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Sempre fui a criança diferente das outras

2020.10.10 17:46 P4d0 Sempre fui a criança diferente das outras

Bem, eu sempre fui o garoto nerd, gosto de músicas como as do David Bowie, Queen, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, System Of A Down, etc muito diferente dos meus amigos que sempre preferiram algo mais "atual", o meu gosto pra outras coisas não é diferente era o único que assistia animes, nunca gostei muito de esportes, meu nítido amor por RPG, sempre gostei de ter cabelo grande. Nota: lembrei de um post que eu vi aqui mesmo de uma menina que foi conversar com um garotinho vestido de Harry Potter em uma festa de halloween, eu sou basicamente ele. Tenho dificuldade pra me enturmar, sempre fui taxado de estranho mas nunca liguei muito pra isso, sempre fui evitado de certa forma também. Gosto de usar roupas largas e diferentes de vez em quando, ontem mesmo coloquei uma camisa social rosa pra ir buscar pizza. Nunca fui muito compreendido pelas pessoas, principalmente amigos de escola, sempre tinha que me adaptar pro que eles estavam gostando, então era basicamente assim: se eles gostassem de Transformers por exemplo, eu tentava saber o máximo sobre o assunto pra poder conversar com eles também, eu sinto que nunca fui eu mesmo de verdade, mas agora acho que isso está mudando, meus amigos começaram a assistir animes e agora conversamos mais sobre coisas que eu gosto (ainda estou sendo chamado de estranho). Teve um período da minha vida em que eu simplesmente não queria mais ter que forçar uma conversa com meus amigos, então sempre acabava me isolando durante as aulas, meus amigos acabavam contribuindo pra isso também já que ninguém queria sentar comigo e eu sempre sobrava quando era pra formar duplas, só queriam sentar comigo quando era alguma coisa em que eles queriam tirar nota boa, pq sempre fui considerado "inteligente". Recentemente minha melhor amiga me falou que vai se mudar pro interior, não sei oq vou fazer sem ela, sorte que tenho parentes que moram próximos de onde ela está =). Meus amigos sempre quando vão se referir a mim brincando me chamam de "SadBoy", creio que pelo meu estilo musical e ações que acabo tomando. Desisto das coisas muito rápido, perco o "tesão" de fazer alguma tal coisa, a minha última desistência foi tentar aprender JavaScript, tava me divertindo até que bastante, mas não pq eu desisti. Meus amigos meio que ignoram tudo oq eu falo, a não ser que seja um shittposting, é como se só agora, depois de praticamente 8 anos estudando com eles que eu descobri quem são meus amigos de verdade, aquela que realmente se importam com oq eu falo.
PS: Achei ficou mto grande, meio fora de ordem e acho que usei muitas aspas, então peço desculpas caso isso incomode alguém.
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2020.10.08 21:27 BanditBen84 PiBoy DMG: One week in

Thought I would get some points down after a week with the PiBoy. If nothing else, it will be interesting for me after a month and a few months to see what's changed, if anything.
I can already feel this will be very long, so I won't be offended if you skip!
So in no particular order:
  1. Overall physical quality of the unit is everything I hoped for. Really nails the OEM quality of a Nintendo product as if they had evolved the original DMG themselves. I've worked in injection moulding for a long time and these are some extremely high quality parts. Easily in the realm of notoriously picky automotive companies.
  2. I'm an Engineer, so my mind seems permanently stuck on spotting the smallest flaws. The only things I've noticed are a tiny mark on the inside of the glass lens and couple of specks of dust trapped under there. Both not visible when switched on. Very impressive that these are the only things I've seen actually!
  3. Set up is a breeze and I've spent many very enjoyable hours transferring roms and making tweaks. Will be doing so for a long time yet.
  4. Goldeneye on N64. It plays so so good with CPU set to 2000MHz and GPU to 750MHz. I've been needing this for years in a handheld.
  5. Cheap but reliable 256GB Micro SD card is a joy to behold in here. Will most likely switch to 512GB when the price is right and the need is there.
  6. Assembly of the DIY kit is very easy. I did it way too late in the evening and forgot to put the HDMI screws in. Was annoyed with myself but took 10 mins to sort. Again, quality inside is on point. Clear case would look pretty good with these internals.
  7. Power LED throws out the blinding light of 1,000 suns directly into my retinas. Tiny piece of painters tape is fine for now. Internal light filters through the case in some areas. Again, easily sorted if annoys you. Personally it doesn't bother me.
  8. Fan noise is pretty noticeable on a quiet evening. Will look into replacing in the future, but for now, volume up!
  9. Aspect ratio. Perfect. So glad to play my favourite 8/16-Bit games especially in the intended aspect ratio, without borders or stretching. Resolution seems good too, being able to read any text that has popped up regardless of size. Viewing angle is also very good. Had no issues playing in any normal position.
  10. Couldn't get built in scraper to work through Emulation Station. Tried Steven Selph's, didn't work also. Came back to built in scraper, worked beautifully (other than me having some systems roms in individual folders). Need to remove those so that box art and descriptions are shown on list view rather than only appearing after selecting a rom. Easy for the likes of Genesis, not so much with Dreamcast and multiple files and formats within a folder.
  11. Being able to hook up to the big screen and use my favourite 8bitdo controllers is a joy. Most of the time will be handheld for me, but on those particular!
  12. I'm a little familiar with Raspberry Pi's after tinkering with them before. I have had to look up a few things, but find the best approach is to explore what's in there and find my own way. Still enjoy finding new things from others and seeing how they work though.
  13. I swapped the shouldetrigger buttons for the red ones. As I expected, the flat ones were too tricky to find blind. Red ones are a good compromise between usability and aesthetics. Wouldn't want ones that stick out more and throw the look and feel out.
  14. Analog stick is better than expected. I don't mind the PS Vita ones at all, but this feels better to me. The rim around the top surface helps a lot with grip.
  15. When it came time to type commands or play around with Amiga, I pushed the tiny USB receiver of my Logitech MK270 keyboard into a USB port and it worked perfectly right away.
  16. I don't really understand the comments about the Micro USB port. USB 3.0 ports are right there on top for data transfer. For charging with the supplied 3A charger, it does the job just fine. If an upgrade USB-C port is ever offered, I'll probably take it just because I like to tinker.
  17. Easily replaceable battery is excellent on a device like this. Will take no time to upgrade in the future as battery technology improves.
  18. Space on back for model/serial sticker. Would be nice to have a sticker on there proudly showing it's heritage. Easy enough to find something unique to put there if desired though.
  19. Crackling/humming/whining can be heard through the speaker at times, but not during gameplay. I've heard noises from button presses, while script is running and changing between emulators. Maybe a future update will fix, but not annoying, just something I noticed.
  20. Included pouch is pretty nice, but I won't use it much. I've been using a Pelican 1040 case, in which the PiBoy fits in as though it's an official accessory. I made a separate post on this with images. I'm comfortable throwing it into any bag in this. Easily customisable too!
Overall, I think it's as good as I hoped it would be. This in itself is a big thing for me after years of being at least mildly disappointed with a lot of handhelds. The versatility which the Pi gives it is just mind blowing.
I've shown it to friends who are die hard gamers in general, retro fanatics (like me), or not usually interested in gaming of any kind. Every one of their responses has been overwhelmingly positive and most have expressed disbelief at what this thing can do.
As many things I have that are from Chinese companies that are good quality, the market is flooded with mediocre at best emulator handhelds. It feels good to have an American company put something out this good and at a reasonable price.
If/when the time came where preorders were up for a GBA styled system, I would be in there in a heartbeat!
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2020.10.08 15:37 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 8th, 2020

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2020.09.28 09:21 MadFranko008 List of Amiga Games That Run On The SNES Mini (Part 1)

