. In January 2016, Boeing confirmed plans to reduce the production rate of the 777 family from 8.3 per month to 7 per month in 2017 to help close the production gap between the 777 and 777X created by a lack of new orders.[129] In 2018, assembling test 777-9 aircraft was expected to lower output to an effective rate of 5.5 per month.[130] Boeing was expected to drop 777 production to five per month in August 2017.[131]
Updates and improvements
Air France received the first 777-300ER on April 29, 2004 In tandem with the development of the third generation Boeing 777X, Boeing worked with General Electric to offer a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency to in-production 777-300ER aircraft. General Electric improved the fan module and the high-pressure compressor stage-1 blisk in the GE-90-115 turbofan, as well as reduced clearances between the tips of the turbine blades and the shroud during cruise. These improvements, of which the latter is the most important and was derived from work to develop the 787, were stated by GE to lower fuel burn by 0.5%. Boeing's wing modifications were intended to deliver the remainder. Boeing stated that every 1% improvement in the 777-300ER's fuel burn translates into being able to fly the aircraft another 75 nmi (139 km; 86 mi) on the same load of fuel, or add ten passengers or 2,400 lb (1,100 kg) of cargo to a "load limited" flight.[132]
In March 2015, additional details of the improvement package were unveiled. The 777-300ER was to shed 1,800 lb (820 kg) by replacing the fuselage crown with tie rods and composite integration panels, similar to those used on the 787. The new flight control software was to eliminate the need for the tail skid by keeping the tail off the runway surface regardless of the extent to which pilots command the elevators. Boeing was also redesigning the inboard flap fairings to reduce drag by reducing pressure on the underside of the wing. The outboard raked wingtip was to have a divergent trailing edge, described as a "poor man's airfoil" by Boeing; this was originally developed for the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 project. Another change involved elevator trim bias. These changes were to increase fuel efficiency and allow airlines to add 14 additional seats to the airplane, increasing per seat fuel efficiency by 5%.[133]
Mindful of the long time required to bring the 777X to the market, Boeing continued to develop improvement packages which improve fuel efficiency, as well as lower prices for the existing product. In January 2015, United Airlines ordered ten 777-300ERs, normally costing around US$150 million each but paid around US$130 million, a discount to bridge the production gap to the 777X.[134] The roll-out of the prototype 777X, a 777-9 model, occurred on March 13, 2019.[135]
As of 2019, Boeing lists prices for the 777-200ER, -200LR, 777F, -300ER, 777-8, and 777-9 variants. The -200ER is the only Classic variant remaining available.[5]
Design Aircraft belly section. Close view of engines, extended landing gear and angled control flaps. The engines and extended slats, flaps, and landing gear of an American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER.
Front view of an Emirates 777-300ER, showing fuselage profile, wing dihedral, and GE90 engines Boeing introduced a number of advanced technologies with the 777 design, including fully digital fly-by-wire controls,[136] fully software-configurable avionics, Honeywell LCD glass cockpit flight displays,[137] and the first use of a fiber optic avionics network on a commercial airliner.[138] Boeing made use of work done on the cancelled Boeing 7J7 regional jet,[139] which utilized similar versions of the chosen technologies.[139] In 2003, Boeing began offering the option of cockpit electronic flight bag computer displays.[140] In 2013, Boeing announced that the upgraded 777X models would incorporate airframe, systems, and interior technologies from the 787.[141]
Fly-by-wire In designing the 777 as its first fly-by-wire commercial aircraft, Boeing decided to retain conventional control yokes rather than change to sidestick controllers as used in many fly-by-wire fighter aircraft and in many Airbus airliners.[136] Along with traditional yoke and rudder controls, the cockpit features a simplified layout that retains similarities to previous Boeing models.[142] The fly-by-wire system also incorporates flight envelope protection, a system that guides pilot inputs within a computer-calculated framework of operating parameters, acting to prevent stalls, overspeeds, and excessively stressful maneuvers.[136] This system can be overridden by the pilot if deemed necessary.[136] The fly-by-wire system is supplemented by mechanical backup.[143]
Airframe and systems Aircraft in flight, underside view. The jet's two wings have one engine each. The rounded nose leads to a straight body section, which tapers at the tail section with its two rear fins. The planform view of a Boeing 777-300ER, with raked wingtips The wings on the 777 feature a supercritical airfoil design that is swept back at 31.6 degrees and optimized for cruising at Mach 0.83 (revised after flight tests up to Mach 0.84).[144] The wings are designed with increased thickness and a longer span than previous airliners, resulting in greater payload and range, improved takeoff performance, and a higher cruising altitude.[58] The wings also serve as fuel storage, with longer-range models able to carry up to 47,890 US gallons (181,300 L) of fuel.[145] This capacity allows the 777-200LR to operate ultra-long-distance, trans-polar routes such as Toronto to Hong Kong.[146] In 2013, a new wing made of composite materials was introduced for the upgraded 777X, with a wider span and design features based on the 787's wings.[141]
Unlike smaller airliners like the Boeing 737, no current 777 wings have winglets; instead, the exceptionally long raked wings of the 777 serve the same drag-reducing function. Large folding wingtips, 21 feet (6.40 m) long, were offered when the 777 was first launched, to appeal to airlines who might use gates made to accommodate smaller aircraft, but no airline purchased this option.[147] Folding wingtips reemerged as a design feature at the announcement of the upgraded 777X in 2013. Smaller folding wingtips of 11 feet (3.35 m) in length will allow 777X models to use the same airport gates and taxiways as earlier 777s.[141] These smaller folding wingtips are less complex than those proposed for earlier 777s, and internally only affect the wiring needed for wingtip lights.[141]
Aircraft landing gear. Six wheel gear on the ground, with attachment assembly and gear door leading up to the aircraft belly. The six-wheel undercarriage of a Boeing 777 The airframe incorporates the use of composite materials, which comprise nine percent of its original structural weight (all models outside the 777-8 and 777-9).[148] Elements made from composite material include the cabin floor and rudder. The main fuselage cross-section is circular[149] and tapers rearward into a blade-shaped tail cone with a port-facing auxiliary power unit.[9] The aircraft also features the largest landing gear and the biggest tires ever used in a commercial jetliner.[150] The six-wheel bogies are designed to spread the load of the aircraft over a wide area without requiring an additional centerline gear. This helps reduce weight and simplifies the aircraft's braking and hydraulic systems. Each tire of a 777-300ER six-wheel main landing gear can carry a load of 59,490 lb (26,980 kg), which is heavier than other wide-bodies such as the 747-400.[151] The aircraft has triple redundant hydraulic systems with only one system required for landing.[152] A ram air turbine—a small retractable device which can provide emergency power—is also fitted in the wing root fairing.[153]
Interior Airliner cabin. Rows of seats arranged between two aisles. Each seatback has a monitor; light shines from the sidewalls and overhead bins. The Economy cabin of an Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300ER in a 3-3-3 layout. Airliner cabin. Rows of seats arranged between two aisles. The Royal Laurel Class (Business Class) cabin in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout on an EVA Air 777-300ER The original 777 interior, also known as the Boeing Signature Interior, features curved panels, larger overhead bins, and indirect lighting.[71] Seating options range from four[154] to six abreast in first class up to ten abreast in economy.[155] The 777's windows were the largest of any current commercial airliner until the 787, and measure 15-inch (380 mm) by 10-inch (250 mm) in size (all models outside the 777-8 and -9).[156] The cabin also features "Flexibility Zones", which entails deliberate placement of water, electrical, pneumatic, and other connection points throughout the interior space, allowing airlines to move seats, galleys, and lavatories quickly and more easily when adjusting cabin arrangements.[155] Several aircraft have also been fitted with VIP interiors for non-airline use.[157] Boeing designed a hydraulically damped toilet seat cover hinge that closes slowly.[158]
In 2003, Boeing introduced overhead crew rests as an option on the 777.[159] Located above the main cabin and connected via staircases, the forward flight crew rest contains two seats and two bunks, while the aft cabin crew rest features multiple bunks.[159] The Signature Interior has since been adapted for other Boeing wide-body and narrow-body aircraft, including 737NG, 747-400, 757-300, and newer 767 models, including all 767-400ER models.[160][161] The 747-8 and 767-400ER have also adopted the larger, more rounded windows of the original 777.
In 2011, Flight International reported that Boeing is considering replacing the Signature Interior on the 777 with a new interior similar to that on the 787, as part of a move towards a "common cabin experience" across all Boeing platforms.[162] With the launch of the 777X in 2013, Boeing confirmed that the aircraft would be receiving a new interior featuring 787 cabin elements and larger windows.[141] Further details released in 2014 included re-sculpted cabin sidewalls for greater interior room, noise-dampening technology, and higher cabin humidity.[163]
Air France has a 777-300ER sub-fleet with 472 seats each, more than any other international 777, to achieve a cost per available seat kilometer (CASK) around €.05, similar to Level’s 314-seat Airbus A330-200, its benchmark for low-cost, long-haul. Competing on similar French overseas departments destinations, Air Caraïbes has 389 seats on the A350-900 and 429 on the -1000. French Bee’s is even more dense with its 411 seats A350-900, due to 10-abreast economy seating, reaching a €.04 CASK according to Air France, and lower again with its 480 seats -1000.[164]
Variants Boeing uses two characteristics – fuselage length and range – to define its 777 models.[23][165] Passengers and cargo capacity varies by fuselage length: the 777-300 has a stretched fuselage compared to the base 777-200. Three range categories were defined: the A-market would cover domestic and regional operations, the B-market would cover routes from Europe to the US West coast and the C-market the longest transpacific routes.[166] The A-market would be covered by a 4,200 nmi (7,800 km) range, 234 t (516,000 lb) MTOW aircraft for 353 to 374 passengers powered by 316 kN (71,000 lbf) engines, followed by a 6,600 nmi (12,200 km) B-market range for 286 passengers in three-class, with 365 kN (82,000 lbf) unit thrust and 263 t (580,000 lb) of MTOW, an A340 competitor, basis of an A-market 409 to 434 passengers stretch, and eventually a 7,600 nmi (14,000 km) C-market with 400 kN (90,000 lbf) engines.[167]
When referring to different variants, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code collapses the 777 model designator and the -200 or -300 variant designator to "772" or "773".[168] The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aircraft type designator system adds a preceding manufredesigned main landing gear, and additional structural strengthening.[182] As with the -300ER and 777F, the -200
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2020.09.08 23:02 500scnds [Table] My name is Paolo Cattaneo. 5 years ago I quit my job, sold everything I had and embarked in a trip around the world on a motorcycle. Rode for almost 185000 km. Still going! Here to answer question about self sustained living on the road and long distance solo travelling. AmA! (pt 3 FINAL)

