Mavi partner

Mavi is not only a respected business partner for suppliers, it also creates a working environment that is compatible with the brand’s values. Its corporate culture encourages development, provides career opportunities, and fosters a sense of belonging. We as a brand are uncompromising of the principles and ethics at the heart of everything ... CA Tanuj Mavi Chartered Accountant, B.Com (P), L.L.B., Standing years of Experience: 2 years He started his academic journey by firstly completing his graduation in commerce from Delhi University. Thereafter he went on to successfully qualify chartered accountancy examination in 2008. About Mavi. Mavi Consulting Services Limited, a wholly indigenous company, providing unique Planning, Consulting, Construction and Support Services ... To be an impactful partner to discerning clients in providing strategic support services in line with global best practice. MAVI TRANS INC is a freight shipping Trucking Company from BAKERSFIELD, CA. Company USDOT number is 2902013 and docket number is 976388. Transportation Services provided: Vans, Reefer Established in the year 2009 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, we “Mavi Associates” are Partnership firm engaged in the manufacturing and trading a quality assortment of Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Industrial Pump, Solar Water Heater and all type of Water treatment components trading and many more. Clients have shown their enormous trust and as a result of which, we are ... MAVI Sales Agency, your partner in sales. Sales are the single most important activity in which a company can engage. Without sales, there is no future for a business. If you are considering a long-term partnership to boost the sales revenue of your business as fast as possible. Managing Partner Maivi Ots has more than 20 years of experience in advising companies in many different aspects of business. Maivi's long-term clientele comprises both local businesses as well as major international corporations. In the Law Office Maivi leads the banking and finance law, corporate law as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A ... I nostri partner. Cosa dicono i nostri studenti. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Kelvin Black. From Dallas, USA. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Podjetje MAVI MARIBOR d.o.o. je bilo ustanovljeno leta 1995, ko sta se sedanja lastnika v domači garaži prvič soočila z izzivom podjetništva. Z minimalnimi delovnimi sredstvi a veliko željo za uspehom, sta pridobivala vedno več zvestih kupcev; predvsem izvajalce vodovodnih in ogrevalnih inštalacij. mavi. Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in corporate, commercial and international law, both as an in-house and as an external lawyer, with emphasis in governance, auditing and risk management. Working with entrepreneurs, NGO’s, international organizations and corporations. Demonstrated excellence in structuring and negotiating ...

Why Turkish-Israeli relations deteriorated, and why they're unlikely to return to the level of the 1990s.

2020.09.14 20:46 Rey_del_Doner Why Turkish-Israeli relations deteriorated, and why they're unlikely to return to the level of the 1990s.

Most of the commentary on the deterioration of Turkish-Israeli ties are about Erdoğan's "Islamist" or "neo-Ottomanist" agenda, that there was no international political context to justify his decision-making, and that he single-handedly changed the orientation of Turkish foreign policy. This post will show that Erdoğan has been rational, not ideological, in managing relations with Israel. His personal sympathies, political base, and confrontational style obviously have played a role, but he's been following the same consistent policy in which Turkey expands relations with the Arab and Muslim world in response to the changing international environment. Turkish support for Palestinians was also seen by secular politicians like President Sezer and Prime Minister Ecevit, who opened Turkey's first PLO office in 1979. Ecevit also called Israel's 2002 Jenin operation a "genocide."
Ahead of the 2003 Iraq War, the U.S. CRS report stated, "Analysts view Erdogan as a pragmatist, and he declared that it was in the national interest to respond favorably to the U.S. request to deploy troops to Turkey." Support for U.S. use of İncirlik was opposed within Erdoğan's own party, and CHP voted as a bloc to reject the resolution. Erdoğan also defended contracting Israeli firms in the demining of the Turkish-Syrian border. This was again met with opposition even within his own party, and would have allowed Israeli firms to demine the area and use it for organic farming for 44 years.
The 1990s
The 2003 Iraq War
The Future of Turkish-Israeli Relations
While the Arab world's importance to Turkey's economy and security has been growing, improved ties with Israel would provide Turkey with many benefits. Mutual interests will bring the two closer, but there will not be a return to the level of the 1990s.
Israeli-Palestinian violence is now a much greater obstacle to Turkish-Israeli strategic relations. They also have a polarizing effect domestically for Turkey. As mentioned above, Turkish leaders have had a history of pragmatism on the issue, but the Turkish public has probably become excessively and increasingly anti-American and anti-Israel since the 2003 Iraq War, Israel's 2008-2009 Gaza offensive, the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, the 2016 failed coup, U.S. and Israeli support for YPG in Syria, etc. Genocide in Bosnia and the rejection of Turkey's EU membership are two additional psychological barriers to the Turkish public ever fully embracing the West, or fully turning its back to the rest of the Islamic world.
Turkey recently came under fire for hosting Hamas officials, but news later emerged that Qatar brokered an Israel-Hamas ceasefire. If Turkey played a role in this, it could pave the way for a rapprochement. The U.S. has always been supportive of Turkey and Israel repairing ties. Israel has tried to build ties with numerous other countries, including Romania, Greece, Cyprus, South Sudan, and Azerbaijan, but these countries aren't a substitute for Turkey's strategic value.
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2020.09.13 02:58 cinzzx My basset's first walk after quarantine is tomorrow and I'm soo stressed :/

First time posting in this sub! My basset Mavis, my partner and I just moved to Italy (for me to attend grad school) from the U.S. and have been in quarantine for w weeks except for quick pee breaks outside the house. She's seen one dog the whole time, in the dark and a tall dog, both of which are triggers for her so I wasn't too worried. Tomorrow our quarantine is up and we get to go for an actual walk. This is going to be a completely new environment, new smells, new people, so I know it's going to be a tough walk. I'm worried about being judged as an American with a badly behaved dog, worried about her following her nose into the street with crazy traffic, worried about not knowing enough Italian if I need to talk to people about her, worried she's forgotten all of our training....the anxiety is real. She's lungy on leash and nose driven, but we'll be harnessed and treats at the ready. Just wanted to get this off my chest with people who might understand. Thanks for reading the wall of text :) buona notte from this new Italian!
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2020.08.24 10:38 mangodevito Tomboy/Hipster girl names?

My sister loves spunky tomboy names for girls. She wanted names like Piper, Harper, and Mavis but her partner's last name sounds weird with all those names. Last name is Hispanic, starts with an M and and rhymes with Reno.
Middle name will be Rey.
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2020.08.18 11:11 Russian_munchen Incel nedir?

Yeni gelenler ve ayrıca terminolojiye aşina olmayan bazı arkadaşlar için çevirisini henüz bitiremediğim bu maddenin çevirdiğim bir kısmını yayınlıyorum. İyi okumalar.


İncel, Involuntary Celibacy'nin kısaltması olan sosyoljik terim ve akademi tarafından tanımlanmış yaşam koşuludur.
İncellik, Dünya Sağlık Örgütü ve bazı ülkeler tarafından tıbbi bir engel olarak kabul edilmektedir. İncel olmanın şartı belli bir tür non-sexuality'dir.
Medyadaki algıların aksine, incel ne siyasi bir hareket ne de bir topluluk / alt kültürdür, ancak cinsiyetten bağımsız bir yaşam durumu için tanımlayıcı bir akademik terimdir. Dolayısıyla inceller bir inanç sistemini paylaşmazlar, özellikle de kendilerini incel olarak tanımlamayanlar.
İncel forumlarının kullanıcısı kitlesel katiller olmamıştır. Ne 4chan ne de PUAhate, bazı inceller bu siteleri kullansa veya kullanmış olsa da, (bu siteler) kendilerini incel forumları olarak tanımlamazlar. Şu anki önemli internet forumları şunlardır:,,, Incelswithouthate ve Foreveralone.


Celibacy (bekarlık), Latince caelibatus'tan "evlenmemiş olma durumu"ndan gelir, ancak 1950'lerden itibaren evlilik durumuna atıfta bulunulmadan cinsel perhiz anlamına geldi. "Involuntary celibacy" (istemsiz bekârlık) terimi muhtemelen tarih boyunca çeşitli yazarlar tarafından bağımsız olarak düşünülmüştür, en azından 18. yüzyıla kadar uzanır, örn. Fransız bir din adamı, Antoine Banier, bunu 1739'da kullandı. Henry Flynt, 1975 tarihli "Blueprint for a Higher Civilization" adlı kitabında, erkek istemsiz bekarlığının iğrenç olarak algılanmasıyla ilişkili olarak tartıştı. Neoliberal feminist Alana, 1997 yılında kısaltılmış "invcel" terimini tanıttı ve bu terim, daha sonra oluşturduğu posta listesindeki birinin önerisi üzerine "incel" olarak değiştirildi, çünkü telaffuz etmesi daha kolaydı ve "imbecile" (embesil) gibi ses çıkarmıyordu. İncel daha sonra 2001'de Donnelly Çalışmasında kullanıldı ve ilk olarak 2018'de leksikolojik (dilbilimsel) olarak tanındı.


Donnelly Çalışması, inceller'i altı ay veya daha uzun bir süre boyunca cinsel eş bulmamayı seçmeden bulamayan yetişkinler olarak tanımladı. Akla gelebilecek boşluklardan dolayı bu tanımın uygun olup olmadığı konusunda halen anlaşmazlık bulunmaktadır. Örneğin, "Bluepillers" (mavi haplılar) sık sık bu tür tanımlar hakkında kötü niyetle tartışır ve erkek incellerin kolayca gay seksi yapabileceğini veya bir eskort için para ödeyebileceğini ve bu nedenle onların volceller olduklarını (voluntary celibate, gönüllü bakir) ve incellerin (incel mefhumunun) olmadığını söylerler.
Bundan dolayı, iyi niyetle yapılan bir tanımca, inceller, çekici buldukları cinsiyet üyeleri tarafından ezici bir şekilde reddedilen yetişkinlerdir.
İncel forumlarında kimin incel sayıldığına dair "gatekeeping" (kapı tutuculuğu) ve kavgalar sürüyor. Uglyceller, love-shy'ların ve standartcellerin (normie gibi bir şey standartcel) sadece bir partner bulma isteğinden yoksun olduğundan şikayet ediyor. Standartcelleri ayıklamak için bazı incel forumları ciddi bir şekilde ve defalarca flört (dating) girişiminde bulunmayan incelleri reddeder. Ancak bunu yaparken, non-standartcel mentalcelleri farkında olmadan marjinalize ederler. Bu, incelosferdeki birçok çatışmanın kaynağıdır. Bu uzun süredir devam eden çatışmaya bir çözüm, standartcelleri reddeden ancak non-standartcel mentalcelleri incel olarak içeren bir incel tanımı olacaktır. Bu daha önce resmileştirilmiş, ancak belki de böyle bir tanım çok uzun olacağı için herhangi bir büyük forum tarafından popülerleştirilmemiş veya kabul edilmemiştir.
İncel forumlarına love-shylar'ın dahil edilip edilmeyeceği konusundaki çekişmeler, esas olarak, ister istem dışı "seçimsiz" ya da "iradeye karşı" olsun, istemsizliğin anlamına dayanıyor. Ancak, istemsiz kelimesi her ikisini de ifade edebilir ve her ikisi de farklı deneyimlerdir. Donnelly Çalışması'ndaki tanıma göre inceldom (incellik), permavirginite (kalıcı bakirlik) veya trueceldom aynı değildir, yani sadece kurak bir dönem (kurak dönemden kastedilen şey; "düzenli seks hayatı olan" birinin bazı sebeplerden dolayı bir süredir sevişememesi durumu) yaşayan biri bile bu durumda istemsiz olarak kendini bulabilir ve dolayısıyla incel olarak sayılabilir.

İncellerin demografisi

İncel'in çok geniş bir şekilde tanımlandığını varsayarsak, neredeyse tüm sekssiz erkekler incel, 18-30 yaşları arasındaki Amerikalı erkeklerin %15-30'u incel, ancak bunun yaklaşık üçte biri 18-20 yaşındakiler.
İnceller politik olarak çeşitlidir. Bazı inceller bluepill, purplepill, blackpill veya redpill'e inanırken, diğerleri herhangi bir hapın abonesi/takipçisi değildir. Kendini incel olarak tanımlayanlar arasında en yaygın paylaşılan inanç "hard determinizm"dir ve kadın incellerinin (femcel) çoğunun, erkeklerin daha yüksek cinsel dürtüsü (libido) nedeniyle gönüllü bekar olduklarıdır.
Braincels ve'daki anketler, beyazların forum nüfusunun yalnızca yarısını oluşturduğunu, Doğu Asyalılar ve Güney Asyalıların (örneğin Hintliler) aşırı temsil edildiğini gösteriyor.
Site anketlerinden kullanıcılarının diğer özellikleri şunları içerir:
% 78'i her zaman aşırı üzüntü, anksiyete ve stresten muzdariptir.
% 82'si intiharı düşündü.
% 62'si görünüşlerini iyileştirmek için ameliyatı düşündü.
% 77'si sağlıklı veya düşük kilolu olduğunu bildirmiştir (yalnızca% 23'ü aşırı kilolu olduğunu bildirmiştir, bu genel batı nüfusu ortalamasından çok daha düşüktür).
% 57'si nörotipik olmayan veya normal günlük işlevlerini bozan fiziksel bir engelli olarak etiketleyen tıbbi bir teşhis aldığını bildirdi.
Bu, incellerin genellikle, amcık kartellerinin (pussy cartels) onaylamadığı, muhtemelen çirkin, utangaç, fakir, kısa, zayıf, nörodiverjan (nörotipik olmayan örneğin asperger sendromu, otizm, bipolar bozukluk etc.) ve/veya fiziksel olarak hasta olması nedeniyle düşük bir baskınlık durumuna (dominance status) (beta veya omega sıralaması) sahip olduğunu gösterir.

İncelliğin yan etkileri

İncel yaşamı berbattır, özellikle sosyal olarak izole edilmiş inceller için berbattır. İzolasyon ve sekssizlik çeşitli sağlık riskleriyle ilişkilidir. Bir araştırma, bekaretini geç, 20'li yaşların ortasından sonra kaybetmenin erektil disfonksiyon (iktidarsızlık) ve yaşamın ilerleyen dönemlerinde anorgazmi (orgazm olamama) ile ilişkili olduğunu buldu. Başka bir çalışma, gecikmiş cinsel aktivitenin "tatmin edici cinsel işlev ve genel refah için çok önemli olan duygusal, bilişsel ve kişilerarası becerilerin gelişimini engelleyerek sağlık riskleri yarattığını" buldu.
Çeviren: u/russian_munchen
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2020.07.26 18:03 BegoniaInBloom [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] 26 July 2020