UPDATE 02/10/20: Added games I to M...
Being a big Amiga fan (still use real Amigas everyday) then it's been interesting to see just what the SNES Mini could handle when it comes to Amiga games...
While it aint perfect I've been pleasantly surprised to find the large number of Amiga games you can add to the SNES Mini mainly thanks to KMFDM's work on his version the the PUAE extreme core...
In case anyone's perhaps wondering why I might be surprised to find so many games do work via the core then the answer to that is simple. PUAE has for years been left behind as far as emulation goes with little to no work being done with it and was always far from perfect. In recent times though those who have added it to be able to run on the SNES Mini have improved PUAE quite a bit to where it can now run many Amiga games and run them well...
Doubt they will ever get it working with all Amiga games running smoothly and at full speed for a number of reasons, main one being AGA emulation needs a more powerful processor than the SNES Mini has and the core/ emulator would need a huge overhaul. Also many Amiga games require input from a keyboard to play them properly and there are just not enough buttons on a SNES joypad you can assign to key-presses to be able to play those games properly (yes you could use the virtual key board but that's just no a reality in the middle of playing a game)...
Anywhoo, been installing and testing some of my favourite games on the SNES Mini using ".uae" & ".hdf" format files (much better than using ADF for a number of reasons) and the following is a list of some of the games I've installed so far that run smoothly and at full speed and importantly can easily be played using the standard SNES Mini controller be it wired or wireless...
(This is just the first part of the list and I started at games beginning with "Z" and working my way backwards through the alphabet and have only now reached the letter "N", takes a lot of time to convert all these games to the ".hdf" format then add them to the SNES Mini and set each game up so it runs at its best along with individual config files/ settings, so this is a work in progress but here's a list of a games so far that run at full speed on your SNES Mini and more importantly are fully playable with the SNES joypad/ controller)...
Ice Runner, Ikari Warriors/ Ilyad/ Impact/ Impossamole/ Impossible Mission II/ Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade/ Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom/ Indigo/ Indy Heat/ Insanity Fight/ Insects In Space/ Intact/ Interchange/ International Karate +/ Into The Eagles Nest/ Iron Trackers/ Ishar - Legend Of the Fortress/ Ishar II - Messengers Of Doom/ Ishar III - The Seven Gates Of Infinity/ Ivanhoe/ The Immortal/ The Incredible Crash Dummies
Jaguar XJ220/ James Pond - Underwater Agent/ James Pond II - RoboCod/ James Pond III - Operation StarFish/ Jaws/ Jetsons - The Computer Game/ Jetstrike/ Jim Powe Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooke Jimmys Fantastic Journey/ Jinks/ Jocky Wilsons Darts Challenge/ Joe & Mac Caveman Ninja/ Joe Blade/ Joe Blade 2/ Judge Dredd/ Jug/ Jumping Jack'Son/ Jungle Strike/ Jupiter's Masterdrive/ Jurassic Park
Kelly X/ Kick Off 2 - final Whistle/ Kick Off - Extra Time/ Kid Gloves/ Kid Gloves II - The Journey Back/ Killerball/ Killing Machine/ Kingpin Bowling/ Kiros Quest/ Kult/ The Killing Game Show/ The King Of Chicago
Lamborghini American Challenge/ Last Battle/ Last Ninja Three/ Leande Leatherneck/ Leavin Teramis/ LED Storm/ Legend Of Ragnarok/ Legend Of The Lost/ Lemmings/ Lemmings 2 - The Tribes/ Lemmings 3 - All New World/ Lethal Weapon/ Lethal Xcess/ Lethal Zone/ Leviathan/ Licence To Kill/ Limes & Napoleon/ Line Of Fire/ Lionheart/ Liquid Kids/ Little Puff In Dragonland/ Live And Let Die/ Livingstone II/ Llamatron/ Locomotion/ Logic/ Log!cal/ LollyPop/ Lombard RAC Rally/ Loom/ Lords Of Wa Lorna/ Lotus Esprit - Turbo Challenge/ Lotus Esprit 2 - Turbo Challange/ Lotus Esprit III - The Ultimate Challenge/ Lupo Alberto - The Video Game/ Lure Of The Temptress/ Luxo The Light Corrido The Lost Vikings
Mach 3/ Mad Professor Mariarti/ Magic Boy/ Magic Pockets/ Magnatron/ Mahattan Dealers/ Man Hunter - New York/ MandHunter SanFrancisco/ Maniac Mansion/ Maniax/ Manic Mine Manix/ Marble Madness/ Master Axe/ Masterblaze Mauptti Island/ MayDay Squad/ McDonald Land/ Mean Arenas/ Mean Machine/ Mega Motion/ Mega Phoenix/ Mega Twins/ Mega Typhoon/ Menace/ Mercs/ Merv The Merciless/ Metal Masters/ Metal Mutant/ MF Tanks/ Miami Chase/ Micro Machines/ Microbes/ Microprose Golf/ Midnight Resistance/ Mind Walke Mindroll/ Minskies/ Mission Elevato The Magician/ Monkey Island - The Secret Of/ Monkey Island 2 - Le Chucks Revenge/ Monster Business/ Monty Pythons Flying Circus/ Moonshine Racers/ Moonstone/ Morph/ Mortal Kombat/ Mortal Kombat II/ Morton/ Mortville Mano Motor Massacre/ Motorbike Madness/ Mouse Trap/ Mouth Man/ Movem/ Mr Blobby/ Mr Do Run Run/ Mr Heli/ Mr Nutz/ The Munsters
Narc/ Nathan Neve Naughty Ones/ Navy Moves/ Navy Seals/ Nebulus/ Necronom/ Neighbours/ Netherworld / Neuronics/ Never Mind/ New York Warriors/ Nibby Nibble/ Nicky Boom/ Nicky Boom II/ Nigel Mansells Grad Prix/ Nigel Mansells World Championship/ Night Hunte Night Shift/ NightBreed/ NightDawn/ Ninja Mission (by Arcadia)/ Ninja Mission (by MasterTronic)/ Ninja Rabbits/ Ninja Spirit/ NinjaWarriors/ Nippon Safes Inc/ Nitro/ Nitro Boost Challenge/ No Buddies Land/ No Exit/ North & South/ Nova 9/ Nuclear Wa Nucleus/ The Never Ending Story II/ The New Zealand Story
One Step Beyond/ Ooops Up/ Ork/ Osca Outrun/ Outrun Europa/ OverDrive/ The Oath
A Prehistoric Tale/ Pac-Mania/ Pang/ Paperboy/ Paperboy 2/ Paradroid 90/ Paramax/ Parasol Stars/ Pegasus/ PGA European Tour Golf/ PGA Tour Golf/ Phalanx/ Phantom Fighte Phobia/ Peirre Le Chef - Out To Lunch/ Pink Panthe Pinkie/ Pipe Dream/ Pixie And Dixie/ Platoon/ Pod/ Popeye/ Popeye 2/ PowerDrive/ Predato Predator 2/ Prehistorik/ Prime Move Prince Of Persia/ Prison/ Project-X/ Project-X Special Edition/ Puffys Saga/ Purple Saturn Day/ Putty/ The Power
Q-Bic/ Quix/ Quak/ Quartz/ Quest Of Agravain
Rackneys Island/ Raffles/ Rainbow Islands/ Rambo III/ Rebellion/ Revenge Of The Mutant Camels/ Rick Dangerous/ Rick Dangerous II/ Road Rash/ RoadWars/ RoboCop 2/ Rock N Roll/ Rod-Land/ Rogue Troope Rollerpede/ Rolling Ronny/ R-Type/ Rubicon/ Ruff n Tumble/ Ruffian/ Run The Gauntlet/ RVF Honda/ Ryga The Real Ghostbusters
Saint Dragon/ Santas Xmas Cape Sarcophase Satan/ Scooby And Scrappy Doo/ Scorpio/ Scramble Spirits/ Second Samurai/ Sensible Golf/ Sensible World Of Socce Shadow Dance Shadow Of The Beast/ Shadow Of The Beast II/ Shadow Of The Beast III/ Shadow Warriors/ Shadowlands/ Shaq Fu/ Shufflepuck Cafe/ SideArms/ Sidewinde Sidewinder II/ Silk Worm/ Simon The Sorcere Sir Fred The Legend/ Ski Or Die/ Skidz/ Skrull/ Skull & CrossBones/ Skweek/ The Sentinel/ The Settlers/ The Seven Gates Of Jambala/ The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants/ The Simpsons - Bart Vs The World/ SlackSkin & Flint/ Slaye Sleepwalke Slightly Magic/ Slip Stream/ Sly Spy Secret Agent/ Snapperazzi/ Snoopy And Peanuts/ Snow Bros/ Soccer Kid/ Soldier 2000/ Solid Gold/ Sonic Boom/ Sophellie/ Sorcerers Apprentice/ Sorcery Plus/ Space Ace/ Space Ace II/ Space Gun/ Space Harrie Space Harrier II/ Space Harrier III/ Space Race Speed Buggy/ Speedball/ Speedball 2/ Speedboat Assassins/ Spellfire The Sorcere Spherical Worlds/ Spikey In Transylvania/ Spindizzy Worlds/ Spitting Image/ Spy Vs Spy/ Spy Vs Spy II/ Spy Vs Spy III/ The Speris Legacy/ The Spy Who Loved Me/ Star Goose/ Star Wars/ Star Wars II - The Empire Strikes Back/ Star Wars III - Return Of The Jedi/ Starblaze/ Stardust/ Starglide Starians/ StarRay/ Starush/ Steel/ Steg The Slug/ Stormlord/ Street Rod/ Stride Strider II/ Stryx/ Suburban Commando/ Super C/ Super Cars/ Super Cars II/ Super Cauldron/ Super Hang-On/ Super Methane Bros/ Super Obliteration/ Super Seymore/ Super Ski/ Super Ski II/ Super Skweek/ Super Tennis Challenge/ Superfrog/ Superman/ Switchblade/ Switchblade II/ SWIV/ Swoope Sword/ Sword Of Honou Sword Of Sodan/ The Sword & The Rose
Take Em Out/ Tanglewood/ T-Bird/ Tearaway Thomas/ Tech/ Technocop/ Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles/ Tennis Cup/ Tennis Cup II/ Terminator 2 Judgement Day/ Terminator 2 The Arcade Game/ Terramex/ Terry's Big Adventure/ Test Drive II/ The Telle The Three Stooges/ Thexde Thomas The Tank Engine 2/ Thunder Blade/ Thunder Burne Thunder Jaws/ ThunderBirds/ ThunderBoy/ ThunderCats/ ThunderStrike/ Tie-Break/ Tiger Road/ Time Bandit/ Time Scanne Time Soldie Tiny Skweeks/ Tiny Troops/ Titan/ Titanic Blinky/ Titus The Fox/ The Toyottes/ Toki/ Tom And The Ghost/ Tommy Gun/ Tony & Friends/ Toobin/ Top Banana/ Top Cat/ Top Secret/ TopGear 2/ Tornado Ground Attack/ Torvak The Warrio Total Recall/ Tournament Golf/ Tower Of Babel/ T-Race Trained Assassin/ Transartica/ Transplant/ Traps N Treasures/ Treasure Trap/ Trex Warrio Triple-X/ Troddlers/ Trog/ Turbo/ Turbo Cup/ Turbo OutRun/ Turbo Trax/ Turn N Burn/ Turrican/ Turrican 2/ Turrican 3/ Tuske Twin Turbos/ TwinWorld/ Twylyte/ Typhoon/ Typhoon Thompson
The Ultimate Ride/ The Untouchables/ UFO Enemy Unknown/ Ugh!/ UNSquadron/ Under Pressure/ Uninvited/ Universal Warrio Universe/ Unreal/ Uridium 2/ USS John Young/ Utopia
Vade Valhalla 1 - The Lord Of Ininity/ Valhalla 2 - Before The Wa Vampires Empire/ Vaxine/ VectorBall/ Vengeance Of Excalibu Venus The FlyTrap/ Victory Road/ VideoKid/ Violato ViroCop/ Virus/ Vital Light/ Vixen/ Viz/ Volfied/ Voodoo Nightmare/ Vroom/ Vype Vyrus
The Wall/ The Way Of The Little Dragon/ Wacky Darts/ Wacky Races/ Walke Wally World/ Wanderer 3D/ Wanted/ War In Middle Earth/ War Machine/ Warlock The Avenge Warlocks Quest/ Warlords/ Warp/ Warzone (By Core Design)/ Warzone (By Paradox)/ Waxworks/ Ween - The Prophecy/ Weird Dreams/ Western Games/ Where Time Stood Still/ Whirligig/ Whizz/ Who Framed Roger Rabbit/ Wibble World Giddy/ Wicked/ Wild Streets/ Wild West World/ Wild Wheels/ Wind Surf Willy/ Window Wizard/ Wings/ Wings Of Death/ Wings Of Fury/ Winning Pot/ Winter Camp/ Winter Olympiad 88/ Wiz N Liz/ Wizards World/ Wizball/ Wizkid/ Wizmo/ Wolfchild/ Wolfpack/ Wonder Dog/ WonderBoy In Monsterland/ Woodys World/ World Class LeaderBoard/ Wrangle Wrath Of The Demon/ Wreckers
Xenex/ Xenomorph/ Xenon/ Xenon 2/ Xenophobe/ Xiphos/ X-It/ X-Mas Time/ X-Out/ XR-35/ Xybots
Yo! Joe!/ Yogi Bear & Friends/ Yogis Big Clean Up/ Yogis Great Escape/ Yolanda
Zak McKracken/ Zany Golf/ Zarcan/ Zardoz/ Zaxxon/ Zero Gravity/ Ziriax/ Zombi/ Zombie Apocalypse/ Zombie Apocalypse II/ Zone Warrio Zool/ Zool 2/ Zoom/ Z-Out/ Zycronix/ Zynaps
Of all the above games more than 95% of them will run at full speed on your SNES Mini (25/ 30 fps) with no audio or visual glitches. Only a handful need to be run with a 1 or 2 frame drop in RetroArch to work and all will be fully playable with just a standard SNES Mini joypad...
Hope that info helps some of you if your adding Amiga games, so that you know which ones will work and work well, I'll add more to the list as I do them as there's still a long way to go yet (about another 6 or 7 hundred games at least I want to add)...
PS: If anyone wants to know the best RetroArch settings and configs to make for adding Amiga games then I'll post that info later so you can get the games running smoothly and at full speed... :-)
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2020.09.25 20:46 RosaCanina87 Lesser known systems on the RP2