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What a wonderful story! I was wondering how much km you travel a day/ hours you are on your way? You really should start a YT channel with your adventures man, a guy on a motor driving through the world, and the lessons you learned, are definitely worth it! Hello! I don't ride everyday. I did estimated an average of 200km per day though. More or less.
I will see what I can do with this yt thing. Thanks for the advice! 😊👍
Do you have plans on when this will end and if you intend on returning to work do you worry about the perception on this time by employers? I guess, I also want to ask if you have concerns about whether you think you could adapt to fulltime work again or you'd struggle mentally now? Not sure if i can go back to a 9-5 life but I really don't care right now about future employment opportunities. I believe that the world is filled with lots of people with certificates and degrees and professional expertise...but there are not so many with unique life experiences. I hope employers will look at the individual more than the hours i spent behind a desk, when the time will come.
So are you going to end up in an even crappier job after abandoning all of your responsibilities like this? Haha who knows! What I know is that whatever job you is still a job. More money means more responsibilities but at the end of the day, a job is a job. It's the meaning that changes your life. It's the why you do what you do, that drives you. Not necessarily the job you perform. We all end up in the same I will do whatever job makes me happy when the time comes.
Hey op... If you're still answering questions I'm curious as to...What do you do to entertain yourself when you're tenting every night? I can imagine there's much internet connection in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Read a lot of books or something? Not answering questions anymore, but this is an excellent one, that deserves a reply. Well, if you are camping in the wild, definitely there would probably be no internet access. I usually write my thoughts and daily events on a notepad. It s hard to find time to do that, so when you are alone in your little tent waiting for the night to come, getting your thoughts out on a paper usually helps the catharsis. I am not much of a reader...but sometimes a good movie (i may have some stuff saved previously on hard drives or netflix offline) could kill the extra hour you get before falling asleep. I mean, usually it's just such a pity to ruin the silence with music and most of the times i fall asleep as soon as I lay horizontally. Other times, the writing thing helps soothe the adrenaline of the day and calm you enough to fall asleep too. Sometimes organizing takes a bit of time or taking care of the bike can take some time as well.
This was one of my favorite AMAs. Thank you for doing this. Where did you stay in Greece and while in quarantine did you At least get to leave at all or were you confined to your apartment? Spent 3 months in Crete! Amazing island! Government started to ease up the lockdown only after the first month. We did only had 7 cases in the whole island so i got a great deal with my choice of location! I managed to explore the whole island by the end of it.
the below is a reply to the above
That place is amazing. It’s one of my favorite islands in Greece. If you ever have a chance check out Milos and Naxos. Yes! I almost went to Milos! And Naxos looked like a true paradise. You guys are blessed with natural beauty!
Wow I’m really impressed and inspired! I am currently planning a solo trail trip across the US, (and hopefully further) it’s been my dream for forever! Can you just break down for me a couple things? Ok, like what are some absolutely essential items you carry that most people wouldn’t think of? Besides the basics like fire starter, tent/tarp, thermal clothing etc. Next, how would you respond to a crisis or threat on the road that normally wouldn’t occur in a conventional lifestyle? Like authorities fuccin with you or wild animals attacking or something? One concern I have is that people may look down upon me for my lifestyle choice and use that as an excuse to treat me badly. I mean, some people already kinda do and I haven’t even left yet. (Even if everybody did I would still go cause HAHAHA fucc it) Anyway, another question-What is the best part of your travel lifestyle so far? I imagine it’s a lot of fun, (although still intensely difficult) and that tramps have found a lot of interesting ways to spend their free time. EDIT: AHH sorry one more I forgot! What are your favorite spots around the world but especially the US that you think are worth seeing? (any other tips/pointers/things to remember that you can think of are welcome too) THANKS Ok, lots of good questions! There is no essential item to be carried that is the "magic stuff" that nobody has. Maybe Common Sense...yes. carry that with you and you ll be fine always. ;) In terms of tools, cable ties and duct tape...and I would say super glue. Everything else mate, you ll adapt or find your way around it. About crisis, like protests, riots, police messing with you...well sometimes you gotta just leave! Haha. I rode through some riots in Bolivia and I kind of snuck smoothly as possible. I always use my helmet cam, as a deterrent for police. If they are trying to get some money out of you, the "I am recording you" effect sometimes could make them change their mind. Also, I would make plastified copies of your driver license and bike docs, just in case you find some dodgy road blocks on your way. In case they withheld your stuff, you can just leave without having them keeping you hostage with your papers.
Most of the times you'll be fine though. Those are rare occasions anyway. And so wild animal encounters. When I went to Alaska, a friend gave me a bear spray. Never use it. Just keep your food away from your tent. Again, common sense works better than any weapons.
My favourite spot in the US was Sequoia NP. But I really loved the high deserts of Nevada and also New Mexico. So much good stuff to see in the US!
The best part of this lifestyle is the fact that you are free to do whatever you want everyday... And this is also a huge advantage that comes only travelling alone. All those "haters" will disappear as soon as you are gone from their sight. Your life is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Only people that have some personal issue will try to diminish what you are trying to achieve. Others will just project their fears to you. In any case, you gotta go your own way and be focused on what you are trying to achieve.
Was it expensive shipping your bike? Also any trouble getting into other countries crossing the border? The shipping from Australia to South america was quite dear. I remember paying $2400 AUD. Not sure if it's expensive or not...but they did take care of almost everything. From Canada to Ireland instead i flew with Air Canada Cargo which had a special $1500 USD for the bike and myself. A bargain!! No troubles at the borders
How does it feel living life just visiting countries. No 9-5 whatsoever, no bills, no worries at all, just you and your motorcycle? People say that Sex or food is the best feeling in the world. I think that Riding your motorcycle freely around the world, tops it all.
I cannot imagine myself traveling without internet access. Do you have worldwide roaming? Do you get a SIM in every country? It's unthinkable nowadays to NOT have internet access. With local and cheap Sim card you can get data everywhere really and most countries in SA have sometimes free wifi around town and in gas stations. You'll be just fine.
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Thanks for your reply! So I assume that with limited/spotty data, you were relying mostly on offline maps and navigation. Any tip on what's best for this kind of traveling and exploration? there are some useful travel app like, gmaps and iOverlander. have a look at it. lots of good info.
I also have a 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure, but the R version. I also love my bike and stoked to hear how reliable it’s been for you! What repairs have you had to do along the way? What repairs!! Haha bike has been exceptional. I only had to repair seals and moving parts (chain, sprokets, etc). Water pump seals have to be replaced around 85k km and i had a oil temp sensor failure at 140k km. Most people don't get that far with their miles...but if you do, make sure to check your water pump seals. Most parts are available in capital cities in any country. Others, you just have to have those shipped to you or plan in advance (for tyres for instance). Pretty doable overall.
What does a legitimate Italian pizza look and taste like compared to western pizza? Italian pizza is better because of mozzarella and tomato sauce that they use when making it. Top quality stuff. Aside from that, pizza is good wherever. It depends also on how you like your pizza.
I hope to have the courage to also do something like this. What are some valuable things you’ve learned about solo travel? Things you wished you knew starting off. We tend to overthink a lot of stuff that eventually never happen. We always have fears that stop us...but in reality, all those bad thought are simply possibilities that may actually never really happen. So, more and worry less is certainly something I learned the hard way
Do you ever have any regrets? Lately I have been good in that sense. But maybe one day I ll wake up and have some...for not chosing the standard path of the average guy with wife and kids.
Maybe a bit of a selfish question but do people in N. America have trouble pronouncing your name? My Italian-American husband and I named our 5 month old Paolo. We live in Brooklyn so most people around us don't have an issue but I am not sure what it will be like if we ever move somewhere else or when he starts school. Also it's a beautiful name and I'm going to make sure to show our son your photos when he is old enough to understand travel and places and different people. :-D BEST QUESTION EVER! ahha
your son is going to have a tough time in an english speaking country! haha Jokes aside, the sound "Pao" doesn't really exists in english speaking people's most of the time I get called Paulo...or Pablo. Which is fine to me. But the correct pronunciation is Pà-olo with emphasis on the first syllable. I switched to Paul many times...
But aside from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, your son will be just fine!
Also make sure he knows the the origins of the meaning of his name. Paolo was one of the closest friends of Jesus. His real name was Sauro, which means "the greatest", but then, after befriending Jesus, he changed his name in Paolo, which comes from the latin word Paulus, that means "small, tiny". I am not religious, but Indeed this story tells a bit of the significance of being humble.
U/paolo_0 what about sex and romantic relationships- friendships too. Do you maintain any relationships? If so, how do you maintain them? The romantic factor is almost inevitable when travelling so extensively. Eventually every traveller has a romantic affair with somebody that he/she met on the way. Weather is a local or another traveller, it is our natural tendency to mate, so...yeah. Kind of a tricky one! I personally tend to avoid to get into serious situations because my lifestyle is simply not compatible with conventional standards of monogamous relationships. The curse of the traveller is that you always have to it is counterproductive to get close to somebody and then drag that feeling for months, with you on the road. In my opinion it shifts the paradigm of travelling towards a specific and more visceral feeling of reuniting with a person that most likely is not going to be on your planned route.
Anyway, said this, i did have a long distance relationship before starting this trip and it sucked! Haha Hence I tend to avoid to make the same mistakes twice. But can never plan when to fall in love. Sometimes it just happens and you gotta roll with it. It hurts and it may even change your plans. Eventually one has to choose between the new person and the continuity of your solo trip.
what country did surprise you the most (good or bad) with their roads? did you come to Portugal? what did you dislike the most I loved Scotland! I had a great deal of luck with the that may have played a role. I did come to Portugal and it actually surprised me a lot!! Absolutely loved it! No wonder all retirees from europe want to move there! Algarve was spectacular. Loved Porto too.
Hello! First off, this is incredible, and a dream of mine. Unfortunately i'm an american with a crap load of college debt! I read your other answers and I just had a couple questions! 1. You mentioned your first night camping in a campground, and how it wasn't the best setting. As time went on did you just start setting up on the side of the road? or were there any other challenges finding camping spots when there wasn't a campsite hostile friends couch etc? 2. How safe did you feel when you were mostly alone camping in between citys/towns? Thank you so much for doing this AMA, hopefully one day I can do this! Hey! I am aware of how the US system sucks you in a world of debts but... I hope you will one day break free from it.
After my first night camping, I switched to couchsurfing and hostels right away. I was terrified of camping! ahha Then, one day I found a spot that was too beautiful to leave. I was by myself and It was quite remote. The balmy temperatures, the starry night and the beautiful sunrise over the ocean made me reconsider camping. After few more attempts I found out that camping in the wild was waaay better than sleeping in a crappy hostel or at some stranger's home. More privacy, quieter and cheaper too! Luckily for me, I had lost my camping virginity in Australia, one of the best and safest countries for camping in the world in my opinion. You are by yourself most of the times. Half of my trip around Australia I slept on the side of the road or in the bushes. I became an expert in starting small fires and cooking with no utensils. I realized that the "danger" in terms of safety for me and my motorcycle was directly related to the amount of people around me. So, the more desolated the area, the safest. Cities are clearly the opposite. Thanks for your questions.
I've been following your IG for about a year now I think, and I'm totally jealous. You've answered a few questions of mine on there, but I've got one for this AMA. Has KTM reached out to you for any kind of buyback type of deal for the bike, or any "free" stuff? Are they even aware? Do they care? I mean you're doing great advertising for them. I think I read something not too long ago where a man had a million-mile Honda Goldwing that Hinda wanted to buy back from him for research or something. Nope. KTM hasn't got in touch with me about bike endorsement. Saying this, tbe guys at KTM canada helped me a lot in servicing the bike while I was in Montreal.
KTM and Honda, or BMW have thousands of loyal customers that used their machines for long time. But they are not really obliged to reach out and saying "Thanks, here s a new bike". It would be a loss for them to give you free stuff.
What would you say is the key to happiness? I believe that to realise that we are insignificant and that nothing is meant to come our way, is the paradigm that we need to have to improve our sense of happiness. I found out that our constant sense of being unaccomplished comes from the high expectations that society places in our mind. We need to get always bigger, better, more stuff...but in reality it's an ephemeral race against ourselves. When you realise that we are just a little grain of dust, floating in the universe and that we matter little or nothing at all in this universe, everything coming your way becomes a gift. I found out that having less makes me happier and less worried.
I am not sure if this is the KEY to happiness for everybody, but I believe that keeping your feet on the ground, helps a great deal.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what kind of bank account do you have? Is it one that can be used internationally? And have you had any problems with converting your money to the currency of whatever country you’re in? Also what kind of a drone and phone do you have? Do you use your phone for most of your IG pics or your drone? I have citybank account and debit card that can be used internationally. I mostly withdraw money from ATMs and use paypal for online transactions.
Never had problems in converting into local currency.
I have a DJI Mavic Air and a Samsung Galaxy S9. I mostly use my phone for my photography, but these days, it is plenty in terms of resolution and image quality, if you share your content on social media. Occasionally I had some photos taken with a DSLR.
I have been following you on Instagram before. We have had very short conversations few times. Remember the dog which was chained all the times for more than a decade in the island in Greece? Any news from it? Do you plan on starting a patreon account so you can earn money on the way? And how hard is it now in the pandemic? Hey there!! Unfortunately that dog is still chained there. I spoke with several dog rescue centers and they couldn't do much about it. Ignorance is not curable Unfortunately.
I am not sure. Should i start a patreon account?? Asking people for money? Mmm Not quite there yet.
In planning for the trip, do you think about and have a backup plan for medical emergency or if you are jailed in some remote location? For example, money to bribe you out of a situation at a border or caught speeding. Accident and hospital stay. Also, was language a major barrier during the trip? Wow. Nope. Did not think about those things...haha but maybe I should have had! I do have a travel insurance that cover accidental hospitalization. Language wasn't a major deal breaker for me since i speak spanish and portuguese. Otherwise english is pretty common nowadays
Do you get lonely? Sometimes. When I do, I use reddit. ;) Jokes aside, I actually appreciate the time when I am truly alone. Finding those moments is a rarity, these days.
I also quit my job and sold everything. For me, it was to leave Canada and move to Tahiti. Isn't it liberating and freeing to give everything up to start over? Its not easy to give up everything for a calculated risk. For some it turns out poorly, but for others, its the best decision they have ever made. I've never seen anybody giving it a shot and turning out with something less. You always learn something about yourself...and it's always a great thing to clean up and start fresh!
Kudos to you, mate! You got sick waves there! ;)
Care to share your favorite recipe? Thai papaya salad. Shred green papaya, 1 carrot, 6 green beans. Prepare dressing with fish sauce, teaspoon of sugar, garlic (a lot), chili (a lot), and maybe 3-4 lime juices. Add few dried small shrimps and few sliced cherry tomatoes if you want, to garnish. Add a handful of peanuts.
How do you carry/retrieve money? I know in the US and such you can just go to an ATM or a bank, but in South America was it easy to withdraw your money? Did you have to pay much in fees? And I don't know if it is appropriate to ask if you carry a lot of cash with you haha It is the same everywhere in the world. there are bank circuits like MAESTRO or CIRRUS or VISA or MASTERCARD which are available worldwide. You can get money out of ATMs sometimes without fees if banks are affiliated.
Do you battle with a sense of purposlessness or dislocation? I clearly felt a sense of lack of purpose when I was living my normal life. A job sometimes absorbs you but doesn't really give you a reason to live. After my travels I can say that I found a new meaning to my life. I don't think I have to procreate...of find a partner. I think solitude and this kind of life suits me and gives me purpose, better than the one I had before to be honest.
Hey man I REALLY love what you do and I'm thinking of doing the same. I live in Greece and the idea of travelling around the world like this gives me goosebumps. Can you share some hot tips that you wish you knew before you started? Hey mate!! I love Greece! You guys have it good over there for riding! I wish I knew how little you really need to travel around. The secret is exactly to carry as little as possible. The lighter the better.
I've always wanted to do something like this, however it would be on foot. Do you think it would be significantly harder to do so, should I think about taking a car or bike with me? One of my inspiration is this japanese guy that I almost met in Ushuaia. Incredible story. He walked...from alaska to ushuaia. 6 years. Unbelievable adventure and definitely made mine look like too easy! Haha Look him up on facebook! Masahito Yoshida
By your own experience, do you think it would be safe enough to do this as a solo young woman? As I met several other solo travellers, including women, which share with me their personal experiences, I can say that it is indeed safe to travel alone as a woman.
What of your original motorcycle is left? Considering you would have undoubtedly had to have replaced bits Bike is still in original shape and form. Replaced the windshield and some inner plastics. But most of it is still the same. Never touched the engine
How much did you pay for your motorcycle? I bought it in December 2014. It was second hand. Had only 700 km on it though. Paid $19k Australian. You do the math in your currency. I saved for 8 months and sold my old bike to be able to buy it.
What about love? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to have someone with you on your trip? Nah. I am good. I thought about rescuing a stray dog or cat a couple of times...
Did you ever read Jupiter's Travels, or meet Ted Simon? Nope. But I heard it's a great book. He's one of the first guys that went around the world in modern times...
Why such a high performance motorcycle? I just bought my dream bike. the trip came afterwards...and I just used the bike I had.
What do you want written on your tombstone? I want to be cremated and thrown into the ocean. No engraving required. ;)
I plan to go on a motorcycle adventure in South America in the near future and I have to ask: were you afraid at any point? I live in Brazil, which is a very dangerous country, I ride mostly in my own city but sometimes I find myself very afraid, and there are places that I don't dare to go. I often wonder how would I deal with these problems being thousands of miles away from home. Yes mate. Brazil was probably the spookiest country I rode through in latin america. But danger is mostly concentrated in big cities, as you know... South america is pretty safe and generally speaking people will be more willing to help you than harm you. Do not worry too much. I was concerned about my safety too before my departure but then i realized that tv and news just gave me the wrong idea.
Haven’t seen this asked.... Do you carry a weapon? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation with thugs? I do not carry weapons. I am against weapons in general, but being from Europe this is kind of the way we grow up here. I assume you are from the USA... But no, there is no need to protect yourself till the point you have to risk your life to do it. If somebody wants to take my stuff and has a gun, I will happily give my stuff to him/her. It's just stuff. I wouldn't shoot anybody anyway.
the below is a reply to the above
I am from the USA! We clearly have a stereotype if me simply asking about a weapon gives it away lol 😅 Im happy you haven’t been put in a situation with the wrong people. Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Your life is quite fascinating and I admire your ability to break from the norm and take such an adventure that this beautiful world has to offer :) I hope you didn't take my comment in a negative way. I love USA and I've travelled throughout the country, other than living in it for few years. I met incredibly inspiring people and i ve also learned so much from your way of living. I do understand the reason behind carrying a weapon. It makes sense there. USA is a massive country and there is a sense of need of protecting yourself in many ways. In most of USA people grow up with weapons because...of hunting! It's part of the culture and I respect it. Considering also that you are allowed to carry a weapon and shoot for self defense in many states... But around the world we just assume nobody has a yeah, it works either way.
PuggerHugger123: Are you still using your Australian license plate? Im assuming you might get issues at borders or weird looks from people in different countries. I live in europe and our license plates have a letter representing our country (as you have probably seen). I have also seen some non-EU license plates from eastern europe, but thats it... mccannisms: I was wondering this too - I was told to not bring my bike from Canada to Aus permanently as part of the roadworthy involves checking the frame by drilling into it and would possibly completely damage said frame. How does insuring a bike for international travel work? Ok, I still have my NSW license plate on. People don't care. At the border they just check if the name on your bike papers is the same on your driver license/passport. If so, you are good to go. You can import ANY vehicle in Australia I believe as far as you owned the vehicle at least for one year. Then there is the inspection and everything, but if there is a similar vehicle already in the country, it doesn't need to be tested for "roadworthiness". As per insurance, you have to get one for every country you enter. Except EU where you get the "Green card" which is valid for all Eu countries.
A guy I used to work with Peter Corboy did this back in the 2000's. You know him? Sorry, I do not know him.
Hey mate, really nice to read your story and the comments! I’ll be doing a similar thing in a few years, I was worried about going out on a brand new bike (Yamaha Tenere 700) absolutely love this bike but after hearing your story about going on a big ass brand new KTM you give me hope! I was worried about it possibly being stolen somewhere.. apart from parking it inside wherever possible do you have any other tips? Do you use disk lock/use a bike cover? And also.. do you not think your bike is a bit too big? Are you able to pick it up ok and does it ever limit some of the off road routes you may want to take? Really inspirational story mate.. it’s all I dream about, I’ve backpacked to like 65 countries and within the past few years realised overland motorcycle adventure is where the fun really is.. the freedom! Hey mate, congrats on your bike selection. I've heard great stuff about the T7. About the "bike getting stolen"'s not really a thing. Just be careful in big cities and if if you leave it parked with your belongings on it for too long. I mean...seriously just common sense. the 1190 is big and heavy but I managed. When fully loaded it floats around 300kg so yeah...not a walk in the park... but most of the times I was fine. Just sand riding gets hard. In case, make sure you always park inside the property where you stay at night and remove all your belongings from it, even if you decide to go for hard panniers (which I don't recommend). Unfortunately, if somebody wants to steal your bike there's very little/nothing you can do about it. But again, most of the times you'll be fine.
I guess this is more of a question in general rather than specifically related to your journey on the motorcycle. But how did you manage leaving behind family and friends to pursue your own lifestyle? Im a bit envious of the whole experience, but I also can't imagine living more than 100 miles away let alone living in multiple different countries and traveling the world. Was it difficult to do? Or did your family and friends support or need you in any way that wouldn't be doable with you travelling, or was it simply "this is what I want" and you go do it without much of a care? It is hard to leave your family and lifelong friends behind to pursue a dream...but it is the price to pay for these kind of experiences.
Sometimes it s hard to be by yourself and to realize that you are alone, far away from people who love you and support you no matter what...but it is also a forging experience to be so exposed. It builds character and it allows you to become more independent, which is a key point for any kind of relationship in your life.
It is difficult and scary and all of the above. But it is a necessary process for personal growth and development.
Your family and friends will understand you...and support your choices if they truly love you.
Hey Paolo, great story and a wonderful thing to do! I also love riding trough different countries, and my big dream is it, to ride from Monaco di Baviera to SEA. So here‘s my question: how do you get all the permits for entering countries? Visa etc? Ever had any passport/visa issues? Especially with corona lockdowns? Ever entered somewhere over the green border? Do you have any kind of bike/health insurance? Have a good ride. Stay save! If you happen to be in Monaco, let me know for dinner and a bed:) Cheers mate!! If you plan on riding to SEA from here, you will need a Carnet de Passage for your vehicle. Get in touch with the automobile club of your country for more info...but it is not cheap. Visawise, as german, you won't have any issues entering countries. Simply google "visa allowances german citizens" and wikipedia will tell you what to do and how to prepare for your trip. Never had any issues at the border so far. Only in USA maybe. Haha They didn't like the fact that I wanted to tour their country for more than 3 months. I have a worldwide travel insurance with worldnomads which covers me in case of hospitalization. Bike insurance have to be issue in every country you ride in. But i think in germany there may be a worldwide insurance for motorcycles too. You need to check there. Now with covid all travels are restricted. May have to wait a bit for your adventure.
How does your family feel about feeding and housing you with the money they work for while you go ride your bike? Did you think about them when you threw your financial stability away? Would you go back to work if they threw you out on the street? Did you know that in the eyes of an employer you lose your degree when you dont use it for 4 years? And, they also won't hire you for lesser positions because you are over qualified. Thanks for your lovely question. I support myself for my travels and my family can take care of itself. I tried to send money back, but they seem to be fine without me. I do not need to be financially stable to be happy. I believe my family is ok to simply let me sleep in my backyard with my tent, in case they don't want me in their house anymore. Otherwise yeah. I may look for a job to pay rent...or a workaway experience. I do not want to work for an employer that diminishes my expertise because i decided to live my life instead of sitting in front of a computer for 4 years. I also do not have to go back to the same industry I was working before. Do i need a computer engineering degree to be a brick layer? I wont be so sure about the overqualified thing. I got hired as truck washer with my degree in engineering.
Hey man, what you are doing is cool. One small question, how about your life insurance? Since you are travelling to different countries, how do you manage it? Also, if you get a chance, go to India mate, it's one of the best things ever You can get travel insurance with worldwide coverage. Worldnomads is one of the companies that provide this kind of service.
Not knowing your lifestyle b4 this adventure, What specifically did you notice you had to adjust immediately? Protein and water obviously but what did you find you were going to really need to keep going? I actually noticed that i didn't need so much food to keep going. Water yes...but food intake could be minimized. When you don't have your 9-5 routine anymore, you can simply eat whenever you want...without fixed hours. In the long run you ll simply adapt to new food intake quantities which are usually less than a regular working man.
How do you go about servicing your bike? I change the oil in my bike every 6 months regardless of kms, sometimes its only does about 2000kms in between those services. I service my bike every 7000km. sometimes even 10000km. but my bike holds 4kg of oil in the engine so it is quite a lot. like a small size car.
Ciao Paulo; Do you think there are too many people in the world, especially with this Coronavirus breakout and all these riots taking place? Thanks, Richard There are a lot of people on this planet. Yes. Maybe it s not a matter of overpopulation but a matter of changing the way we create resources to sustain people and our world. We certainly need to "step our game up".
Which countries in the world have you visited thus far, at least a general idea, and which are you planning to visit? Good luck on your journey! A map of my travels is visible on my profile here or on my insta.
"No mechanical or electrical issues in the whole trip." Seriously? That's amazing! Not a single mechanical issue? Zero mechanical issues. I fried my engine oil temp gauge around 140k km...but that was an easy fix. Found it used online for 40 bucks and that was about it.
How safe do you feel on your adventure? Would love to do something similar but sounds difficult as a solo woman... Please look on the internet. There are so many inspiring women out there travelling solo! Don't let misinformation deter you for chasing such a beautiful dream!
What were some of your favorite places? I'm currently on the panamerican highway with a van. Well done, mate! Cheers mate!! Well well.. baja california is a dream! Ecuador and peru are also fantastic to be done in a van. Just make sure you get to go to Chiloe and Carretera Austral in Chile. Have fun !!
Hello Paolo did you plan to write a book about your experience? I would be first in line to buy it... Reddit would probably be the first place I would advertise it to! Haha Not in my plans at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement though!
Have you ever been really scared that you've driven into a place where you could get robbed or worse? Rode through a couple of favelas in mistake. And yes, eventually the thought of getting stopped and "questioned" crossed my mind. But fortunately nothing happened.
What is your favorite food you ate while traveling and what's the best place you have been? I am a sucker for a good Chevice (raw seafood). Although it seems that the best chevice is Peruvian, I loved mexican one. I mean, I probably had the best one in Baja. Absolutely mind blowing.
Meat based stuff instead I have to say that Hornado in Ecuador can't be beat. Mouth watering stuff. And I am not a big fan of meat.
Have you had any negative experiences through your journey? (Violence, theft, etc) Negative experiences were maybe 1% of the whole thing. Just lessons to be learned and move on, really. Nothing really too bad.
Did you get your tools back? The one's that were stolen a while back in Vancouver? Nope. Had to buy new ones. Ouch
Did you record places you went? Photos, videos, journals, anything like that? Yes. It's all on instagram. And youtube. check it out!
Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one? Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one?
How did you manage to travel that far on a motorcycle without crashing? I did crash! Mostly while riding offroad or on sand. Got footage of that too! Haha
Australian resident? Then you'll know what "pretentious wanker" means? Fair dinkum!
do you wear “riding gear” with pads, etc. when on the motorcycle? Yes I do. But it's not absolutely necessary to do so. I rode around Australia with jeans and tshirt. Not safe, but yeah... The problem with not wearing protection is the "trip stopper" factor. Let's say you get into an accident. If nothing happens it's all good. But if you are wearing sneakers and not boots, you are most likely to hurt yourself. And that could stop your trip for a month or more. So, yeah. Not necessary, but definitely recommended
You put 180,000km on that KTM and had no mechanical issues?!?!? I know right?!?! Incredible!
Have you ever been to Estonia, are you planning on it, if not? I have few friends there actually. But now my biggest enemy is covid to be honest. I would love to visit!
Were you in Newfoundland, Canada June 2019 u/paolo_0 ? Nope! I wish though!
What do you miss the most about “normal” life? having a workout routine. I always relied on my physical condition to endure stress and fatigue...but with constant travelling I kind of lacked of physical exercise. I missed that for sure.
How painfull is your ass after a day driving? I believe I have calluses now... Ouch
How do you deal with being lonely sometimes? I chat with people. :) Sounds like a silly answer but...
You weren't around Zion in 2016 by chance? Nope.
Do you have any children? I do not. Never married
Are you on instagram?
How is your back? I am looking for a new one on ebay... ;)
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2020.06.22 10:00 NikkieLiu HUAWEI HiHealth: The Technology You Need for a Truly Customized App Experience