Hello! SSMSE has been on holiday for a few weeks, and then recently encountered some technical problems, but we're back and ready to go! And if you're wondering what day it is, you're not alone. Thanks as always to fewfiet for all the ideas and suggestions this week.
If you haven't already, make sure you check out the recent post from Nyorobon of Team BridgeLane and answer their survey about team social media
Rider News
Happy birthday, Andre Greipel!
With no races to go to, Bauke Mollema celebrated his daughter's 8th birthday with her for the first time.
But Darwin Atapuma was leaving his three month old daughter behind in Colombia
Alexander Kristoff posed with his wife and twin babies
After winning on the virtual Ventoux, Michael Woods posted a cute picture with his daughter, and made a good point too
Marco Marcato and Ignatas Konovalovas enjoyed family time at the beach
You're never too young to learn about winning Olympic and Commonwealth medals
Plenty of recent illness/injury among retired riders, with
It's great to see Matteo Moschetti is back to fitness
I was amazed (and happy) to see this update from Niki Terpstra
And good news from Edoardo Zardini, now recovering from collar bone surgery
It's not often we see the riders not wearing their kits (or official leisurewear) so I enjoyed Marco Haller and Eduard Grosu in traditional outfits. Marcus Burghardt is still rocking the lederhosen (and appears to have a clothing sponsor too). Chloe Dygert on the other hand, looks bang up to date and ready for a stylish night out.
Racing is Back! Nice is all dressed up ready for the Tour de France
Alexey Lutsenko is looking forward to - er, how do you spell that?
Rui Costa can help.
Just what Harold Tejeda wants to see at the airport: no mask, and no shoes
All Creatures Great and Small
Michal Kwiatkowski and Ryan Mullen both have new dogs, and Mullen received some flack for this picture
James Shaw also has a lovely new dog, and has since posted more about him than about bikes
Eros Capecchi and Giada Borgato's dog Stiby (yes, he's named after Stybar) has grown up a lot since we last saw him on here. He's learnt to read, started to lose his baby teeth and visited the beach.
Regular readers will be familiar with Manuel Belletti's sweet relationship with Gina, his cat. Now they have been joined by a new kitten. Meet Romeo.
I thought that the trend of exercising with your dog had died out. But Neah Evans is still going strong with it.
Dario Cataldo and his dogs went on an adventure
I wish there was a way of saving Instagram story videos, because this shot of Jacopo Guarnieri giving his dog a foot massage really doesn't convey how much they were both enjoying it
Out on the road, Davide Ballerini met a hungry goat, Luis Angel Mate kept his distance from some wild pigs and Mavi Garcia was accompanied by a beautiful macaw
Manuele Boaro was so entranced by a flock of sheep on the road that he went live with a video. Enjoy his happy reactions.
Georgios Bouglas showed us a tiny tortoise
Niccolo Bonifazio was a good Samaritan for a thirsty lizard; this camel (!) didn't need his help though
Thibaut Pinot's goat met Christian Prudhomme
There has been an abundance of horses encountered in the wild lately
Training Camps
It's been hard to escape the gorgeous views over the past few weeks, as the teams prepare for the restart. Mostly the surroundings looked like this, or this, but sometimes you couldn't see the scenery at all.
For the men of Trek, there was joy at being reunited after such a long time apart, and Vincenzo Nibali and Giulio Ciccone took the opportunity to destroy the local KOMs
Nippo-Delko secreted themselves away in a converted French monastery with tranquil pools, and trained among the lavender fields and lakes
By contrast, Bora had a wild time in Austria. I guess there are no vertigo suffers on the team...
I believe this might be a trust exercise. Or maybe the cycling equivalent of a three-legged race
Direct Energie's rest day activity appeared to be a missing persons search, but I guess they might have been hiking
Both Lotto Soudal and Movistar went picnicking
Some teams looked like they were trying to do social distancing, but not all of them
Just imagine being one of these young fans of FDJ
The women of Spain's national team held a camp, and ended up doing some impromptu cyclo-cross too
At least they kept their feet dry
After long days in the mountains, Sunweb had the very definition of a quiet evening playing cards and board games, and AG2R did jigsaw puzzles
Poor Riccardo Minali had his quiet time rudely interrupted
Out on the Road
How many riders does it take to mend a puncture?
I don't think Rigoberto Uran has quite mastered motor pacing
And Simone Velasco looks ready to try some motor doping
Ton-up for Samuele Battistella in the Dolomites
Tut-tut. Here are Fausto Masnada and Tobias Ludvigsson both riding no-handed - and Ludvigsson attempting to avoid sharp tan lines. Chloe Dygert revealed why she doesn't have any at all. (More on tan lines later.)
Annemiek van Vleuten trained with Eduardo Affini and Antwan Tolhoek, and the world champion was keen to start racing against her rivals again. I won't break the spoiler rule today by mentioning anything about how that might have turned out.
I winced watching Vincenzo Nibali's video. Yet another close pass by a large van.
A few weeks ago, I saw abenomic mention how much they enjoyed seeing riders out training in mixed groups with friends from other teams, and it's an aspect of the sport that I really like too. Most are away with their own teams now, but here are a few nice moments which show the friendships in the peloton.
Food and Drink
The bread making craze is over, but Maria Paula Tobias is still baking amazing desserts and has spent the last few months supporting a local food distribution network near her home in Mexico too
Romain Bardet's meal out deserves to be posted on /WeWantPlates
Antonio Tiberi chatted live on Instagram, and ate his dinner at the same time
Normally Matteo Busato shows off what he's cooked. Not this time, he was much too hungry
Time to avoid the bagged salads for a while
Where do George Bennett and Eros Capecchi put it all??
At their respective training camps, both Nicolas Roche and [Fabio Jakobsen( were reunited with their personal baristas]
What on earth is going on here?
Random Stuff (in no particular order)
I felt sure that Giovanni Carboni would be our featured Italian Legs post this week
But then Iuri Filosi and Mauro Finetto decided to relax in the garden after going out training, and we got a double dose. This might be your reaction, too!
I'm not sure how I feel about this
Or this.
What a nice exchange between Jose Hermida and Petr Vakoc
In their off time, the sport of choice lately seems to be golf. Laurens de Vreese appears to know what he's doing but I think Lucasz Owsian might need more lessons. Alexis Vuillermoz found himself a special golf partner.
Barbara Guarischi impressed me with her slackline skills (another one where I wish I could have saved the video for you)
Not for the first time, we saw a cyclist spotting themselves in a TV quiz. Meanwhile Kirsten Wild had a question for us to answer.
fewfiet, I hope you have one of these t-shirts
Alex Dowsett had strong words for internet trolls
Bahrain have a suit sponsor. Who knew? Ivan Garcia Cortina looks very sharp in his. And especially for Schele_Sjakie, here's confirmation that he's still got all his lockdown hair.
I am in love with Warren Barguil's tricoleur shoes. And look at Quentin Jauregui. Only a Frenchman could carry that look off successfully.
I've had a bee in my bonnet about sunburn/sun damage recently. It worries me that our athletes are storing up problems for the future.
Looking for face masks? I might know a man...
Instagram's algorithm needs some work
Edward Theuns has embraced Tik Tok
Laurens De Vreese isn't just a rap star, you know
This prize looks much better than the Tro-Bro Leon pig
What I want to know is, does Imanol Erviti have a Sheyla Gutiérrez neck warmer?
And does Esteben Chavez have a Fabio Aru mask?
Here's a behind the scenes look at Instagram, featuring a field of cabbages
Cyclists come in many shapes and sizes
Aleksander Vlasov and Eduard Grosu were seen enjoying some pampering
Check out Caleb Ewan's Batmobile
Poor Froome! Geraint Thomas appears to have moved on already
Meanwhile Luke Rowe is tagging Wout Poels in pictures he isn't even in
That's all for now. Enjoy your day!
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2020.07.10 03:09 Jsacjsh2000 Axie Infinity, Microcap monster, $SLP token of Samsung AND Ubisoft backed blockchain game to be brought to mainstream

Ticker : SLP (Small Love Potion)
Market cap : 270k
Partners : Samsung, Maker, HTC, Tomochain, Klaytn
Collaboration : Ubisoft (industry leader)
Axie Infinity is a digital pet game where players battle, raise, and trade cute creatures called Axies.
The game is the flagship project of the team. Comprising of world-class developers bringing the benefits of blockchain to everyone through fun and practical applications.
Despite belonging to the same species, each Axie has its own distinct look and attributes. Since its inception in early 2018 the in-house marketplace has already processed over 25 000 transactions and $2 000 000 in volume.
Incredibly, on June 30th 2020, SkyMavis announced they would be working directly with Ubisoft to prepare the game for mainstream release
This is a moonshot that simply does not rely on any forced hype or shilling at all.
The first rate, top tier partnerships are already there, and the developments are coming in thick and fast to make this the first blockchain game ever to be successfully introduced into the mainstream.
- Almost any Axie you buy will probably be a good investment long term.
- In game sales are 10x the current market cap, the most expensive axxie ever sold was for over 120 ETH (23,000 USD$)
- ATH 24 cents, current price 7c, you will not find a better opportunity to get in.
- 3 exchanges listed it after first day of volume. Interest is growing from big exchanges everyday
- Only just listed on Coinmarketcap
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2020.06.30 16:33 JamesGatz_thehomie Introducing Ronin: Axie Infinity's Ethereum Sidechain

Introducing Ronin: Axie Infinity's Ethereum Sidechain
From the early days of Axie Infinity, we’ve been obsessed with bringing fun gameplay and sound economic design to the world of blockchain gaming. Our community has grown tremendously and we’ve embarked on some truly novel experiments around ideas of true ownership and play to earn gaming. Along with this growth has come the ability to observe the major pain points in our community's experience playing Axie.
One issue that has been a perpetual thorn in our side is Ethereum network congestion. Network congestion is a tricky beast — with gas remaining low for months at a time only to resurface and slow our economy to a standstill.
Scaling Axie With Ronin
In order for Axie Infinity to reach our second, third, and fourth-degree connections (the friends and family of our friends and family) Axie needs a long term solution that makes participating in the Axie game & economy, fast, cheap, and seamless. We need it to be fun and easy!
That’s why today we’re announcing our work on Ronin — an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. A Ronin was a samurai without a master in feudal Japan and Ronin represents our desire to take the destiny of our product into our own hands.
Benefits for Axie Players
Ronin will allow us to take the usability of Axie to the next level, setting us up to welcome the next generation of trainers, thinkers, and explorers to Lunacia.
Ronin will come with:
  • Fast & seamless transactions with almost instant confirmation.
  • Drastically reduced gas fees. In addition, rather than paying Ethereum miners — the gas fees could be retained by the community and used for things like tournaments & bounties.
  • The ability to withdraw Axie assets back to Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Simplified on-boarding for new users, through a customized wallet solution.
  • A block explorer for transparency and data accessibility.
Why We’re Building This
We believe that one-size-fits-all approaches to scaling leave much to be desired. Every product, every community has different needs when it comes to a scaling solution. In addition, the current scaling solutions are often designed for DeFi use cases or simple asset exchange whereas the needs of the Axie community are more complex (and interesting!).
We believe that it’s worth the extra effort building solutions to solve our community’s most difficult problems ourselves. A strong example of this is the in-house Axie marketplace. While Axies trade on a variety of other NFT exchanges — 97% of the volume flows through our marketplace. While we strongly believe in the Web3 ideals of openness and cooperation — we also believe that nobody is going to put as much care, thought, and intuition into products serving our community as us.
Security & Consensus
To help secure Ronin, we have recruited an all-star cast of partners from the traditional gaming, crypto, and nonfungible token space to serve as validators of our network. We’ll be announcing the Ronin validators as we get closer to launch.
The Future of Ronin
Here’s a message directly from Trung, CEO of Sky Mavis:
“We are very excited about the possibilities Ronin brings. Though it’s still in an early state, Ronin will continuously evolve over the years to serve the spirit and ethos of blockchain gaming. On the technical side, we are also looking into various solutions to further strengthen and scale Ronin. zKSyncs, for example, is looking promising, but it could take time until it’s production-ready — particularly for NFTs and games.”
As Vitalik himself just mentioned today, the current layer 2 implementations are “by and large limited to payments and DEX.” We are interested in contributing to the sustainable scaling of NFTs on Ethereum — an area that hasn’t gotten enough attention. Loom Network’s pivot away from NFTs has also expedited our plans to take control of our long term scaling strategy.
For those interested in learning more about the exciting state of Ethereum scaling, we recommend this excellent overview written by Anthony Sassano: Ready Layer Two — The Daily Gwei #11.
What does this mean for your Axies & Land?
Our plan for current Axie infinity assets (Axies, Land, land items) is to migrate them over to Ronin this year. The Sky Mavis team will handle migration for users, although users will be able to choose to do it themselves if they prefer. We will re-deploy all significant Axie-related smart contracts on Ronin. This will also represent an opportunity to upgrade our existing contracts to make the Axie user experience more intuitive.
Axies will be deposited via a smart contract on Ethereum. When Axies are inside the contract they will be usable on Ronin.
We will write a detailed blogpost about migration once we get closer to the event itself.
Get Involved with Axie!
The Axie community is always looking for new thinkers, creators, competitors, and builders!
Make sure to:
Join our Discord Community & follow us on Twitter!
Pick up some Axies & Land.
Research the Axie ecosystem.
Stay tuned — we’ve got plenty of updates coming this year!
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2020.04.17 18:59 Shiromifeari [S] Discord Survivor: All-Stars

For the first time in the history of Discord Survivor, we are bringing back 20 of our most remembered castaways to compete once again! Whether that’d be due to their amazing gameplay, or memorable antics as a character. Let’s meet our 20 All-Stars, shall we?


Amy Rose, from Mamanuca. Best Known For: Her many conflicts, flipping on the contenders, which would cause their downfall, as well as blindsiding her closest ally with an idol play. Making it to the finals, she received no votes in spite of so many betrayals. However, this would lead to her having to choose the winner of the season after a tie. Previous Placement: Second Runner-Up
Edd Maryon Pensky, from Fuji Lakes. Best Known For: A combination of brains and social, Edd went far creating bonds, secretly working with the villains and being Max’s closest ally, all of which would cause his downfall in the hands Eggman and Michele. Previous Placement: 5th
Kitana Kahn, from Umbra Forest. Best Known For: Playing an idol to save one of her allies very early on, and spearheading many of the blindsides of the season, narrowly becoming a winner after a tie in the jury votes. Previous Placement: Winner
Komodo Moe, from Upolu. Best Known For: Losing his brother at the start of the merge, forcing him to go under the radar. Moe emerged as an underdog after Asuma’s rock out, and managed to snatch the win in a very close vote after taking down Ruby in firemaking. Previous Placement: Winner
Ludwig von Koopa, from Umbra Forest. Best Known For: Being one to the cockiest contestants seen on the show, as well as being blindsided in a double elimination twist by the hands of eventual winner Kitana. Previous Placement: 9th
Magikarp, from Mamanuca. Best Known For: Somehow managing to make it super far without ever getting eaten, and gaining much love from the fans for his wacky antics. Previous Placement: 8th
Mandy, from Mamanuca. Best Known For: One of the sneakiest players of her season, Mandy worked with people she hated to blindside the bigger threats, and cemented her villain status even more by idoling out Tom Nook with a single vote. Previous Placement: 6th
Ruby Rose, from Upolu. Best Known For: Attending every single tribal of her season, risking herself in a rock draw and later convincing Marge to cause one for her, winning 4 immunities in a row, going on a streak of vengeful eliminations, tracking down those that voted off her mother. And most importantly, being robbed of making the finals and very likely winning by losing the fire-making twist. Previous Placement: 4th
Scarlett, from Fuji Lakes. Best Known For: Purposefully putting herself in the bottom to lower her own threat level, finding 2 idols and playing both correctly in two very chaotic tribal councils, as well as betraying Eggman, which would cause the latter to blindside her. Previous Placement: 10th
Yul Kwon, from Umbra Forest. Best Known For: An outsider at the start, come the merge, Yul became a silent powerhouse by working with the majorities, but ultimately fell in the bottom again after quitting his alliances. After making the finals thanks to the firemaking twist, he was largely overshadowed by Kitana and Claude, but got the perk of choosing the winner after a tie in the jury votes. Previous Placement: Second Runner-Up
Asuma Sarutobi, from Upolu. Best Known For: Ending up as the biggest mad lad in the history of the show, Asuma found 2 idols and held onto both throughout his entire stay in the game, which would prove to be fatal, as he would draw the purple rock with both idols in his pocket, ending any possibility of being able to play them. Previous Placement: 7th
Claude von Riegan, from Umbra Forest. Best Known For: Being Kitana’s less aggressive partner, playing a more subtle and refined social game in comparison to Kitana’s strong strategy, his less impressive gameplay ultimately made him lose the crown to her. Previous Placement: Runner-Up
Elsa, from Mamanuca. Best Known For: Completely controlling the game from behind the scenes, Elsa made strong moves, flew under everyone’s radar, told a great story, and most importantly, cultivated all the right relationships to give her the win over the more chaotic Cynthia. Previous Placement: Winner
Doctor Eggman, from Fuji Lakes. Best Known For: Accumulating a massive 30 votes over the course of his season, despite being hated by the majority of the cast, Eggman’s strong strategic game allowed him to make it to the end and narrowly beat the more likable Michele, easily earning him the title of best winner of the show. Previous Placement: Winner
Mavis Vermillion, from Mamanuca. Best Known For: A sneaky social player, Mavis caused the first ever sole vote. Later joining Cynthia in causing chaos among the merged tribe, she was able to avoid getting targeted due to her great social game. Making it to the final 4, she was eliminated in a fire-making challenge, just short of the end. Previous Placement: 4th
Max Caulfield, from Fuji Lakes. Best Known For: Being an outsider for most of her stay in the game, but managing to survive with nothing but her brains and resilience. Getting all the way to the Final 3, she was eliminated one day short of FTC by Eggman, due to the being the obvious threat to win. Previous Placement: 3rd
Monotaro, from Upolu. Best Known For: Never having to worry about his stance in the game, at least... until he and his father were the last pair standing, after Monokuma’s blindside, he joined forces with Ruby and Marge and used his likability to give himself a ticket to the finals, but ultimately lost to Moe’s underdog story. Previous Placement: Runner-Up
Penny Proud, from Upolu. Best Known For: Getting grandma-screwed when Suga Mama misplayed an idol, thanks to the edge of extinction twist, she rejoined the game at the Final 6 with a vendetta, causing major damage during her short stay, but was ultimately voted off for her connections with the edge. Previous Placement: 5th
Weiss Schnee, from Umbra Forest. Best Known For: A strong UTR player, Weiss’ actions spoke louder than words, which earned her the love of the tribe, with almost a guaranteed win should she have made it to the finals, she was taken down by Kyoko in a high-profile blindside thanks to the connections she formed. Previous Placement: 6th
Yusuke Kitagawa, from Fuji Lakes. Best Known For: Being the pre-merge gem of his season. Yusuke was the complete opposite of a beauty, loud, boisterous and somehow played an idol correctly, after finding himself in a good position on the brawn tribe, he was then idoled out for being too much of an annoyance. Previous Placement: 15th
The Long Awaited Season!
The Season: What do I have to talk about this season that hasn’t already been said before? This by far, the best season of Discord Survivor, and one of my personal favorite seasons that I’ve ever made overall. So many deja-vus, iconic moments! Strong gameplay! betrayals! Funny rivalries! From start to finish, everyone played their hearts out for their prize money, and the result was a SSS+ tier season! The Final 4 in particular have cemented themselves as legends with their performances here.
The Winner: While Elsa was robbed of getting recognition for being a previous winner, and I wouldn’t have minded if Mavis won because she also played incredibly. Max was an amazing winner, she finally did it, she made it to the finals, and won! She got the best edit out of any winner so far, and I have to say, she’s probably the best social player to ever set foot on the show, she’s one of the 2 players to make it to the end with 0 votes cast against them, and she’s the only winner to do so! She also has the most days out of any player so far, with 93! Congrats Max, you’re the winner, and the ultimate All-Star!
Thank you u/dramaking_22 for allowing me to simulate the season on his discord server, seasons are always streamed there before I post them here, so if you want to get a peek before everyone else, there is the place for you!
And that’s all for All-Stars! Definitely one of the best seasons I’ve ever simulated, I hope you enjoyed it! Next time, on Discord Survivor, players are split into tribes based on their own moral codes! Will the good-willed Saints, the evil Sinners, or the chaotic Scoundrels take the victory? Find out next season!
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2020.02.04 04:21 xavihidolumiya I love El Toro Combo Meal