Lesser known systems on the RP2
Hey, guys!
I love to dabble with the RP2 and especially with DIG and I am wondering what systems you got to run on that device, that are NOT the usually known brands from Nintendo and Co. Maybe some of you got some systems running (because of childhood nostalgia?) I do not have at the moment and I would love to hear about which emulator you use for them and how you got them running! I LOVE TO EXPERIENCE NEW (OLD) SYSTEMS!
As an example... I kinda got the japanese computer PC-9801 running (kinda, because performance is like the PSP. Some games work. Some not.) I also got the POKEMON MINI-games to run (great performance) as well as the MSX and MSX² (I have not tried MSX²+ so far).
Also... did you know the RP2 runs QUAKE under Retroarch? :D
I am still trying to get Amiga, PC-FX and SHARP-X68000 to run, with the latter running at least 1 game so far.
Here are some systems and settings used for those, interested:
  1. Retroarch: Vice-Core runs great, with a few options (SID-Engine to FAST-SID, Output Sample Rate to 44100. Depending on the game True Drive Emulation may be needed) (thx for Pocchite for the info!)
  2. C64.emu: Runs great on the Retroid Pocket 2 and looks a bit cleaner than Retroarch thanks to its "PreScale2X"-Image Effect and "linear" Image Interpolation. With both turned on it smoothes the non-square pixel aspect ratio of the C64, while still providing a pretty sharp picture.
Why you should bother with the Commodore 64: Wonder Boy, Boulder Dash, Nebulus, Uridium+... the C64 has some really nice games.
  • Retroarch: This Satellite-Broadcast-Service on the SNES runs pretty nicely with the old SNES9X 2005-core, but will crash practically all the others, including the otherwise great SNES9x EX+-Emulator...
Why you should bother with the Satellaview: The Legend of Zelda! If you are a fan of that series, there is a Super Mario AllStars-like Remake of the original NES-Zelda on that thing. Also one for ExciteBike.
  • Retroarch: You will need a BIOS-File called "iplrom.dat" and a font-file called "cgrom.dat" in a folder named "keropi" inside of Retroarchs System-Folder! Also you need .m3u-playlist files for multi-disk-games, which the FrontEnd DIG can create automatically. The Cores name is PX68k. It has a quite a bit of a load time at start, so dont close the emulator instantly!
Why you should bother with the Sharp X68000: Castlevania! The Sharp X68000 has some great ports of games, like Ys, Prince of Persia, Gradius and Cotton, but most interestly is a SNES-Style-Remake of the original NES-Castlevania, which is a joy to play for every Castlevania-Fan! As far as I know there is a PS1-Port of that, too... but with heavy dithering baked into the art of the game...
  • Retroarch: Create a np2kai-folder inside of Retroarchs System-Folder and put the files font.bmp, font.rom, bios.rom, itf.rom and sound.rom in there. In the CORE Options of the Neko Project II kai-Core at the bottom is a option for Joypad D-Pad to Mouse/Keyboard/Joypad-Option. Every game needs a different option here. Choose Atari Joypad for one of the only playable games on that core! Also... THE PC-98 did not run at 60 Hz, so emulation will not run in 60fps either!
Why you should bother with the NEC PC-98: Nothing will REALLY run completely on that core. The High Resolution pixel art of most of the - mostly japanese - games are too much for the Retroid Pocket 2. But there is still ONE game worth all the hassle: Rusty. This not well-known little gem is something of a CASTLEVANIA-Clone with a female protagonist and... yeah... some nudity here and there. It still plays GREAT ingame, but the cutscenes are reaaaally slow (they can be skipped). Really... Rusty is worth all the hassle, even the missing savestate-function!
Also... Touhou started here and those games run... well... almost playable.