HUAWEI HiHealth: The Technology You Need for a Truly Customized App Experience
Since its release in 2018, HUAWEI HiHealth has seen continued growth globally. The platform provides open capabilities to the smart wearable, fitness, and health industries, allowing related partners to integrate with the HUAWEI Health app.
Globally, there are millions of devices connected to HUAWEI HiHealth. On top of that, an increasing number of developers are connecting to HUAWEI HiHealth as they seek to develop and publish apps that offer users great experiences while creating viable and sustainable business models. In July this year, we will see the release of HUAWEI HiHealth 5.0, an updated version of the platform that will offer even greater benefits for both consumers and developers alike.
Market-leading technology that empowers developers
For developers, who specialise in health apps, HUAWEI HiHealth has a range of technology features that allows them to create better, more intuitive apps. For example, the HUAWEI HiHealth offers highly accurate multi-dimensional motion detection models. This means it can process information from varying kinds of smart devices which can then be fed into these apps, providing users with a much more rounded and accurate fitness experience on their devices. Meanwhile, Huawei’s TruSleep™, a leading sleep analysis technology, is also integrated into the HUAWEI HiHealth, through which users are offered a sleep score and personalised recommendations via their wearable devices.
At the same time, the platform also features open capabilities across diverse scenarios, giving developers the flexibility and freedom required to create comprehensive apps that leverage health and fitness data that provide a great user experience.

HUAWEI HiHealth allows developers to build powerful apps
HUAWEI HiHealth provides capabilities in the form of a kit. For developers, connecting to HUAWEI HiHealth offers several further benefits as they seek to create compelling health and fitness applications. When developers connect their apps to HUAWEI HiHealth, they can obtain health and fitness data in collaboration with the user, as well as open abilities that allow them to offer consumers superior fitness and health guidance that is truly customized.
It provides atomized and scenario-based data through Java APIs, JavaScript APIs, and Cloud APIs. In addition, Gym Profile and Wellness Profile are used to connect to southbound fitness and health devices in the ecosystem to form an industry chain for information collection, secure storage and processing, as well as sharing. It not only provides client-side APIs - but also has server-side APIs through which apps can access the data warehouse.

Wide range of use cases for HUAWEI HiHealth
Developers can broadly leverage HUAWEI HiHealth in four different kinds of scenarios: fitness; health management; insurance; and more comprehensive apps that cover a broad range of uses and utilities.
For example, South African insurer Discovery uses wearable devices to help build better services for its customers, offering them rewards when they log exercise points. It has recently collaborated with Huawei, allowing its users to benefit from this rewards scheme through syncing their HUAWEI Health app with Discovery.
For fitness apps, HUAWEI HiHealth also allows the collection of accurate fitness data capabilities that improves the reliability of the analysis and the output – an example of this is Huawei working with running app Running Quotient to help runners and coaches improve, and Thai app Cal Daily is leveraging HUAWEI HiHealth to calculate consumers’ calories consumption by counting their steps.

Growing availability of health innovation driving next generation of apps
As the use of wearable devices continues to grow globally and consumers become ever more conscious about taking health and fitness seriously, apps that respond to these trends for tangible benefit will become increasingly popular. HUAWEI HiHealth gives developers the technology and innovation needed to create outstanding apps for health-conscious, fitness-fanatic users while also enabling them to create and sustain new business models.
For more information, please visit
Notes: ● The HUAWEI HiHealth Platform also offers users multiple levels of data, security and privacy protection and manages data by security level and category. ● All of the data that developers are able to access via the kit is encrypted for storage. ● Transmission and data acquisition must be authorized by users. ● HUAWEI HiHealth is GDPR compliant and personal data is managed throughout its lifecycle in accordance with GAPP. 
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2020.06.16 08:33 wushuyong HUAWEI Site Kit gives your users the tools to explore their surroundings with effortless convenience!

HUAWEI Site Kit gives your users the tools to explore their surroundings with effortless convenience!
In logistics, when it comes to social media, ride-hailing, and fitness apps in particular, users tend to search for places of business with a specific purpose in mind, whether it's to find a nearby store or pick-up location, or to locate a friend. These demands necessitate that apps incorporate location search functions of their own, with corresponding data for a myriad of different places. HUAWEI Site Kit makes this remarkably easy, providing your users with the tools to explore their surroundings with effortless convenience.
What is HUAWEI Site Kit?
HUAWEI Site Kit provides developers with one-stop place searching capabilities. After integrating the kit into your app, your users will be able to search for relevant details about a place of business, with images, opening and closing times, street views, customer reviews, and nearby POIs. HUAWEI Site Kit also enables your users to explore places in their vicinity, with nearby place, keyword, and place details searches, as well as geocoding capabilities. With Site Kit, you can focus on building quality location-based apps, without needing to invest precious resources towards developing a place search function, and collecting data for a seemingly endless number of places.
What are the main benefits of HUAWEI Site Kit?
1. Massive address information, improving user experience
HUAWEI Site Kit provides data for over 130 million places, and helps users interact with their surroundings by capabilities including nearby place, keyword, place details searches, as well as geocoding capabilities. Users can search for places by entering a keyword or use the device's location. When searching by keyword, Site Kit can autocomplete the place name and address, and recommend relevant places. The reverse geocoding capability empowers your app to query the street and details, and obtain relevant business information and customer reviews corresponding to the current place that the user is located, determined based on the device's coordinates.
2. Global reach, spanning 200+ countries and regions, with support for 13 languages
HUAWEI Site Kit covers over 200 countries and regions, supports 13 languages, and can display the user's current time zone based on their coordinates. Huawei has worked closely with global partners such as TomTom, to expand its global geographical place database, providing a strong foundation for the global deployment of your app.
Enhanced user experience
HUAWEI Site Kit is widely applied by a diverse range of apps, including those providing logistics, social media, ride-hailing, and fitness services, and fully meets the stringent place searching requirements of both developers and users. Leading Thai lifestyle brand Wongnai in Thailand recently integrated HUAWEI Site Kit into their apps.
Wongnai, Thailand's leading super-lifestyle platform, provides contents and users’ reviews on restaurants, recipes, beauty, and travels, as well as a myriad of other life services. By integrating HUAWEI Map Kit, Location Kit, Site Kit, and two other major kits, Wongnai can assist its users in searching for nearby restaurants, spas, beauty services, hotels, and tourist attractions while consuming minimal power, thanks to precise positioning, thereby improving the efficiency of discovering place reviews or ordering food for takeout and delivery or even getting massage service at home.
How to Integrate HUAWEI Site Kit?
The HUAWEI Developers website provides detailed guides that make the integration process quick and hassle free. If you have any questions about integration, you can submit a question online for further technical support.
To register as a Huawei Developer, click here.
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2020.05.29 19:41 yann2 A new user from Thailand, her Impressions of #Slowly - from Twitter link

A new user from Thailand, her Impressions of #Slowly - from Twitter link

Thai new user describes Slowly to Friends in Twitter and FB
From browsing the #Slowly hashtag on Twitter, sometimes I discover new friend, topics and interesting things. Today there was a post in Thai, but twitter's translation works well and showed me the content.
Her Tweet pointed to a Facebook post, full text below.

Met new friends but found love? It's up to people. 🎉

Today, let's introduce a friend app for shy or dislike to expect and love writing classical letters ❤.This app keeps playing. It's different from tinder or dating app where!! Use Avatar 😂😂 we choose character as you like. We use as an agent. No Photos. Send photos to each other. But update the version. Will it be asked for permission from the origin first or the conversation partner..The fun of this app is at!!
  1. Apart from using avatar for myself, we can't predict the outside of the other side. Haha. Handsome, beautiful, Six Pack, tempting? It's really good to use it.
  2. We send a message by distance. In Thailand, it may be 1-3 days abroad by hours. It looks like bottle messages app. It makes us not expect for sure, but I believe it's excited. Let's do it. 😂😂 how are they going to receive, or are we waiting for friends to send them. What kind of update, how is he? It makes us look like sending a real letter with stamp. (Gen z age may not understand. Haha. 😂)
  3. Apart from time distance with the country, start with us to talk to someone or start talking. We have to type 100 letters or more. and every time of sending, no one will answer. Hmmm, emojis or spot. 100 Of course because he wants us to see the value of writing, communication and thinking first to review the understanding.
  4. We don't have to be friends because the app doesn't have an add or match button first. Just open it to anyone's profile page randomly (explain in the next one) that there is something you like. Is it a match? How old is he? What Zodiac (zodiac count by the age The reason I applied for the app) so that we don't rant that the lifestyle is not stingy. Haha. We can't get along. I can't talk because I choose it myself. Just choose and type a message to make friends.
  5. Yes, continuously. Number 4 app can identify gender, which is quite open. Choose which topics we are interested in, such as health, movie, fiction, psychology, pets, education, environment, relationship so that we can choose the other side or the other side You can talk to us so that you don't have to have to have to have problems around that we can talk to different types, I can't communicate. They solve this well by designing the things that we are interested, put on our bio.
  6. Time to talk, we can define gender. If you want a man, how old do you want to open bio? (as in the photo in the post) or not, or not. Just want friends to talk to Thai or foreign people if your heart is fresh. The app can do it.* this one suggests that if you really want someone to play, it can check that I find someone who plays online. The latest person who answers on time because someone has loaded it. They haven't played for many days, so that they won't leave messages.
  7. Social Media. What kind of thing is it later? If you want to be very lazy, post it in bio. Because if he is interested, I will go to see it myself except he doesn't care. 😂😂
  8. Since I have been playing this app since 2018, I can call that I focus on finding friends more than love. So if anyone gets a couple from this app, please tell me. Haha. Someone exchanged social talk to each other until now.
  9. Apart from what I said that it's an app of not expecting, just excited about waiting for messages, so it's good for those who want to learn to talk. Start looking for topic. Talk about what you like too. We don't have to be afraid that they will take me. What do you look like? Except if the name I use matches social, they won't be difficult to find us. It's an app of friendship. The whole world can talk to us too.
.Loads for both IOS / AndroidThe rest, continue reading at the picture. 🎉I wish I could get new friends.
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2020.05.25 19:17 SpanglishPoet Profile Critique: Is my profile too Corny &/or Long? I'm struggling in Quarantine.

Hey everyone. I live in NYC, I'm non-monogamous, in an open marriage (my wife has a medical condition that limits our ability to have sex) & I'm struggling with quarantine (certainly less than many others, yet struggling nonetheless). I finally broke down & decided to go on OKC, hoping to at least connect virtually. Maybe set something up for when quarantine ends. Nothing. For Weeks. It's gotten a lot harder than ever before. It's possible that while online dating is on the rise, non-monogamy is on the decline. Or maybe my resistance to swipe culture is finally catching up to me. If I make my profile much shorter, I'm going to be tempted to just copy & paste my old Tinder profile that uses a bullet point approach (no real sentences & not much self expression). Thank you in advance!
Possible Profile Pics: Labeled A through M

ME: 6'4", Progressive, Sex Positive, GGG, Non-Monogamous, Poly, Married, Kinky, Intersectional, Feminist, Nerdy, Intellectual, Curious, Considerate
😍: Empathy, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Personal Growth, Assertive, Kind, Enthusiastic Consent, Introspective, 420, Films, Prestige TV, Rap, Mexican, Thai, Sweets, Neuroscience, Psychology, Nature, Fitness
Swipe 👈🏾 if you're...
• Not mutually engaged in convos

Most people that know me would say I'm...
I’m wildly imaginative. I can easily lose myself for hours in quiet pursuit of curiosities. I’m innovative. I get stuck on nagging problems, hacking together solutions through tinkering and research. I love to dance. But I’m not interested in following prescribed steps. I want to follow my own synchronous rhythm to the given moment. I’d rather be tactfully honest than polite. I want my time and investments in conversations to be meaningful and fruitful. I know that avoiding conflict is only a superficial solution, yielding temporary results and hiding problems that fester over time. I’m never bored. In fact, my life is structured around my passions. Yes, there’s a ton of bullshit to wade through. A lot of challenges, thinking on your feet and regular defeat. But there’s also plenty of heartwarming fun and a profound sense of satisfaction and purpose.
I'm intersectional, multifaceted, 2nd generation immigrant, non-monogamous, poly, married, kink oriented, progressive, intersectional, feminist, a supporter of LGBTQ rights, enthusiastic-consent aware and overall progressive. I'm interested in exercise, bicycling, traveling on a budget, indie films, docs, docu-series, mini-series, shows, blockbusters, hip hop, alternative rap, alternative rock, film scores, sound tracks, Mexican, Thai, gastro.
I value
I'm drawn to people who are introspective; who recognize their privileges and actively work towards personal growth. I appreciate the courage displayed in thoughtful vulnerability and the authenticity in owning one's imperfection. I'm intrigued by those who are unsettled by curiosity; those with the compulsion to investigate the answers to their questions. And if you're moved to action by a sense of empathy and solidarity for people who don't look anything like you, I'll be wrapped around your little finger. There's nothing hotter than people who give a shit and live their purported values
What I'm actually looking for
I’m playfully combative. I may tease you, hoping you’ll return the favor. I want us to challenge one another. Let’s talk each other's ears off about our intellectual pursuits. Let’s take turns teaching one another something new; taking one another on different adventures. I want to lose myself in laughter, and to look up and find you looking back at me--an inviting tension between us. I want to have memorable conversations that are interrupted by slow kisses 🌹
I want to find connection, above all--to see someone and to be seen. I want to discover another person's idiosyncrasies and embrace them as defining characteristics. I want to play; to learn what makes you tick and to pluck at your strings. I want to fantasize that we're different people, in different circumstances, breaking somebody’s rules. I want to use a soft touch; move slowly, methodically, almost imperceptibly, to draw your breath out and seduce you into losing control. I want you to want it, enthusiastically and to have you whisper it my ear. Let's connect like new friends. Let's embrace like old confidants. Let's play like lovers 🍓
What I’m working on
(Optional) LET'S TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT 🤪 If you decide to swipe right 👉 consider answering *at least* one of the following questions❓Please elaborate. Please be able to hold up your end of a conversation.
Name at least one...
🥉 achievement you are proud of
🌱 thing you'd change about your life
💾 life changing sacrifice you've made
🧵 skill you wish came naturally to you
🥐 wish you'd make on behalf of society
🎞️ memory that's really important to you
🍨 of your favorite fantasies (of any kind)
✏️ change you'd like to make to my profile
😑 trait you'd change about your personality
🍰 underlying theory as to why poverty exist
🧸 character in a story you most identify with
🐛 thing you wish people understood about you
💘 change you'd make about your taste in partners
🗝️ question you wish I had asked throughout this list
🦊 thing that challenged you most these past few years