El Toro Combo Meal
Hi Earl fans, I just wanted to share that my new favorite Earl Sweatshirt song is "El Toro Combo Meal". The beat is beautiful, and dreary-- exactly what you want out of an Earl beat. Perfectly matching the depressing poetry we find so often in his lyrics. Mavi opens the track up with a killer verse. His fast, energetic rapping pairs nicely with Earl's more toned down, calm verse. But Mavi's verse is still melancholic, and provides much to think about. When Earl comes in with his verse, the entire tone and energy of the song shifts (while keeping the same instrumental). Earl distorts his vocals in an interesting way, giving the track a particularly lo-fi quality. But when Earl says the lines "I keep the tears out my mind, reach/ I put my fears in a box like a prayer that you don't read" the poetry of this track reaches another level. Earl's line examines getting rid of the things that he fears, but by comparing this to "a prayer that you don't read" he might be speaking about the neglect he feels from a friend, or partner. By citing "prayer" Earl is also bringing up religious belief. The person that he's referring to may be God ignoring his prayer, in the same way that God is failing to assist in eradicating Earl's fears. Then Earl lets out a sigh that resonates so vividly on the microphone. The sigh, mixed with the audio distorion, becomes just as important to the song as any word or line in Earl's verse. So much emotional weight is placed on this tiny litte gesture. He then follows this sigh by saying "Spirited Away the whole thing". By referencing Spirited Away, an animated movie that came out when Earl was a child, he seems to be kind of nostalgic for a simpler time. Also, this movie is about a young girl who enters another realm-- the world of spirits. Earl might be talking about how he would like to be spirited away-- similar to the main character of the film. Or he wishes that his problems could be spirited away-- exported to another realm. This track is so rich, and evocative, it makes me want to be a pretentious critic. Thank you Earl and Mavi!
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2019.11.15 19:14 TheMagicianV0 Didn't I Say to Make my Abilities Average in The Next Life: Episode 1-4 Review
November is here and in my book it’s the second best month of the year and obviously it’s because this means Christmas is right around the corner and since I'm living up north the evenings get longer and I enjoy chilling with some anime especially around the evenings. During these last 2 months of the year i really increase the volume of hot chocolate and in my experience it boosts the anime chill by at least 100 times.
Although i have at least a thousand anime series I want to watch, and currently in the middle of 5 different series as well as watching 5 series the current season has to offer, and yet I still decided to pick up another series of this season's anime called
Didn't I say to make my abilities average in the next life or by its original title known as Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!
I gotta say those are some long titles although there probably are some even longer ones than even this series, but seriously what the hell. I am a big fan of the great isekai genre and I tend to enjoy every isekai anime each season usually has to offer, from the little bit bad ones to the great and popular. However I am missing out on a few that I plan on watching later down the road. when I first read about this one i was like nah i'm definitely not interested in watching a bunch of fictional little teenage girls do the isekai but every anime deserves a shot even if it’s not the type you usually would watch. A little after the 5th episode had arrived was i finally bored enough to give this one a try, and despite being in the middle of so many anime series how does one get bored you might ask, but... it happens. :p
The funny thing is I ended up watching all 5 episodes in a row. Turns out you can most definitely watch fictional cute little teenage girls do the isekai. And boi that shit was enjoyable as hell and funny. 5 episodes later and I have grown very fond of our MC Adele von Ascham a. k. a. Mile. that is without a doubt in my heart one of the most funny, adorable and overpowered MC’s i have come across. From the way she gets enraged by being called a flat chest to how she fails at hiding her powers, all of that.
Although Mile just wanted to be average in the world she came to be quite the overpowered girl. The reason being when she was reincarnated, and even though she was allowed to choose herself she didn't specify what kind of average she wanted, so Mile just ended up gaining half of that black dragons powers or something along those lines i think. So she is in the middle of the world's weakest to the strongest apparently the average of all living creatures was added to the list anyways. XD
My first impression before the end of episode 1, was damn this series might get serious despite feeling light hearted, i never seen a feel good anime where children got kidnapped, and as we unravel the reason why these kidnaps are happening and what the ringleader witch of that cult had in mind well, definitely weird but what the hell they could have completely turned that series, but we won't go anywhere near there and neither did the anime. I never expected that ringleader whatever her name was to want a harem full of lolis and I have never seen a more stupid reason, and I got some laughs in at the end of the episode where we finally got to see the overpowered kamehameha.
Although the reason Mile went to investigate the series of missing kid a little while after she arrived in town due to Renny’s mysterious disappearance, a little girls Mile meets when she goes to an inn for shelter. Although it turned out that Renny was never actually kidnapped and that she just got sidetracked. This lead Mile to investigate on the missing children’s case. During the course of the first episode mile ends up meeting Reina, Mavis and Pauline. Reina and Mavis also investigating the reason of the recent kidnappings in town and Pauline well she was actually among the kidnapped children. XD
Mile Joined that little magic hunter’s academy where she is to train to become a hunter well despite being overpowered and all. Where she is reunited with Reina, Mavis and Pauline and they turned out to be her roomates even. If that isn’t the fated meeting i don’t know what is, but isn’t that how an isekai anime usually starts out. The MC meet their future friends or partners during some incidence or when strolling through the new town only to find out that they're headed for the same place. :P
Episode 2 kicks off at the magic school where the girls are supposed to train in order to become a hunter. From the looks of it the ranking system of a hunter seems to be from F to A. of course with A rank hunter’s being the strongest. The girls immediately forms a party and starts to train during a quest. Of course like most isekai’s Mile being the one to guide them towards power. Three episodes in the anime and Miles and gang have already graduated as the top students of the Magic hunter academy whatever it’s actual name was, and of course Reina, Mavis and Pauline becomes even stronger due to Miles guidance, and we even got one of those tournament battle type situations even though it wasn’t very long it was still enjoyable to watch nonetheless. :D
One of the best quality’s this anime has in my opinion anyways are all the references to different anime series and shows, and while some series have some references here and there, but if i'm not mistaken there’s one or more in each episode in this anime in particular, which makes it that much more funny to watch and especially in episode 2 and 3 were we get to see some awesome Dragon Ball moments, which made me enjoy those two episodes even more. If you are a dragon ball fan and a fan of isekai series as well this anime is 100% it. I actually enjoyed this anime way more that i did Isekai Cheat Magician and Demon Lord Re-try. Well if i were to compare them anyways.
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2019.11.10 00:08 fewfiet [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] 9 November 2019

Hi! Welcome!
My life outside reddit has interfered once again with me preparing this by earlier this morning, and for that I apologise. I hope the timing won't result in the underwhelming response like last week's edition received.. This week I was fortunate to have fantastic submissions by u/BegoniaInBloom, who has been a consistent high quality contributor! Please consider submitting whatever you find of interest for next week's edition. Let's build this together! And without further ado, please enjoy this week's edition of the SSMSE!
Last week we turned a spotlight on Wout Van Aert, but this week some of our past protagonists returned to sharing their recovery with us such as Luka Mezgec who’s gym experience was pretty much exactly how I imagine most gym sessions going: alone and spending most of your time on instagram. Chris Froome also returned to the hospital to shed some of the extra gear he’s picked up since his accident.
Mike Woods was coming dangerously close to some triathlon training a couple of nights ago.. Between him and the recovering Luka Mezgec they’re on the way to winning some Ironmans! Maybe Mike didn’t want to reveal his training secrets which is why this story was deleted or maybe he was just embarrassed at the music he purchased.
This week I was able to confirm Tadej Pogačar and Urška Žigart’s relationship!
Similar to my speculation about Groenewegen’s alternative training last week (and it looks like I wasn’t so far off base even though the motion of the ocean didn’t seem to agree with his partner, Nine), it seems like Florian Senechal may be engaging in some indoor training just after his wedding (for a more complete album see his full post here or Philippe Gilbert’s own album of the wedding. Speaking of his wedding, some of his DQS mates were in attendance, although isn’t this tampering? Then Florian went on a honeymoon.. And that ubiquitous tortoise is back again!
Steven Kruijswijk got married too… two years ago! And since he doesn’t have to waste time on a honeymoon this offseason he can focus on other challenges even if he has no chance it was a nice try though.
If wedding season is checked off does that mean Senechal's was the last one or does that mean we're in it now?
There are tons and tons of other cyclists who went off-roading this past week including:
Dayer Quintana might [need] some work on his off-roading skills after completely missing the path.
Geraint Thomas let a few xenephobic grams drop this past week. I exaggerate! It was just good bants.
Max Walsheid got some free moto pacing while out on a ride, although really it should be free for everyone for a while after Nils Eekhoff overpaid at Yorkshire..
Some riders however resorted to indoor training. Such as Alexander Kristoff who bucks the trend and doesn’t bother with Zwift. Or Demi Vollering who left her team kit discarded on the floor, perhaps she’s as disgruntled like Wiebes? Wait, is that Geraint??
Weekly Demi Vollering’s dog pictures section:
Chloe Hosking was prepping for the pre season and also shared a photo of some other dogs.
Elena Cecchini posted a few of Attilaee this past week, who also has her own Instagram, if you care to check it out.
Giulio Ciccone posted a human in dog costume. And I really don’t know if this is his dog or Trek Bicycle’s dog, but it sure poses well for a picture!
Emilia Fahlin, also shared a cute pup, although Rocky isn’t her dog.
Manuel Belletti and his cat snuggled up while watching a movie.
Daily and Family Life
Mathieu van der Poel was in a rather empty, sterile but somehow still luxurious hotel room in London, after being unable to wait for… something? A car? A pile of tires? Maybe he just couldn’t wait to find the person who stole his rain jacket and glasses but not sure what that would have to do with a car and 200+ tires. He also gave his partner, Roxanne, a gift, although I might question whether she looks especially happy in that picture.
Find the error. I hope WVA’s wife was better at this than I was.. Maybe the empty plate on the middle shelf? The knife on the plate? Maybe it’s driving with your legs while ‘grammin and drinking a Red Bull… or this butcher’s decision to carry 160kg of meat like that? Also, is this the first time someone actually used the sweat droplets emoji to mean sweat droplets or… what happened that day?? Maybe he got a bit too excited about the first Jumbo in Belgium?
Sacha Modolo certainly seems more focused on being a loving caring father than finding a team for next year..
And Marta Bastianelli also a doting parent, spent some time doing some family chores of her own.
I’m a little bit concerned by Lizzie Deignan’s commentary on seatbelt usage, especially as concerns her children. Please everyone, buckle up, and wear a helmet. Seriously, these things aren’t pointless they save lives.
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot tried her hand at cooking some breakfast, but she should probably stop cooking. Maybe Emilia Fahlin can fill the gap, at least she has a nice looking spread for Saturdays.
Giro de Rigo
So, one of these is not like the others (and I don’t mean Uran and his cut off denim shorts, although that is also unique!), but he seemed to enjoy it and they enjoyed having him! And Ivan wasn’t the only former rider taking part in international sporting events as David Millar finished the NYC Marathon in under 3:00, pretty incredible.
I guess it is still a post-Tour promotional race but it seems kind of odd to see Egan Bernal lining up in yellow for the Giro de Rigo. And to whoever is on the right (Rigoberto?? It couldn’t be!).. I just can’t fathom how that outfit seemed like a good idea. But maybe I just don’t understand fashion apparently, which is why I didn’t vote on Robert Gesink’s style poll nor will I comment on Tobias Ludvigsson’s new purchase.
At the Giro de Rigo, Sergio Higuita gave a better impression of Esteban Chaves’s smile than Estaban did himself.
The kids sure played a lot of video games together..
And even if Fernando Gaviria was left out he doesn’t seem to mind.
Vacations… when does the offseason end again?
Simone Velasco was on the beach. And took some selfies and .
Giovanni Lonardi was on the beach.
Marco Canola was by the pool.
Marco Canola was also at the beach on Tenerife, but he’s gone now. I wonder if he saw Elena Pirrone and friends before leaving.
Wout Poels went back to work, or he’s going soon. But #whereiswoutgoing?
Ok, so… apparently Giovanni Lonardi and friends spent another full week at the beach so here’s another (shorter) run-down of their activities:
He wasn’t the only Italian to share an abundance of vacation photos this past week as Letizia Paternoster finally made it to the beach, with close friends including Lisa Favale, Daniel Oss, and more. Although sadly it looks like they flew in coach, or at best economy plus. I guess not all cyclists are as lucky as Niki Terpstra who was on his way to Dubai for some fun in the sun. While in Zanzibar they drank out of coconuts at the side of the pool and on the less glamorous side had some underwhelming facilities.
Andrea Vendrame was also in Zanzibar although seems to have fewer friends with him, at least fewer human friends. Although at least he found the tortoise!
And Pascal Ackermann also drank from a coconut (more than once) and saw a turtle! There really are limited beach activities I guess.
Dylan Groenewegen was still on vacation in paradise, although it appears as if Mike Teunissen, and perhaps his partner, joined them.
If Mike Teunissen is trying to imply he wasn’t sporting a rocking beach bod then maybe his standards are a bit too high, I’ll send him a few pictures from my next vacation to show him it could always be worse.
Giovanni Visconti didn’t just take a beach vacation but met a few new friends! Visconti to Jumbo-Visma confirmed?
Mavi Garcia seems to have finished off her tropical vacation this past week, or else she just stopped posting pictures..
Vincenzo Nibali went to the Maldives and was looking much more like a dad on vacation than most of our other beach goers this week.
John Degenkolb seemed content with his views (I think I would have been too) and his underwater adventures. And Sonny Colbrelli might want to show a bit more concern with his! I wonder if he and Enrico Gasparotto met up with papa Vincenzo while in the Maldives?
Tao Geoghegan Hart was also still on vacation and could have blended in with any of us on this bike path (shouldn’t he be wearing his team kit?), and on the beach with who I assume is Hannah Barnes. But it looks like it’s back to the grind for him.
Eider Merino was at the beach too although it was much less tropical.
Greg Van Avermaet went on vacation with his growing family and discovered a beautiful part of the world with his little one.
Near the end of his holidays Nicholas Roche saw some swimming pigs, potentially Cesare Benedetti and a friend, although he was also recently in Krakow so maybe not.
Dan Martin went on an innocent vacation to Disney World with his family although I suspect he knew exactly what he was implying with this “innocent” Instastory.
Gianluca Brambilla had a rather boozy Sunday, got a tattoo and… climbed Mt Everest?? What a week!
Chloe Dygert Q&A
Plans for the offseason?
Who’s the coolest American rider?
Why do you change in the straight not the bend?
Plans for 2020? Europe?
Who is your favorite Belgian rider… current or past?
For what is used the trash besides you in rollers?
Are you Michael Jackson?
What gear ratios do you like to use on the road?
How many barbies do you have?
Any tips for 20 minute ftp tests?
And it looks like she did end up moving to Boise!
Odds & Ends
Primoz Roglic was dreaming of his next regatta and perhaps inspired by how cool Mark Cavendish’s kid was last week shared how badass his own child is.
Hello sunglasses sponsors! Someone please send Sergio Higuita some bigger shades to protect his poor eyes! And Fausto Masnada too! It was his birthday this past week.. At least consider a gift.
He might be the most popular rider in the peloton, but Fausto Masnada could only watch (and instagram) as this little joy ran away from him without the snack.
After witnessing rioting a few weeks ago George Bennett saw another burning vehicle this week, I can almost feel the heat and I wasn’t even there..
This year Alberto Bettiol not only conquered a monument but also Ikea.
Ben Swift tried to take in a new sport but was left mostly confused.
Onur Balkan posts a lot of coffee and tea pics.. Enough that I might have to start keeping better track.
Gianni Moscon knows it’s all about wheels, maybe taking tips from Mark Cavendish, although Cav’s picture is definitely more artistic.
I guess it’s great that Lex Albrecht loves riding her bike, given that it’s kind of her job.
Sepp and Carlos spent a lot of time together and maybe made some bad decisions. Just a regular day as part of The Squad. I imagine Luke Rowe’s crew parties a bit differently..
Alexey Vermeulen may not have succeeded in the WT peloton, but he did succeed in winning fellow Michigander Larry Warbasse’s heart although it looks as if he may be split between Alexey and Stan’s Donuts.
Georgia Williams… we’ve been over this.. golf was a few weeks ago.
It was Fausto Masnada’s birthday this past week (but you all already knew that) and even if the only pro rider I noticed sending him well wishes was Simone Consonni, Biotex Underwear sure seemed excited.. Like a bit too excited. But disappointingly, no underwear pics have emerged.. Just tons and tons and tons of boring pics.
Breaking news: Pascal Ackermann was a child once!
I must admit that I don’t really understand.
Even if pelotonmemes didn’t appreciate my memeing this past week at least Puck Moonen understood as she too joined in the oversharing of the “Cyclist(™) Checklist” video.
Davide Cimolai seems to be securely back with friends these days, although they seem to value his cycling accomplishments a bit lower than his Serie A allegiances (at least Inter is doing better than Sacha Modolo’s Milan. And after trying his hand at being a barrista among other recent endeavours appears to have found another hobby engraving little gears? Maybe he could offer Robert Gesink some support depending on what his problem actually was. And after a morning workout Cimolai also got in on the “Italians taking first person perspective pictures of their legs” trend, although he sadly wasn’t at the beach.
Marta Bastianelli was honored by the sport section of the police force in Abruzzo with food and drink, including a bottle of wine with her own picture on it.
This poor guy didn’t find the right answer. Anyone have an idea? OHHHHHhhhhhh… it’s Elia Viviani!
Robert Gesink has a bit of advice for Peter Stetina regarding what counts as gravel riding. I’m sure Peter will take it into consideration.
Bling Matthews got some motorcycling kit but I don’t really understand why one picture is reversed if they are both selfies with the same mirror setup.
So I was concerned that Sergio Higuita may not have made his group ride today after he woke up far too early Friday and arrived at the airport before 6:00am only to have his flight cancelled. But he made it in the end!
Luke Rowe also decided to keep it classy this week and if you check the comments you’ll see that Richie Porte was a big fan of the Mini parked on the left!
Pete Kennaugh sighting! And he looks happy now, which is wonderful. Between Kittel, Stetina, Kennaugh, Dennis and probably many others I’m very happy to see a trend of riders taking care of their mental health and not continuing along a path that doesn’t make them happy.
Caleb Ewan might not have had so much success vs Sam Bennett on the road this season, but he did beat him at… this after Sam launched too soon. Although Caleb also got KO’ed himself during this game. Apparently they really liked playing with balls at that stag do.. and later Sam, Caleb, and Luke Rowe went for a ride together with Sam perhaps feeling a bit uncomfortable still in that Bora kit..
Lucas Hamilton took in some spectacular horse racing.
Is Alejandro Osorio, Sergio Higuita’s father?? Or maybe Sacha Modolo? Unless that is a very irresponsible gift for his daughter (look at the ribbons)?
Marco Haller went for a romantic lunch-date although he kept two negroni for himself instead of sharing.
I think you all must have heard of George Bennett’s surgery and his attempt to get ahead of the obvious questions but that didn’t stop Bob Jungels from asking! But Bob is also a man of culture (maybe… I’m not actually sure what he’s saying but it’s something to do with history so I assume he’s cultured).
Dario Cataldo is a surprisingly good artist, even while drawing on a balloon!
Thomas De Gendt got cleaned off by his son before he could enter the house
Tony Martin surprisingly signed for Katusha this past week.. Excuse me, signed for a Katusha fan.
That’s all for this week, so now it is time to say Goodbye but also thank you for reading!
Best wishes,
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2019.11.02 16:01 fewfiet [Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] 2 Nov 2019