Other, easy systems:
  • Pokemon Mini (using Retroarchs PokeMini v0.6-core) for some fun
  • SuperGrafx (using Retroarchs Beetle SGX-core) for all of its five glorious shmups
  • Famicom Disc System (using Retroarchs FCEUmm-Core) for the ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros 2 and Doki Doki Panic,
  • MSX (using RetroArchs bluemsx) to see Microsofts first (successfull) attempt on the japanese market, including jerky scrolling, a Nausicaä-game and some nice little NES-Ports.

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2020.09.22 12:11 Schiller_or_Qui Ranking all AVGN episodes (til Mission: Impossible)

  1. Ninja Gaiden
  2. Mega Man Games
  3. Earthbound
  4. Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle
  5. Batman part 1
  6. Back to the Future ReRevisited
  7. Atari Jaguar part 2
  8. SwordQuest
  9. Castlevania part 3
  1. R.O.B. the Robot
  2. Action 52
  3. Atari Sports
  4. Castlevania 2
  5. Little Red Hood
  6. Batman part 2
  7. Milon's Secret Castle
  8. Battletoads
  9. Indiana Jones Trilogy
    1. Street Fighter 2010
  10. Castlevania part 1
  11. The Terminator
  12. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
  13. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    1. Super Pitfall!
  14. Atari Jaguar part 1
    1. Day Dreamin' Davey
  15. Castlevania part 4
  16. Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
  17. A Nightmare On Elm Street
  18. NES Accessories
  19. Darkwing Duck
  20. Virtual Boy
  21. Game Boy Accessories
  22. Pong Consoles
  23. Die Hard
  24. Bible Games part 1
  25. Silver Surfer
  26. The Wizard Of Oz
  27. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  28. CD-i Part II
  29. Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
  30. Hydlide
  31. Dragon's Lair
  32. Odyssey
  33. Spider-Man
    1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  34. AVGN Games
  35. Halloween
  36. Paperboy
  37. CD-i Part III
  38. Game Glitches
  39. Ikari Warriors
  40. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
  41. Atari Porn
  42. Berenstain Bears
  43. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  44. Making an AVGN episode + Barbie on NES
  45. Desert Bus
  46. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited
  47. Star Wars games
  48. Chronologically Confused About Bad Movie and Video Game Sequel Titles
  49. Superman 64
  50. Seaman
  51. LJN Video Art
67.CD-i Part I
  1. Dick Tracy
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. The Wizard / Super Mario Bros. 3
  4. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
  5. Winter Games
  6. Bible Games II
  7. Beavis and Butthead
  8. Hong Kong 97
  9. Pepsiman
  10. HyperScan
  11. Atari 5200
  12. The Simpsons
  13. Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
  14. Ghostbusters: Follow-Up
  15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III – Part 1
  16. Friday the 13th
  17. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  18. Nintendo Power
  19. Transformers
  20. Dracula
  21. Ghostbusters: Conclusion
  22. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
  23. X-Men
  24. Metal Gear
  25. Bible Games II
  26. Double Vision: Part 2
  27. Ren & Stimpy: Fire Dogs
  28. Steven Spielberg Games
  29. Mario Is Missing!
  30. Spawn Games
  31. Porky's
  32. Wish List: Part 2 – Bubsy 3D & more
  33. Nintendo World Championships
  34. Sega 32X
  35. Top Gun
  36. Polybius
  37. The Karate Kid
  38. Lester the Unlikely
  39. Double Vision: Part 1
  40. Berenstain Bears
  41. Chronologically Confused About the Legend of Zelda Timeline
  42. Wish List: Part 1 – Sonic the Hedgehog & more!
  43. Lightspan Adventures
  44. Superman
  45. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III – Part 2
  46. Amiga CD32
  47. Frankenstein
  48. Fester's Quest
  49. Kid Kool
  50. Godzilla
  51. Back to the Future
  52. Ghosts N' Goblins
  53. The Immortal
  54. Star Trek
  55. Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi
  56. The Crow
  57. Mary-Kate and Ashley "Get a Clue"
  58. The Power Glove
  59. Rambo
  60. The Power Glove
  61. An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol: Part 1
  62. Deadly Towers
  63. Dark Castle
  64. McKids
  65. Lethal Weapon
  66. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  67. Rocky
  68. Double Dragon 3
  69. Rocky and Bullwinkle
  70. Tagin' Dragon
  71. E.T. Atari 2600
  72. Schwarzenegger Games
  73. Wayne's World
  74. How the Nerd Stole Christmas
  75. An Angry Nerd Christmas Carol: Part 2
  76. Sega CD
  77. Tomb Raider Games
  78. Chex's Quest
  79. RoboCop Games
  80. Super Hydlide and Virtual Hydlide
  81. Home Alone Games with Macaulay Culkin
  82. Dirty Harry
  83. Chronologically Confused about Kingdom Hearts
  84. The Town with No Name
  85. Independence Day
  86. Raid 2020
  87. Tiger Electronic Games
  88. Superman 64 Returns!!
    1. Aladdin Deck Enhancer
  89. Resident Evil Survivor
  90. Atari 5200
  91. Video Game Magazines
  92. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  93. Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
  94. ALF
  95. V.I.P. with Pamela Anderson
  96. Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu
  97. Treasure Master
  98. Sonic '06 Part 1
  99. Drake of the 99 Dragons
  100. The Crow
    1. Charlie's Angels
  101. Mission: Impossible
  102. Planet of the Apes
  103. Wrestling Games
  104. Bad Final Fight Games
  105. The Incredible Crash Dummies
  106. Dennis the Menace
  107. Mortal Kombat 1 Ports
  108. Toxic Crusaders
  109. Sonic '06 Part 2
  110. Mortal Kombat Rip Offs
  111. Life of Black Tiger
  112. Jurassic Park: Trespasser
  113. Sega Activator and Aura Interactor
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2020.09.19 20:43 Bronyficent Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is the collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars should have been