I promise to reciprocate!
Or, if you have a better idea, fire away!
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2020.04.12 03:25 standingrows 5 Nui Cobalt Reviews

Speedy turnaround time, both orders came with a cute thank you card and sample. These blends are super elegant.They live in this beautiful soft middle ground, nuanced and give a gentle but long wearing scent. Really impressed with how true to the notes they've all felt for me, it's rare I can order from a company and have scents fall squarely within the realm of my expectations. Rating em against each other 1-5 based on how often they're getting worn.
Busy Bee: A piquant potion for swift and efficient productivity. A blend of Oolong and Tibetan black tea with peach blossom honey, cardamom, and clove, sharpened with pink peppercorn and dry oakwood.
Rating: #4 The fact that this made it to 4 surprises me bc it's really good stuff. I wore it every day for like a week when I first got it but it's been back burnered in favor of Hoodwink.
Really smells like brown sugar oatmeal and a cup of gently spiced tea at a heavy oak table. Has a bit of a farmer's market vibe to it, extremely cozy and warm. Reading by a fireplace type scent, really homey. I love the relaxed use of spice here bc cardamom and clove can really overshoot the mark for me sometimes. Lotta fall vibes.
Yemaya: ocean air and sea foam sweetened with coconut, pound cake, and fresh watermelon.
Rating: #2 This was a hard race but I love wearing fruity scents, especially blended with other clean notes. Since the weather's getting warmer watermelon wins out.
Fresh watermelon mixes with a fresh breezy scent that leans slightly ocean scented candle/soap. The pound cake sweetens it and adds a little texture to the base. No baked notes, maybe a hint of smoothness from coconut but mostly just a buttery fluffiness. Fresher than it is sweet it's not a candied or dessert gourmand imo. The watermelon note is really the standout for me and it mixes well enough with the aquatic notes that it's still wearable for me (certain fresh aquatic scents do my head in). Like... Clean sheets but make it watermelon.
Ailurophelia: The love of Cats. Egyptian musk, tonka, and dulce de leche wrapped in luxuriant cashmere, soft suede, wisps of sandalwood and copal smoke.
Rating: #3 I feel super confident in this, but it's not often a profile I reach for by itself. I do love layering it with Hoodwink, it lends some clean musky goodness to the denser sweet tea.
This is so fuzzy. Like a sweater stored alongside incense. It's mostly Egyptian musk, hints of sweetness and sandalwood powder. It's fuzzy rather than powdery. No pronounced smokiness and the incense notes are diffuse. Sophisticated AF. Honestly aptly named to me it's slinky and graceful, a little standoffish.
Flim Flam: A beautifully balanced concoction to ease anxiety and calm the mind. Lush Phillipine mango with steamed sticky rice and a decadent drizzle of coconut syrup. Wear to settle down, center yourself, and see with clarity.
Rating: #5 I'm not grabbing this much at all! The mango note is tops but it turns out I'm not about that rice life. Especially not when pitted against Yemaya's watermelon.
This is a great example of why I don't judge a scent from the bottle bc in there it's mango cornchip to me. They have completely NAILED the mango here though hot damn it's just tart enough, maybe a little pineappley but it's for sure mango. When it dries down it's fresh ripe mango with just the right amount of tartness and some very toasty rice. Tiny bit of coconut holding down the fort too. The tartness from the mango fades pretty quickly but a little bit of sweetness stays with the rice for most of the wear period.
Hoodwink A soothing scent for rest and replenishment. A tall glass of Thai iced tea sweetened with Tupelo honey and swirled with vanilla rice milk.
Rating: #1 this one has the most flexibility and repeat wearability for me so it's my favorite of the bunch. Tea is one of my all time fav notes.
Immediately identifiable as tea. Isn't as sweet as the Thai iced teas I get bc they're condensed milk but the vanilla rice milk+honey is a nice creamy/thickened sweetness that doesn't steal the show from the tea. It is strongly brewed and has the tiniest touch of bitterness on the edges but it wears gently for me. My partner loves this one they say it smells like brown sugar or waffle syrup (they don't drink tea haha) and could smell it as soon as they walked in the room hours after I'd last applied it so apparently the scent cloud is stronger than I'd initially thought lol.
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2020.02.21 03:57 Practical_Wrap Absolute disgusting over hundreds of pedophilia cases on asian countries done by whites.

Federal Cybersecurity Director Found Guilty on Child Porn ...

Massive child webcam sex bust in Philippines reveals rising abuse worldwide The Japan Times

A known pedophile with kids is engaged to a woman from the Philippines. Runs for politics as a self described: “Red pilled libertarian.” – an aggregate website devoted to exploring the darker, sociological implications of the world's greatest imbalance of interracial and intercultural relationships.

Mt. Holly man wanted in child sex assaults, wife charged

Convicted Pedophile Still Actively Involved With Children’s NGO - The Cambodia Daily

Tennessee man pleads to charges of abusing his family:

Teacher who claimed he molested his daughter after mistaking her for his wife jailed South China Morning Post:

Gammy ' s Australian parents were ' hiding in their home ' all ...

Paso Robles man allegedly molested multiple children:

‘It’s been a disaster’: Man suing Surrey Creep Catchers speaks out CTV Vancouver News

Photographer documents American fathers and their adopted Chinese children: Shanghaiist

Thai police expand hunt for suspected Western paedophiles:

English-school operator 'sexually abused 40 girls'

Thai police arrest paedophile suspect UK news The Guardian

American pedophile who molested 9-year-old arrested in the Philippines New York Post

British paedophile Richard William Fruin caught in Cambodia Daily Mail Online

Cambodia Netherlands: Fugitive paedophile Pieter Ceulen arrested - BBC News:

US Man Gets 25 Years For Molesting Boys In China The Nanfang:

American man held from Kathmandu on paedophilia charge ...

Nepal Police intensifies vigilance against potential paedophiles

Another foreign teacher accused of sexual abuse - Lost …

Disgraced B.C. teacher employed by Beijing school Vancouver Sun

Man sentenced to 70 years in prison for molesting kids in Cambodia

Jakarta International School Employed US American Child ...

Pedophile's jail sentence cut - World -

Jared Fogle ‘craved’ 14-year-old Asian girls: text messages New York Post:

Wanted alleged UK child rapist found to be working in ...

Brit teacher arrested on child sex allegations in Cambodia Daily Mail Online

British paedophile who jumped bail finally held in Thailand London Evening Standard

Fugitive 'who had unprotected sex with men and women to spread his HIV' is caught in holiday resort - Mirror Online

Singaporeans outraged over American pedophile's jail term Daily Mail Online

Philippines to deport American pedophile

Australians the worst child sex offenders in Thailand

Father who raped his gay daughter to prove ‘sex was better with men’ jailed for 21 years The Independent

Dad Who Raped Daughter: 'Was Fun While It Lasted':

Big Stone Gap Police officer facing rape, incest, grooming, and indecent liberties charges WSET:

Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May — RT UK:

More than 70 UK sex offenders refused entry to South East Asia

Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy

More than 200 children identified and rescued in worldwide police operation Europol:

One of the most disturbing coffee breaks of my life': Halting 'child rape' holidays in Asia

1,400 investigated in child sex abuse inquiry, including politicians UK news The Guardian:

Richard Huckle faces life sentences for Malaysia child abuse - BBC News:

US child porn suspect flees to South Korea:

Bombshell documentary about Hollywood pedophile ring preying on child actors that's been linked to X-Men director Bryan Singer premieres in New York Daily Mail Online:

Kids 'Sitting Ducks' for Pedophile Teachers - ABC News

UN slams Vatican for 'efforts to cover up' pedophile priests in sex abuse scandal - World News:

Danish man charged with ordering the sexual abuse of 346 Filipino children - The Local:

Rolf Harris guilty: but what has Operation Yewtree really taught us about sexual abuse?

Pedophiles drawn to ESL jobs, groups warn

Ex USC professor named FBI s Top 10 Most Wanted list pleads guilty traveling Asia sex young boys met online

UK police arrest 660 suspected pedophiles -

British Pedophile Successfully Changes His Name and Continues Teaching Kids in Thailand:

386 Kids Rescued in Worldwide Child Porn Bust. Hundreds ...

Organizer of child sex ring in Thailand sentenced to 25 years -

For today's pedophiles, it's all too easy - The Globe and Mail

British paedo running kids charity in Cambodia - Mirror Online

Mark Frost admits 45 sex crimes Daily Mail Online

New Jersey actor gets nearly 20 years in child sex case

Midland paedophile enjoys holiday in child sex resort thanks to loophole in law - Birmingham Mail

Elijah Wood Speaks Out on Child Abuse in Hollywood :

Petition · Steven Burn, child-porn cardiologist, should be struck off. ·

Couple Charged With Child Abuse Seattle Times Newspaper

Harvard man charged with sexual assault of child - Lake County News-Sun:

Australian Cardinal and Aide to Pope Is Charged With Sexual Assault - The New York Times

Police Arrest Alleged American Pedophile Who Fled to Thailand to Work as a Teacher

Norwalk man gets 22 years in prison for crimes against children in Cambodia – Whittier Daily News

Delhi Police focus on 23 chats recovered from Murray Dennis Ward’s phone The Indian Express

Michael Gerson - No More Pedophile Tourists

Southeast Asia a Haven for Pedophiles - ABC News:

Karl Joseph Kraus, 90-year-old Australian ... - NY Daily News

Arizona Man Who Photographed Sexual Abuse of Young Boys while Working in China Sentenced to 25 Years in Federal Prison USAO-CDCA Department of Justice:

World Briefing Asia: Indonesia: Pedophile Found Hanged - The New York Times

Raleigh church youth director accused of having child porn ::

Native English teacher accused of kissing students

British Pedophile Arrested in Cambodia For Allegedly Raping Four Minors

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children - NBC News

Justice Denied: Metropolitan Police cover up VIP ...

Pedophiles find cover in parts of Asia - World news - Asia-Pacific NBC News

Empowering pedophiles New York Post:

The Catholic Church’s Latest Abuse Scandals Foreign Policy:

National Review Online:

National Review Online

Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling overseas - ABC News

Philippines' Duterte asks head of human rights agency: 'Are you a pedophile?'

120 child sex traffickers arrested, 84 kids rescued in FBI sting (VIDEO) — RT US News

The pedophile tentacles that stretch from the Philippines into Australian homes : Preda Foundation, Inc.

American ALT at Tokyo high school nabbed over alleged molestation - The Mainichi

American paedophile planned to reenact movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Filipino victims - ASEAN/East Asia The Star Online

Deluge of Child Abuse Allegations Shocks China

The Impact of Pedophilia Crisis on the Church in Asia

Catholic officials threaten to sue ex-altar boys

‘It’s been a disaster’: Man suing Surrey Creep Catchers speaks out : vancouver

Orlando man accused of adopting Filipino girl for sex Daily Mail Online

The man with the naked piano -

White male serial killer Arthur Shawcross is a psychopath, guilty of killing 2 children and 11 prostitutes, has an Asian partner and a half-Asian daughter – an aggregate website devoted to exploring the darker, sociological implications of the world's greatest imbalance of interracial and intercultural relationships.

White guy fantasises about raping his Eurasian daughter : hapas:

Convicted Australian paedophile Peter Dundas Walbran is arrested after being caught working in a SCHOOL in Thailand Daily Mail Online

Former teacher jailed for molesting seven-year-old at learning centre, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories - The Straits Times:

Dutch Pedophile Sebastian Reuyl Sentenced to Five Years Prison in Cambodia

American Brian Naswall gets 10 years for buying child sex in Cambodia Daily Mail Online:

Paedophile, 77, jailed 18 months for sexually abusing three boys general-news news:

Pedophile exposed, National, Phnom Penh Post
81-Year-Old Serial American Paedophile Gets 10 Years Sentence For Molesting Young Boys In Cambodia Doy News

Robert Fiddes Ellis: Australian paedophile says molesting girls ‘not serious’

Police arrest dozens in international pedophile ring swoop News DW 18.04.2017

Indian orphans sexually abused by western paedophile ring -- New Internationalist:

Go East, Western Women! (Comments)

List of pedophile and pederast advocacy organizations - Wikipedia

Creator of 'world's largest' child porn site sentenced - NY Daily News

Foreign teachers facing heightened scrutiny after recent ...

Sex tourism in South East Asia

Police arrest 870 suspected paedophiles and rescue hundreds of ...

Father of little girl killed in one of Australia’s ‘most evil’ crimes speaks ten years after murder - Yahoo7:

Peter Scully accused of masterminding paedophile ring shrugs off charges Daily Mail Online:
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2020.02.16 06:55 intlnews Chinese bourgeoisie profiting off Palestinians

Building off my chart analyzing recent OHCHR data[1], I also highlighted Dutch, Thai, U$, French, Luxembourger, and UK bourgeoisie profiting off the people in Occupied Palestine. [2] I decided to look up companies based on China, and six companies came up.
Dahua Technology, "a provider of video surveillance products and services" is listed as another company, but the link is dead. However, a November 2018 report notes Dahua's role in Zionist occupation of Palestine. However, there is still a Facebook page titled "Dahua Israel." Other sources show Palestine as part of their market, and notes two of their partners in Palestine: Safety Technology Co. and Technopal.
In any case, in Chinese state media publications, keep in mind these recent news elements:
"The Israeli Embassy in China has also sent blessings to China, stressing that Israel values its relations with China and is willing to stand in solidarity with China and is willing to render assistance to people in need." - Feb 7, 2020
"Shanghai further consolidated its role as a major hub for global industry leaders after the municipal government inked agreements for 60 new foreign-invested projects worth $7.3 billion on Friday... Also present at the signing ceremony on Friday was Watergen, an Israel-based company that provides renewable sources of clean drinking water. According to Ivan Melnikov, the company's chief representative in China, Watergen has signed an agreement with Shanghai municipal government to set up its regional management headquarters in Shanghai this year. But the regional headquarters is just a short-term target, said Melnikov. The company also plans to set up a production facility in the Yangtze River Delta region this year, with an investment of around 200 million yuan ($29 million). Meanwhile, a small research and development center is also expected to be set up in Shanghai this year."- Jan 11, 2020
There is double-talk as they take a position that all sides should follow international law when it comes to the Zionists and Palestinians, while claiming to care about the Palestinians and their rights, clearly supporting the bankrupt two-state solution, again claiming Palestine cred.
[1] I also noted how it divides based on existing OHCHR categories; other U$ bourgeoisie like Seagate have started operated in the Zionist state.
[2] This release is not what the Zionists wanted.
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2020.02.13 17:52 YukaHiKn Curiosity got the better of me and I briefly unblocked my ex

I think I posted about him on here before, when we first split up. He didn't treat me the way I deserved for a large chunk of our relationship. Even now, he gets into my head every once in a while.
Y'know how Facebook has the Memories feature? I like to scroll through it and saw his name pop up in the comments of a post. Even if they're blocked, they show up, and while you can't click their profile, you can see if their profile pic has changed. His was a now a selfie with a girl and I have no idea what got into me, but the curiosity was overwhelming and I unblocked him to see. It was a mixed bag of emotions.
On one hand, I had affirmation that I'm glad I'm no longer tied to him. His face gave me a sense of repulsion. Obviously I used to think he was cute, but later on he let himself go. Could never grow a beard to save his life and yet even now he still tries. But that girl is what really threw me off.
She's cute, I'll give her that. But in a modest homely sorta way. Looks Filipina, with a bright smile and kindness in her eyes. My first reaction was that I think I'm physically prettier than her. My ex put a lot of emphasis on body type when we were together so I was surprised that I she was short and overweight. Obviously that doesn't matter to me, but with all the body shaming he gave me, either he changed his tune drastically or he "settled for less", if you will. One of the last times we spoke, he told me how he "didn't know what these bitches want." So he either changed his standards or he just couldn't land the model type women he so desired. I wonder if he went for her because of her ethnicity. I'm half Thai myself but often mistaken for half Filipina. Did he think that he'd be able to find a submissive partner in her? I was too outspoken for him, I think, and he did his best to beat me down with words.
Once I got past this flash of vainful pride, I was filled with sadness. I wanted to find out who she was and warn her. Tell her how he treated me and if he even showed a hint of that past behaviour, to get the hell out. She was so small next to him. While he's never laid his hands on me, my mind was racing with "What if?" Did he stop his drinking so she wouldn't have to deal with his drunken foolishness? Did he know about the bird he hanged in his home country as a child? But she wasn't tagged in anything, for all I know she didn't have Facebook. And at the end of the day, it wasn't my place. It's not a good look to be the creepy ex, chasing off new flames while I'm safe and sound in my marriage.
I hope no one thinks I'm trying to be high and mighty. I just needed a place to write out my feelings. I genuinely hope he's changed and they're happy. But something inside me just wonders what if that isn't the case. When he was hospitalized with another mental break about a year ago, his friends reached out to me to see if I knew anything. That says to me something was going on in his head involving me and perhaps this new girl is just a way to get over me. The date stamps on the photos line up for when he was in the hospital so who knows.
If you made it this far thanks for reading.
Edit: No idea why I'm being downvoted to hell. :( Sorry you think I'm an ass? Idk...
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2019.12.12 01:37 chirstopher0us [Selling][World Wide] 17 knife sale! Kohetsu, Shun, Yaxell, Tojiro, Wusthof, DaoVua, and more.