Hi! Welcome!
Similar to last week’s edition this week we’ll only get to enjoy seven day’s worth of social media together, but I think this version is bigger and better than last time! I thought perhaps I pull this together a bit earlier, but there was just so much to work with this was the earliest I could manage. There are some themes that are beginning to emerge, although sadly rider’s moms don’t really feature this week, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for your mommy fix, at least until the next edition. But there are still plenty of doggies and plenty of love so look forward to those as we begin our journey through the past week in the lives of the pro peloton as told through their social media posts..
Wout Van Aert’s Recovery
The past few weeks we’ve seen Froome, Mezgec, Pozzovivo, and others recover from injury and while many of these riders have demonstrated their health and then moved on to other aspects of their lives Wout Van Aert has decided to document every single step of his recovery. From planks to walking on a treadmill he’s really giving us the blow-by-blow. Finally he recently leveled up with some pretty big strides on the treadmill! Forza Wout, you’re almost there!
The King
The Giro de Rigo is coming up soon and thus many pro riders are visiting Rigoberto Uran for promotional reasons including Sergio Henao, Daniel Martinez, and Sergio Higuita who needed a police escort as he entered the house while being filmed by Rigoberto who was just chilling on the couch. He really is the coolest. Oh, and regarding the Giro de Rigo, or I guess Colombia in general, it might be best for Vincenzo Nibali to keep his distance if he knows what’s good for him.
Alex Dowsett went on vacation in the West Indies, apparently staying on a rather large yacht.. I thought pro cyclists didn’t earn high salaries. :thinking: He also went snorkeling and saw a shark. Even if they get paid more than I expected, don’t forget that cyclists are just like you and me, they too can have bad luck with flight connections (I couldn’t find his complaints to Quantas on social media, but I did find Daryl Impey’s complaints to his mobile phone service provider. Yes, different, but.. Kind of the same.)
Riders don’t just have trouble with flights and phones but their partners can experience the same issues we do at Starbucks, or even the riders themselves! Who is Megan Bernal anyway?
Fabio Felline’s doggo seemed to be longing for some vacation time. Or maybe he was just jealous of Fabio’s snorkeling adventures and otherwise relaxing time in the tropics.
Nicholas Roche was giving Rigoberto Uran a good run for coolest pro cyclist this past week, but... I think he has to do a little more to unseat the king. He’s not giving up his throne without a fight, training both strength and lung capacity.
Noemi Ferré and Sepp Kuss played pick up sticks, drew on bar walls, and walked around while on vacation.. Maybe I’ve discovered another cycling couple!
Wout Poels asks us #whereiswout but unless he’s just sharing a red herring I think it’s pretty obvious he’s in Mauritius.
Letizia Paternoster and her track teammates were also on a wonderful beach vacation, or so they wished. At least Letizia was trying to bring the beach vibes as she modeled these Nike sandals.
Giovanni Lonardi was on a weeklong beach vacation with some mates in the Dominican Republic and there was just too much to talk about so here is a bulleted list:
After we saw Marta Bastianelli impressed by some beastly tortoises a few weeks ago I guess Bob Jungels just had to go on vacation to see them for himself. Who knows, maybe he reads SSMSE.. Hi Bob! Hang on to those drinks!
Dylan Groenewegen spent the week on a tropical vacation mostly just relaxing but also getting up to some more active fun out on the water and maybe even in the bedroom later last night, although I don’t have proof of any “activities”, I’m only speculating.
Simone Velasco visited Cuba which looks like fun.
Tadej Pogačar was also away on vacation, with Urška Žigart.. Another cycling couple??? I should really work for TMZ or something.
Phil Bauhaus was somewhere a bit more tropical but I don’t know much more than that. (Please excuse the screenshot quality. Sadly there wasn’t so much to this one, so I didn’t find it interesting enough to go back for a better one.)
Mavi Garcia was also in a beautiful tropical location this past week practicing her martial arts.
And Steven Kruijswijk also put in some time at the beach, probably fleeing the first snowfalls out of pure fear.
Tao Geoghegan Hart and Hannah Barnes met up with George Hincapie during an American vacation.
In addition to his iconic beach pictures Nicholas Roche was part of the NBA attendance crew this past week along with Floortje Mackaij and Dylan Van Baarle, even if they were on the other side of the country with Coryn Rivera and Nate Labecki (I’m not sure if they count as another cycling couple considering he hasn’t ridden professionally since 2012).
Poor Chris Froome, everyone else was on the beach or some tropical locale or visiting friends and watching NBA but he was… visiting Wall Street. He did share some classic nighttime traffic from Times Square, as Onur Balkan did in Turkey (although sadly the geotag is covered up in my screenshot).
Dylan Van Baarle and Floortje Mackaij’s vacation finally came to an end and as they returned to home sweet home.
And while connecting through the States on his way home Alex Dowsett reminded us all that they really love Halloween over there which brings me to…..
A bunch of international professional cyclists celebrating Halloween around the world!
Robert Gesink went with what might be the most Day of the Dead-themed of costumes of this whole section. Good for him to resist the pressure to go as a sexy nurse.
Nairo Quintana played contractor earlier this week, and looked huge doing it, but for Halloween he appears to have… gone as a goblin to a mall? Weird choice.
Chloe Hosking went on a costumed ride without much of a costume but got her act together later to go as… an Australian?
Sam Bennett dressed up with his partner (maybe?) in a couples Mr & Mrs Smith costume and they pulled it off rather well! He also went shopping and some other festive tolks. But later he went bobbing for apples and for some reason needed to show off his tan lines over the course of the night.. Weird party.
Barbara Guarischi partied with Davide Villella, Dario Cataldo, and Sofia Bertizzolo who was getting a bit fresh even at the start of the evening.. I don’t have any evidence of what happened next.
I can’t tell if Pauline Ferrand Prevot was dressed up but she was certainly with two scary characters, even if I’d be a bit more creeped out by the lurker, all alone in all orange in the background.
I don’t know what he was wearing (although someone else did go with this scary costume, but Mike Woods was certainly up to some creepy activities on Halloween. That “funhouse” might want to look into a bit of rebranding..
I’m also not so sure what Sergio Higuita’s costume was. But that looks like a pretty serious knife Laura is sporting..
And, the last in this short interlude of uncertainty, I’m also not so sure if this is a costume or if Mauro Finetto and Alessandro Fedeli just like wearing lipstick in dark alleys. I think it is probably a costume.
Tao Geoghegan Hart went as a generic olde tyme person with Hannah Barnes and Alexis Ryan. Apparently they all decided to celebrate in America, which makes sense given what Alex Dowsett told us about how seriously they take the holiday.
But the most American of this section is certainly the reigning US champ Alex Howes, who went with his partner and pup as hallowweenies, and found an octopup out who really didn’t look that enthused (not that Alex’s buddy looked to be enjoying it any more than the other doggo).
2020 Races and Offseason Training
Iván Garcia Cortina seemed upset at the loss of the California races from the 2020 calendar, as did Toms Skujiņš, Coryn Rivera, Leah Kirchmann, George Bennett, and probably many more. And oddly, the new addition of a race in Saudi Arabia to the calendar didn’t seem to ease George’s pain. Niki Terpstra also had some opinions on the race calendar moving forward, suggesting to perhaps… move it forward.
This past week we also saw the route announcement of the Tour of the Alps and some pro riders were in attendance. Elena Pirrone nailed a promotional post on Instagram but what happened to the post on twitter? Why did she link the old race account (which is now suspended fwiw)? Or if it was an automatic repost from Insta, why did it try to link the old account? Robots man…
Puck Moonen claimed to be taking some pictures for Instagram while out on a group ride, but these were the closest I saw throughout the week… she lied (or I just missed them, which is unlikely)!
Maybe Bora decided to hang on to the more dedicated sprinter for 2020 because it seems as if while Sam Bennett was out partying Pascal Ackermann was training even if it was a bit of an alternative approach. Or at least they picked the more willing corporate shill.
Michal Kwiatkowski seems less than impressed with his new training partner this week, Łukasz Owsian. If Froome would just come back from his corporate robot obligations and ride with poor Michal, things would be better.
Nathan Haas went on a forest ride and they caught a few itchy bits. I just hope they don’t leave a rash.
Do you think Trek cycling is looking forward to 2020 and another year of turning #data into doing with @splunk? Or am I getting the wrong idea?
Primoz Roglic took his mini human on an autumnal walk while Robert Gesink was happier to keep track of his mini me indoors. Someday both those minis will be 30 and eating breakfast like this, but for now they’re eating whatever their parents give them.
Bigtime congratulations go out to Sacha Modolo and his wife Valentina, for bringing their very own mini human into the world this past week!! As I pointed out one of these past weeks he may have been a little bit distracted this past season, and justifiably so. He’s certainly showing that he’s a loving father, big love to him and his family as they get to spend time together this offseason!
Was Rohan Dennis doing a bit of subtle marketing or is his dog really just the coolest? And I might question whether it is really a great idea to refer to your child as having gone full idiot box regardless of whether you include yourself in that category. The kids are so innocent! They have time to learn to resist television!
Similarly, is Chris Froome suggesting that his child had a horrific cycling accident caught on video which he shared to the world? To be fair, there likely wasn’t much room to pass between that open door and the net, what did Chris expect would happen?? I wish you a speedy recovery mini human!
We can love or hate Mark Cavendish all we want for his exploits, or lack thereof, on the road but he sure seems like loving, doting father with a pretty cool kid. Wait.. is that another subtle piece of marketing for Oakley??
Obligatory pictures of Demi Vollering’s dogs from this week, even if they’re theives they’re still cute! But this is not a dog, unless it is a really big dog.
In fact, that last one looks a bit more similar to Niccolo Bonifazio’s brother, depending a bit on which one of the asses he is.
In addition to fulfilling his daughter’s wishes for more pumpkins, Niki Terpstra was already out training for next season’s cobbled classics but he should keep both hands on the handlebars for his own safety.. Nobody wants to end up like Froomey’s son!
And he wasn’t the only one getting in the spirit of autumn as Anna Plitchta also brought home a big ol’ pumpkin!
Puck Moonen did share some inquisitive doggos this week, even though I’m still not sure what she was grammin’ on that ride.
Dylan Teuns proposed on Planche des Belles Filles and she said yes! Do you think he’d pick 29 October over 11 July as “best day of the year”? I sure hope so!
Marco Canola saw a bear at Naturlandia. Two in fact. While there he also thought of his past and future teammate Damiano Cima, who happened to have gotten married this past week! Awwwwww… Damiano seems to have gotten Davide Martinelli pretty good while opening the bubbly! Bastardo.
Imerio Cima was looking like a boss (although as usual, he was outdone by Rigo). And you may notice his new team even wished him a happy you might think this was a mistake, as he was likely dressed up for his brother’s wedding the day he posted that, BUT his birthday was this past week so Gazprom weren’t totally wrong.
Damiano wasn’t the only cyclist getting married this past week as Lotta Lepisto and Joonas Henttala tied the knot (how many cycling couples are there???) and then promptly cycled away! The best part about their wedding? Lotta’s McDonald’s wedding day lunch! Gotta save for the honeymoon somehow!
Ok, I’m getting a bit sick of the love between Elena Cecchini and Elia Viviani at this point. It’s just a bit much friends. Get a room!
An update from last week: I was initially concerned that Davide Cimolai would have another week of loneliness without sharing any human companionship and eating alone but he found some friends! On Halloween he got dressed up in appropriate “scary” clothing and went out with some friends for dinner and some fun and apparently also caught a show :eyes: . But it wasn’t just one night, he also shared this meal with a friend.. Unless he was just double glassing.
Diego Ulissi and Valerio Conti, another couple?? Probably not, but I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in that picture.
Odds & Ends
Simon… you’re a week too late with golf posts, we’ve moved on to full on vacation and halloween mode now. Shake my head my head.
An Androni masseuse must have seen an opportunity while Fausto Masnada is away in Innsbruck (with pup in tow! and Mattia Cattaneo was out to celebrate Halloween as he (with others) went to steal their koms around Bergamo, although Cattaneo is somewhat skeptical they’ll be able to and is waiting for further news.
Michael Matthews seems upset at… something? Did someone steal his bike or just knock over a pole? I’m not really sure what is happening here (it wasn’t a video so you’re seeing what I saw, except in the Instagram story the kangaroo was punching the air, which was kind of cute). He should probably just look back at his idyllic time in Portofino to remember the better times.
Egan Bernal appears to have treated himself to a new car, which is apparently “basic”, although it isn’t a BMW so I’m not sure what he’s on about. What else could we expect from someone who body shames ex-cyclists. Typical Megan.
Trek announced new uniforms with Lizzie Deignan and Giulio Ciccone in attendance and afterwards Lizzie had to pay for the pleasure of riding home next to the loo while Giulio had to.. What? Have dinner with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?? That doesn’t seem fair at all!
Chloe Dygert really thinks Gary Sutton is cool even if I might question his choice in footwear.
Safety first for Demi Vollering! To be honest, I’m almost surprised there isn’t a sly @oakley snuck in there somewhere. Watch out on the roads too Demi!
Gianluca Brambilla went on a gondola ride through Venice, which looks much more relaxing than when I’ve seen the canals packed in the summer months. I hate to spoil his fun but someone might want to tell him that’s not a Range Rover.
Who is this person riding in INEOS kit with Dylan??
Meanwhile Ylber Sefa appears to be really proud of his Candy Crush achievements! I didn’t even know anyone still played Candy Crush..
The Jumbo Visma riders seem to have amphibians (or lizards? Or both?) on the mind with both Primoz Roglic and Dylan Groenewegen sharing these creatures in their stories.
Meanwhile Roman Bardet’s best life appears to be cycling by a field of cows rather than the beach life the others in this run down have pursued. Maybe practicing magic in Japan just wasn’t his thing or Primoz Roglic’s either. Although it does seem like Roglic is taking cycling a bit too seriously, showing up in full kit for this recreational ride, there’s even a pensioner there! Emilia Fahlin is challenging Chris Froome for the most boring of off season activities while cleaning out her wardrobe. It might be interesting to see what’s in there but the actual act of cleaning it out? Zzzzz
I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of SSMSE! If you happen to have those tabloid or gossip column contacts please put me in touch. And keep sending in things you see for me to add to the next edition (thanks to u/BegoniaInBloom for some great tips from this past week!).
tl;dr - Here’s a “summary” that someone was actually paid to write.
Edit --- Shaking my head that I overlooked the obvious nairoingreen connection in Quintana's costume.. he's just on another level to me.
Edit2 --- Formatting.
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2019.10.24 19:26 thefrenchflo [IIL] 2019 Post-Rock, Progressive Rock & Related, [WEWIL?]

Here is the list of all the 2019 albums I listened so far, and my appreciation of them.

Which album out in 2019 have I missed, that would make it to my 4-stars session?
(please note that when I rate an album only 1 star, It's not a judgement about the value of the artist. I admire all artist. It's just that I can't love everything and I wish them to find a big audience elsewhere).

5 stars:
  1. Devin Townsend - Empath (PROGRESSIVE METAL)
  2. Monkey3 - Sphere (PSYCHEDELIC ROCK)
  3. Tool - Fear Inoculum (POST METAL)
  4. Cheeto's Magazine - Amazingous (CROSSOVER PROG)

4 1/2 stars:

4 stars:

3 1/2 stars:

3 stars:

2 1/2 stars:

2 stars:
1 1/2 stars:

1 star:

1/2 star:
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2019.09.10 22:08 Palestinian_Chicken A fox killed all four of my chickens during the day today and I'm gutted.