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is simply a collection of the Virgin Interactive Aladdin and Lion King games that came out the same time as the movie. It's not by any means a perfect collection, but in my opinion, they went above and beyond in terms of both presentation and in being a complete collection.
The collection includes the Genesis, Game Boy and Game Boy with color (recreating the color palette of this game on the Super Game Boy) versions of Aladdin, as well as the Super Nintendo, Genesis, Game Boy and Game Boy with color versions of The Lion King. This is noteworthy because many collections like this don't bother including different versions of the game that released on other consoles like this, but it makes for an fascinating historical document, with the graphics, music and even level design differing across the various versions.
There are also Bonuses, including video interviews with the creators of both the Aladdin and Lion King games, concept art for both the games and the Aladdin movie, a music player, Achievements, save states, a rewind feature and early playable demos for the Aladdin Genesis game. There is also a "Final Cut" of the Aladdin Genesis game - the creators of this collection went to the original developers to make a special version of the game with bug fixes, tightened physics, improved level design and more, while still giving people the option to play the original.
This is not a perfect collection to be fair, much less a complete one. Capcom's Aladdin game for the SNES, along with the Game Gear and Master System titles are not included due to licensing issues, although no such issue seems to exist for the DOS, Amiga, NES and Game Boy Color versions of Aladdin, or the MS-DOS, Amiga, Game Gear, Master System, or NES versions of The Lion King, all of which were also published by Virgin Interactive. (The NES Version of Lion King is historically noteworthy as the last officially endorsed NES game anywhere in the world). It also would have been nice to have the specially made Super Game Boy borders for the Aladdin and Lion King games on Game Boy.
The Lion King also does not get a Final Cut like with Aladdin since the original developers were unavailable. For the same reason, The Lion King only gets concept art from the movie (none from the game) and the video bonuses Lion King gets are from the original games release in the 90's (Aladdin got newly recorded interviews). But most classic game collections don't bother being even this thorough - massive kudos must go to the developers there.
I bring this up because, for all the talk of Super Mario 3D All-Stars being a cheap rom dump, I actually think they changed too much!
The opening of Super Mario 64, with Mario's face, has been altered to include a "Press +" graphic, and is the Shindou version only, which features some different animations and voice lines, along with removing the Backwards Long Jump. This is the first North American release of the Shindou version, which is neat in itself, but there's no option to choose your preferred version. Super Mario 64 DS is also not included, despite having original content not in any other release. A "Final Cut" version would also have been appreciated, allowing you to switch between the 64 and DS graphics, as well as having all of the extra DS content.
Super Mario Sunshine is only available in Widescreen, with no 4:3 option. This affects not only the layout of stuff like the text, but also the cutscenes, which are slightly cropped, as well as the in-game camera. There are also some changes to the text to remove references to the GameCube.
Super Mario Galaxy seems the least changed, but there are some text and graphic changes to swap out all references to the Wii Remote with the Joy-Cons. You also can't use your Mii as your avatar anymore.
Nintendo's generally been pretty good at preserving the original versions of it's games with stuff like the Virtual Console and even Nintendo Switch Online, as well as other packaged collections like Kirby's Dream Collection, but no such effort was offered here. This is important to me since video game preservation is not taken as seriously as something like film preservation.
I still think 3D All-Stars is worth it so far for the games alone (I've never played Sunshine before and I'm enjoying it so far), but I just wanted to put this out there.
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2020.09.18 19:19 Versace-Toaster for those who don’t know Spanish, amigo is boy and amiga is girl (Big Bag - Tyler, the Creator)

for those who don’t know Spanish, amigo is boy and amiga is girl (Big Bag - Tyler, the Creator) submitted by Versace-Toaster to SuddenlyTrans [link] [comments]

2020.09.12 22:54 Exean I don't remember the name

Solved!: HajiOtsu
Solucionado!: HajiOtsu
Hi! It happens that for several weeks I have been looking for a manga that I read years ago, but I can not find it, and they recommended that I come here in case any of you know it :D The manga in question was about a girl who was in school, who was very shy and had never had a boyfriend, so her friends force her to deliver a love letter to a boy to try to know what it feels like. So she gives it to a boy from another school (I remember giving it to her on a bridge, but not exactly), and the boy is just as shy as she is. I remember that the boy also wanted to ask the girl for her number, and had put on a mask for it (since he was ashamed to ask by looking at her face), so they start talking by text message. I don't know if it will be enough details, but it would be great if you help me :"D
Hola! Sucede que hace varias semanas que estoy buscando un manga que leí hace años, pero no logro encontrarlo, y me recomendaron que viniera aquí por si alguno de ustedes lo conoce :D El manga en cuestión trataba de una chica que estaba en la escuela, la cual era muy tímida y nunca había tenido un novio, por lo que sus amigas la obligan a entregarle una carta de amor a un chico para intentar saber lo que se siente. Entonces se la da a un chico de otra escuela (Recuerdo que se la daba en un puente, pero no con exactitud), y el chico es igual de tímido que ella. Recuerdo que también el chico quería pedirle su número a la chica, y se había puesto una máscara para ello (Ya que le daba vergüenza pedírselo mirando su cara), entonces empiezan a hablar por mensaje de texto. No sé si serán suficientes detalles, pero sería genial si me ayudan :"D
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2020.09.12 07:52 CrystalPlayStation TTYD in Spanish

Since I recently played through the game in Spanish, I thought I'd record some of the differences/similarities between the Spanish and English translations. I'm pretty certain that both versions were translated from the original Japanese, so the Spanish isn't just a later copy of the English version; they're just adapted differently from the source. No matter how I played it, I enjoyed going through this game twice. If I missed something you want to know, specific or otherwise, I can answer it.












EDIT: Added things/fixed a few typos.
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2020.09.11 16:32 Diamonice Sinto falta da minha "amg"

Eu sinto falta da pessoa que ela foi na verdade, era minha best desde da 4° série passamos por muito juntas mas sinto que acabou.
A vida é assim não reclamo e não tenho raiva dela apesar do comportamento deplorável que veio apresentando nos últimos tempos, só pra terem noção eu cheguei a questionar minha sanidade mental e memória sobre determinados fatos que ela distorceu provavelmente se aproveitando do fato de eu ter problemas de saúde mental e por isso ser facilmente desacreditada.
Eu não sei em que ponto ela se perdeu ou se transformou nessa pessoa que é hoje, ela é crente que mudou pra melhor é mais confiante tem auto estima elevada, mas o que sai da boca e do teclado dela só desvenda a personalidade de uma pessoa insegura e com a autoestima tão baixa que precisa por pra baixo os outros pra se sentir melhor.
Se tem em lugar tão elevado moralmente mas foi a primeira a correr atrás de documento se dizendo bolsista pra entrar em uma universidade, eu tinha pesadelos na época por medo que alguém descobrisse pois fiz o mesmo que ela, não nego meu ato, porém não terminei o curso e me arrependo profundamente, se pudesse voltar no tempo eu não diria nada pra minha mãe.
Fala de pessoas e situações que enfrentou sempre como a mártir da estória e os outros como monstros e inconsiderados, sei que a vida não é fácil e gente ruim tem em todo lugar mas a pessoa parece um ímã pra atrair gente e situação negativa ou assim ela faz parecer, afinal todo mundo se compadece e oferece ajuda a um amigo sofrendo assédio no trabalho.
A pessoa adora ventar vitimização, adora dizer que não é uma pessoa negativa mas o que sai da boca dela é tragédia, gente que adoeceu, crime, (ela fez um boy se abrir sobre a morte trágica da mãe dele no segundo encontro, o rapaz chegou a chorar) eu por várias vezes me sentia drenada ou pra baixo depois que me encontrava com ela só e não sabia bem o porquê.
Sempre tem desculpa pra deixar o grupo de amigos mais cedo mas quando sai com outros sempre volta bem mais tarde pra casa sem nenhum problema.
Ultimamente vinha dizendo que uma amiga em comum não vê ela como mudada fisicamente a despeito de eu ter dito que ouvi o contrário da boca da mesma pessoa, e está atacando a mesma de forma passiva agressiva no grupo de whatsapp desde então, ela deve pensar que a gente é burro pra não perceber. Além de falar negativamente da aparência de outra, jogou fatos passados da vida dela que essa amiga em comum se sentiu segura de compartilhar e hj ela usa essas informações pra denegrir a imagem dela.
Ela tem uma visão muito machista, creio que produto da criação conservadora católica da família dela, e não era raro eu ouvir ela denegrir outras mulheres principalmente famosas de internet sobre algum aspecto físico, roupa, dizendo que fulana não era pra casar blá blá blá (eu odiava quando ela me mandava mensagem falando essas coisas pq I couldn't care less sobre gente "famosa" na maioria das vezes eu nem sabia quem era).
Nem sei porque sinto falta de uma pessoa assim, eu simplesmente perdi totalmente a vontade de compartilhar algo bom com ela porque a pessoa sempre arranja um jeito de diminuir o que eu conquisto e elevar o que ela faz no mesmo patamar, sem falar que não tenho segurança de falar nada pra ela e ter certeza de que vai manter segredo já que ela fala tudo do que os outros disseram em segredo pra ela. Simplesmente estava andando em ovos.
Acho que tô deixando esse desabafo como reminder pra mim mesma pra quando pensar em tentar manter contato com essa pessoa de novo afinal 80% das vezes é eu dando o primeiro passo pra entrar em contato com ela, acho que só de mencionar isso já diz muito.
Sei que ninguém é perfeito mas a gente tem que cortar ou no mínimo ignorar pessoas com comportamentos tóxicos na nossa vida e se vigiar pra não correr o risco de se tornar um. Essa solidão e falta eu sei que é passageira.
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2020.09.08 14:50 curious_frog [Devs Talk] Answers on the AMA post. Part 2.