EDIT: ALL SOLD. Thanks chefknifeswap!

17 knife sale! Kohetsu, Shun, Yaxell, Tojiro, Wusthof, DaoVua, and more. HERE is an imgur album with detailed pictures of each.
EDIT: Many reduced prices on the Yaxell and Wusthof knives. Forged Japanese and German knives that will last forever.
Feel free to ask any questions. I am willing to do some movement on price and ship together for any multi-knife purchases, with perhaps two exceptions where I'm firm on price.
Shipping: Prices do NOT include shipping because I want anyone who is interested to be able to buy if we can figure out shipping, and that means costs to me could vary a lot so I am quoting prices before shipping. I am selling from the central US. Typically 1-knife shipping in Continental US is $11. If the package is between 1-2lbs (would require multiple knives) it is $15.
1. EDIT: SOLD Kohetsu HAP40 240mm Wa Gyuto. HAP40 semi-stainless steel w/ stainless cladding. HRC 65-66 means it has the best edge retention of any knife I've ever owned. It seems to drop from 100% sharp to about 90% sharp at about the same slow rate as other powder metallurgy steels, but then it seems to stay at 90%-ish forever (or to wear down really, really slowly). Great for people who want crazy edge retention. Was $205 new, asking $165.
2. EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Shun Blue 10” Kiritsuke. Blue/Aogami #2 carbon steel w/ stainless cladding. Includes Saya. Was $313 new, asking $250.
3. EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Shun Reserve 8” Chef. SG2 stainless steel w/ stainless ladder damascus cladding. Back in 2008 before he partnered with Zwilling, Bob Kramer partnered on a line of knives with Shun. For whatever business reasons, that partnership was short-lived. This line was how Shun used the remaining stock originally meant for Kramer knives. They changed the edge profile very slightly, and they shaped the hook of the handle slightly differently. It is a superb knife, thin, rounded spine, wonderful distal taper, wonderful handle, with a ridiculous laser grind. Was $380 new, asking $300. EDIT: these have been discontinued and out of stock for several years now, there are none on eBay, and the Shun Kramers are going for ~$500 on eBay. I'm going to reconsider selling this one.
4. EDIT: SOLD Yaxell Enso HD 10” Gyuto/Chef. VG-10 stainless steel w/ stainless damascus cladding with hammered tsuchime finish. Was $150 new, asking $100. EDIT: reduced to $80.
5. EDIT: SOLD DaoVua Leaf Spring 180mm Bunka. Carbon steel recycled from vehicle leaf springs, most likely 5160, but not way to be sure. Rounded spine and choil myself. Wood inlay handle. Was $50 new, asking $40.
6. EDIT: SOLD Tojiro A-1 DP Nakiri. VG-10 stainless core w/ stainless cladding. Same blade as DP series, basic handle. Was $38 new, asking $25.
7. EDIT: SOLD Shun Sora 9” Scalloped Slicer (Bread Knife). VG-10 stainless steel core w/ stainless cladding. Not your typical bread knife, as teeth and rounded and shaped differently in the front and back half of the blade, making crumbless slices and functioning really well as a general slicer. Was $90 new, asking $60.
8. EDIT: SOLD Sekiryu Stainless Deba. Tsuchime finish and wood handle. Was $25 new, asking $15.
9. EDIT: SOLD Wusthof Grand Prix II 8” Chef. X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. Was $150 new, asking $100. EDIT: reduced to $80.
10. Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu (bolsterless) 8” Slicer. Was $120 new, asking $75. EDIT: reduced to $60.
11. Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu Offset Bread Knife, 8”. Was $110 new, asking $60. EDIT: reduced to $50.
12. Wusthof Classic flexible 6” Fillet. Was $110 new, asking $60. EDIT: reduced to $50.
13. EDIT: SOLD Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu (bolsterless) 3.5” Paring Knife. Was $40 new, asking $25. EDIT: reduced to $20.
14. EDIT: SOLD Winco 10” Stainless Slicer. Asking $10 (or $5 if added to another knife purchased)
15. EDIT: SOLD Kiwi Kom 7” Thai Chef/Cleaver. Asking $10 (or $5 if added to another knife purchased)
16. EDIT: SOLD Sekiryu Stainless Deba, plain finish. Was $23 new, asking $15.
17. Mercer Genesis semi-flexible stainless boning knife. Was $24 new, asking $15.
In my rush to get this up, I forgot to list the sharpening supplies. Sorry about that.
18. EDIT: SOLD King KW-65 1000/6000 combination whetstone with holdestand. Recently flattened on both sides with a diamond plate. Was $30 new, asking $20.
19. Miyabi diamond & ceramic 2-stage pull-through sharpener. This Miyabi model is unique in that it sets a steep 10 degree per side edge angle and is designed to handle steels up to 66HRC. Makes knives really quite sharp in a fool-proof way. Was $50 new, asking $35. EDIT: reduced to $25.
20. EDIT: SOLD 8" x 3" balsa strop. When loaded with a lapping compound, sets a crazy-polished finished edge. I sanded it clean and even and to get my compound of it before selling. I will however load the surface with your choice of 0.5 micron or 0.125 micron paste for you if you like. Was $7 new, so asking $5 and will only sell with the purchase of another item.
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2019.11.18 15:01 liuidaxmn Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 2019–11–18(Market index 38 — Fear state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 2019–11–18(Market index 38 — Fear state)

Thailand Ministry Of Finance To Launch Blockchain-Based Visitor VAT Refund ServiceAccording to the Bangkok Post, the Thai Ministry of Finance plans to introduce a blockchain-based value-added tax (VAT) for foreign tourists from the end of November. Thai Financial Minister Uttama Savanayana said that blockchain-based technology will speed up the refund process for visitors because once the store enters information into the system, the purchase details will be shared with the tax department and customs department based on the blockchain.
German And South African Regulators Issue Fraud Warnings On Karatbars InternationalIn Germany, according to a recent press release by BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, a cease and desist order has been issued against Karatbit. The order is to stop the company from its unauthorized electronic money business in Germany.As for South Africa, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority issued its own press release warning the public to not deal with Karatbars International, as it is not authorized in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, to render any financial advice and intermediary services. The press release continues that the authority was informed that the company has been offering investments to customers through WhatsApp, a messaging platform.
China’s Army Considering A Blockchain Rewards System, ReportChina’s military could implement a blockchain rewards system to manage personnel data and incentivize its workforce, the Global Times reported on Nov. 18. Citing a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily report, the Global Times underscores that the blockchain system would likely not involve financial incentives, but would be used as an innovation strategy for the military’s management.
Yahoo And LINE Announce Basic Agreement On Business Integration; Both Of Them Have Crypto ExchangesYahoo parent company Z Holdings (ZHD) and LINE formally announced that they had a basic agreement on business integration. On Nov 13, it was reported that the companies were approaching integration in the media reports. If Yahoo, which has the cryptocurrency exchange TAOTAO, and LINE, which also operates the cryptocurrency exchange BITMAX, will be integrated, it will have a major impact on the cryptocurrency industry.

BTC — BTC fell briefly yesterday, rebounding after falling to $8368 at the lowest level and falling after hitting $8620 at the highest level.In terms of capital flow, the net inflow in 24 hours was 3 billion yuan, a significant increase over the previous day.On the 4-hour K-line, the slope of the downward trend rate is slowing down, the trading volume continues to shrink, and the volatility has also dropped to a new low in recent years.At this stage, the disk support and pressure are weak, only part of the energy is needed, and it is easy to pull up. It is not difficult to break through the pressure of 8600 and 8800 dollars, and 9000 dollars is the strong pressure level.But it doesn’t make much sense to pull it up. The market information hasn’t been restored.The overall trend is roughly between $8400 and $8600.In terms of operation, the spot continues to hold, while the futures are not recommended for operation.
Review previous articles:

Encrypted project calendar(November 18, 2019)

Maker (MKR): 18 November 2019 MCD Launch “BIG changes to terminology are coming with the launch of MCD on Nov. 18th Say hello to Vaults, Dai, and Sai.”Vexanium (VEX): 18 November 2019 Nodes Blockchain Summit Vexanium will collaborate with Nodes Community to hold a blockchain conference called the Nodes Blockchain Summit.OKB (OKB): 18 November 2019 Utrecht Workshop “EVENT: We’re going back to basics with #101 workshops on #CryptoTrading in Utrecht & AmsterdamSantiment Network Token (SAN): 18 November 2019 Reddit AMA “…@Santimentfeed will be conducting its first Reddit AMA on the@EthfinanceRsubreddit on Monday, November 18, 2019 from 12pm to 3pm EST”.Decentralized Currency Assets (DCA): 18 November 2019 Added to Echoestrader “Decentralize Currency Assets(DCA) support’s the first crypto algorithm exchange goes live on november 18th 2019.”Aeternity (AE): and 5 others 18 November 2019 [TWITTERPOST] Shift Money 2019 conference from Nov 18–19 in Croatia.Maker (MKR): 18 November 2019 MCD Launch “BIG changes to terminology are coming with the launch of MCD on Nov. 18th Say hello to Vaults, Dai, and Sai.”Pundi X (NPXS): 18 November 2019 Binance Italian AMA “On November 18 at 3:00 pm CET, @binance Italian group will host AMA series with @peko0413 !” Coin (CRO): 18 November 2019 Exchange Closed Beta “Closed Beta starts the week of 18 Nov.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 19, 2019)

Lisk (LSK): 19 November 2019 Lisk.js “We are excited to announce liskjs2019 will take place on November 19th. This all day blockchain event will include…”Aion (AION): 19 November 2019 Hard Fork “Leading up to the hard fork on November 19th-20th, 2019 the Unity — Aion Kernel will be upgraded by node operators.”Enigma (ENG): 19 November 2019 Open Community Call The first Enigma Open Community Call is Tuesday, Nov 19th, 11AM ET! important updates on our protocol, the Genesis Game, and our road ahead.Lisk (LSK): 19 November 2019 Berlin Meetup “Ahead of LiskJS2019, our partners Berlin Valley are hosting a startup industry networking event, #DigitalTalents, tomorrow. “BitMax Token (BTMX): 19 November 2019 BitMax Delisting BitMax removes BTMXP/BTC, ETH/USDC, ETH/PAX, BAT/ETH, ZEC/ETH, DASH/ETH, LAMB/ETH, ZIL/ETH, COVA/ETH, ETC/ETH, FET/ETH, LAMBS/ETH, XTZ/ETH.

Encrypted project calendar(November 20, 2019)

OKB (OKB): 20 November 2019 OKEx Cryptour Odessa Ukr “Join us in Odessa as we journey through Ukraine for our OKEx Cryptour!DAPS Token (DAPS): 20 November 2019 Partnership with SWFT “Everyone will have $DAPS mobile wallets, atomic swaps and much more starting on the 20th of November!”Aragon (ANT): 20 November 2019 Draft Proposal Deadline “Draft proposals for Aragon Network Vote #5 are due in one week, on November 20 at 16:00 UTC…”IOTA (MIOTA): 20 November 2019 Smart City Expo Wilfried Pimenta, our Director of Business Development, will be among the speakers at the AI & Blockchain Summit in the Smart City Expo Worl…Bitcoin Fast (BTCF): 20 November 2019 BTCF Snapshot Snapshot taken of BTCF holders at 8:00 am (GMT-6).Credits (CS): 20 November 2019 AMA AMA with Credits team at 15:00 UTC.

Encrypted project calendar(November 21, 2019)

Cardano (ADA): and 2 others 21 November 2019 Meetup Netherlands (AMS) “This meetup is all about how to decentralize a blockchain, the problems and differences between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake…”Cappasity (CAPP): 21 November 2019 Virtuality Paris 2019 “Cappasity to demonstrate its solution for the interactive shopping experience at Virtuality Paris 2019.”Horizen (ZEN): 21 November 2019 Weekly Insider Team updates at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA.OKB (OKB): 21 November 2019 OKEx Talks — Johannesburg “Join us the largest city of South Africa — Johannesburg where we will host our OKEx Talks on the 21st Nov.”IOST (IOST): 22 November 2019 Singapore Workshop Join the Institute of Blockchain for their 2nd IOST technical workshop in Singapore on 22 Nov 2019. The workshop includes IOST’s key tech.OKB (OKB): 22 November 2019 St. Petersberg Talks “Join us in St. Petersberg on 22 Nov as we answer your questions on Crypto Security. “NEM (XEM): 21 November 2019 SME Thought Leadership “SME Thought Leadership Series Forum #2” in Selangor, Malaysia from 8:30 AM — 2:30 PM.Stellar (XLM): 21 November 2019 NYC Meetup “Stellar Blockchain Meetup ft. FIC Network and Sam Conner’s Meridian Recap” in NYC from 6–8 PM.Waves (WAVES): 21 November 2019 Edinburgh Workshop “Next Thursday, we’re running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing Smart Contracts in your city!”

Encrypted project calendar(November 22, 2019)

IOST (IOST): 22 November 2019 Singapore Workshop Join the Institute of Blockchain for their 2nd IOST technical workshop in Singapore on 22 Nov 2019. The workshop includes IOST’s key techOKB (OKB): 22 November 2019 St. Petersberg Talks “Join us in St. Petersberg on 22 Nov as we answer your questions on Crypto Security. “Zenon (ZNN): 22 November 2019 Awareness Fund Payout “Distribution of the fund takes place every Friday until Pillars Lock-in Phase is completed.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 23, 2019)

Californium (CF) and 1 other: 23 November 2019 Greece Meetup “On November 23, the Greek #Cryptocurrency Community Meetup will take place in Greece!”

Encrypted project calendar(November 25, 2019)

0x (ZRX): 25 November 2019 0x V3 Proposal Live “The 0x v3 proposal was approved and will go live on Ethereum mainnet starting November 25th!”Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR): 25 November 2019 Chain Migration “On November 25 at 23:00 CET, TokensNet will make a migration of the $ELI token from Ethereum blockchain to Bitcoin Cash blockchain…”

Encrypted project calendar(November 27, 2019)

OKB (OKB): 27 November 2019 OKEx Cryptour Vinnytsia “Join us in Vinnytsia as we journey through Ukraine for our OKEx Cryptour!” (FET): 27 November 2019 London Meetup “Join us on 27 November @primalbasehq to hear an exciting progress report as we prepare for the launch of our #mainnet”

Encrypted project calendar(November 28, 2019)

Horizen (ZEN): 28 November 2019 Weekly Insider Team updates at 3:30 PM UTC/ 11:30 AM EDT: Engineering, Node network, Product/UX, Helpdesk, Legal, BD, Marketing, CEO Closing thoughts, AMA.

Encrypted project calendar(November 29, 2019)

Zenon (ZNN): 29 November 2019 Awareness Fund Payout “Distribution of the fund takes place every Friday until Pillars Lock-in Phase is completed.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 30, 2019)

Ethos (ETHOS): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Rebranding “In November, we unveil the broker token, a dynamic utility token to power our commission-free crypto trading and broker platform, Voyager.”Digitex Futures (DGTX): 30 November 2019 Public Testnet Launch “…We can expect to see the world’s first zero-commission futures trading platform live on the Ethereum public testnet from 30th November.”Monero (XMR): 30 November 2019 Protocol Upgrade “Preliminary information thread regarding the scheduled protocol upgrade of November 30.”Chiliz (CHZ): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Fiat to CHZ Exchanges “We will add another two fiat to $CHZ exchanges in November…”Skrumble Network (SKM): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) P2P & Group Calling “P2P & Group Video Calling,” during November 2019.Aergo (AERGO): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Mainnet 2.0 Upgrade Mainnet 2.0 Protocol update by end of November.Akropolis (AKRO): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Beta Release “All functionality has been deployed to mainnet.”Nash Exchange (NEX): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Mobile Strategy Phase 2 “Phase 2 of our mobile strategy will be live soon with our wallet and portfolio app hitting stores in November!”Akropolis (AKRO): 30 November 2019 (or earlier) Beta Release “All functionality has been deployed to mainnet.”Pakcoin (PAK): 30 November 2019 Staking Mobile App Android app for staklet is going to be launched on November 30th.

Encrypted project calendar(December 1, 2019)

Auxilium (AUX): 01 December 2019 AUX Interest Distribution Monthly interest distribution by Auxilium Interest Distribution Platform for coinholders. Also supports charity.I/O Coin (IOC): 01 December 2019 Pos Reward Halving IOC block reward halving is happening on December 1st 2019.