So yeah, left the four girls free ranging in a custom built enclosure today. Left the house at about half 9 for a day out with the Mrs and kids, came home at 4 and no one appeared when I pulled up. They usually come flapping crazily across to see if I've got any treats for them. Went and had a nose about and found a body with puncture wounds on the back of the head and neck. No sign of the other three. The brazen fucking fox. It better look out if I catch a glimpse of it! My daughter (who's two) loved those chickens and they've become a real source of company for my partner when the kids are giving her a difficult day.
RIP Doris, Betty, Mavis and Mabel.
Edit: miracles do happen! It's now very dark and I heard some odd noises out by the coop. Went to investigate and found the missing three hens tucked up ready for bed! There're quite a few feathers scattered that weren't there earlier. What do you guys think happened? We searched in all directions for them. Do chickens find perches in trees when under attack??
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Sarışın kısa saçlı beyaz tenli mavi gözlüyüm. Hayal gücünü kullanmayı seven ve beni her vakit şaşırtan gençler alakamı çekmiştir. Prezervatifsiz sevişmek isteyenlere yapamayacağımı şimdiden üzülerek bildirmek isterim. Cim cif ile yüzüme ağzıma boşalmakta isteyebilirsin. Partner sayfasında verdiğim duyurumda bulunan resimlerimden beni inceleyebilir ve kafanıza ve cinsellik zevkinize uygun bir kadın olduğumu düşündüğünüz takdirde benimle buluşabilirsiniz. Dar kot pantolon ve göğüslerimi daha da belirginleştirecek bluzlar giyerek gençte merak uyandırmayı severim. Bütün fantezilerinizi ve cinsellik isteklerinizi yerine getireyim. Daha son zengin bir ailenin çocuğu askere giderken yaptığım cinsellik partisinde çok eğlenmiştim. Sarhoş olup birkaç seferden sonra sızıp kalan gençlere sinir oluyorum Biz neden buluştuk. Kondom kullanmadan cinsellik yaparım ama sağlık acısından takmakta her daim fayda olduğunu düşünüyorum. Otele geliyorum. Anal cinsellik prezervatifsiz cim cif gibi bütün isteklerinizi yerine getirmeye dikkat ediyorum. Birbirine saygılı iki fert olarak buluşarak hayatın cinsel alanında yapacağımız bu cinsellik dolu birliktelikler de bir müşteri Partner ilişkisinden öte iki sevgili karı koca gibi saygılı olmak ve bütün cinsellik fantezilerini yapacağımız güzel bir yatak arkadaşı olacağımızın garantisini veririm. Beyaz tenli büyük göğüslü diri kalçalı yeşil gözlü kestane rengi saçları olan alev gibi yanan bir bayanım. Piyasa da işini hakkıyla yapan bayanlardan bir tanesi olduğumu bilin. Sağlık açısından anal cinsellik hizmeti vermiyor ve asla kondomsuz birlikte olmuyorum. Lezbiyen cinsellik yapmak isteyen ve bu konuda gizlilik konusunda sıkıntı çeken hanımların dertlerine güç olacak kişi olduğumu söyleyebilirim. Cim cif istiyorsanız göğüs arası fanteziniz varsa beni bu siteden arayın tanışalım ve akşamı sabaha birlikte erdirelim. Grup cinsellik yapmayı isteyen evli çiftler beni arayın. Saatlik ve gecelik olarak anlaşıyorum. Benden bu tür aksiyonlar beklemeyin. Partner sayfasında bulacağınız numaram ile benimle görüşerek bana bildiklerinizi öğretmenizi istiyorum. Güçlü kollarınıza beni alıp evire çevire becerirken alacağımız hazzın sonunda keyiften göklere uçacağız. Lezbiyen ilişkilerde iyiyim. Partner sayfasında beylikdüzü escort resimlerim ve numaram var. Partner de kayıtlı telefonumdan bir arama yaparak randevu isteğini belirtmen ile hoş gecelere başlayabiliriz. Genç ve çılgın bir kızla ile akşamı çılgınlar gibi sevişerek ve yapacağınız gizli saklı fantezileriniz ile bitirmeye ne dersiniz? Partner sayfasındaki yerimi alarak siz değerli erkeklerin seksüel ihtiyaçlarını daha hoş ve erotik biçimde yerine getirmeye çalışıyorum kolejde okuyorum. Deneyimli Partner hizmeti ile gençlerin gözdesi olan verdiği hizmetin karşılığını fazlasıyla yerine getiren her türlü fanteziye açık yeniliklerden hoşlanan erkeğini delirtmek ve bütün hazları yaşayacağı şehvetli akşamlar yaşatan bir bayanım. Çekici ve seksi bir Partner hatunum. Partner ile numarama anında şimdi ulaşarak benimle bir randevu ayarlayabilir, temiz ve sağlıklı bir ortam ayarlayıp şehveti yaşayabilirsin. Otele ve evinize gelerek birlikte olabilecek ve değişik cinsellik pozisyonları ile ufkumuzu genişleterek cinselliğe yeni boyutlar kazandıracağımız akşamlarda birlikte olmak isteyen erkeklerden randevu ve tanışma istekleri için telefonlar bekliyorum.
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2019.02.12 07:57 fastmeetzone Selena Gomez Lifestyle,Family And Backgroud

Selena Gomez Lifestyle,Family And Backgroud

Selena Gomez Lifestyle,Family And Backgroud

Selena Marie Gomez was born in July 22, 1992 is an American musician, actress, and producer.Selena Gomez Lifestyle After appearing on the children’s television series Barney & Friends, she received wider recognition for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place, which aired for four seasons from 2007 until 2012.
With her former band Selena Gomez Lifestyle & the Scene, she attained the top-ten on the US Billboard 200, with the band’s albums Kiss & Tell (2009), A Year Without Rain (2010) and When the Sun Goes Down (2011). As a solo artist, Gomez has open the two number-one albums Stars Dance (2013) and Revival (2015). She has also acquired seven top-ten entries on the US Billboard Hot 100: “Come & Get It”, “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, “Good for You” with ASAP Rocky, “Same Old Love”, “Hands to Myself”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo. In 2017, Billboard indicated that Gomez has sold over 7 million albums and 22 million singles worldwide.
Gomez’s acting credits include starring roles in the films Another Cinderella Story (2008), Princess Protection Program (2009), Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie (2009), Ramona and Beezus (2010), Monte Carlo (2011), Spring Breakers (2012), Getaway (2013) and The Fundamentals of Caring (2016). She voices the role of Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania film franchise. Outside of entertainment, Gomez open her own clothing line through Kmart in 2010 and a self-titled fragrance in 2013. In 2017, she released a limited-edition recruitment of handbags called “Selena Grace” that she designed in collaboration with the luxury brand Coach, Inc. She has worked with different charitable organizations for years and became a UNICEF ambassador at the age of seventeen.
Selena Gomez Lifestyle was the most imitated Instagram user in the world before surpassed by athlete Cristiano Ronaldo in late October 2018. Gomez has earned numerous awards throughout her career, including an ALMA Award, an American Music Award, an MTV Video Music Award, a People’s Choice Award, two Billboard Women in Music Awards, and eighteen Teen Choice Awards.

Life and career:


Early life and career beginnings

Selena Marie Selena Gomez Lifestyle was born in Grand Prairie, Texas on July 22, 1992,to Ricardo Joel Gomez and former stage actress Amanda Dawn “Mandy” Cornett. Gomez was named afterwards Tejano singer and actress Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, who died in 1995. Her father is of Mexican tribe while her mother, who was adopted, has some Italian ancestry.
Regarding her Spanish heritage, Gomez has stated, “My family does have Quinceañeras, and we go to the communion church. We do everything that’s Catholic, but we don’t really have anything traditional except [that we] go to the park and have barbecues on Sundays after church. “selena’s parents divorced when she was five years old, and she stay with her mother.Selena has two younger half-sisters: Gracie Elliot Teefey through Amanda and her second husband Brian Teefey,and Victoria “Tori” Gomez through Ricardo and his wife Sara Gomez. She acquired her high-school diploma through homeschooling in May 2010.

When Gomez was born, her mother was sixteen years old.The family had financial troubles during Gomez’s childhood, with her mother struggling to provide for the pair. At one point, Selena Gomez Lifestyle, they had to search for quarters just to get gas for their car. Her mother later recalled that the two would often walk to their local dollar store to purchase spaghetti for dinner. Gomez stated, “I was frustrated that my parents weren’t together, and never saw the light at the end of the tunnel where my mom was working hard to provide a better life for me. I’m terrified of what I would have become if I’d stayed [in Texas].” She later added that “[My mom] was really hard hard around me. Having me at 16 had to have been a big obligation. She gave up everything for me, had three jobs, supported me, sacrificed her life for me.
“[ Gomez had a close relationship with her grandparents as a child, and appeared in various pageants growing up. Her grandparents often took care of her while her parents finished their schooling, and the pair went as far as stating that they “raised her” up until she found success in the entertainment industry.


Breakthrough by Disney and Selena Gomez & the Scene

Selena Gomez Lifestyle was given a recurring role on the popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana in 2007, portraying pop star Mikayla.During this time, Gomez filmed pilot episodes for two potential Disney Channel series; the first, titled Arwin!, a spin-off of the Suite Life series, while the second titled Stevie Sanchez was a spin-off of the series Lizzie McGuire.
She later auditioned for a foreword in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place, ultimately winning the lead role of Alex Russo. Upon receiving the role, Gomez and her mother moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles, California; Lovato and her family also moved to Hollywood, hoping to achieve similar success to Gomez. Wizards of Waverly Place saw Gomez portraying a teenage girl in a house of wizards who own a restaurant in New York.
The series quickly became a hit for the network, propelling Gomez to more mainstream success.The series accepted numerous nominations and awards. Gomez recorded the theme song for the series, titled “Everything is Not What It Seems”.
Selena Gomez Lifestyle later appeared in the music video for the song “Burnin’ Up”, which the Jonas Brothers had recorded and released,and later, she also appeared in an episode of the reality series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.
At 16 years of age, Gomez was signed to a recording agreement with the Hollywood Records label, which had already signed both Cyrus and Lovato.Gomez formed her own production company in 2008, which she called July Moon Productions. She partnered with XYZ Films for the project, giving Gomez the scope to option articles, hire writers and create talent packages to shop to studios. Gomez was slated to release two films under the company. The first, titled What Boys crave featured Selena Gomez Lifestyle as a girl who could hear the thoughts of men.She later announced a film adaptation of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why, in which she was to play a young girl who commits suicide; ultimately, neither film was made,though Gomez would later executive produce a television adaptation of
Gomez continued to have mainstream prosperity throughout the following year,Selena Gomez Lifestyle, appearing as Alex Russo in a crossover episode of the Disney series The Suite Life on Deck. She later made a guest appearance on the Disney series Sonny With a Chance, starring Lovato.She appeared in a remix of the Forever the Sickest Kids’s single “Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)”, released as a single in April of that year. Gomez, along with Lovato, starred in the Disney Channel film Princess Protection Program, which aired in June 2009. The film was a critical prosperity, and had a total of 8.5 million viewers during its premiere.For the film, Gomez and Lovato recorded the song “One and the Same”, which was later released as a promotional single. She later provided the voice of Princess Selenia in the elastic film Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard. On August 28, 2009, Gomez starred in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, a television film based on the series.
The film premiered to an audience of 11.4 million viewers becoming cable’s No. 1 scripted telecast of 2009 and Disney Channel’s second most-viewed film premiere after High School Musical 2.The film won the series its second consecutive Emmy for “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2011, Gomez starred in the film Monte Carlo. Her character favor is a teenager “mistaken for a socialite while on a trip to Paris.” To prepare for the role, Gomez learned how to play polo and also took two weeks of vocal training to learn two different British accents. She also started a relationship with Justin Bieber that year, which lasted until 2014. Before breaking up, they recorded an unreleased duet titled “Can’t Steal Our Love”.Selena Gomez Lifestyle
appeared in a cameo role in the film The Muppetsand present in the Disney shows So Random! and PrankStars. Selena Gomez & the Scene released their third and final studio album that same year.The album received mixed reviews,with the album’s second single receiving a 4x Platinum certification from the RIAA. However, the album’s lead single and last single both achieved moderate success.It was announced on July 14, 2011, that Gomez had signed a license agreement with Adrenalina, an extreme sports and adventure-themed lifestyle brand, to develop, manufacture, and distribute the actress’s fragrance. Chairman and C.E.O. of Adrenalina, Ilia Lekach, said, “We are incredibly enthused to be working with Ms. Gomez and will reveal more details pertaining to the fragrance as we get closer to the launch date.”[ The perfume was released in May 2012.


Solo musical debut and personal struggles

Gomez confirmed in January 2012 that she would be receiving a break from her music career, thus placing Selena Gomez & the Scene on a hiatus. That year, Wizards of Waverly Place officially finish its run on the Disney Channel after four successful seasons. Gomez hoped to focus on her film profession outside Disney and starred in the animated film Hotel Transylvania (2012). The film premiered at the 37th annual Toronto International Film Festival and was open on September 28, 2012. Selena Gomez Lifestyle had a role in the agitated exploitation film Spring Breakers (2013), starring James Franco. The film saw Gomez in a more mature role than her former works, and reportedly led to Gomez having a “bit of a meltdown on set. ” In 2013, Gomez satellite in the film Getaway.The film was a critical and commercial failure,and earned Gomez a nomination for Worst Actress at the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards. In April, 2014, it was reported that Gomez had fired her mother and stepfather as her managers; the two had managed Gomez since her career began.
Gomez later bearing a signature with the WME and Brillstein companies to manage her career. The news of Gomez’s new administration also fueled rumors that her recording contract with Hollywood Records was ending, and that Gomez was searching for a new label. Gomez surprise open her new single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” (2014) on November 6, and confirmed after months of speculation that she would be releasing a compilation album as a means of ending out her contract with Hollywood Records. The single went on to turn her second top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and sold over one million copies in the United States. Gomez released her first solo collection album, For You (2014), on November 24. The album accepted minimal promotion and failed to achieve much commercial success, selling 35,506 equivalent album units in the United States during its first week of release , and entered the Billboard 200 at amount twenty-four. Gomez ceremonially signed a recording contract with Interscope Records in December 2014.


Revival and mental health

While working on her second studio album, Gomez cooperate with Zedd for his single “I Want You to Know” (2015), released as the lead single from his second album on February 23. The single became Gomez’s fourth top twenty access on the Billboard Hot 100, and received a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Gomez occur the face of haircare brand Pantene in 2015.

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2019.01.02 10:32 kartikmanchanda IPL ALL TEAMS STRONGEST XI