Hiya, Almost Heroes! 👋
As you remember we had an AMA post and the first part of our answers last week. The time has come for the second part! Ready, steady, go!
Questions from DaddyOren: Hello again, u/curious_frog! Let's start by getting to know you. You and u/RealGanZo have been handling all the Reddit posts, but what are your roles in the company?
Answer: Hello-hello! I'm a Player Experience Manager at DECA and I’m the one in charge of the creativity flow, content that you’ll like, communication stuff and so on. u/RealGanZo is a producer here: he defines resources for Almost a Hero, controls development workflow, communicates with partners.
Q: Financial disclosure: For starters, some financial transparency would be reassuring. How much did DECA pay to acquire AaH, and was the game financially sustainable when you acquired it? Does DECA publish any quarterly/annual financial disclosure that we could read?
A: Well, we can’t share this info, unfortunately. Let’s say DECA is currently a well-growing company with a team of professionals, hiring new employees and live operating maturing games with the goal to keep the player base engaged for years to come. We’re expanding our portfolio and doing it successfully.
Q: Challenges: Based on DECA's experience with aging games, what are the greatest challenges that games like AaH will face in the future? What are the key strategies DECA has developed to overcome these challenges?
A: We aim to achieve stability and longevity with an established community - the challenge is to find our way with the community, making you happy while finding enticing content going forward.
Q: AaH: Generally speaking, the community was happy with the devs and the state of the game. In your minds, what about AaH has made it a great game? Which specific parts of AaH is DECA committed to not changing?
A: What makes it a great game? The funny artstyle & atmosphere of the almost heroes; the easy access to the game for new players, while the endgame meta & possibilities are very deep and allow for intense tactical planning & play. The great and positive community attached to the game. While there are much bigger idle hero games on the market, AaH stands out uniquely and is known among our gamer friends as a great mobile title. Several aspects of the game have great potential to be expanded on or be further balanced. What we are committed to NOT changing, is more difficult to answer. Certainly, the existing game modes won’t vanish or be changed to the extent that they are unrecognizable. Like BeeSquare in the past, we will balance heroes / pets / other items & effects in the game, as the game evolves and expands. Also, there are parts of the game, for which BeeSquare had already plans of changing them, and the vast majority of these ideas & plans went into our pool for future releases.
Q: Team lead: At the moment, DECA feels like a faceless entity. Who is the team lead for the team/department handling AaH, and what are their other responsibilities in the company? Tell us a bit about the team lead's industry background and approach to managing a game.
A: Our producer is leading the AaH. But let him introduce himself. Hello, I’m u/Faible1001, the Producer / Product Owner of Almost a Hero and one other product for DECA Games. In a tag team with my Associate Producer, we are leading all people that work on Almost a Hero. This is my 11th year in the games industry, and I spent time both with small indie developers as well as 6 years in big game corps (Ubisoft & Kabam), and now I’m quite excited to work on Almost a Hero, as I love RPGs, and games that have a solid progression system for heroes and a rather deep meta. I’m an avid gamer myself, got a C64 & Amiga 500 back when I was a young boy, and ever since never stopped - that’s 30 years of playing games! Looking forward to creating awesome content together with my co-workers and play together with you!
Q: Departmental structure: Tell us about the department that will be running things! How many people are on the team that will be handling AaH, and how many dedicated staff member(s) will be assigned solely to AaH? and Manpower: Given that the game's creators sold the game due to their own manpowetime constraints, has DECA expanded/made additional hires in order to accommodate the AaH acquisition? Or will it be a case of DECA doing more with the same number of people?
A: We are an Indie publisher and developer with small effective teams and flat hierarchies. So far, we have a group that operates Almost a Hero and one other title. Several people are working only on Almost a Hero (programmers, designers), and some are working across both titles (customer service specialists, community managers). The team working on Almost a Hero should roughly be able to have a similar output like BeeSquare had earlier this year, once we are up to speed with the intricacies of the project.
Q: Company ownership: Finally, at the end of the day, who owns the company and has the legal authority to make final decisions on the game's future? Tell us a bit about DECA's owner(s) and senior management team.
A: The Product Owner ( u/Faible1001) makes final decisions on the game’s future. But of course, this is done only after we ask the community for your point of view, your wishes and suggestions.
Q: Ring meta: Ice Ring is universally regarded as the go-to meta ring. Any plans to buff the other rings to bring them up to par? Fire Ring in particular is considered "trash tier." It's been suggested in the past that certain rune abilities should become baseline for their rings, like Bounce's chaining for Lightning Ring and Inferno's splash for Fire Ring. (I personally doubt that would be enough to bring them up to Ice Ring's level, but it's a start.)
A: This is good feedback and will be added to our pool of suggestions for future releases. No concrete plans yet, but as we are looking into continuous balancing, this might become part of it. Our design team will need to add their perspective on the issue, too.
Q: Hero meta: Vexx is a steamrolling beast machine. No other hero comes close to her as a "carry" due to her ult and strong passives. Any plans to re-balance the other damage heroes to make Vexx less of a must-choose?
A: Similar to the ring issue you brought up, it is too early to give you a more concrete reply. We did receive a lot of info from BeeSquare on heroes, past balancing efforts & issues, as well as their process to look at hero balance. We will work on balance, including heroes, but when and what exactly is undecided yet.
Q: Redroh's ult appears to be bugged. It's apparently not giving any gold when the chest hits. Can y'all check to see if this was intentional?
A: There’s no bug here. The thing is that if you use ult against enemies that don't drop gold, then Redroh obviously can't loot any gold.
Q from homerdomer259: Do you guys have any ideas for new character concepts?
A: Yes. And we will certainly be in touch with you guys, the community, to discuss & announce heroes. We are open to you so no updates will come without your knowledge.
Phew, we did it! 💪 Upvote for the effort! How do you like it? Do you want to have more AMA posts in the future? Share your thoughts 👇
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2020.09.07 15:25 Gabogon How should I come out? or I'm not ready yet?