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2019.11.17 20:59 natnattasit Asians are racist as f***

While western racism had lead to genocide and oppression of many races, modern-day western countries have acknowledged it and are trying their best (I think) to fade it away. On the one hand, Asian people still hold racist values, especially in ultra-nationalistic countries. Where I come from, we won’t insult nor threat people for being of a different race but we will make sure your life is hell. In Thailand, where I live, we see black people (Negroids) as inferior people. We have a minority negrito tribe in the southern part of Thailand and they are portrayed as savages in plays and literature and blackface is normal and comedic here. We are notorious for our offensive advertisement depicting black people as undesirable. Also, Thais would use the word ’Lao’, referring to Laotians, to label people who act primitively and out of trend. I don’t want to speak for other countries about their racism but some other examples are Japan, China, and South Korea. They distance themselves from people of different races and nationalities, especially people with darker skin. All east Asian countries also tend to believe they are superior to their neighbors. South Koreans see almost all Thai people like Trump supporters see Mexicans. They profile every tourist regardless of their legal visa and class, if you are Thai, you are a potential illegal immigrant. They even discriminate against NK defectors! Chinese people subjugated many peoples in China and created the Han race myth. They are persecuting Turkic Uyghurs and sending them into camps. And surprise surprise, they hate Japan and South Korea. And finally, the common enemy of every Asian country (maybe not Japan since they were briefly best friends with the Nazis) but can’t really hate them since we trade with, the whites. Some countries in Asia like in SEA and China teach history that fuels hate towards white people.
What makes Asian racism different is that even though we hate you for your inferior race, we still have the saving face culture.
”We won’t make it obvious because in some way we are smart enough to know that we need you to be our workforce/trade partner but in the end, we are still superior. If you can’t accept the fact that you are living as a second class citizen then you should find somewhere else.” — Asian people
As an Asian person, I hate the fakeness and the denial of people here. It disgusts me.
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2019.10.29 23:23 TimeImpact2430 I am 23, a Social Impact Project Manager, and make $115,000 a year in New York City

Retirement balance:
Emergency Fund Balance: $14,000
Big Ticket Item + Travel/Fun Fund Accounts: $2500-$3000 minimum per month (just created these accounts). All of my savings before were filtered into emergency fund (I unfortunately had a couple of emergencies this year so I had to re-top it). The total is 6 months worth of expenses.
Credit card debt: $0 • I pay in full every month
Student loan debt: $0 • I studied Social Work at a private university. I received a full-tuition merit scholarship and am extremely grateful for it. My rent/living expenses were paid with a combination of outside scholarships my first year, multiple jobs (I generally worked between 2-3 jobs at a time during school) and my parents.
Income Main Job Monthly Take Home: $2,048 every two weeks. • My primary salary has changed a lot in the past year. Last Fall I got a job making $55,000. At the beginning of 2019, NYC law changed and my salary received an increase to $60,000. In July I officially received a promotion I had fought hard for, and my salary went up to $70,000. After a lot of debate, however, I ended up taking another job in mid-September which I started today (mid-October). This new job pays $92,000, but I will be contributing fully to my 403b, so my take home will roughly be the same. This take home reflects what it will be starting in January. Without the 403b decrease, each paycheck is $2,747.
Side Hustle: I’m a fitness instructor part-time so this income varies (based on how much I teach/work). I estimate $25,000 take home this year. I started this job in May. At my peak I was teaching 20-25 classes a week but I’ve since slowed down a ton, and now teach 7-10 on average.
Rent: $1,795/month • I live in a 1B1BA alone. I had a toxic roommate situation in an apartment that was nicer (and cheaper) but was much further away from my jobs, and was more strenuous on my life overall. I’m very happy to live alone.
Renters insurance: ~$130 for the year
Chase Sapphire Preferred fee: $95 for the year
Electric and gas: $60-100 (I haven’t experienced a winter here yet but I would assume it could go up to $100).
Wi-Fi: $42.50 for my share
Cellphone: $75 • I pay my parents to be on the family plan. They switched to Verizon a little over a year ago at my insistence (our other provider was awful) and they only got unlimited data for my benefit, so I’m definitely being undercharged.
Spotify Premium: $11 per month
Netflix: Parents plan
Hulu: Paused this subscription when the Handmaid’s Tale ended
Day 1:
6:00 AM: Wake up and lounge in bed for the next hour. I got back from Toronto last night and had an awful migraine, so I passed out around midnight as soon as I got home. I drift in and out of sleep for the next few hours.
8:10 AM: Wake up and still have a slight migraine. I drink water and organize my room. Today is my first day of my new job – a full-time remote position. I feel good about the switch I made, but it will be interesting to make this transition. My last day at my old job was last Friday (it is now Wednesday) so I took the few days in between to eat my way through Toronto.
8:30 AM: I shower, get dressed, and brush my teeth. I start to look through the onboarding documents that my manager sent over last night.
9:00 AM: The workday officially begins! I work in project management, and my new company is based in the Midwest, so their day doesn’t start yet, however my schedule is on East Coast time. I receive a ton of greetings on Slack from those up early in the Midwest, and my East Coast counterparts.
11:00 AM: I have a virtual meeting with one of my colleagues. He’s extremely helpful, and I’m able to sort through a few technical questions. Being a few hours ahead means that I was able to do a lot of stuff on my own this morning, which I’m grateful for. Although I only graduated a few years ago, all of my positions have been largely self-directed. I was given a great deal of autonomy particularly in my last position (I was the only person in my location, and I largely controlled my schedule, who I met with, where I went, etc). My new organization is larger and definitely has more structure, but since I’m a full-time remote person, there is a great deal of trust that has to be given at the outset.
11:30 AM: I go to a local cookie shop and get a dark chocolate peanut butter cookie ($3.81). On my way back I also get Advil from CVS ($4.99), and groceries. I buy Spinach Riccotta pasta, honey, ($20.81).
12:00 PM: I chat with my manager! She seems very easy to speak to. The conversation is mostly her providing updates on the company, and changes that have occurred since I interviewed.
5:00 PM: More meetings and onboarding documents. I’ve been told that there isn’t an expectation that people work past 5 PM their time, but since it’s my first day I don’t want to log off early. I stay online until 5:20 and then head out for a panel at NYU Law School.
6:00 PM: I arrive at the panel and there is FOOD! I grab falafel, pita, salad, hummus, and water. This panel is on Rodney Reed, a Black man who is scheduled to be executed on November 20, in Texas. In 1996, he was accused of killing a white woman, Stacey Stites, who (to his own admission, which was corroborated by witnesses) he was in a secret relationship with. She was also dating a white cop at the time. All of the evidence points to corruption, and that her boyfriend/the police officer killed her. The medical examiner in that case has come forward and said that the time frame he estimated she was killed was solely based on the word of the local police and Stites’ boyfriend. DNA testing has NEVER been done, and the Texas courts continue to deny requests for DNA testing. Reed’s legal team has been fighting this battle for 20 years, and after the courts sat on a decision for 4 of those years, this summer they returned with a verdict that the appeal was denied, and his execution date was set for November.
Stites’ family believes that she was killed by her boyfriend at the time (this man was also convicted years after for sexually abusing women he detained), and that it was covered up by local police forces and government officials due to small town politics.
I leave the panel having signed up for more information from the Reed Justice Initiative, and the Innocence Project. I also reach out to a few contacts I have to see if they have heard about it, and how we can press forward.
8:10 PM: The panel ends, and I go to work out. I am a fitness instructor part-time, so when I go to classes at my studio they are free.
9:30 PM: Class is over! I head out into the rain to go home.
9:35 PM: This subway station is closed  I head to the next one 10 blocks away.
9:45 PM: Okay, what the hell. This station is also closed, but nothing on Google Maps or the Subway Tracker says so. The attendant says I need to go the 6 or the 1 train, but I need a completely different line out of Manhattan. She says the train is running 7 blocks up.
9:52 PM: MTA please get your life together. As soon as I walk in, I see an attendant red-taping the platform. There are only 3 train lines running (out of 8) at this station, none of which get me where I need to go, or near it. Instead of Ubering, I get on the F, and then take the bus.
11:00 PM: Finally home. I make the pasta I bought today, take of all of my clothes and decide to clean tomorrow. I call my grandmother as I cook.
11:30 PM: I call my mom. She’s now retired and is usually up late. My niece is with her, and we laugh as my niece (who is 3) uses my presence on the phone as an excuse to not go to sleep. My mom says she’s too elderly for this and that my sister and I were much easier to put to bed.
12:30 AM: I go to sleep with Hocus Pocus playing in the background.
TOTAL: $29.61
Day 2:
8:00 AM: In an ideal world, I would have gone to workout this morning. Instead I languish in the fact that I didn’t have to set an alarm. Some weeks, I teach early classes every morning and it shows. When I only teach the classes that I have to (and don’t sub) I get to be lazy and sleep in (read: not have to wake up between 3 and 4 AM, to teach at 5 AM). Add in working from home now, and I don’t know how to act.
9:00 AM: Get online and start pushing through onboarding docs. I make notes of my questions and follow ups in a separate document, and look at tools to organize me.
3:00 PM: I finally buy a couch. I didn’t start really living in this apartment until September because I was always at one of my jobs (70+ hour weeks), traveling for work, or volunteering. My door frame is extremely small, so I finally find one that will clear the frame. I purchase from Home Reserve (where they ship the couch in small boxes so I can build it myself… this will be interesting). They put a holding charge on my card ($1,121).
Oh the joys of living in NYC (-: In the midst of this, I buy two specialty cookies ($7.68)
6:20 PM: Meet up with a client from my old job! I’ve been gone less than a week, but it will be good to see her. My last position was extremely client-facing and I became closer to them than many of the people at my own company. I arrive to find the client I was supposed to meet with has invited others as a post-going away party for me.
9:00 PM: One of my clients has a habit of ordering rounds for the table (and often, I don’t hear her do it). Last time I tried to push back and it didn’t work – and after 4 (very strong) drinks I ended up still drunk the next morning. Therefore, when I hear her order a third round I go back and forth with her and the waiter to not bring one for me. The waiter ends up bringing it anyway, and I push it off to the rest of the table, since I have to teach early tomorrow morning. As a going away present, they cover the bill.
9:30 PM: I am hungry so I order tofu Pad thai, stick rice, and spring rolls, and pick up the order down the block. I include a $3 tip. ($21.91)
9:45 PM: I get home, eat my food, and try to go to sleep.
TOTAL: $29.59
Day 3:
3:30 AM: Wake up before my alarm. Not time yet, so I try to go back to sleep, anxious that I’ll oversleep.
5:10 AM: Wake up for real this time. I was petrified I’d oversleep/not hear my alarm (this anxiety repeats itself any time I have an early class, regardless of circumstance) so I play it cautiously, not really letting my body go back to sleep. I get dressed, wash my face/brush my teeth, and pack an overnight bag to go to my parents house. I run to the subway when I realize that I’m cutting it close. I make it onto the train with roughly 25 seconds to spare.
5:55 AM: Get off in Manhattan and walk to the fitness studio. I love Manhattan in the mornings when there isn’t as much foot traffic.
6:03 AM: Walk into my studio and start setting up for class. The front desk staff and one of my regulars come in early and we chat. I start my class at 6:30, and then teach a second at 7:30.
8:30 AM: Done! The second class was fun – a couple of new people, many regulars, and two other instructors took it.
8:45 AM: I’m hungry and before I go to my parent’s house I want to eat (I’m a vegetarian, and most of the food in their house is meat-based). I made the mistake of not bringing food as I rushed this morning, so I buy cauliflower crust basil pizza and a cookie ($10.34)
9:00 AM: I answer a few slack messages, check my email, and head to the train. I purchase a train ticket to Westchester ($11.75)
9:43 AM: While commuting, I work on my laptop during the 45-minute ride. I see that I got paid from my fitness job (two weeks) so I deposit my check into my Roth IRA ($2,155). Due to my income changes throughout the year, I still qualify to contribute to a Roth. I have $400 in cash that I will put toward the couch, as well as money in my checking that will cover the rest (in anticipation of my original couch purchase which was the same cost).
10:30 AM: I arrive in my hometown and my mom picks me up at the train station.
6:00 PM: Well, that was a bust. I originally came to assist my mom with setting up an app for wireless cameras that were being installed. She didn’t realize that an electrician needed to be called beforehand, so the digital security company will come back another day. I finish up meetings, and log off for the day.
7:30 PM: I’m hungry and there’s little food in the house that isn’t meat. I go to McDonald’s and a local pizza place (next door to each other, don’t roast me) and get a slice of cheese pizza, medium French fries, and a hot fudge sundae ($8.65).
10:00 PM: Watch a movie as I chat with D. We met a little over two months ago, and have been on a couple of dates since then. He’s currently visiting his home country in Europe. I’m still deciding how I feel about him. I guess this would be a good time to mention that I am polyamorous – even as a kid, I never understood the idea of being with one person for the rest of my life. As an adult, I believe that love isn’t finite, and I have a ton of room in my life for different types of love, romantic or otherwise – and I want the same for my partners. I have a host of friends who disagree with me on this, but it works for me. I’m always upfront with the people I date about this (it’s also listed in all of my dating profiles).
The interesting thing about D is the age difference – he’s almost double my age at 45 (and is extremely attractive). Full disclosure – my age range on dating apps is set fairly wide because I want to see what’s out there. We chatted for a while and when we met I had to ask him why his age range was set to include someone so young. Some of my friends call my style “too forward” but I had to know – some men (in my experience) like younger women because of a perceived power dynamic. I’ve (both casually and seriously) dated older men in the past, and have had nothing but positive experiences – so I hoped that would be the case with D.
Tonight we speak of the best cocktails in his home city, which leads to a discussion about drinking cultures in different places we’ve lived.
Soon after, I pass out for the night.
TOTAL: $30.74
Day 4:
8:00 AM: Wake up and go for a run.
8:45 AM: Short run, but I have to get ready to teach. I shower, get dressed, say goodbye to my parents, and get on the train back to the city ($11.25).
10:30 AM: Once I arrive at Grand Central, I get a subway ride to my studio.
11:00 AM: Arrive at the studio, chat with a few regulars that stroll in, and wait for the previous class to end so we can use the studio.
2:30 PM: And I’m done! The first two classes were super strong, and the last class had a lot of new people which was also fun. I get on the subway and head home, determined to take a nap.
10:00 PM: After being in bed half of the day, I get a burst of energy and decide to be semi-productive. I go to the grocery store and get lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, tortillas, pasta, taco seasoning, cheese, meatless crumbles, and an apple pie ($34.20). once I get back home, I put the apple pie in the oven, and start to prepare tacos. I’m not the best cook, but I’m trying to get better, and since I’m working from home full time I don’t have an excuse to not cook more often. There was a time when my schedule was so busy and I ate out for almost every meal. I’ve come a long way since then but still have so far to go.
12:00 AM: The pie is finished and so is the food! I eat, and look up train schedules for the morning, and I’m headed to Conneticut to meet with a former coworker.
12:50 AM: Head to bed.
TOTAL: $45.45
Day 5:
8:00 AM: Wake up and check the weather. It’s going to rain later on, so I pack my umbrella and coordinate with my coworker.
10:00 AM: Leave for CT! Stamford is accessible by train for me, and about 30 min away for her (she’s driving). I take a local bus to Harlem, and then buy a ticket at the train station ($11.50).
11:30 AM: My friend and I find each other and catch up! We haven’t seen each other since she resigned at the end of August. Our former company wasn’t the best for her mental health (and mine either, frankly) and I’m extremely relieved to hear she’s thriving. We head to a nearby diner that came recommended by her family member, and there’s a 20-minute wait. I tell her about all of the drama that occurred after I resigned, and she fills me in on things she’s heard since my departure.
Once we sit, I try to be healthy and order an omelette with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. She gets a short stack of pancakes and coffee. She quit our former job without having another lined up because it had gotten to be too toxic, and moved in with her parents again, but is now in the process of interviewing. I insist on getting the bill, but she wrestles the check away from me and pays for it, since I spent more time traveling to her, and had to pay for train tickets.
1:00 PM: It was so wonderful to see her. We hug and part ways, and I head back on the train to NY. On the way, I decide to take a HIIT class tonight. Once I get back home, I change, and head out.
6:30 PM: That was a great class but fuck - my back. It was extremely hard (and I’ve been to this instructor’s class before so I knew it would be). However, I’ve had a back injury for years, and this class really aggravated it. I had a weak core growing up and, not knowing the proper methods to train it, compensated by bearing weight in my lower back during athletics. It wasn’t until I became a fitness instructor that I was able to begin to correct some of my techniques.
I never went to the doctor because the pain came and went, and lower back pain is so common that I thought I was being whiny (which I try not to do now, because Black women in health are often discredited when it comes to pain).
7:00 PM: I get home, heat up leftover taco ingredients (deconstructed, because I’m too lazy to put it together) of meatless crumbles, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and a toasted tortilla with melted cheese. take Tylenol, and try to rest (on and off), alternating between ice and heat packs. I put a movie on in the background until 11 PM.
TOTAL: $11.50
Day 6:
4:00 AM: Rise and shine! Just kidding – it’s still dark outside.
6:00 AM: Need to get up and do something. I go for a walk, and scold myself for not going to a fitness class.
9:00 AM: Start work. I feel super slovenly this morning, and try not to hyper-focus on how I feel about my body. I make stovetop oatmeal with vanilla soy milk.
This probably would also be a good time to mention that I have struggled with eating/exercise since adolescence. I was anorexic for 3 years, and then started binge eating and over-exercising. Right now, I would say my habits more so align with over-exercising but I’m working on it. In college, I would work out between 2-6 hours a day (which was doable since I didn’t sleep much, and worked in a gym). I miss how fit I was back then, but my eating habits were (and still are poor). I tried to get a therapist a few months back because I think everyone can benefit from it, but I called 4 people who were listed as having openings but no one responded. I will try again soon because I know I should, but I have to find the motivation.
The hard part about it is that I appear to be in shape, and I know that objectively I’m nit-picking, but it doesn’t stop me from being unhappy with the way I look/feel. I thought that becoming a fitness instructor would help me develop a healthier mindset, but I’ve struggled to find anyone in the fitness community that doesn’t have a negative obsession with eating or exercise – it’s so commonplace it’s almost cliché.
3:00 PM: I’ve been snacking on random things throughout the day (cheese, apples) and follow it up with a piece of pie.
5:00 PM: Head offline and decide I need to move my body. My back still hurts so I decide to take it easier in class today.
6:25 PM: Class was amazing but my back is killing me and I feel like crying (even though I modified everything). I chat with the instructor, and masochistically contemplate taking another class because I have a ton of energy (even though I’m in pain). I would go to a doctor, but my health insurance at my new job doesn’t kick in for another week and a half, and my health insurance at my last job terminated on my last day. I’m still covered under my parents, but the doctors in that network in the city are limited, and it takes a long time to get an appointment.
6:50 PM: My friends at the studio convince me to cook as opposed to buying Sweetgreen (I love them). As I head out I realize I have errands to run. I get on a train uptown to buy crochet hair for a new hairstyle.
7:10 PM: I find the crochet hair, but they only have two packs. A woman on YouTube said she only needed two, so I’m going to trust the process… and I’m probably going to look a hot mess express, but I’m trying! I buy the hair, and a crochet hook because I can never find mine. ($28.41)
7:55 PM: I waited so long for the bus that I went back in the hair store to look at wigs, but didn’t find any I wanted to spend money on right now. Finally the bus comes and it’s packed. Thankfully it’s only a few stops.
8:20 PM: I get off the bus and walk to the grocery store. There I buy apples, garlic, soy bacon, cheese, ice cream, lettuce, garlic toast, butter, meatless crumbles, and paper towel. ($42.07)
9:00 PM: Arrive home and start cooking. I realize I’ve barely eaten today, so I grab the first things my hands touch (spaghetti), throw it in a pot with a bit of oil and salt, and put garlic toast in the freezer. Almost in direct comparison to what I said about wanting to lose weight, I put four pieces of garlic toast on the pan, and about half a box of spaghetti. I eat over the course of the next hour, reflecting on the fact that I didn’t touch a vegetable today 
10:30 PM: Sleep.
TOTAL: $70.48
Day 7:
4:45 AM: Wake up to teach. I shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, change, and run out the door (again).
5:45 AM: On the train reading a spy novel I got from a Little Free Library across the street from my apartment last week. Not my usual genre, but it’s worth a shot.
6:08 AM: I arrive at the studio and set up. I decide to make a new playlist because I’m not feeling the one that I prepared for this week.
8:20 AM: Done! I walk to the subway and start fielding slack messages and emails.
9:00 AM: Back home, and turn on a Webinar I need to listen to for work while washing my hair, because it’s Wash day. If you know, you know.
3:00 PM: Meetings, meetings, meetings. I take a break to eat eggs with a tortilla. I don’t have a ton of friends in NYC, so I debated whether I should do anything for my birthday next week. I see that there is a roller-skating rink, and I ask 5 friends if they want to go. Only 1 person seems to be able to make it, so I’m going to take myself to a nice dinner instead using a gift card a friend got me last Christmas. One of my friends looks at second message I sent on the topic and doesn’t respond… lol alright then.
6:00 PM: I text with my ex. We dated for about 6 months earlier this year until I broke up with him because we weren’t compatible. I am a workaholic at times, and he was very much the opposite. He felt I wasn’t giving him enough attention and I felt that he didn’t support me enough in my career ambitions. Ironically enough, I think it worked out well for both of us – he is now dating a woman who is monogamous (and therefore, he has chosen to be monogamous), and right after we broke up, I got a promotion at my old job, and then soon moved to my current one.
He then tells me that his job offer got rescinded… shit. He had gotten tired of complaining about his job and applied for a new one. I helped him prepare for his interviews, gave feedback, etc. one night for about 4 hours. He found out in the course of texting me, and I try to figure out what to say – but there’s nothing that I can other than I’m sorry. The awful part is that today is his last day at his old job. He tells me the reason for the rescinded offer (his references gave him a lower than desired rating on punctuality) which he acknowledges is his fault. I finish my work for the evening and offer support.
8:00 PM: I sit and contemplate what will make me happy. I don’t know what I want from anything anymore. I’ve been questioning getting a graduate degree (I don’t want to go into debt after working so hard to avoid it); I have always had a plan but lately have been blasé about everything; I prefer to be alone all of the time. I chat with a friend about this via text, and we agree that we’re unsure if this is typical coming of age stuff, or typical depression stuff, or both.
10:00 PM: Head off to sleep, mentally preparing a checklist of things I need for my upcoming work trip.
TOTAL: $0.
Weekly Total: $1338.37
Food & Drink: $149.47
Fun/Entertainment: $0
Health: $4.99
Clothes & Beauty: $28.41
Home: $1,121
Transport: $34.50
Thoughts …
I spent a lot more this week because of the couch purchase. I know I have a habit of spending too much on food, and I’m trying to cook more. I also only purchase food in small quantities so I can cook it within a few days and a ton of food doesn’t go to waste. With that being said, I spent more on transport than usual, and I’ve found ways through this to trim the fat and contribute more to savings.
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2019.10.24 18:37 ReneBondPhantasy m.h.p.d. Nicole Scherzinger