  1. Mumbai Indians(Strongest XI)
Ahead of IPL 2019, Mumbai seems to have taken a cue out of the Chennai Super Kings booklet by bringing back experience to their squad. Lasith Malinga, after spending a year as a mentor returns to MI as a player and along with him, Yuvraj Singh will play for Mumbai Indians. In 2018, Mumbai Indians lost too many close encounters and could not change their form in time in order to qualify for the playoffs.
Let’s take a look at the strongest combinations of Mumbai Indians in the home and away conditions.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)-Mumbai Indians owner Akash Ambani revealed that Rohit Sharma will open the batting for Mumbai Indians.
To partner him, there are 2 world class options - Quinton De Kock and Evin Lewis.
Quinton De Kock gets the nod ahead of Lewis in South African conditions. He will look to find his IPL form back with Rohit at the other end.
Lewis, who hit 382 runs in 13 matches last season will keep De Kock in his tows and is a perfect replacement for him at the opener’s slot.
In India - With Lewis and De Kock likely to depart for WC 2019 preparations, Suryakumar Yadav comes in to open the batting with Rohit Sharma
The position of No. 3 - Ishan Kishan will come in at No. 3 for MI. He showed spark with some fearless hitting in 2018 and Mumbai Indians will give more responsibility to him this year and he makes it at NO. 3 in both the Indian and South African conditions.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard, and Krunal Pandya constitute the middle order for the Mumbai Indians at 4, 5 and 6 respectively.
Suryakumar Yadav was prolific with the bat in 2018 season, hitting 512 runs in 14 matches at an average of 36.57. At no. 4 he is the spearhead of the middle order.
Kieron Pollard looked out of sorts last year and could not match his previous seasons’ heroics. But the big lad is still one of the best hitters of the white ball. Mumbai Indians retaining him means that he will be given the nod to prove himself in the starting XI.
Krunal Pandya has proved to be a match winner in last 2 IPL seasons and thus comes in at No. 5. 12 wickets with the ball plus 228 runs, Krunal’s all-around performances automatically call for his selection into the strongest XI.
In the Indian leg, Yuvraj Singh comes in at No. 4. Suryakumar Yadav will move up the order and given the trust shown by the franchise in him. Yuvraj will be tried out in the middle order.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Hardik Pandya, Ben Cutting, and Mayank Markande come in at NO. 7,8 and 9.
Apart from his batting, Hardik Pandya was probably the best pacer for Mumbai Indians in 2018 and picked up 18 wickets. South African conditions will suit his bowling and batting styles and he will come down the order to finish matches.
Ben Cutting had a disappointing 2018 IPL season. His fast bowling and clean hitting ability are enough to ensure a place in the Mumbai Indians Starting XI.
After his Ranji Trophy debut for Punjab in 2018, Mayank Markande had an excellent IPL season with Mumbai Indians. He always gave the team important wickets at crucial stages. With 15 wickets in his debut season, Mayank would like to repeat that in 2019.
For Indian leg - The lower order remains the same for the Indian leg too.
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, MI’s first choice pacers will be Jason Behrendorff and Jasprit Bumrah.
Behrendorff is becoming one of the best bowlers in the shortest format. He missed out in 2018 due to injury. He is in good form and picked 4 wickets vs India in the 2nd T20I as Australia leveled the series.
Jasprit Bumrah will lead the Mumbai Indians to attack, being one of the best bowlers around currently. As BCCI will look to limit the participation of their premier bowlers, Barinder Sran will come in to replace him at the end of the campaign.
Lasith Malinga has rejuvenated his bowling career for Sri Lanka and has returned to the Mumbai team as a player after a year as the bowling mentor. He would replace Behrendorff in case the Aussie quick fails to impress with his performances.
Behrendorff has not played ODIs for Australia, but if he is selected for the World Cup, Mitchell McClenaghan will replace him in the team.
This concludes the Mumbai Indians team strongest XI.
  1. Rohit Sharma(C)
  2. Quinton de Kock ✈️
  3. Ishan Kishan
  4. Suryakumar Yadav
  5. Kieron Pollard ✈️
  6. Krunal Pandya
  7. Hardik Pandya
  8. Ben Cutting ✈️
  9. Mayank Markande
  10. Jason Behrendorff ✈️
  11. Jasprit Bumrah
Mumbai Indians BEST XI - INDIAN LEG
  1. Rohit Sharma(C)
  2. Suryakumar Yadav
  3. Ishan Kishan
  4. Yuvraj Singh
  5. Kieron Pollard ✈️
  6. Krunal Pandya
  7. Hardik Pandya
  8. Ben Cutting ✈️
  9. Mayank Markande
  10. Jason Behrendorff ✈️
  11. Jasprit Bumrah
2. Rajasthan Royals (Strongest XI)
Rajasthan Royals finished in the 4th position last year under the leadership of Ajinkya Rahane. They released 10 players prior to the mini auction this year but have retained the successful core that they built. With Steve Smith returning to the side, this Rajasthan Royals side looks set to take up the challenge. Here we look at the strongest combinations of Rajasthan Royals in Indian and South African conditions.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- RR’s first-choice opening combination will be Jos Buttler and Ajinkya Rahane. Jos Buttler proved himself as one of the best T20 openers hitting 548 runs in 13 matches. Buttler will be a key player for Rajasthan at the top.
Ajinkya Rahane is a very versatile player who can bat anywhere at the top. His role will be to be the sheet anchor and for everyone around him to hit freely. He is expected to continue as the captain.
Jos Buttler will leave IPL midway, Rahul Tripathy comes in his place to replace him. In T20s, he has hit 863 runs in 43matches at a strike rate of 139.
The position of No. 3 -Steve Smith comes in as the first choice No. 3 batsman for Royals. Steve Smith missed last year due to ban but is very crucial to Rajasthan’s lineup. The 29-year-old scored 472 runs in IPL 2017 and averaged almost 40.
Manan Vohra replaces Smith in the Indian leg of the tournament.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Rajasthan Royals’ middle order in South African conditions is Sanju Samson, Rahul Tripathy, and Ben Stokes.
Sanju Samson walks right into the middle order with an impressive display in 2018, hitting 3 half centuries. He comes in at No. 4
Rahul Tripathy is very versatile and he comes in at No. 5 till Buttler is available.
Ben Stokes is one of the best pace allrounders in World cricket at the moment and with IPL in South Africa, his abilities with the bat and the ball make him an automatic selection in the squad at No. 6
In the Indian leg, Tripathy goes to open the batting, spin allrounder Ashton Turner comes in at No. 5. Krishnappa Gowtham moves up the order at No. 6 when Ben Stokes leaves.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Krishnappa Gowtham was a star last season. Picking 11 wickets and finishing matches at a strike rate of 197, he is a definite starter at No. 7.
Shreyas Gopal comes in at No. 8. He has 18 wickets in 17 appearances. The leg-spinner can also bat and provides depth to the RR lineup.
Jofra Archer only played 10 matches in 2018 but returned with 15 wickets. His lethal yorkers are a weapon to trouble some of the best. He comes in at No. 9
Liam Livingstone replaces Krishnappa Gowtham in the Indian leg as Ben Stokes leaves the side and Gowtham moves up at No. 6
Backup for Archer - Windies pacer Oshane Thomas can replace Jofra Archer in case of an injury.
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, RR have 2 domestic pacers in their attack in Dhawal Kulkarni and Jayadev Unadkat. Undakat was bought again by Rajasthan after an intense bidding war. The left arm pacer will look to repeat his 2017 performance this year.
Dhawal Kulkarni experience brings him at No. 11 ahead of Varun Aaron. He has 79 wickets in 80 matches in all seasons.
Backup Pacers - Varun Aaron had an impressive domestic season and will challenge Dhawal Kulkarni for a spot. He misses out from the first XI for last year’s dismal show.
  1. Jos Buttler ✈️
  2. Ajinkya Rahane
  3. Steve Smith ✈️
  4. Sanju Samson
  5. Rahul Tripathy
  6. Ben Stokes ✈️
  7. Krishnappa Gowtham
  8. Shreyas Gopal
  9. Jofra Archer ✈️
  10. Dhawal Kulkarni
  11. Jaydev Unadkat
Rajasthan Royals BEST XI - INDIAN LEG
  1. Rahul Tripathy
  2. Ajinkya Rahane
  3. Manan Vohra
  4. Sanju Samson(WK)
  5. Ashton Turner ✈️
  6. Krishnappa Gowtham
  7. Liam Livingstone ✈️
  8. Shreyas Gopal
  9. Jofra Archer ✈️
  10. Dhawal Kulkarni
  11. Jaydev Unadkat
3.Kolkata Knight Riders (Strongest XI)
Kolkata Knight Riders main concern last season was not having enough backup options for their first choice players and an inexperienced pace attack. They have filled the gaps this year and have brought in Joe Denly, Carlos Brathwaite, Anrich Nortje, Harry Gurney and Lockie Ferguson as their overseas purchases.
The biggest strength of KKR is having the best all-rounders in the IPL. With Sunil Narine, Andre Russell and Carlos Braithwaite, KKR have the much-required flexibility to tweak their starting XIs
Let’s take a look at the strongest XIs of KKR in South Africa and Indian conditions.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)-KKR’s first-choice opening combination will be Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn. The explosive opening combination has been performing consistently for the KKR team and there is no need to tweak a winning formula.
If needed, KKR have brought in a backup option in Joe Denly. He has hit 898 runs as an opener in 2018 alone. Joe Denly will replace Chris Lynn for the Indian leg as the Australian is likely to go out for WC preparations.
Shubman Gill can also come in at the opening spot being a regular opener but that will happen only in the case of all the other 3 options not performing to their potential.
The position of No. 3 - Robin Uthappa will come in at No. 3 for KKR. He did not set the stage on fire in 2018 but still chipped in 351 runs to continue as a vital member in the KKR’s scheme of things. Bringing in a wealth of experience, he remains the No. 1 choice for at the crucial spot of number 3.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, and skipper Dinesh Karthik constitute the middle order for the Kolkata Knight Riders at 4, 5 and 6 respectively.
Dinesh Karthik has always been unselfish as a batsman, catering to the need of the team and is one of the most versatile batsmen in the IPL. His ability to come in at any position makes this middle order a force.
For Shubman Gill, this will be a make or break year. Given his talents, he will try to come in and make the No. 4 position his own. He has been in excellent form in the domestic competitions and recently hit 272 for Punjab.
Nitish Rana has proved to be a match winner in last 2 IPL seasons and thus comes in at No. 5. Plus his part-time spin is lethal to break important partnerships. (ABD and Virat in the same over! remember?)
In the Indian leg, this combination remains the same.
Backup options - For middle order, KKR has brought in Nikhil Naik(backup keeper) and retained Rinku Singh from last year. Though lacking in depth and like to like replacements, they make decent options to bank on in the time of crisis.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - The All-Rounders - Probably the strongest lower order in the IPL,
Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, and Kuldeep Yadav come in at No. 7,8 and 9.
Andre Russell has been the most valuable player(MVP) for KKR on more than one occasion. At No. 7 he just comes in with a license to go for the kill. Match winning abilities with the bat and the ball catered to the T20 format make him an automatic selection. The only worrying part is how injury prone he has been in the recent seasons.
KKR bought Carlos Brathwaite in this year’s auction for 5 crores. He comes in at No. 8 to provide depth to a star-studded batting lineup. With Brathwaite at no. 8, it gives a cushion to the preceding batsmen to play all out attacking cricket. 38 wickets in 20 T20s make him the perfect option to break partnerships when needed
Spearheading the spin attack, Kuldeep Yadav comes in at No. 9 for KKR. Kuldeep is KKR’s best spinner and was a nightmare for batsmen in South African conditions.
His backup option in the team is Piyush Chawla. With Narine in the squad, only one out of Kuldeep and Chawla will play in South African conditions.
For Indian leg - The lower order remains the same as West Indies board has not given any deadline date to its players. But in the case Carlos Brathwaite leaves, Anrich Nortje replaces him at No. 8
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, KKR’s pace attack will be led by domestic pacers in Prasidh Krishna and Kamlesh Nagarkoti. Krishna has an impressive record in T20s with 14 wickets in just 10 matches. Nagarkoti was injured for the 2018 season, but the U19 World Cup star makes it to the KKR team in South African leg
If any of these 2 fail to perform, KKR will turn to Shivam Mavi, who impressed last year but was expensive in many matches.
Indian Leg - Piyush Chawla comes in at the expense of Nagarkoti as a 3rd spinner. KKR’s allrounders will take up the pace responsibility in India. With 3 World class spinners in Chawala, Sunil Narine and Kuldeep, KKR will dictate the terms
  1. Sunil Narine ✈️
  2. Chris Lynn ✈️
  3. Robin Uthappa
  4. Shubman Gill
  5. Nitish Rana
  6. Dinesh Karthik
  7. Andre Russell ✈️
  8. Carlos Braithwaite ✈️
  9. Kuldeep Yadav
  10. Prasidh Krishna
  11. Kamlesh Nagarkoti
  1. Sunil Narine ✈️
  2. Joe Denly ✈️
  3. Robin Utthapa
  4. Shubman Gill
  5. Nitish Rana
  6. Dinesh Karthik
  7. Andre Russell ✈️
  8. Carlos Braithwaite ✈️
  9. Kuldeep Yadav
  10. Piyush Chawla
  11. Prasidh Krishna
4.Royal Challengers Bangalore (Strongest XI)
As IPL 2019 is to be played in 2 phases. We have to look at 2 team combinations for the probable XI of Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Over the seasons RCB’s main problem has been finding the perfect players to support AB De Villiers and Virat Kohli.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- RCB ’s first-choice opening combination will be Parthiv Patel and Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli plays best in IPL when he is opening the innings and a left-right combination at the top will be ideal for RCB. Patel only played 6 matches in the last IPL and scored 153 runs at a strike rate of 140, this year might be his calling.
RCB does not have much backup for the opening spot. Devdutt Padikkal is the sole choice for the backup opener. The 18 year old smashed 72 against the Bengaluru Blasters and began to evoke memories of Yuvraj Singh in his earlier days. The exciting prospect was bought by the franchise for just 20 lakhs.
Moeen Ali will find it hard to break into the team and will be dependent on luck as a pace allrounder will be the preferred choice for an overseas spot in South Africa. And in the second half, English players will leave from the tournament.
The position of No. 3 - Shimron Hetmyer can be the perfect choice at No. 3 for RCB. The latest West Indies sensation rocked team India with his monstrous hits during the limited overs series. His ability to take on the wrist spinners makes him stand out from the rest. Boasting an average of 33, Hetmyer can be the perfect player who is the missing piece of the puzzle for the Royal Challengers.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - With AB De Villiers retiring from International cricket, he is available for the entire season and is an automatic selection at No. 4.
Shivam Dube comes in at No. 5. The 25-year-old all-rounder hit 5 consecutive sixes just days before the IPL Auction and caught RCB’s attention. He has been a key member of Mumbai’s Vijay Hazare winning team. With 10 wickets in 7 T20 matches, Dube is very handy with the ball too.
Marcus Stoinis makes up the rest of my middle order for RCB. One of the best T20 all-rounders, Stoinis can be a gamechanger in South Africa. Capable of hitting big at the end, No. 6 is the best position for Stoinis to come in and run riot.
In South African conditions, ABD, Shivam Dube and Marcus Stoinis make up my middle order in numbers 4,5 and 6 respectively.
Colin De Grandhomme will challenge Marcus Stoinis for the No. 6 position. Stoinis did not have a good IPL 2018 and will lose his spot to Grandhomme in case of a repeat show of that.
He replaces Marcus Stoinis for the Indian leg. Australian Marcus Stoinis will leave for the Australian team camp.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - RCB’s first choice lower order in South African conditions will be Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal and Tim Southee at no are 7, 8 and 9 respectively.
Washington Sundar comes in at No. 7 with his all-round capabilities. In 34 T20s he has picked up 34 wickets and is also capable of hitting lusty blows at the end.
Yuzvendra Chahal is a weapon for the RCB team both in the home and away conditions. He proved beyond any doubt with how lethal he can be in South African conditions earlier in 2018. Also, a wrist spinner’s place is certain if we look at the modern dynamics of the game.
Tim Southee is at No. 9 in my team. His late outswing is a lethal weapon in seaming conditions and the ability to hit lower down the order pushes him slightly up in the batting order.
His backup option in the team is Kulwant Khejroliya. Khejroliya is also a wicket-taking option but slightly expensive than Saini and thus loses the mini battle by a whisker.
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, RCB have 2 world class domestic pacers in their attack in Mohammed Siraj and Umesh Yadav. Umesh Yadav was the best bowler for RCB in 2018 with 20 wickets in 14 matches.
Mohammed Siraj looks a much-improved bowler from last year with commanding domestic performances.
The duo makes it to the XI in both the South African and Indian legs.
If any of these fail to perform, RCB has good pace backups in Navdeep Saini and Kulwant Khejroliya.
Important Notes -
1) Despite performing well last year, Moeen Ali finds him out of the best XI due to South African conditions and team balance
2) RCB have looked to have spent their money well this year by picking Shivam Dube and Shimron Hetmyer
  1. Parthiv Patel
  2. Virat Kohli
  3. Shimon Hetmyer ✈️
  4. AB de Villiers ✈️
  5. Shivam Dube
  6. Marcus Stoinis ✈️
  7. Washington Sundar
  8. Yuzendra Chahal
  9. Tim Southee ✈️
  10. Mohammad Siraj
  11. Umesh Yadav
  1. Parthiv Patel
  2. Virat Kohli
  3. Shimron Hetmyer ✈️
  4. AB de Villiers ✈️
  5. Shivam Dube
  6. Colin de Grandhomme ✈️
  7. Washington Sundar
  8. Yuzendra Chahal
  9. Tim Southee ✈️
  10. Mohammad Siraj
  11. Umesh Yadav
5.Sunrisers Hyderabad (Strongest XI)
Sunrisers Hyderabad has been the most consistent side in the IPL in last 3 years.
After this auction, they look like one of the most balanced squads around. Though they let go of their star opener Shikhar Dhawan, David Warner’s return boosts the squad that ended up in the finals. We look down at the strongest combination for the Sunrisers Hyderabad for South African and Indian leg.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- SRHs first-choice opening combination will be David Warner and Wriddhiman Saha. After a ban in 2018, David Warner returns to Sunrisers Hyderabad. The attacking opener has been prolific in IPL with 4014 runs in 114 matches at a strike rate of 142. Warner will bear the responsibility to provide quick starts in the absence of Shikhar Dhawan.
Wriddhiman Saha is one of the best keepers in the current game. Coupled with his more than decent batting, Saha remains the best choice behind wickets despite Jonny Bairstow giving him tough competition. Nursing from an injury, Saha is expected to be fit by the time IPL begins.
David Warner will leave IPL by May 2, Martin Guptill comes in his place to replace him. In T20s, he has hit 779 runs in 24 matches at a strike rate of 139.
The position of No. 3 - Kane Williamson comes in as the first choice No. 3 batsman for Sunrisers. Kane Williamson perfectly replaced David Warner last year with him leading from the front. Hitting 735 runs in 17 matches, Williamson will continue to lead the side. Also, he will be available throughout the tournament.
Guptill replaces Warner in the Indian leg of the tournament.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Sunrisers Hyderabad’s middle order in South African conditions is Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, and Deepak Huda. Manish Pandey had a horrid time in 2018. Still, SRH put their faith in Manish Pandey after retaining him. Pandey will be itching to repay the trust by putting a good show in 2019.
Shakib Al Hasan proved to be a perfect ally for Rashid Khan in 2018. In 11 T20s Shakib picked up 15 wickets in 2018 alone. The only concern is that he is only available till 15 April.
Mohammad Nabi will then replace him int the team.
SRH retained Deepak Huda, who also had a disappointing season in 2018. He will be given the responsibility to finish matches.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Yusuf Pathan is at No. 7. Yusuf Pathan put in some crucial performances in 2018 and SRH would like him to build on them. He can be destructive on his day and makes it to the starting XI of our team.
Afghan spinner Rashid Khan comes in at No. 8. Rashid Khan has established himself at the top of T20 bowlers with 22 wickets in 8 matches in 2018 alone. Also, he has worked on his batting and is a hard-hitting lower order batsman.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar only played 12 matches in 2018 but is a crucial member of SRH. His ability with the new ball and the death makes him stand out from the rest.
If Yusuf Pathan does not hit his form, Vijay Shankar takes his place as he comes back to SRH this year after spending a year with Delhi. Shankar could be a good option on seaming pitches.
The backup for Bhuvneshwar Kumar the team is Sandeep Sharma. BCCI has indicated that the participation of Team India regular fast bowlers will be limited. Sandeep Sharma is the ideal choice to rest Bhuvi as he has already proved it in 2018.
Lower order remains same for both the legs
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, SRH have 2 domestic pacers in their attack in Sidharth Kaul and Khaleel Ahmed. Kaul was so prolific with the ball, he earned himself a national team call-up. He picked 21 wickets in 17 matches last season and makes it into the side.
Khaleel Ahmed only played a single match last season but after debuting for India, he has come a long way and will be a starter in this season.
Backup Pacers - Billy Stanlake is an excellent T20 bowler but misses out just because of the 4 overseas players’ limit. For him to play, Shakib sits out and Vijay Shanka Abhishek Sharma will take up the place in the middle order.
Important Notes -
1) Jonny Bairstow misses out on a place as the best combination for overseas players is Warner, Williamson, Rashid, and Shakib.
2) SRH have all departments covered and have got good backup players for every situation
  1. David Warner ✈️
  2. Wridhiman Saha
  3. Kane Williamson ✈️
  4. Manish Pandey
  5. Yusuf Pathan
  6. Deepak Hooda
  7. Shakib Al Hassan ✈️
  8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  9. Rashid Khan ✈️
  10. Siddarth Kaul
  11. Khaleel Ahmed
  1. Martin Guptill ✈️
  2. Wridhiman Saha
  3. Kane Williamson ✈️
  4. Manish Pandey
  5. Yusuf Pathan
  6. Deepak Hooda
  7. Mohammad Nabi ✈️
  8. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  9. Rashid Khan ✈️
  10. Siddarth Kaul
  11. Khaleel Ahmed
6.Chennai Superkings (Strongest XI)
After missing the IPL for 2 consecutive years, Chennai Super Kings made a fairytale comeback last year. Trolled for fielding old age players, Chenna ended up winning the title and proving everyone wrong. Rightly so, they retained most of their IPL squad from last year and added only Mohit Sharma and Rituraj Gaikwad.
Let’s take a look at the 2 strongest combinations of Chennai Super Kings in South African and Indian conditions
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- South Africa - Faf Du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina
India - Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina
Faf Du Plessis and Ambati Rayudu will open the innings for CSK in South African conditions. Dhoni’s decision to promote Ambati Rayudu to the top worked wonders as he hit 602 runs in 16 matches in IPL 2018.
Faf Du Plessis spent most of the last season on the bench but in home conditions, he will be a regular starter.
Shane Watson will keep Faf Du Plessis on his toes and challenge him regularly for the opening slot.
For the Indian leg, Faf will leave the tournament as he has a deadline and Shane Watson comes in to replace him.
The position of No. 3 - Suresh Raina has been named Mr. IPL as on more than 9 occasions, the left-hander has hit 350+ runs in the campaign. Chennai showed their trust in him for this year. All-time leading run scorer of IPL is a perfect choice at No. 3.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - CSK’s middle order in South African conditions is MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, and Dwayne Bravo. Dhoni promoted himself to No. 4 in 2018 and returned with 455 runs in 16 matches. He will continue at the same position this year
Kedar Jadhav played only 1 match last year and won it playing with a torn hamstring. He makes it to the starting XI
Dwayne Bravo is a proven matchwinner for the CSK in Indian and South African conditions. His death bowling and power hitting makes him the no. 1 choice for a necessary pace allrounder spot. In IPL 2018, he picked up 14 wickets in 16 matches.
When IPL returns to India, Mitchell Santner could replace Dwayne Bravo on spin tracks. The New Zealander was injured for the entire 2018 season.
Sam Billings will come in at No. 4 in India, pushing Dhoni, Jadeja and Bravo one step down.
In Indian Conditions (4,5,6) - Sam Billings, MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Ravindra Jadeja is at No. 7. A perfect T20 player. His all-round bowling, batting, and fielding get him to be picked in any world-class T20 side. Jadeja will be given the responsibility to finish matches off if the above batsmen collapse.
Deepak Chahar comes in at No. 8. CSK’s crucial weapon in 2018 was the new ball bowling by Deepak Chahar which got him 10 wickets in 12 matches. Dhoni utilized all his 4 overs with the new ball. He comes in at No. 8 with the batting he skills he showed last year.
Mohit Sharma joins the squad after a year with Kings XI Punjab. CSK bought him for 5 crores in the auction and he will bowl effectively in the death overs.
In Indian conditions, Harbhajan Singh joins the squad to send Mohit Sharma to No. 10
In Indian Conditions(7,8,9) - Dwayne Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja, Harbhajan Singh
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, CSK has got Lungi Ngidi and Imran Tahir.
In home conditions, Ngidi and Tahir are one step ahead of the other members in the squad. Tahir has a phenomenal 62 wickets in 37 T20Is and Ngidi will form a new ball partnership with Deepak Chahar.
In Indian Conditions(10,11) - Mohit Sharma, Deepak Chahar
Backup Pacers - Shardul Thakur is an excellent T20 bowler but misses out after being expensive last year. Monu Kumar comes in with 15 wickets in 13 T20s he has played. It will be interesting to see him get a place in the CSK squad.
Important Notes -
1) CSK have got a very balanced squad with players catering to every situation and opposition
2) Dhoni will come up with new combinations and strategies in this IPL because he is Dhoni and nobody could predict his decisions.
  1. Faf du Plessis ✈️
  2. Ambati Rayudu
  3. Suresh Raina
  4. MS Dhoni (C, WK)
  5. Kedhar Jadhav
  6. Dwayne Bravo ✈️
  7. Ravindra Jadeja
  8. Mohit Sharma
  9. Deepak Chahar
  10. Lungi Ngidi ✈️
  11. Imran Tahir ✈️
  1. Shane Watson ✈️
  2. Ambati Rayudu
  3. Suresh Raina
  4. Sam Billings ✈️
  5. MS Dhoni (C, WK)
  6. Kedhar Jadhav
  7. Dwayne Bravo ✈️
  8. Ravindra Jadeja
  9. Harbhajan Singh
  10. Mohit Sharma
  11. Deepak Chahar
7. Kings XI Punjab Strongest XI
Kings XI Punjab won 5 out of the first 6 matches in IPL 2018 and then lost their way. Ending up on 7th position, the season ended on a low note for them.
Consequently, Punjab releases as many as 11 players from their squad and look to strengthen a new middle order and all-rounders which were their weak areas.
Let’s take a look at the strongest XIs of the Kings XI in the home and away conditions.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- KXIP’s first-choice opening combination will be KL Rahul and Chris Gayle. KL Rahul had a breakthrough season with KXIP by hitting 659 runs in 14 matches at a strike rate of 158. Gayle was not the first choice but cemented his place by winning a couple of matches on his own.
Nicolas Pooran can also come in to open the batting or at No. 3 if these batsmen do not click. With 347 runs in 13 T20s, he is in fine form and is very handy behind the wicket.
The position of No. 3 - Mayank Agarwal comes in as the first choice No. 3 batsman for Kings XI. Mayank is riding high on confidence after the Team India call-up in Australia and Kings XI would like to fully utilize his skills at the top of the order.
Note - If Gayle doesn’t play, Mayank Agarwal and Nicolas Pooran can easily exchange places, with Pooran comfortable at the top
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Kings Xi Punjab’s middle order in South African conditions is Karun Nair, David Miller, and Mandeep Singh. Karun Nair did not have a good IPL 2018 but the franchise put their trust back in him. He will look to convert the starts he got into big scores and comes in at No. 4
David Miller at no. 5 comes into the starting XI in South African conditions. He has the domestic advantage and Kings XI Punjab should be smart to exploit that.
Moises Henriques will replace Miller at No. 5 as the South African has a deadline date set by the CSA to return to his national side.
Mandeep Singh comes in at No. 6. All-rounder was traded from RCB and has a wealth of experience in the IPL. With 84 matches played, he provides the much-needed balance to the middle order.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Ravichandran Ashwin comes in at No. 7 for the Kings XI Punjab. He led from the front but the captaincy took a toll on his performance after half the season. He will look to turn things around this year with the ball and the bat.
Afghan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman comes in at No. 8. Mujeeb picked 14 wickets in 11 matches with his variations hard to read for even the best T20 batsmen. With an ability to strike big as we are seeing in BBL, Mujeeb jumps up the batting order in our best XI from last year.
2018 purple cap holder Andrew Tye comes in at No. 9. Andrew Tye has the all-time best bowling strike rate in IPL for a bowler at 12.83. One of the best T20 bowlers, his selection in the side is a no-brainer.
The backup lower order option in the team is Sam Curran. The left arm pacer will play in the tournament at some stage. Sam Curran can also provide the much-needed depth to the Kings XI Punjab. For the Indian leg, he comes in the team as Tye leaves for World Cup.
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, Kings XI Punjab has 2 domestic pacers in their attack in Mohammad Shami and Ankit Rajpoot. Shami has proved to be expensive in Indian conditions but in South Africa, he will lead the attack with the new ball.
Ankit Rajpoot’s has picked 19 wickets in 19 matches in IPL with 14 of them coming in 2018. With him at No. 11, the Kings XI Punjab team is complete.
Mystery spinner Varun Chakravarthy replaces Mohammad Shami for the Indian leg. The biggest buy of 2019 has 22 wickets in 9 T20s played.
Backup Pacers - Darshan Nalkande
Important Notes -
1) Varun Chakravarthy being an allrounder will come up the order in the Indian leg pushing Mujeeb Ur Rehman down to No. 10.
2) If Gayle doesn’t click, Mayank Agarwal is the best option to open the innings and Moises Henriques at No. 3.
  1. Lokesh Rahul (WK)
  2. Chris Gayle ✈️
  3. Mayank Agrawal
  4. Karun Nair
  5. David Miller ✈️
  6. Mandeep Singh
  7. Ravichandran Ashwin (C)
  8. Mujeeb Ur Rahman ✈️
  9. Mohammad Shami
  10. Andrew Tye ✈️
  11. Ankit Rajpoot
  1. Lokesh Rahul (WK)
  2. Chris Gayle ✈️
  3. Mayank Agrawal
  4. Karun Nair
  5. Moises Henriques ✈️
  6. Mandeep Singh
  7. Varun Chakaravarthy
  8. Ravichandran Ashwin
  9. Sam Curran ✈️
  10. Mujeeb Ur Rehman ✈️
  11. Ankit Rajpoot
8.Delhi Capitals Playing XI (Strongest)
IPL 12 will most likely be played in 2 phases, with the first half of the tournament to be played in South Africa due to general elections, and the second half to return to India.
As the team combination will be highly dependent on the venues and playing conditions, we have to come up with 2 strongest XIs for both halves. Many of the foreign players will leave for the 2nd half to prepare for Cricket World Cup 2019.
1. Batsmen
1.1 Top Order (Number 1, 2 and 3)- Delhi Daredevils first-choice opening combination will be Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw. Both the openers’ attacking and free-flowing style will go perfectly with the new team Delhi Capitals are looking to build. Shikhar and Prithvi also have the stats to back their claim. Shikhar’s 3285 runs at an average of 33 across 11 seasons speak for itself. Prithvi Shaw, who was explosive last season with a strike rate of 153.
Colin Munro has hit a purple patch in T20s as far as T20s are concerned. He has hit 500 runs at an average of 45.45 in 12 innings. But even after all this, he could still be limited to warm the bench.
His participation in the second half is not confirmed due to the World Cup. And in South Africa, Delhi will be forced to compromise with their fast bowlers in the likes of Rabada and Boult in seaming conditions.
Youngster Manjot Kalra will find it really hard to break into this team as it will be solely dependent on luck. He looked bright in the last Under 19 World Cup but hasn’t got luck in his favor to showcase his T20 skills in IPL.
The position of No. 3 - Shreyas Iyer will be my first choice at No. 3. As Iyer hit 411 runs in 14 matches in the last year, he proved very crucial at the top.
If Delhi is tempted to utilize Colin Munro’s form at the top, it will push Shreyas Iyer down to No. 4 or to play Colin Munro at No. 4, which is too big a gamble to take as Delhi has had successful players at that position.
2. Middle Order (Number 4, 5 and 6) - Rishabh Pant was the best batsman for Delhi Capitals in 2019. He hit 684 runs in 14 matches at an average of 52.61 and almost won matches on his own. At no. 4, the skills of Pant will be fully utilized.
South African Colin Ingram was the main buy of the Delhi Daredevils at 6.4 crores. Ingram has hit 1237 runs at an average of 41.23 at 2018 alone. At No. 5 he can be the ideal player to either provide stability or continue the momentum of the team.
Chris Morris makes up the rest of my middle order for Delhi Daredevils. Morris provides balance to the Delhi Daredevils as he is the best pace allrounder of the squad at the moment. An IPL career average of 37 in batting and 25 in bowling in 52 matches speaks volumes.
In South African conditions, Rishabh Pant, Colin Ingram and Chris Morrismake up my middle order in numbers 4,5 and 6 respectively.
Hanuma Vihari makes to the spot of the backup batsman in the middle order. Delhi Daredevils bought him for a reason as his technical abilities but his inclusion will be solely dependent on luck too. He is not known for his hitting abilities to automatically make the playing XI. But if Delhi face an injury problem or the first choice 3 don’t click, Vihari can come in to save the day.
Sherfane Rutherford will come in for Chris Morris in the Indian leg as Morris will leave for World Cup preparations.
3. Lower Order (Number 7, 8 and 9) - Delhi’s first choice lower order in South African conditions will be Rahul Tewatia, Axar Patel and Ishant Sharma at no are 7, 8 and 9 respectively.
Rahul Tewatia is an excellent allrounder and familiar with the Delhi Capital’s setup. In 18 T20 innings, he has hit 303 runs at an average of 25.25. Equally effective with the ball, Tewatia has 19 wickets at an economy under 7.
Axar Patel, who has been a star performer for the past few seasons. He has picked 61 wickets in IPL at a bowling average of 28.93. His hitting skills with the bat come quite handy at the end of the innings.
Ishant Sharma will be key to the Delhi’s team in South African conditions. Also, his valuable experience at the Ferozeshah Kotla helps him barge his way in the starting XI in the Indian leg of IPL.
For the Indian leg, Amit Mishra replaces Rahul Tewatia, as the spin maestro picked 12 wickets in 10 innings in IPL 2018. His experience is massive to handle any match situation he is thrown into.
4. Bowlers (No. 10 and No. 11) - For the South African leg, Delhi Daredevils have 2 world class pacers in their attack in Kagiso Rabada and Trent Boult. Rabada has 24 wickets in 18 innings in T20s and being one of the fastest bowlers around, he will be the perfect partner to partner Boult, who picked up 18 wickets in 14 matches in last IPL.
For the Indian leg, Rabada will likely leave for the World Cup. Even if that does not happen, Indian conditions will warrant to include an extra spinner.
Sandip Lamichhane will come in as No. 11 for the Indian conditions.
Important Notes -
Delhi has a big selection issue in which 4 foreign players to pick to maintain the perfect balance of the squad.
1) Selection of Colin Munro means only one out of Rabada or Boult will be in the team
2) Kagiso Rabada will play a massive role in the South African conditions and can even trump Boult in the selection process
3) Hanuma Vihari is not an automatic choice for the Indian and the South African leg to maintain a perfect team balance
Shikhar Dhawan
Prithvi Shaw
Shreyas Iyer(C)
Rishabh Pant(WK)
Colin Ingram ✈️
Chris Morris ✈️
Rahul Tewatia
Axar Patel
Ishant Sharma
Trent Boult ✈️
Kagiso Rabada ✈️
Shikhar Dhawan
Prithvi Shaw
Shreyas Iyer(C)
Colin Ingram ✈️
Rishabh Pant(Wk)
Sherfane Rutherford ✈️
Axar Patel
Amit Mishra
Ishant Sharma
Trent Boult✈️
Sandeep Lamichhane ✈️
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2018.09.07 19:13 TheSuavestOrange Deep Dive into Song Meanings in the New EP