Hi. I´m a mexican 17 years old boy that cares so much about what people thinks about him.
So this is my first time posting something and all, but I just wanted some opinions on what to do, because, I´ve been in the closet for a time now (I´m 17), and I want to come out but I just don´t know how to. :c Very close family members are ok with gay people, but the main reason I´m afraid of is that my dad says that he doesn't support but gays, but that he respects it, but when I see him, he usually says something a little passive-aggressive about he don´t wanting me to be gay.
He suspects becouse he use to take my phone in the nigths a wanted it to be wiouth password, so i search gay related and saw my history. Some "amigas" know about it and they support me and also my brother and sister are open mind, and also recently my mom have seen some shows about gay people.
But i´m just afraid of coming out, I think I will lose some friends and also my dad would be mad.
So I would really appreciate if you can leave a comment with your opinion about it.
Thanks for reading <3
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2020.09.06 19:22 Cringezinha Meu peido também pesou

Vi alguém desabafar sobre ter se cagado acidentalmente e achei que era o momento de contar essa história.
Eu sou do interior do meu estado e fui morar na capital para fazer faculdade, mas depois de dois anos resolvi desistir do meu curso e prestar o ENEM para tentar ingressar em outra instituição. Fiz minha inscrição para fazer a prova na capital, mas acabei voltando a morar na minha cidadezinha do interior antes que a prova acontecesse, então teria que voltar pra capital para prestar o exame.
Já era fimzinho de 2018 e eu conheci um rapaz muito bem apessoado que estudava medicina (GUARDEM ESSA INFORMAÇÃO). Eu tava super afim dele, mas não tinha tempo pra namorar porque estava estudando para mais um vestibular e o ENEM estava chegando.
Enfim, na semana do ENEM eu estava com minhas passagens para ir pra capital compradas, e me deu na telha uma vontade irresistível de comer empadinha de camarão. Moro no sul, longíssimo da praia e é difícil encontrar um camarão de qualidade, então parti pra um desses lugares que só vendem empada. A meia noite daquele mesmo dia eu estava internada vomitando até as tripas e ardendo de febre. O médico me disse que eu teria que melhorar muito rápido pra ser liberada a tempo de pegar o ônibus pra ir fazer minha prova e provavelmente isso não aconteceria. Minha preocupação não era com o fato de eu estar doente, mas com o fato de que eu não podia perder mais tempo da minha vida, então mandei mensagem pro boy que estudava medicina e pedi pra ele vir me visitar e inventar pro médico que eu tava bem melhor.
No dia da minha passagem marcada o rapaz foi até o hospital (pois, como dizia minha amiga, ele comia um caminhão de merda por minha causa kkkk) e se sentou e começou a conversar comigo. De repente me veio uma vontade incontrolável de peidar, e justamente por ser incontrolável é que eu peidei bem discretamente, sem fazer barulho, e continuei conversando com ele. Alguns minutos depois eu tive que me levantar pra fazer não sei o que e quando eu virei de costas pro rapaz ele me chamou. Confesso que eu não tinha ficado tão desesperada quando vi a cama toda suja de merda, mas quando fui pro banheiro e percebi que estava suja até nas costas foi que eu não sabia onde enfiar a cara. Entrei no chuveiro correndo e estava pensando na vergonha que passei, mas acabei ouvindo a voz do médico e pensei que tudo tinha acabado, então comecei a chorar e vomitar.
Quando saí do banho vi que o quarto tava todo limpo e o boy me contou que ele e minha mãe juntaram a roupa de cama e jogaram no lixo antes que o médico tivesse chegado e fingiram que eu estava bem. Ganhei alta, fui pra capital, comecei a fazer a prova, mas quando chegou na hora da redação o estômago embrulhou e eu fui correndo pro banheiro. O tanto que eu vomitei parecia coisa de filme e eu me arrependi de ter nascido naquele momento. Voltei pra sala faltando meia hora pra acabar a prova, escrevi a redação que nem minha bunda (ou seja, do jeito mais cagado possível) e sem rascunho, mas deu tempo.
O resumo do desfecho: eu e o rapaz não ficamos juntos, mas nos tornamos amigos, e eu PASSEI NA FACULDADE QUE EU QUERIA com folga, e passei outra vez pelo vestibular da faculdade também. Ufa!
E, por último, mas não menos importante, nunca mais comi empadinha de camarão.
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2020.09.05 18:45 AmigosGaming Pac-Mania Review Commodore Amiga Amigos: Everything Amiga Podcast 264

It's Amigos time again and this week the boys take a look at Pacmania on the Commodore Amiga. Which by amazing coincidence was also the subject of the Amigos Hiscore Challenge.... you'd almost think it was planned!......It was.
You can see the teaser below but the full video is right here: If you would like to get involved with our Hiscore Challenges all you need to do is become a supporter and you will have access to our Discord channel which has the details. We also have a challenge for ZX Spectrum game. Prefer to listen only? No problem, here is our Anchor FM feed:
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2020.09.05 09:02 Alalu_82 Best Retroarch cores for RP2?

So, while waiting for delivery (both in hope and despair) I've been wondering what cores would suit best the RP2. Does it come already with some cores preinstalled? No idea. You lucky ones with your RP2 tell me, please.
Found this list of "best cores" on Patton Plays YouTube channel, but it's from 2019, so it may be a bit outdated and may not be the best choice for this device:
Atari 2600 Core: Stella
Atari 5200 Core: Atari 800
Atari Lynx Core: Handy
Amiga Core: P-UAE
Commodore 64 Core: Vice x64
Game Boy Color Core: Gambatte
Game Boy Core: Gambatte
Gameboy Advanced Core: mGBA or gpSP (GpSP needs a bios file to work properly.)
Mame Core: mame2003 Extreme
MSDOS Core: DOSbox or ScummVM
Neo Geo Pocket: Mednafen NGP
Nintendo NES Core: Nestopia or fceumm
Nintendo n64 Core: mupen64 or glupen64
Nintendo DS Core: DraStic
Nintendo SNES Core: snes9x2018 or snes9x2002 or snes9x2005 or snes9x2010
Nintendo Virtual Boy Core: Mednafen Virtual Boy
RPGMaker Core: Easy RPG
Sega 32X Core: Picodrive
Sega Master System Core: Genesis Plus GX
Sega Game Gear Core: Genesis Plus GX
Sega Genesis Core: Genesis Plus GX
Sega CD Core: Genesis Plus GX + Bios: bios_CD_J.bin, bios_CD_U.bin, bios_CD_E.bin
Sega Dreamcast Core: Reicast + Bios: dc_flash.bin and dc_boot.bin (In Folder)
Sony Playstation Core: PCSX ReARMed Neon + Bios files: scph5500.bin and scph5502.bin
TurboGrafix16 Core: km_Beetle PCE Fast
TurboGrafix16 CD Core: km_Beetle PCE Fast + Bios: disksys.rom, gexpress.pce, syscard3.pce

Lets see if we can add an up-to-date list to the great "Complete guide for Retroid Pocket 2" by
u/TortugasSs so it really is "complete"
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2020.09.04 07:37 bluesqueblack SVI-728 in the rough

My MSX was an SVI-728 made by SpectraVideo International. I begged my father for a C-64 which most neighborhood kids had at the time. The C-64 seemed to have great games that you could immerse yourself in.
I was very excited when I heard that my uncle had facilitated the purchase of a home computer for me through a business relationship he had; I was 10 years old at the time. My uncle worked for a large company that sold mainframe computers to financial institutions. I assumed I was getting a Commodore; my uncle surely knew what I wanted, and there really wasn't much of a choice in the home computer market anyway. Well, long story short, I was handed a box that had a brand new SVI-728 inside, along with its companion cassette recordeplayer.
I knew nothing of MSX till that point. It came with 10 cassettes and a Microsoft Basic programming book published by SVI itself. The book was very basic (no pun intended). I immediately assumed that the cassettes contained games, but they weren't all games. I remember some odd titles like Turtle Draw which to this day I am unsure still what that was all about. Never could do anything with it. So, take away the stupid cassettes, I had maybe 7 or 8 crappy games to play with.
Crappy was an understatement. We are talking no Konami stuff here. They were all bottom of the barrel games packaged free along with the system. Those were the only games I had for the next two years. You could buy a C-64 game at any street corner, but there wasn't an MSX vendor in my city even though the city had over a million population.
After two years with the same old crappy games, and while I was fiddling with the Basic language out of boredom, my uncle finally obtained a couple additional cassettes through his business dealings. I probably cried when I received them.
A year after, I got 3 or 4 more cassettes; one of them had Konami's Knightmare on them. That game all by itself changed my perspective on MSX. And one day, I received Lazy Jones. Game in a game. That blew my mind. And what especially blew my mind was seeing how crappy the C-64 implementation of that game was. But then again I also played Green Beret on both systems, so we'll call that a draw.
On my 5th year with my MSX, I probably had about 15 or 20 games in total (mostly still crappy games), I was still fiddling with Basic, and even wrote my own simple games, but never did manage to figure out sprite collisions. Things just passed through one another. My source book had nothing in it about games, graphics, or sprites, and that one book was still the only tool in my arsenal. And then one day, I heard my cousin's neighbor's kid also had an MSX. But I heard over the phone that his was a different brand than mine. That made no sense to me. The fact was, other than the owner's manual that came with mine, I had not heard nor read about MSX elsewhere so I had no idea it was a standard; I thought it was the model name for my SVI-728. My cousin was about 400 miles away, so it took the next summer to meet that neighbor's kid. His MSX was really different looking, the brand was Vestel, Turkish made, but it also ran on the same Microsoft Basic mine was running on. We swapped some games, but frankly it was more of a one-way deal and I felt somewhat guilty about it, but he was a cool kid and he didn't mind. He had so many games, I was like a kid in candy store. That was the trip I spent all my allowance on empty tapes, and put my cousin's double-deck recorder to good use.
That was also the trip I apparently bagged my cousin's Bon Jovi New Jersey album with all the tapes I was dragging back home with me. I still feel horrible about that, and I think it's time I make up for that. It is never too late boys.
Another year passes, and a kid in my class tells me he saw an MSX store open in a nearby town. It took multiple public transportation jumps and a good amount of walking to get there, and I did find the store, but it was closed. I vowed to return the week after, which I did. I bought so many games, I felt content in life. Like how Kurt Cobain probably felt that one time.
I finally had so many games, and so many decent enjoyable titles, that I no longer found myself longing for a C-64. But what was also interesting was the realization that over those so many game-dry early years, out of necessity and desperation, and having all the time in the world, I became a Microsoft Basic programmer because I had nothing better to do with that damned MSX.
I loved that thing, and I hated that thing. And in the end, it made me a programmer. And I only let go of it because I was given an Amiga 500 in my late high school years to replace it, and the agreement with my parents was to hand it to a younger relative in the family, which I did. My younger cousin inherited it.
I hope he did good things with it, and had an adventure par mine.
Thanks for listening.
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2020.08.30 03:17 alguienquepasa Hija con derecho quiere mi celular caro por rechazarla