m.h.p.d. Nicole Scherzinger
Actually Rene Bond Phantasy still runs. I was yesterday feed the Support Profils with input of my Art/ Design. The Payment: "Es wird nichts vernünftiges raus kommen, bis die Umwelt sich freundlich zu mir / uns verhält".. While all these in is Pseudo-Neon Conflict about Neighbourhoods have my Pay before i cames to trigger, quasi this stop us the US MARINE CORPS CI HUMINT thank you to this. The Conflict is from 14.02.1980 to yet. This is my Birthday and some Cousins are in this inbound and ill / sick gone by "body of lies" what is Mukhabarat Egypt i love it.
Mukhabarat is my lovely General Information Service, what makes happier and not only by USA, while yo Worldwar is and we not executed is it One War or Two War. All the Backgrounds in this are Politic, Football, Law what i explicit not have, by all about this. Princess Deena Al-Juhani Abdulazin was also not a "easy" Person with all these Power by Atomic-Conflict. We has not war. Or it is end before has anything what is un-happy. You listen this easy cames to the same THAI. That royal air force exist to kills peope vipe. What is Celine Dijon to you, happy congratulation. And explicit i knows my Position and i knows Lady Gaga Position not right in Billionaerys high. Can not pay. Does me pain. So Interface do I not and i call 0211 again CI HUMINT US MARINE CORPS while before all these is not 100 Pro right sette. We can not all. Rights Reserved endly the Internet with CERT by Patrick his Eyes is easy nothing to do more. It is a change gone by you as partner or more. Eventuall i do this to Groups open, where i find G.E.O.C.I.T.I.E.S. back, by do this read. It is closed by the same conflict. But there was 0211 not available, this was yahoo founding. Patrick is very exact and get normal access rights what is how Bill Gates paid by the CREW OF BIOS Malcom X.
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2019.10.24 10:23 Market-Wizard PVC Paste Industry Market Research Report: Profiling Key Players, Types and Applications

PVC Paste Market by Growth 2019 – Technological Details, Business Advancements and Top-Vendor Landscape 2024″, anticipated to grow with the best CAGR throughout forecasts amount. that options authentic and correct data concerning this marketing research report along side a future forecast from 2019-2024. All the key market aspects that influence the PVC Paste market presently and can have an impression are assessed and propounded within the PVC Paste marketing research standing and development trends are reviewed.
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The new ways of PVC Paste market report offers a comprehensive market breakdown on the idea of import, volume, CAGR, and Y-o-Y growth. For business sturdy growth, the report suggests new tools and technology development can drive to boom within the close to future by 2024. The PVC Paste market report provides a comprehensive details on Inventions, business demand, technology and production analysis considering major factors like revenue, investments and business growth.
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The data and analysis found during this report may be applicable for a spread of helpful business reasons, including:
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2019.10.15 15:11 lolpolice88 Telling the story of the Urewera Patriots - E-Tangata
" Three events in my lifetime have shaken my belief in the world.
Each of them, for me, made Aotearoa/New Zealand a worse place, a darker place, a place losing its innocence.
The first was an act of terrorism by the French — the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in the Auckland harbour in 1985.
The second, 15 years later in a Taranaki town, was the police shooting of Steven Wallace, gunned down 72 seconds after armed police arrived on the main street of Waitara. A police officer had feared for his life and that of a colleague because Steven was smashing shop windows and the windows of a police car with an officer inside.
The third event was the “terrorist” raids by the police in Ruatoki in 2007. That action (and other related raids around New Zealand) netted 17 people including Tame Iti, who already had a high profile as a Tūhoe activist.
These raids sparked my eight-year labour of love (and sometimes despair) making the documentary The Price of Peace. It’s a story that moves from anger and hatred to peace and reconciliation. Distilled to 84 minutes of film.
On October 15, 2007, I couldn’t believe my eyes as the scenes unfolded on television. Police looking like soldiers. Dressed to the max in black. Faces covered. Military-style weapons in their grip. Stopping every car going in and out of Ruatoki.
Ruatoki is not a town. It’s a valley on the edge of the Urewera forest, home to Ngāi Tūhoe. About 600 people, one school and at least 10 marae.
To the casual observer, it’s a poor place with many run-down houses and broken-down cars. But culturally it’s rich, and te reo Māori is still the main language there. I once stopped a kid on the road to ask directions and saw her struggle to remember the English words for left and right.
Ruatoki a hotbed of terrorists? You’ve got to be kidding me. Not the Ruatoki I know. And not the Ruatoki my mother got to know in the course of the two generations she was their public health nurse.
But that day, when I saw this ninja-like police force on TV, I couldn’t help fearing and praying for Mum’s safety — and knowing that, if she was there that day (as it turned out, she wasn’t), she’d be terrified.
Before the raids turned up on TV that day, a fellow journalist had phoned asking if I knew where Tame was, because he’d failed to turn up for a pre-arranged interview. No doubt because he’d already been arrested.
She rang me because Tame often stayed at my place when he was in Auckland. He is whanaunga (a close relation) of my former partner. That was my connection with this dangerous and terrifying activist.
Over about 15 years, I’d come to know Tame as more than the architect of in-your-face protests as he devised ways to promote Māori rights. The Tame I’d come to know was a softer man with many hats. He’s a father, grandfather, artist, health worker, radio announcer, community leader and, these days, a kaumatua.
Whenever he stayed at my place, life was always interesting. And for me to give his visits that rating says something about him, because my “interest gauge” is set higher than most. That’s a result of spending a good many years as a news and current affairs reporter. I’m not easily intrigued or impressed.
His touch in the kitchen was just one aspect of his appeal. Tame cooked great meals. He was mainly vegetarian at the time, and so was I. So that suited me down to the ground.
One time he came with two Thai farm union representatives. Across the road was a Thai supermarket and I came home from work to the spectacle of these tiny Thai men grinding up all manner of herbs and spices. That was a truly memorable meal. Okay. Not totally Tame’s handiwork, but he deserved much of the kudos.
Another time, Tame put his painting and decorating skills to work when he re-painted a scruffy room in my house. Way back, as a 16-year-old, he’d left Ruatoki for Christchurch on a trade training scheme. And here he was, as an interior decorator, putting those skills into action for me.
So, when news reports blathered on about military-style, terrorist training camps, led by none other than the evil Tame Iti, I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was farcical. My response was to make The Price of Peace.
Actually, I first made a documentary called October 15 which was funded by NZ On Air and screened on Māori Television. That doco followed three families caught up in the raids for three years and it satisfied my need to give the people of Ruatoki a voice about their pain inflicted by the “terrorist” raids.
As history shows, in the end, no one was charged with terrorism. Of the 17 arrested, only four went on trial. They were charged with firearms offences and being part of an organised criminal group.
Nicknamed the Urewera Four, they were Tame Iti (Ngāi Tūhoe), Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara (Ngāti Maniapoto), Urs Signer (Switzerland) and Emily Bailey (Parihaka).
It struck me that the three Māori represented the three iwi most affected by the New Zealand wars and the land confiscations.
After October 15 screened in 2010, I left the raids alone for nearly two years. But, in 2012, the trial of the Urewera Four was due to begin and I felt I should see the story through to the end.
I always believed the end would be a police apology because I don’t see the police as the enemy. I’d been the police reporter on One News for a year or so, and I respected the fact that police often have to walk into situations most of us would run from. They face the aftermath of child abuse, rape and murder. Heartbreak is all in their day’s work.
Around the time of the trial, Ngāi Tūhoe was negotiating with the Crown toward a Deed of Settlement and ultimately a Crown apology. This was an opportunity to not only tell the story of the “Urewera raids” but to delve into Ngāi Tūhoe’s heartbreaking history with the Crown. They’d been through a war. Been starved off their land. And had much of their land confiscated.
At the heart of negotiations was the return of Te Urewera and te mana motuhake o Tūhoe, or Tūhoe sovereignty. This was groundbreaking and, as a journalist, I knew it was a story that would go down in history.
To me the raids were almost the last chapter in Ngāi Tūhoe’s conflict with the Crown. When police placed the Ruatoki roadblock on the confiscation line in 2007, it felt like they were, once again, trampling on Ngāi Tūhoe mana.
I saw similarities with the 1916 police raid on the prophet, Rua Kenana, and his people at Maungapōhatu, Ngāi Tūhoe’s sacred mountain. Rua led a non-violent community seeking to reclaim confiscated Tūhoe land. The Crown became suspicious of him when he opposed Māori signing up for World War One.
During the 1916 police raid, Rua’s son was shot and killed. Rua was charged with sedition and tried in the Auckland High Court, the same place Tame Iti stood trial.
Rua was found not guilty but sentenced to a year in prison for resisting arrest. When Tame Iti came to court wearing a bowler hat, I’m sure it was a nod to the memory of Rua Kenana.
A week or so before the trial, I decided I would make The Price of Peace but my heart was heavy. I had no funding, and common sense told me I had endless hours of unpaid work ahead of me.
I phoned a director of photography, Jos Wheeler, a Pākehā. My former Tūhoe partner had taken Jos on many trips around te rohe potae o Tūhoe, Tūhoe’s tribal area.
From those trips, Jos knew Tame and many other Tūhoe people and I recognised that he cared deeply about this issue. So I rang and asked if he would do the filming, at least for the trial, with no money to offer. He agreed and hung in from 2012 to our final shoot in 2014. He missed just one day, the day of Tame’s sentencing, but organised someone to fill in for him.
It was a day I nearly said: “Don’t worry. We won’t cover it.” I thought Tame would just get a slap on the wrist and be released. How wrong I was when he and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara were sentenced to two and a half years in prison.
The haka that Tame led from the dock and the piercing lament of the kuia, as they escorted supporters from the court, are some of the most dramatic and heart-wrenching scenes in the documentary.
I wasn’t alone in my surprise at the verdict. Tame’s eldest son nearly didn’t attend either. He arrived as it ended and asked me what had happened. I was trying not to cry as I told him his father had been sentenced to two and a half years in jail.
Two years later, I couldn’t control the tears as I watched the Police Commissioner, Mike Bush, and a number of senior officers arrive at Tame’s home in Ruatoki. They came to say sorry to Tame’s family for the way they were treated in the raids.
One by one, Tame’s grandchildren placed rau on the ground in front of Mike and his officers. When he stepped forward to pick up the leaves, signalling he came in peace, each child took the hand of a police officer to lead him into Tame’s home.
There I listened to Mike’s apology and I could tell it was genuine. I knew him a little bit. As a reporter on 60 Minutes, I’d travelled with a film crew and Detective Sergeant Mike Bush (as he was then) to Manila, in the Philippines.
He was investigating Brian Curtis (a drug lord and a Paremoremo Prison escaper) who was found after eight years, with a new life, a de facto Philippine wife and a three-year-old daughter.
Mike Bush had struck me as an honest cop and genuine human being. Later our paths crossed again when I was travelling in Thailand in 2004.
By then, he was the New Zealand police liaison officer in Bangkok. And he was at ground zero during the aftermath of the tsunami. It was a hopeless and horrifying task.
After the apology in Ruatoki, a weight lifted and the path was open to move forward. For me, the moving forward meant completing the documentary, and screening it at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival.
Tame and I went to screenings in Auckland and Wellington. We saw people moved to tears. There was a standing ovation. People sang and shared their stories.
Then, in October, the documentary screened in competition at the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.
I had always wanted to go to this because it’s the largest indigenous film festival in the world. Mainly, I wanted to meet Mohicans and Samis and other First Nations people.
When it was time for the festival awards ceremony, the producer, Christina Milligan, and I didn’t even dress up. For us it was just another event in an interesting and busy schedule.
Then we came to the Best Documentary Award. The presenter was Alanis Obomsawin, a pioneer of Canada’s First Nation film-makers. She was a friend of our own late Merata Mita — and Canada’s equivalent of Merata as well.
Alanis led up to the announcement of the award winner by referring to the humour and rage and optimism and cynicism. That had me assuming she was talking about an Aussie doco I’d seen that day. And I was thinking: “Good choice. The judges have got it right.”
Then, she mentioned this doco being, in part, a family story. And I thought: “Wait a minute. She’s talking about our film.” And so she was. We’d won.
That was neat. But, thinking back, the neatest of all the screenings and of all the responses was the very first screening — a private preview for the people of Ruatoki. That was especially neat, because I made The Price of Peace for them."
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2019.10.11 13:23 liuidaxmn Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191011(Market index 39 — Fear state)

Daily analysis of cryptocurrencies 20191011(Market index 39 — Fear state)

US Department Of Homeland Security Underlines Importance Of Blockchain Implementation William Bryan, acting undersecretary for science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, has said that his office is working with DHS components to implement blockchain to ensure system interoperability and mitigate vendor lock-in. According to Bryan, letting government and industry continue implementing closed digital platforms would limit the growth of new technologies like blockchain, which can help increase visibility in supply chain operations, automate paper-based procedures. and prevent cases of fraud.
Thailand’s First Regulated ICO Portal Targets $98M Token Offering SE Digital, a subsidiary of major financial services firm Seamico Securities, has been confirmed as the first initial coin offering (ICO) portal operator to be approved by Thailand’s securities regulator. According to an Oct. 11 report from The Bangkok Post, SE Digital plans to launch Thailand’s first investment token, with a target transaction size of 2–3 billion baht or roughly $65,800,000-$98,700,000. Moreover, Seamico Securities’ strategic investor, Elevated Returns, has reportedly applied to the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Digital Assets Exchange License to launch a new trading venue that would provide a secondary market for such tokens by 2020.
“Erasing” ETC At Any Point In Future Is Highly Destructive, Says Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, tweeted: “ETC people seem to think that PoS and sharding are net detriments. So I don’t see how that constituency can be served by ETH 2.0, hence ‘erasing’ ETC at any point in the future seems like a highly destructive move on all fronts.”
Tether Has Newly Issued 20 Million USDT Citing information from, at 20:07 UTC on Oct 10, Tether issued 20 million USDT on the Ethereum network at block height 8716062. The transaction hash is: 0x753af2551367b905a4bcf115c7042c2c8641f85669cff9db6f0e62da55c6d0e1. As of now, Tether has totally issued 2,023,993,042 ERC-20 USDT tokens on the Ethereum network.