With the release of Hozier’s new EP comes another opportunity to dive into the intensely detailed lyricism and get to the heart of his songs. The last time I did this, I was really late to the party. I didn’t discover Hozier truly until after seeing him perform at Loufest in 2015 and even then I was so in love with “Work Song” and “Take Me to Church” that I really missed how nuanced an artist he was until early 2016. When I finally got around to listening to the rest of his tracks, I quickly fell in love with the powerful and even mystical themes he presented. His music resonated with me on all the levels it needed to; sound, energy, and most importantly meaning. I quickly began a process of listening to his music one song at a time on repeat, reading and listening to every interview he’d given to get a sense of what he was thinking when he wrote it, and generally tearing his lyrics apart and rebuilding them to catch all the little nuances he hides between verses. With his new EP, I find myself beginning the process again and wanted to offer my insight as well as get the community involved this time. What follows is what I’ve come up with in the last day since the songs went live.
1) Nina Cried Power
This one is the easiest simply because it is the only track currently that Andrew has talked about in length. In a recent interview, Hozier stated “Nina Cried Power” is a “testament to his love of American rock and roll, a celebration of its gospel and R&B roots.” This comes through very strongly from the energy poured into this track. It almost feels like he is a cup filled with water and he’s desperate to pour his insides out. Once he does, everything comes flowing out in a raw, emotional march. He praises Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, Patti LaBelle, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holliday, B.B. King, James Brown, Pete Seegar, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and Mavis Staples for their influence in the field of these genres’ history and as a result, the influence they’ve had on history as a whole. Hozier also stated that the track was “crediting the legacy of protest” and in so many ways, the great musicians of ages past defined a very political and social movement that still rings strong today. Hozier admitted that he was heavily influenced by the current American political situation stating that what’s going on isn’t an American problem but rather a global one. What happens in America sends waves through the world that affect it on a very real level as other countries “bear the brunt of (its) consequences. I feel that this is a common theme among all the songs on this EP but that each of them responds to the strife in a different manner. For “Nina Cried Power,” that reaction is a call to arms; to be a part of the solution. Each power roll call begins with “And I could cry power” and then goes on to list a number of others who have made waves with their message before. This can be taken both as a statement of Hozier’s decision to cry power himself, and an implication that the listener can “cry power” too. When Mavis chimes in with “Power has been cried by those stronger than me/ Straight into the face that tells you to rattle your chains /If you love bein' free” it is a statement that everyone needs to stand up get active if they value the freedom they have. At its core, I think “Nina Cried Power” is the simplest of the tracks in terms of meaning and speaks through sheer energy rather than intricate lyricism. Still, the message comes through quite, dare I say, powerfully.
This one is the track that is honestly giving me the most trouble at the moment. Its haunting melody begins in the same way that “It Will Come Back” begins and I’m not sure if that’s a purposeful connection or a coincidence stemming from Andrew’s preference towards certain chord progressions. Though Hozier hasn’t talked specifically about this song or any others on the EP for that matter, I have do to a little more detective work here. When reviewing the track, Irish central referred to it as a “love song about the end of the world” and it does open with the line “When I first saw you, the end was soon,” but I don’t really get an end of the world vibe from the rest of the track. The next line draws purposeful religious vibes by invoking Bethlehem and we know that many of Hozier’s past tracks have been about struggling with religious persecution or judgement. Within context, it even seems to me that the reason the end was near for the mysterious pair when they first met is because some religious force’s attention fell on the object of the characters obsession. The next lines further seem to support this trail of thought by telling the obsession that they can give their heart and soul to charity, or the church, but that the rest of them, namely their body, belongs to the singer. I might be way off base here because, as I said, this is the piece I’m most unsure of, but this is what the intro at least speaks to me about. If anyone else has a better interpretation of this, let me know, I’d love to hear! The rest of the song seems to imply that the singer’s “baby” may have died, either physically or metaphorically. “Ain't it a gentle sound, the rollin' in the graves?/ Ain't it like thunder under earth, the sound it makes?/ Ain't it exciting you, the rumble where you lay? Ain’t you my Baby, ain’t you my Babe?” Again, the word choice seems to come off as purposely obsessive and possessive. Then there’s the title declaration that “no one fucks with my baby.” When I first heard it, I found myself immediately smiling and reminiscing of my early protectiveness of my life partner; the song felt like the kind of thing I’d endearingly say to her if someone was giving her trouble to cheer her up but the more I listen, the more I think the line seems sort of scary. Yet that makes me like it more, it pulls me deeper into the intrigue, it include me into the obsession by association. The last verse talks about a blackthorn tree. There’s a lot of symbolism here since in his native Ireland, blackthorn trees are seen as omens of evil. The singer states that if he was a blackthorn tree, he’d gladly allow his obsession to cut him down and use him to make a pyre for her enemies. This line sounds more submissive than the rest of the verses and invokes flame, a common theme in all four of the songs on the EP in a light of retribution. In this song, flame isn’t something destroying the world but rather something offering warmth in cold times and satisfaction of victory over adversaries.
3) Moments Silence (Common Tongue)
On my first listen through the EP, “Moments Silence” couldn’t keep my interest. Maybe I was still haunted by “NFWMB” and maybe it just had too much energy to be between two soft, haunting tracks. Regardless, I found myself immediately labeling it the weakest album on the track. In retrospect, I was way off base. “Moments Silence” is one of the most lyrically charged pieces and is a very fun romp. My first thought was that it was the most clear reference towards the American political situation."When stunted hand earns place with man by mere monstrosity/ Alarms are struck and shore is shook by sheer atrocity/ A cure I know that soothes the soul does so impossibly/ A moment's silence when my baby puts her mouth on me" seems to say something along the lines of “When things go to shit I can retreat to the one I love.” upon further reflection though, the piece seems to fill the same subject corner that “Take Me to Church” fills by fighting against religious persecution of sexuality. “What yields the need for those who lead us oh so morally/ Those that would view the sin we do through their deformity/ Who view the deed as power's creed is pure authority/ This moment's silence when my baby puts her mouth on me” tackles this best by calling out those in a place of power who judge sexuality of all kinds as being on a high horse and abusing power. Furthermore though, I think that the song is a hit because it handles the topic positively. “Take Me to Church” got a bad rap from a lot of people calling it “blasphemous” to raise the act of sex to literal godhood by worshiping it but I always saw it as a more innocent comparison metaphor of a relationship being the worship of our partners, opening ourselves to them wholly and honestly, and worshiping their bodies and minds as the perfect human beings regardless of what society might say. That being said, I think this song can be like “Take Me to Church” for those who might criticize the former by showing a tendency to turn the other cheek in defiance of shallow viewpoints rather than pushing it further. Hozier does like to offer multiple reactions to the same circumstances so I feel it makes sense to tackle the topic again in a way that more people might listen to.
4) Shrike
And now we get to what I feel is the masterpiece of the EP. On its surface, “Shrike” seems to be a much more positive love song than “NFWMB” It has a very similar sound to “Cherry Wine” though and I think that is 100% intentional. “Cherry Wine" was a song about abusive relationships disguised as an honest love song and in the same way, this song has something sinister to it that really takes some digging into in order to see. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they love it despite having no idea what it means and I was definitely one of those until this deep dive. Let’s start with the songs title, “Shrike;” Shrikes are small carnivorous birds that have some deep symbolism as creatures of passionate retribution. Shrikes eat insects and impale their bodies on thorns, leaving them to die as they hang. The song has many allusions to birds to help build upon this lore. “I couldn’t utter my love when it counted/ But I’m singing like a bird about it now/ And I couldn’t whisper when you needed it shouted But I’m singing like a bird about it now” immediately invokes a sense of loss, about missing the opportunity to do what needed to be done or offer support when the singer had the chance. The next lines seem to offer a hint why: “Words hung above, but never would form/ Like a cry at the final breath that is drawn.” Here it implied that the singers love is dead or might be soon. The song’s refrain “Remember me love when I am reborn/ As the shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn” Offers further clues, the singer has gone through a transformation and become something he once was not, and now he is like the vindictive carnivorous bird that will impale his love, kill her either physically or metaphorically, and leave her hanging to remember who it was that did this to her. “And I had no idea on what ground I was founded/ All of that goodness is going with you now/ Then when I met you my virtues uncounted/ All of my goodness is going with you now” seems to imply that the singer was in a confused state, unsure of his nature or potential and was shown such by his love. Now that he is changing and solidifying who he is, he leaves every good part of him behind with the love that he had. “Dragging along, following your form/ Hung like the pelt of some prey you had worn” seems to imply the singer followed his love around for a while living in her shadow and saw her as a predator. This frames the next application of the refrain by saying that the singers recognition of his love’s nature is what eventually caused his transformation. The next verse invokes the shrikes tendencies to leave the corpses of past conquests hanging on branches when it says “I fled to the city with so much discounted/ But I’m flying like a bird to you now/ Back to the hedgerows where bodies are mounted/ Ah but I’m flying like a bird to you now.” The singer is metaphorically flying to his love, he has become like them now. The last verse makes it perfectly clear that his transformation is her fault, that his nature now devoid of goodness is the direct result of what they’ve been through together. “I was housed by your warmth/ But I was transformed/ By your grounded and giving/ And darkening scorn.” The singer is calling his love out saying "I've changed because you caused me to need to. I will be your downfall, and it will be from your doing." I think it is very possible this piece is a continuation of “Cherry Wine” creating an inter-album narrative between songs much like Killers did with “Mr Brightside” and “Miss Atomic Bomb.” Even if its not intentional, I choose to look at it that way as I appreciate musicians that offer continuing narratives in their work.
Anyway, what do you all think I’d love to hear all your interpretations of things. Feel free to offer any alternate meanings you might have found. I find it fascinating hearing how so many people can take so many different things out of music. I’ve never released my notes on this kind of stuff so I’m interested to hear how others take it.
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2018.08.30 14:28 AshSorrow [WP] After thousands of years on a generation ship sent out to colonize the universe, nobody alive on board the ship believes in the "myth" of Planet Earth anymore. Until they receive the first transmission from Earth in hundreds of years...