Hola!!! Si estás leyendo muchas gracias bueno le boy dar un poco de constesto paso antes de la cuarentena y está chica era mi amiga de hace 3 años bueno comenzamos
Estaba jugando play lo más tranquilo y me llega un mensaje en el celu era (inserte nombre feminismo) que me decía queres salir hoy? Le respondo por mensaje claro por qué no jajaj.
Unas horas más tarde
Yo:Hola amiga
Ella: hola demi( es era mi apodo)
Yo: quieres tomar un (me interrumpe)
Ella:quieres ser mi novio
Yo: ehhh pero tú sabes que no estoy interesado en (me interrumpe de nuevo)
Ella: si o si vas hacer mi novio si yo quiero algo lo consigo
Yo: si me hablas te comportas haci obvio que no
Ella: bueno dame tu celu por rechazarme
Yo: estaba en un café pidiendo un capuchino XD
Me estaba preparando para un cosplay de Sasuke
Y ella entra pensé que ella no me había visto
Se acerca a mi y agarra mi celu yo me estaba poniendo un lente de contácto no los necesito es para un cosplay pero bueno
Yo:dame mi celular!!
Ella:no por rechazarme me lo quedo
Yo: emputado (somos niños en un café cerca de mi casa y que todos me conocen)
Yo:salto y la tiro al piso y empezamos a dar vueltas por el piso y se sube arriba mío y el pega cachetadas
La gente nos estaba por separar
Yo: todo enojado le di la vuelta y le pegue un puñetazo y agarre mi celular
Imagina la gente viendo un ñiño con un ojo rojo rojo lledonce
Luego la bloquee y en puse a jugar play en mi casa Si quieren ama datos como que paso después otras cosas pregunten y tengo muchas mas historias
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2020.08.29 23:12 NeroSempai He vuelto a casa ya XD, Muy buenos días estos 3 últimos.

Bueno luego de estos 3 días jamás me había sentido tan relajado, en casa de Shaun, sus padres son increíbles, se llevan muy bien conmigo, incluso bromean conmigo diciendo que cuando me boy a casar con su "pequeña", y ahora que lo pienso, quizá en uno o 2 años, todo depende de cómo vayan las cosas en este han ido muy bien, jamás me había tomado un noviazgo tan en serio, además Shaun es la octava maravilla, no es pesado, ni paranoico, un poco celoso si Xd tanto así que tiene celos cuando veo los magumbos de rías gremory o akeno y lo mejor es que me dice que cuando nos casemos se operara para tener unos más grande xdxdxd eso me mata de risa siempre, pero la verdad es que es tierno el como quiere seguir manteniendome a su lado Xd, si llegara a operarse y el así lo desea, le apoyaré :3, espero que no llegue un man con los mismos gustos que yo a intentar robarme a Shaun por qué ya me encariñé xd, bueno hasta aquí el informe Joaquín xdxd nos vemos amigos y amigas, tengan buenas tardes o noches, o días xd
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2020.08.25 23:18 zgabaz Amigaaaaa. Vc não vai acreditar!!!!

Tenho o maior b-a-b-a-d-o pra te contar. Aiii, sabe o meu boy? Issooooo, o gustavo. Lindoooo. A gente tava sem se ver porque eu tinha ido pra Londres antes da quarentena neh ai toda aquela correria piriri pororó (e um monte de boy lindo la amigaaaaaah, todos se pareciam com os meninos do Artich Monkeys). Mas enfim, ele veio aqui em casa no fim de semana né. Ai, a mãe dele tava toda doida que piririr pororó quarentena. To enjoada sabe? Ai o gustavo bateu boca com ela e veio. Amigaaaaaa, Ai ele me contou você acredita que o Matheus terminou com a Cláudia? Ai mas ela é a maior vagabunda também né? Vamos combinar. O coitado ganhava mais chifre do que abraço da namorada. Mas também né amigah? Com aquela cara de tonto só por deus. Parecia um pug encardido kkkkkkkkkkkk Mas aí tá bom né. Meu pai chegou em casa, eu e o gustavo tavamos ficando no sofá. Ai chegou meu pai. Vc sabe como o velho é neh? Ja veio reclamar: Ain priscila mas que putaria é essa nao que criei pra ser vagabunda vc é moça de familia pipi popo sua irmã só tem 11 anos como vc deixa ela ver essas coisas nhem nhem nem piriri pororó. Aquela chatice de velho sexualmente frustrado que precisade três cartelas de viagra pra comer as putas da firma dele sabe? Ai já veio reclamar que a conta do cartão tava alta e que eu uso muito uber que da ultima vez ele pagou quinheiros reais de uber piriri pororó; Ai, um cafona né amiga? Mas mas agora me falaaaaaaa. Como foi sua viagem pra Paris?
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2020.08.20 13:44 Jackobi [PC, MS-DOS][early to mid 90s]Clown family side scroller game where you turn the world from B&W to colour by walking

Platform(s): PC, MS-DOS Genre: Side scroler Estimated year of release: early to mid 90s Graphics/art style: Cartoony, pixel graphics. Colour palate might resemble an Amiga port. Notable characters: Clown family (Dad, mom, boy clown, girl clown(?)
Notable gameplay mechanics: While going through the levels you were also painting a black and white world everywhere you were walking de-blob style. I think that instead of lives you had this clown family where you lost the ability to control a character if you lost a life using him.
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2020.08.19 17:24 celesleonhart [Master System or SNES] [90s] Platformer where you dog has been taken to a kennel and you need to rescue him

Platform(s): SNES or Master System presumably. Those were the home consoles, but small possibility of any computer platform (Amiga / Windows)
Genre: Platformer. Reminds me of the SNES Addams Family.
Estimated year of release: Early 90s.
Graphics/art style: 2D and cartoon, I think. Little bit spooky.
Notable characters: Hero I think is a young boy. The villains are classic caricatures that take the dog away. And the dog.
Notable gameplay mechanics: I think household objects would attack you. I remember hoovers the most. One level is the home, and another one is the kennel itself.
Other details: I'm pretty sure the crux of the game is that the dog has been taken. The most distinguishing feature I remember is the household objects attacking you.

Thanks for your help.
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