Encrypted project calendar(October 11, 2019)

OKB/OKB: OKB (OKB) OKEx series of talks will be held in Istanbul on October 11th to discuss “the rise of the Turkish blockchain.” Aragon (ANT): 11 October 2019 Osaka DAO Party “We are excited to invite you to our @EFDevcon Aragon Dream DAO Party — DAICO Edition in Osaka on the evening of October 11th!” BitTorrent (BTT) and 1 othe: 11 October 2019 Airdrop “On October 11th 00:00 UTC we will initiate our ninth $BTT airdrop and reward TRON $TRX holders with 990,000,000 #BTT!” Zilliqa (ZIL): 11 October 2019 Dev Call “The Aztec Protocol team will be joining our 4th Dev Call this Friday at 2pm EST. We will be having interesting conversations about FOAM (FOAM): 11 October 2019 Osaka Happy Hour “Join FOAM and @3boxdb for a #DevCon Happy Hour in Osaka this Friday at Runway lounge.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 12, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 Global Mining Leaders Summit will be held in Chengdu, China from October 12th to 14th. BLAST (BLAST): 12 October 2019 (or earlier) Masternode & Assets “Masternode functionality and versionbits signalling for Assets will become active on the BLAST network at block height 1710000.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 13, 2019)

LINK/ChainLink: ChainLink (LINK) will be held in Tokyo on October 13th by a collaboration between QuarkChain, bitgrit, Chainlink and Vechain. Veros (VRS): 14 October 2019 Launch of News Service “Launch of the VEROS NEWS service.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 14, 2019)

BCH/Bitcoin Cash: The ChainPoint 19 conference will be held in Armenia from October 14th to 15th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 15, 2019)

RUFF/RUFF Token: Ruff will end the three-month early bird program on October 15th KAT/Kambria: Kambria (KAT) exchanges ERC20 KAT for a 10% bonus on BEP2 KAT-7BB, and the token exchange reward will end on October 15. BTC/Bitcoin: The Blockchain Technology Investment Summit (CIS) will be held in Los Angeles from October 15th to 16th. OTOCASH (OTO): 15 October 2019 Escodex Shutdown “ All OTO HOLDERs who have assets on ESCODEX EXCHANGE to immediately withdraw your assets before October 15th, 2019 4:00 PM” (CRYPTO): 15 October 2019 Hard Fork Summit Hard Fork Summit 2019 by TNW . “Where finance and business meets tech.” Amsterdam, October 15–17.

Encrypted project calendar(October 16, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2019 Blockchain Life Summit will be held in Moscow, Russia from October 16th to 17th. MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on the theme of “Technology Problem Solving and Testing IoT Devices” at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on October 16. ETH/Ethereum: Ethereum launches Istanbul (Istanbul) main network upgrade, this main network upgrade involves 6 code upgrades. QTUM/Qtum: Qtum (QTUM) Qtum main network hard fork is scheduled for October 16. (CRYPTO): and 1 other 16 October 2019 Supply Chains Unblocked Supply Chains Unblocked in London from 9:30 AM — 6 PM. Binance Coin (BNB): 16 October 2019 Singapore Meetup “Bring your friends to come along with, & it will be FUN! With snacks and drinks.”

Encrypted project calendar(October 17, 2019)

Holo (HOT): 17 October 2019 Redgrid AMA “Join us for the AMA with RedGrid on October 17th. Submit your questions before the AMA on our Holochain Dev Forum.” IOST (IOST): 17 October 2019 Breeding Competition Ends “Join IOST 2nd Breeding Competition by @FishChainGame now! The competition only lasts till 17 Oct” Aragon (ANT): 17 October 2019 Seoul Meetup “You are invited to join @licuende for a meetup and presentation on ‘Aragon and DAOs: What’s next after ICOs and DeFi?’” Skycoin (SKY): 17 October 2019 NYC Skywire Meetup NYC Skywire Mainnet Meetup in NYC from 6–8 PM.

Encrypted project calendar(October 18, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The SEC will give a pass on the VanEck/SolidX ETF on October 18th and make a final decision HB/HeartBout: HeartBout (HB) will officially release the Android version of the HeartBout app on October 18. OKB (OKB): 18 October 2019 Rotterdam Meetup “Meet us in Rotterdam on 18 Oct as we partner up with Crypto010 Meetup to bring you a talk on ‘Decentralized Finance’.” HeartBout (HB): 18 October 2019 Android Version “18th of October 2019 will be officially released Android version of HeartBout app.” BTU Protocol (BTU): and 2 others 18 October 2019 Paris Blockchain Summit The event will gather major international key players of the Blockchain ecosystem including well-known influencers, investors, government…

Encrypted project calendar(October 19, 2019)

PI/PCHAIN Network: The PCHAIN (PI) backbone (Phase 5, 82 nodes, 164, 023, 802 $ PI, 7 candidates) will begin on October 19. LINK/ChainLink: Diffusion 2019 will be held in Berlin, Germany from October 19th to 20th DeepBrain Chain (DBC): 19 October 2019 (or earlier) Deploy Main Chain “Deploy Main Chain,” during the third week of October. General Event (CRYPTO): and 1 other 19 October 2019 Free State Blockchain “This “unconference” style event brings together some of the top financial tech innovators, researchers, company leaders, and other…” PCHAIN (PI): 19 October 2019 Main Chain Voting “Main chain: Epoch 5, 82 nodes, 164,023,802 $PI, 7 Candidates, voting will start on Oct. 19th.” Nash Exchange (NEX): 19 October 2019 Nash Anniversary Nash will present their work from the third quarter of 2019. Team members will be present and to answer your questions in person.

Encrypted project calendar(October 20, 2019)

GameCredits (GAME): 20 October 2019 (or earlier) Mining Reward Drop GameCredits mining reward will be cut in half at block 2519999 (~October 20). This will be the 4th halvening of the GAME mining reward!

Encrypted project calendar(October 21, 2019)

KNC/Kyber Network: The official online hackathon of the Kyber Network (KNC) project will end on October 21st, with more than $42,000 in prize money.

Encrypted project calendar(October 22, 2019)

ZRX/0x: The 0x protocol (ZRX) Pantera blockchain summit will be held on October 22.

Encrypted project calendar(October 23, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 23rd at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with the theme “Connecting the I3 Market and Experiencing Purchase and Sales Data.” BTC/Bitcoin: The WBS World Blockchain Summit (Middle East) will be held in Dubai from October 23rd to 24th.

Encrypted project calendar(October 24, 2019)

BCN/Bytecoin: Bytecoin (BCN) released the hidden amount of the Bytecoin block network on October 24.

Encrypted project calendar(October 25, 2019)

ADA/Cardano: Cardano (ADA) The Ada community will host a community gathering in the Dominican Republic for the first time on October 25.

Encrypted project calendar(October 26, 2019)

KAT/Kambria: Kambria (KAT) Kambria will host the 2019 Southern California Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Conference in Los Angeles on October 26th with IDEAS. BTC/Bitcoin: CoinAgenda Global Summit will be held in Las Vegas from October 26th to 28th

Encrypted project calendar(October 28, 2019)

LTC/Litecoin: Litecoin (LTC) 2019 Litecoin Summit will be held from October 28th to October 29th in Las Vegas, USA BTC/Bitcoin: Mt.Gox changes the debt compensation plan submission deadline to October 28 ZEC/Zcash: Zcash (ZEC) will activate the Blossom Agreement on October 28th

Encrypted project calendar(October 29, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd World Encryption Conference (WCC) will be held in Las Vegas from October 29th to 31st.

Encrypted project calendar(October 30, 2019)

MIOTA/IOTA: IOTA (MIOTA) IOTA will host a community event on October 30th at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on the topic “How to store data on IOTA Tangle.”

Encrypted project calendar(November 1, 2019)

INS/Insolar: The Insolar (INS) Insolar wallet and the redesigned Insolar Block Explorer will be operational on November 1, 2019.

Encrypted project calendar(November 6, 2019)

STEEM/Steem: The Steem (STEEM) SteemFest 4 conference will be held in Bangkok from November 6th to 10th.

Encrypted project calendar(November 8, 2019)

BTC/Bitcoin: The 2nd Global Digital Mining Summit will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from October 8th to 10th.

Encrypted project calendar(November 9, 2019)

CENNZ/Centrality: Centrality (CENNZ) will meet in InsurTechNZ Connect — Insurance and Blockchain on October 9th in Auckland.

BTC — The BTC continues to oscillate slightly from yesterday to today and is currently hovering around $8,300. In the past 24 hours, the net inflow of BT funds is close to US$200 million, and the market inflow is gradually shrinking. BTC tried to keep going up after breaking through $8,500 yesterday, but failed to keep its volume steady at $8,600. It rebounded slightly after pulling back to $8,500 last night, but the overall risk of diversion remained high, with the focus on the second support around $8,400 below. In the medium-term trend, BTC has successfully broken through the bottom shock range, and the subsequent market continues to be bullish. Operational aspects, short-term should not catch up with high, investors who have not had time to enter the temporary patience to wait, withdrawal near the support level can be considered to continue to build warehouses.
Review previous articles:

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2019.10.09 07:45 manup256 Global Dry Coconut Powder Market Profitable Strategic Report on 2019 - Growth Enablers, Restraints, Geography and Trends Forecast to 2024

The Global Dry Coconut Powder market report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the on-going trends, openings/high development zones, market drivers, which would push partners to gadget and adjust advertise systems as indicated by the flow and future market elements. The Dry Coconut Powder market report thoroughly covers the market by product device, deployment, verticals and countries.
Major Key Players of Dry Coconut Powder Market:
Cocomi Caribbean Fiesta Renuka Cocos Qbb Thai-Choice Ayam Maggi
Get sample Copy of this Dry Coconut Powder Market Report at:
The report firstly introduced the Dry Coconut Powder basics: definitions, classifications, applications and advertise diagram; item determinations; fabricating forms; cost structures, crude materials, etc. At that point it investigated the world's fundamental area economic situations, including the product price, advantage, limit, creation, supply, solicitation and market improvement rate and estimate, etc. At last, the report presented new task SWOT investigation, speculation practicality examination, and venture return investigation.
This report incorporates the estimation of market size for worth (million US$) and volume (K Units). Both top-down and base up methodologies have been utilized to evaluate and approve the market size of Dry Coconut Powder Consumption market, to estimate the size of various other dependent submarkets in the overall market.The detail information about In-Depth Analysis, Business opportunities, Market growth rate analysis Available in Full research report.
Inquire for further detailed information of Dry Coconut Powder Market Report at:
Maket Segmentation By Types:
Pure Mixed
Maket Segmentation By Applications:
Beverages Savory & Snacks Bakery & Confectionery Dairy & Frozen Products
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Dry Coconut Powder Market Overview
1.2240 Dry Coconut Powder Definition
1.2 Global Dry Coconut Powder Market Size Status and Outlook (2014-2024)
1.3 Global Dry Coconut Powder Market Size Comparison by Region, Type, Application, Sales Channel (2014-2024)
Chapter 2 Dry Coconut Powder Market Segment Analysis by Player
2.1 Global Dry Coconut Powder Sales, Revenue, Average Price and Market Share by Player (2017-2019)
2.2 Players Competition Situation & Trends
2.3 Conclusion of Segment by Player
Chapter 3 Dry Coconut Powder Market Segment Analysis by Type
3.1 Global Dry Coconut Powder Sales, Revenue, Average Price and Market Share by Type (2014-2019)
3.2 Leading Players of Dry Coconut Powder by Type in 2019
Chapter 4 Dry Coconut Powder Market Segment Analysis by Application
4.1 Global Dry Coconut Powder Sales and Market Share by Application (2014-2019)
4.2 Leading Consumers of Dry Coconut Powder by Application in 2019
4.3 Conclusion of Segment by Application
Chapter 5 Dry Coconut Powder Market Segment Analysis by Sales Channel
5.1 Global Dry Coconut Powder Market by Sales Channel
5.2 Direct Channel
5.3 Distribution Channel
5.4 Global Dry Coconut Powder Sales and Market Share by Sales Channel (2015-2019)
5.4 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Dry Coconut Powder by Sales Channel in 2019
5.5 Conclusion of Segment by Sales Channel
Chapter 6 Dry Coconut Powder Market Segment Analysis by Region
6.1 Global Dry Coconut Powder Market Size and CAGR by Region (2014-2024)
6.2 Global Dry Coconut Powder Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Region (2014-2019)
6.3 North America,
6.3.1 United States, Canada, Mexico
6.4 Europe,
6.4.1 Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain
6.5 Asia-Pacific
6.5.1 China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Australia
6.6 South America
6.6.1 Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile
6.7 Middle East & Africa
6.7.1 Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
6.7.2 South Africa, Nigeria
6.7.3 Conclusion of Segment by Region
Chapter 7 Profile of Leading Dry Coconut Powder Players
7.1 Agrium
7.1.1 Company Snapshot
7.1.2 Product/Business Offered
7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.1.4 Strategy and SWOT Analysis
7.2 Stoller USA
Chapter 8 Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Dry Coconut Powder
8.1 Industrial Chain of Dry Coconut Powder
8.2 Upstream of Dry Coconut Powder
8.2.1 Raw Materials
8.2.2 Labor Cost
8.2.3 Manufacturing Expenses
8.2.4 Manufacturing Cost Structure
8.2.5 Manufacturing Process
8.3 Downstream of Dry Coconut Powder
8.3.1 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Dry Coconut Powder
8.3.2 Leading Consumers of Dry Coconut Powder
Chapter 9 Development Trend of Dry Coconut Powder (2019-2024)
9.1 Market Size (Sales and Revenue) Forecast (2019-2024)
9.2 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Region (2019-2024)
9.3 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Type (2019-2024)
9.4 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Application (2019-2024)
9.5 Market Size Forecast by Sales Channel (2019-2024)
Chapter 10 Appendix
Look into Table of Content of Vacuum Capacitor Market Report at :
Customization of this Report:
This report is bespoken to satisfy up with the customers necessities. Please contact our sales team ([email protected]), Which can assist you in getting that works for your desires.
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UNCUT exclusive Q&A ตอบทุกคำถามที่แฟนๆอยากรู้แบบไม่มีกั๊กกับคู่จิ้นแห่งปี มิว-กล ... I'm really sorry for missing many actors like Push Puttichai, Mike D.Angelo, Bomb Tanin, Pon Nawasch, Ter Chantavit, Bie KPN, Denkhun Ngamnet, Tor Thanapob..... #Boy_For_Rent_Thai_Series_Real_Life_Partners_2020 Like Comment Subscribe To my YouTube channel (RW Facts & Profile) Keep sporting Thanks so much for watching, Thai Star Couples Who Married In 2019 -Sara Legge and Ma Suebsakul February 9, 2019 -Boy Peacemaker and Jeab Pijittra January 25, 2019 -Yui Chiranan and Thun... Learning to slip punches while you move . Partner drills sharpening their skills Sponsor this series: We know you're here for Keep It 100, but check out Truth or Drink: The Card Game: http://www.playtruthord... Hello, Welcome to our channel 'Thai lady and foreigner' Alina is Thai and Rein is Dutch, together we live in China. As a married couple we like to show you o... The VCTF is summoned to New Orleans when the murder of a research librarian has the markings of a Jack kill. Sam is perplexed by what appears to be inconsistencies with Jack's prior modus operandi ...