“Don’t you think so?” I panted as my legs pumped beneath me, racking up numbers on the panel in front of me. “We’ve been at it for three thousand years, but we’ve never made landfall.”
“That doesn’t mean that the Determined Resolution’s failed or anything,” Alin shoots back, her breath coming out in little gasps. “We’ve just been very prudent and cautious, that’s all. You don’t want to land on some lousy planet, do you?”
I sigh irritably, coming to a stop as the machine beeps, signalling that I’d reached my daily quota of physical exercise. We’d had this argument a thousand times, going on in circles and circles. My feet patter softly on the metal floor of the gym, sweat flowing down my skin. As I wipe my sweaty fringe out of my eyes, I look out.
Next to the row of treadmill was a large window. Made of blast-proof glass that supposedly could withstand an ancient human weapon known as a ‘nuke’, the transparent sheet was about ten meters tall and wide, giving anyone who was using the gym an unfettered view into the great starry beyond. Currently, the glass had automatically tinted itself as it tried to lessen the glare of the giant red sun in the distance.
I palmed the glass, a faint reflection of myself mirroring me as I did. The large sphere glowed in the distance, fiery and old, the size of my palm. I knew, of course, that if we got closer it would have gradually grown so big that even a massive colony ship would’ve looked like a speck of dust. I look down, and at an angle from our ship, is the Helicornia XV.
It had been our best hope. A planet with a near perfect breathable atmosphere, fresh water oceans, and even confirmed signs of life. And so, our captain had charted a course here. Three years, we had travelled, through solar storms, fending off pissed off space monsters whose territory we intruded upon and replenishing our stores from the occasional asteroid field.
Spirits had been high, in the last three months as we’d neared Helicornia XV, with our scanners confirming most of our initial calculations. In fact, we had detected much more life present on the planet than previously thought, yet we hadn’t received anything indicating an already existing civilisation there.
It had been like the perfect home, empty and just waiting for us to move in. The captain had even given everyone a shift off as a holiday. I’d spent that holiday down in the gaming cubes, racing Alin through virtual star quadrants. And then we’d arrived.
There’s a beep, as Alin finishes her run. I can hear her footsteps clanking on the floor as she skips over, the gravity systems powering off now that all gym occupants had finished their runs. As we begin to float, I watch her reflection in the glass as she swipes away floating globules of my sweat. Warm hands clutching my shoulders from behind, as she hugs me from behind.
“I’m sorry the captain decided against landing here too,” she whispers in my ear, still slightly out of out breath. “I know you were really looking forward to it too.”
I sigh, the tired and miserable sound echoing around the gym, empty save for us. I lean back into her hug, one hand caressing her cheeks. I tear my eyes away from Helicornia XV.
The planet had been exactly as promised. Teeming with life, perfectly hospitable and devoid of an existing civilisation. Teeming with gargantuan life, as it had turned out. Huge, hulking animals the size of mountains roamed the surface, trampling over anything in its path. In the freshwater oceans, formidable behemoths lurked, their shadows visible to the naked eye even all the way up here.
Every now and then, they would do battle. Over territory, over mates or over food. And when they did, their fierce duels would change the landscape itself, rewriting the map on a monthly basis. Faced with the difficulty of starting a new life on a planet like this, the captain had decided that it’d be better to simply stay on the Determined Resolution.
Where it was safe. Familiar. Easier.
A ray of frustration shoots through my veins, like hot lightning, lacing through my head as it heralded a bad headache. I gently free myself from Alin’s hug, and make my way from the gym. She’s silent as she follows me, the two of us due for our shift.
It could’ve been possible. Staying on Helicornia XV. We had even managed to come up with a proposal for it. There was one particular mammoth that was so large that it barely ever moved, save to eat, and in our six months here observing, had never once been challenged, cowing its opponents into submission just based off its sized alone. We could’ve tried building a home on its back. Could've.
Months and months of planning, debates and proposal. All culminating in a one-word answer. No.
This could’ve been it. This could’ve been our ‘Earth’. Legendary, mythical. Once, supposedly our home planet and the origin of the Determined Resolution. But for some reason, we’d had no evidence ever supporting the idea that we’d come from Earth. The origins of our ship were lost to time, save for the few scraps of knowledge we passed on through bedtime stories.
I turn to Alin, just in front of the door to the command bridge.
“Just imagine it,” I say quietly, my brooding gaze not fazing her in the slightest. “A world free from the system on this ship. No having to exercise just to maintain bone mass, no having one job assigned to you for life. No having your life partner assigned to you for the sake of maintaining the genetic pool.”
Alin flinches at the last statement, and I instantly regret my words, knowing that I’ve hurt her. She’s stiff, as I gingerly grip her shoulders, pained blue eyes gazing into my own. Once, we’d dream of not being with each other. But we had long made our peace with this, and each other. I give her a kiss on the forehead, murmuring an apology as I do.
She nods understandingly, before brushing past me and entering the bridge.
The bridge is a flurry of action as we enter. Delion and Mavis, the operators we were here to relieve, completely ignored us as they both worked frantically at their stations, their hands a blur on the keyboards.
“Captain?” I turn to the figure in the centre of the bridge, shouting out orders and coordinating the chaotic mess the best he could. “What’s going on?”
“Oh, Sam, Alin,” the Captain turns around to greet us, his hair a fluffy mess. “Relieve Delion and Mavis, we’ve been working overtime ever since it came up. Go.”
The order leaves little room for questions. We simply race to our stations, pulling our counterparts off their station. They stop, relief clear in their faces as their hands trembled from all the stress.
“This is amazing,” Mavis raves, clutching Alin tightly. “We’re so close, you two just have to do the finish touches and we’re ready to decode.”
It doesn’t take long for her words to make sense, as Alin and I settle in. My eyes widen, as I take in the outdated format, the archaic wording and jargon. And it’s source. Earth. An actual message from Earth.
We work furiously, the bridge completely quiet save for the symphony of beeping and clicking as the captain awaited results. Alin gasps, she’s decoded her message. As she reads it, her hands stifle a gasp, as she looks at me in horror.
Alin tries to stop me, her panicked babbles and flailing hands of little consequence to me. I restrain her with an excited hug as I read the message.
Determined Resolution, an error has been detected in your original coordinates. You are off-course and will miss your destination at the end of your thirty-year journey unless you make immediate corrections. We hope this message reaches you in time. Godspeed.
All this time. My hands fall limply to my side. All this time, spent in space.
As the correct coordinates scroll across the screen alongside the incorrect one, I’m ready to start crying.
My entire life spent in a metal bubble, because one digit had been off.
Damn it all.
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2018.08.24 10:55 danieldog365 Jumpchain sword style

Here a grate idea is Seen no one use the elements 1 2 must use two katanas 3 ice blade cover your sword in ice attacks from etrion oddashy 5 wind blade lengthing and sharping the blade 6 fire blade cover your sword in fire 6 blazeing blade combine 7 and 8 lightning surge infuse your in lightning/thunder 9 cover your sword in water 10 water surge combine 9 and 8 10 11 air\fire shot use or wind and cover your sword and launch it 12 blazeing shot 13 water shot 14 thurust your sword than shout out water fire or wind bullets cover your blade in air and then. Lauch it then ether in the air or on contact the wind empowers the fire originall sword style three dragon combine santoryo from one piece and hiten mitsurugi from ruranai kenshin ultamet sword style combine all 3 must not be gay harem tiggres kung fu panda tanis and winny scooby doo mavis total trainservanya partner oh be a gamer from the gamer jumpchain must be male and contact me with the story
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2018.07.20 23:24 aka_____ Help me restock my list

Been collecting names for 20 years. The list came in handy for sure when naming our daughter 9 months ago but most of the other names on my list were shat on by my partner in the process. So obviously they've been permanently deleted.
For whatever reason I decided to pull out my name list today. We definitely want one more at some point so I want to start rebuilding my list because it looks a bit sad at the moment with just 1 name left
5 letters. It's a weird visual thing for me---can't explain it even to myself.
No biblical meanings.
Daughter's name is Rowan.
Only other name that survived the chopping block was Arlow (f). Was on the list as Marlo, he liked Marlow better. We compromised with Arlow because 5 letters. As a rule, I don't like made up spellings, but my partner liked it better with the w added.
Girl names that were on the list, but got chopped by him (to give an idea of my style):
Eliot (surname)
Hazel (might still be able to use as a middle)
Margo (he liked it, but we have a good friend Margo so would've been weird)
Boy names that were on the list, but got chopped by him:
And because the real goal is to find names that both my partner and I like, his favorites were:
Adriana (f)
Rhys (m)
Arthur (m)
We had settled on Reece for a boy when I was pregnant (Rhys, but conformed to my weird 5 letter rule). But now it has been deleted too because it's too matchy with daughter's name.
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2018.06.10 03:24 Senator-Simmons Thinking of this criminal kingpin character, tell me what you think about his development

His name is Decker Mavis, and he is ambitious, ruthless, and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in the criminal underworld. However, he has one soft spot: his mother. In fact, the entire reason he entered the career criminal business is to fund her treatment for dementia and help her find a nice nursing home.
So the story goes he works his way up the criminal ladder until he’s the leader of a moderately sized gang. His gang is in very intense competition with a rival gang led by a sadistic psychopath who figures out that Decker is caring for his mother. The rival leader kidnaps Decker’s mother and holds her for a ridiculously large ransom. Decker desperately tries to collect the money but isn’t able to get it all in time and the leader sends Decker a video of his mom being executed.
Decker ends up being captured by the rival leader who keeps him in captivity for a few horrible, torturous months while Decker’s allies are using every connection and back road to get Decker free and back in the business. Eventually, Decker escapes with help from his longtime partner, Mark. Decker is obviously extremely damaged and weak from the months of torture and captivity. After taking a few weeks to heal, Decker goes into the rival gang’s HQ, single-handedly and systematically murdering every member of the rival gang until he gets to the leader, who he gives an especially painful death. Decker then burns the entire building to the ground. Word soon spreads of what he did and he is now he most powerful and feared crime lord on the east coast. He becomes known simply as “The Devil Himself”.
Decker witnessing the death of his mother, watching the collapse of his organization, and the agony of those months in captivity unlocked a horrible monster inside him, and made him into a man with nothing to lose. Before all that, he found killing on the job very distasteful and did his best to avoid it. The Devil Himself, however, would gladly murder and torture any poor soul who thinks they can oppose his will. It’s similar to the transition that Walter White goes through in “Breaking Bad”, except fairly more dramatic.
Any thoughts? I think The Devil Himself would be in a constant state of remorse and mourning for his mother, and he would have nightmares about that trauma constantly. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Any questions or thoughts are good :)
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World of Wonders Topkapi Palace Türkei GRANADA Luxury Resort und Spa- Film 01.avi How to Send Partnership Access on Facebook Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ'un Mavi reklamındaki yeni partneri Romee oldu! Super Mario Party - Watermelon Walkabout (Mario/Luigi vs ... Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ Is Looking For A Brunette Movie Partner MaviPartner - YouTube If ScOut And Mavi Were Life Partners - YouTube Choosing my Ghost Hunting Partner in the IT Funhouse - YouTube

Maivi Ots - Managing Partner - Eversheds Sutherland

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  2. GRANADA Luxury Resort und Spa- Film 01.avi
  3. How to Send Partnership Access on Facebook
  4. Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ'un Mavi reklamındaki yeni partneri Romee oldu!
  5. Super Mario Party - Watermelon Walkabout (Mario/Luigi vs ...
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  7. MaviPartner - YouTube
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  10. vom Bogengang zum FLICK FLACK💥Mavie's Turnstunde Anfänger ...

Meet Spencer (hairstylist & bff) and Peter (cameraman & bff) as they face off in the IT Chapter 2 Funhouse to win the title of ghost hunting partner for this... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This video shows the Watermelon Walkabout board in Partner Party Mode in Super Mario Party. I'm playing as Mario partnered with Luigi. In the other team are ... F8 2019: Driving Business Growth with Facebook Marketing Technology and Partners - Duration: 24:11. Facebook Developers 1,107 views. 24:11. Mavi’nin yeni reklamında Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’un partneri ünlü süpermodel oldu. Merhaba arkadaşlar bu videoları hafta da bir veya iki veya hiç gelmeyebilir.Tahminimce nedenlerim vardır.Onun dışında oyun oynamayı seven biriyimdir.Bu kanal... Vom Bogengang zum Flick Flack (Back Handspring) Tutorial: Mavie zeigt euch wie sie den Flick Flack gelernt hat, welche einzelnen Schritte ihr erstmal lernen ... Granada Luxury Resort und Spa MR Mavi Reisen Ihr Partner für Türkei Reisen. WoW Topkapi Palace Ihr Partner für Türkei Reisen MR Mavi Reisen Liestal Schweiz Handsome Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ will appear in a Turkish-German co-produced movie that will start shooting soon. Even yet Kivanc Tatlıtuğ's co-star is not known yet, it is rumored ...